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US. Department of Justice Office of Legislative Affairs oxo he Assn Atorey Geer Wasting, DC. 20590 ‘APR 19 2019 ‘The Honorable Mack R. Wamer United States Senate ‘Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Warner: ‘This responds to your Jeter to the Attomey General dated March 21, 2019, concerning implementation ofthe Ashanti Alert Act of 2018 (Pub. L. 115-401), which authorizes a national alert for missing persons ages 18 through 64. ‘The Department of Justice (Department) remains committed to bringing together federal state, local, and tribal law enforeement officials, prosecutors, and community leaders to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in a community and developing camprehensive solutions to address them, Notification systems to help find missing persons strengthen law enforeement’s ability to prevent, prosecute, and punish violent crimes. The existing National Blue Alert Network, which was established by the enactment of the Rafuel Ramos and Wer Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015 (Pub, L. 114-12), created & voluntary nationwide system that gives police an early warning sign of threats against police officers and to aid in the apprehension of suspects who have murdered or seriously injured an officer. The AMBER Alert hich was created with the enactment of the PROTECT Act of 2003 (Pub L. 108-21), helps find missing and abducted children. Both of these systems are model examples that have saved lives. ‘Since its December 31, 2018, signing ito law, the Department's Ashanti Alert Act implementation efforts have ineluded the identifieation of an Ashanti Alert Coordinator and the assembly ofan intemal working group to examine how an Ashanti Alert system can be ereated based on existing nationwide alert systems. As internal discussions continue, the Department plans to engaye with stakeholders that administer and participate inthe existing systems, Including inthe law enforcement community, wo determine next steps. As with ereting any new national program that depends on federal communications systems; communities; and sate, local, and tital law enforcement azencies, careful consideration is necessary in order to ensure effective outcomes, ‘The Honorable Mark R, Warner Page Two Although its no possible to provide a specific timeline for next steps, the Department values your feedback as part of this process, and looks forward to updating you on our efforts We also thank you for your ongoing commitment to public safety. Please do not hesitate to contact this office if we may provide additional assistance regarding this or any other matter.