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How to choose the Right Song to Sing:

"A well selected song for your performance or audition can determine your success"

1- Your Audience
Who is going to listen to you?
What are their expectations?
How old are they?
What are their preferences?
2- The Style
What music genre do you prefer?
What music genre does audience like?
3- The Mood
What mood do you want to create?
Do you want your audience to silence or be nostalgic?
4- Vocal Skills
What are your current vocal activities?
What is your Vocal Range?
What is you preferred register?
5- The Key
Does the key of your song highlights your skills?
Are all the notes in your vocal range?
6- The Lyrics
Can you relate to the message of the song?
Can your audience relate to your lyrics?

Common Mistakes when singing High Notes:

1- Lifting your Larynx

2- Body Tension
3- Squezing from the throat
4- No Warm-ups
5- Fear

Even if you dont make any of these mistakes, you need to practice this skill.
You need to learn to isolate the deep muscles of the larynx to produce high pitches
And at the same time to relax the superficial muscles of the larynx that interfere with the
production of high pitches.

How to Train Your Voice?

1- Evaluate your voice

Record your voice
2- Train your Voice and Body just like an athlete
Discipline is important
Learn some if not all techniques to improve your voice skills
Patience & timing are key in voicing-"practice makes perfect"
3- Learn Proper Breathing
You need to enhance your lung power
Train your vocal cords by changing the tone of your voice
Respect your vocal range, dont imitate other voices
4- Adequate Hydration
Water is the best lubricant for your vocal cords
Just drink plain water or non-caffeinated products to get proper moisture
5- Set Realistic Goals
Set reasonable goals in terms of voice style
Make sure you have different samples that respect your vocal range
Choose the vocal genre that best suits your abilities and unique sound

How to sing Better Immediately

1- Open Your Mouth

Your mouth is the exit point for your sound
Keeping a nice open mouth will let the sound ring out clearly
And makes an instant difference to your tone
2- Articulation
Make sure you sing all your lyrics clearly so the audience can hear what you are
And get involved in the song
3- Sing in Tune
The note you are singing is just one out of a chord
It doesnt matter how well you sing that note
If it is wrong it will clash with the other notes in the chord & it will sound bad
Singing in tune is crucial