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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology

Infant-Pre-K Curriculum Plan: Technology-Based Lesson/Activity

Your Name ___Kaitlyn Swan____________ Activity Title ____Amphibian Research____

Number of children participating at one time _2_ Ages __5____

Activities written for previous classes cannot be re-used and must be the original work of the student.
Ohio Early Domain: Social and Emotional Development
Learning &
Strand: Relationships
Standards: Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships

List at least 1 Standard Statement: Demonstrates socially competent behaviors with peers.
standard that
is addressed
by this activity.
Write out each
and exactly,
as published in

In this lesson children will be able to collaborate and document their findings on Amphibians. Using
a pre-created Glogster page on Amphibians they will find information and type it into a word

Estimated A pair of students will have access to the computer for 30 minutes. If more time is needed they will
be able to continue their work the next day. If students show increased interest in this activity more
questions will be added to the list. This activity has the potential to last for weeks depending on the
student’s needs.
Preparation What preparation is needed?
of materials A word document of 3-5 questions will be created and saved.
and A Glogster page on Amphibians will be created and ready to access.
What materials will be used?
A computer/internet, a timer set to 30 minutes, and pen and paper (to be used by the
teacher to write down words students can’t spell and need to copy).

How will the learning environment be set up? The timer will be above the computer and
visible to the students. The pen and paper will be beside the computer. Two chairs will be set
up in front of the computer.

Instructional Procedures:

Day 1:
The first 5 minutes or so, I will do a walk through with the children of what this activity’s purpose is. I will explain all
the tolls and ideas on how they can collaborate.
The next 20 minutes the children will have time to collaborate gland figure out what works for them and explore the
content. They will be able to click through the Glogster and type in the word document. The screen will be split so
that half of it will be used for word document and half for Glogster. This way everything will be simple and laid out for
them. I will be keeping an eye on them to intervein when help is needed. For example, maybe the students have
found the answer but now need to see their words written down, so they are able to type it.
5 minutes before their time is up they will be given a heads up, so that they can wrap up where they are.
Day 2:
Because this activity is open ended the project can take as many days as necessary. However, only 30 minutes a day
will be allotted.
Each additional day the steps will be repeated. However, they may need less and less instructional time as the days

For students who are further interested in Amphibians this National Geographic’s page will be introduced for

Differentiated Instructional Support: Describe how instruction can be differentiated (changed or altered) to meet the
needs of gifted or accelerated students:
Students who are not as familiar with their words and letters or computers, will be paired with a more advanced peer
that can help teach them. For more advanced students I would have them do research on the National Geographic’s
page and have them find facts to add to the Amphibian Glogster.

Students that struggle with letter recognition could work one on one with a teacher for this activity.

Vocabulary: Amphibian, research, type, Glogster, and collaborate.

For teachers I will need a computer and internet in advance to create this lesson. I will also need a
Glogster account and Word document access in the school computer
For students Students will need the school computer that is logged into the Amphibian Glogster
page as well as Word. They may also need a pen and paper.