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Certificate Nog py a/AFF-RE/433/2017 8. P, Marine Academy SAI POOJA CHAMBERS, PLOT 58, SEC-- 11, C.B.D. BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI - 400 614 INDOS NO. of2 TEL. : 91-22-2757 4082 2756 5179/2768 2178 FAX. 61-22-2756 1543, :mailbpmarine academy@omailcom « Webste www bpmarineacademyin THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT Date of Birth 14/02/1989 Holder of C.D.C. No. _MIM 156639 Passport No. Indian National Data,base (INDOS No. has successfully completed “REFRESHER TRAINING” approved by the Directorate General of Shipping as per the requirement laid down in Paragraph 5 and 6 of Section A-V1/3 & in Paragraphs 3 and 4.2 of Section A- VI/1 of the STCW code, as amended in 2010, in ADVANCED FIRE FIGHTING & FIRE PREVENTION AND FIRE FIGHTING held on 23/02/2017 and has provided evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence, to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities listed in column | of table A-VI/3. & A- VI/1-20f STCW Code, as amended in 2010, This certificate is issued under the authority of the Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of shipping, Government of India. Signature of Candidate satelite 22/02/2017 /02/2022 Date of Issue (Five years from the date of issue) CHESTER B. MIRANDA Name & Signature of Course Incharge dried JARNAIUSINGH Official Seal Signature of the Principal Date of Expiry