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Carolyn Gagan

Reflection Paper Assignment

EDT 180 Section C
April 24,2019

I had a very enjoyable time this semester in EDT 180. Some of the goals I had at the beginning
of the semester were to get more comfortable with the applications on the computer, to get better
at Photoshop, and to learn about Excel because my dad always told me that Excel always comes
in handy in the workforce. I do think that I reached all of these goals. Going through this course
allowed me to struggle, but my struggles turned into lessons and now I have those skills
forever. It was very helpful to go to every class because that's where we would learn the most
information. Outside of class allowed me to figure out things on my own and practice what we
learned in class. From the start I had a good amount of information about each application and
others I had little to no information on some. I think that some of the knowledge that we learned
in this class will help me with whatever career path I decide to go down. It may also help me
with other personal things like planning events. I loved using technology in the first place, but
this class has helped me appreciate it so much more. I pretty much learned a little something
from every application that we worked with.

Word was one of the applications that I knew the most about. I don't really feel like I learned
anything new about Word from the class just because I grew up using Word.

Excel is the application that I learned the most about. When I talked to my dad on the phone
about what I had been learning at school, I told him about learned how to do shortcuts in Excel
and he was very impressed by that. He said that in work, this one will be the most important
especially because a lot of people don't know how to use it in the first place. I definitely did not
know about all the shortcuts in Excel, so I feel this is one of the most important ones that we
learned about.

Publisher is the one application I didn't enjoy learning about that much or really understand why
it is important. I personally feel that Publisher will not be useful for me in the future. I
understand that you can do more than make a newsletter or a pamphlet, but I feel there are other
easier ways to do things like this.

Photoshop is another application that I knew a lot about. I was in a yearbook class in middle and
we would create things through Photoshop to include in the book. I think Photoshop is my
favorite out of all the things that we learned in my class because I feel it is a thing that is so new.

PowerPoint is another application that I knew a lot about, so I did not feel like I learned that
much about this in the class. I have been working with PowerPoint for a long time for classes for

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