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In Fieldwork Management and Geo Field Camp course, we are given an opportunity to
explore different places of outcrop in Jerai Mountain which is located at Kedah Darul Aman
and improve our knowledge and skills as a future geologist. This course work is very helpful
as it provides the best platform for students to gain insightful knowledge about the things that
geologist do during fieldwork.

The main objectives of this report is to identify the difference in lithology and its
properties in different localities of Jerai Mountain and to determine the geological features
observed across all the localities as well as the history of the rock formation in Jerai Mountain.
The location for the field work is divided into 4 different localities for four days with six to ten
stops for each trip.

The location of this field trip took place in Jerai Mountain, Kedah Darul Aman and it
was conducted for six days, starting from 14th of October until 19th of October 2018. For this
field trip, our group of 19 students were supervised by Dr. Mohd Suhaili Bin Ismail during the
whole trip with the help of few technicians.

The purpose of this field trip is mainly to expose us with different locality of different
lithology and physical properties where we need to apply our basic knowledge in identifying
the lithology and examine its rock properties on every outcrop in Jerai Mountain. The field trip
was conducted for four days with different localities visited each day. On the first day of the
field trip, the first outcrop that we went was the Ex-quarry with two stops, Sungai Tupah with
four stops and Sungai Batu Pahat with two stops. Whereas on the second day of the field trip,
we went to Tanjung Jaga, Seri Perigi, Gunung Jerai and Sungai Teroi. Meanwhile, on the third
day of the field trip, we went to Sungai Tok Pawang with ten stops which we had to do river
traversing and lastly, on the fourth day, we managed to go to two out of seven stops at Sungai
Ketapan as it were raining heavily and most of the outcrop was flooded with water.

On each day, each major group that have been arranged into smaller group of five
students by Dr Jasmi Bin Ab Talib have to conduct four different tasks during the field trip.
The tasks for every group was to measure the strike and dip of the outcrop bedding, measure
the strike and dip of fractures, vein and dykes as well as taking the rock sample, observe and
describe the outcrop properties and obtain the GPS coordinates in every localities and bearing
for river traversing. Each group will perform the same task for the whole day and continue with
different task on the next day.

Overall, the locality of every outcrop in Jerai Mountain are mostly dominated by
metasedimentary rock such as quartzite which were originally an igneous rock that have
undergone metamorphism and turns into metamorphic rock. There were also some geological
features found in most of the outcrop such as tiny ripple marks, foliation, vein and dyke
intrusion, fractures and contact between two different types of bed lithology. Majority of the
outcrop in Jerai Mountain are mostly weathered.