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I. Proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverb

The chocolate digestives lived peacefully on the shelf in Tesco’s until one afternoon they
were taken. Once they were brought home to Mrs. Speed’s house, she undid them and put
them in her biscuit box. The chocolate biscuits felt very intimidated, as some of the other
biscuits who were there were quite resentful of these new additions to the biscuit box. There
were plain digestives, ginger nuts, bourbons, custard creams and Jaffa cakes.

From above paragraph, the words which are proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverb
are underlined below:
1. Proper Nouns: Tesco, Mrs. Speed.
2. Verbs: lived peacefully, they were taken, they were brought, she undid them, put them.
3. Adjectives: lived peacefully, felt very intimidated, quite resentful, plain digestives.
4. Adverbs: new additions, very intimidated, quite resentful.

I. Nouns phrases and verb phrases

Every time the ginger nuts pushed the Jaffa cakes around when the biscuit box was
opened, the chocolate digestives would jump about as high as they could, so they’d find
themselves being picked up by the humans first. The plain digestives and custard creams
started to feel guilty seeing how the ginger nuts behaved towards the other biscuits. So,
the next time the biscuit box was opened when the ginger nuts were pushing the Jaffa
cakes and bourbons about, the digestives lifted the Jaffa cakes and bourbons up to the top
of the box so that the humans could eat them. After the chocolate digestives, the Jaffa
cakes and the bourbons had been eaten, the ginger nuts came to realize that they couldn’t
boss around any new additions to the biscuit box anymore. As the plain digestives and the
custard creams wouldn’t tolerate it.

1. Nouns Phrases in above text are:

 The ginger nuts.
noun: nuts, modifier: the ginger
 The Jaffa cakes
noun: cakes, modifier: the Jaffa

 The biscuit box
noun: box, modifier: the biscuit
 The chocolate digestive
noun: digestive, modifier: the chocolate
 The plain digestive
noun: digestive, modifier: the plain
 Custard cream
noun: cream, modifier: custard
 The other biscuit
noun: biscuit, modifier: the other
 The next time
noun: time, modifier: the next
 The top of the box
noun: box, modifier: the top of the
 The humans
noun: humans, modifier: the
 The bourbons
noun: bourbons, modifier: the

2. Verb Phrases in above text are:

 was opened
 would jumped
 being pick up
 were pushing
 could eat
 had been eaten
 couldn't boss around
 wouldn't tolerate

II. Independent clause and dependent clause sentences.

Independent clause sentence:

This site is full of artifact, yet the others could be more

Dependent clause sentence:

If we arrive late, maybe the treasure has been lost