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Problem-Based Lesson Plan ARTE 301

Title of Lesson: Aliens

Teacher: Abigail Taylor
School: Prairieview Ogden South
Grade Level[s]: Kindergarten
Date to be Taught: 4/18/2019

Big Idea that drives Lesson/Unit:

Time is all around us. The seasons changing, is one way we can see time moving. The clocks on
the wall also let us know that time is happening. But time is not always the same everywhere.
Throughout history, time has been shown and measured in different ways. Different cultures
have different calendars. Time is not the same on Earth, as it is on Jupiter. There are many
interesting and strange ways that we see time work in our lives, and beyond.

Key concepts about Big Idea:

● Time is different on different planets
● The sun helps us measure time
● The seasons changing is shown by changes in weather
● Time can be measured in many ways, besides clocks
● Calendars are marked differently in different cultures
● Time influences artwork

Fine Arts Goals Met by the Objectives:

Cr1.1.K - Students who meet the standard will generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
and understand that creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that can be
A. Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials.

Cr2.1.K Students who meet this standard will organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
a. Through experimentation, build skills in various media and approaches to artmaking

3-4 Essential Questions:

● How do you make a body using shapes?
● How long is a day on earth?

Vocabulary Acquisition:
o Abstract – Something that is not based on real life.

Problem-Based Lesson Plan ARTE 301

o Imagination – the ability to make something from your own mind that you haven’t
experienced or seen before.
o Shapes – something that has a certain outline. Ex: circles, squares, rectangles etc

Key Artistic Concepts:

o Cut and paste
o Shapes
o Mixed Media

Artmaking Materials Needed:

o 14 pieces of paper
o cutout paper
o scissors -14
o glue -14
o Presentation

Contemporary/Historical/Multicultural exemplars:

o (40 minutes)
o Schedule [Agenda of day’s events] (2 minutes)
▪ First I will greet the class
● Today we are making aliens! We’ll be using collage again, pasting
shapes onto a paper. Your aliens can have as many arms or legs as
you want. They can be from any planet and look however you
want them too.
▪ Go over the artist and description of the work
▪ Next, I’ll pass out the materials and they will start their project
▪ If there’s time we’ll share what we made
o On a slideshow, I will show artist examples and we will go over the names of
different shapes.

Problem-Based Lesson Plan ARTE 301

o This is just an example of how your aliens could look. Your aliens will look
different because we are all making these ourselves.

o DISCUSSION (2 min)
o These aliens can be any color, shape or size that you want. They can have as
many eyeballs, legs or heads that you want.
o This is about using our imagination. This means that we are going to make up
what they look like. These aliens don’t exist but now we are creating them based
on what we like and what we see.
o When you are creating your alien, think about what planet they live on. We talked
about other planets before, and how days and years are not the same as on earth.
Maybe on the planet your alien is from, those are different too. Is the planet big?
Is the alien big?
o If you created an alien, would it have a name? What food does it like to eat?
o DEMONSTRATIONS: (5 minutes)
o Share my drawing and show what process I went through to determine what was
o Demonstrate how to cut shapes out and how to glue on.
▪ We don’t run with scissors. We point scissors down when we walk with
them. We don’t throw them either. This is to make sure we are being safe
for us and our friends. When I’m gluing my pieces I only put small dots
because we don’t need a lot.
o Use different shapes to make different body parts
o Different colors, layers, glue. We are using collage again, meaning we are gluing
on other pieces of paper to our paper. We are using shapes to create our aliens.
▪ The papers we will use will be at the big table in bins. I want you to use at
least 6 shapes to make your alien. The more you use, the more interesting
your alien will be.
o Create a story to go along with my alien
▪ My aliens name is ____. The planet my alien lives on is very big and the
days are the same as one week on earth. The planet is big so my alien is
big too. There is a lot of water on my planet so I gave my alien fins like a
fish, and lots of legs to move quickly. Maybe on your planet it’s very dark
so your alien might need a lot of eyeballs to see.
o I also have googly eyes! You can use a little bit of glue to glue these on, anywhere
you’d like.
o DESIGN/WORK SESSION: (25 minutes)
o (Student) please pass out the paper.
o Everyone is going to make their own creatures using different shapes and
different colors
▪ You can work at your own desks. I will call each group up by who is
sitting in their seats, with their desks cleared off, quietly waiting for
instructions. When your group is called, you will come to this big table,

Problem-Based Lesson Plan ARTE 301

grab different shapes and one glue stick or bottle. Some shapes are precut,
but others can be cut from construction paper using scissors.
▪ You may add details using any drawing tools you have, but you must
make your body using these papers.

o Not a lot of glue is needed

o Be careful using scissors
o CLEAN UP: (2 minutes)
o Make sure everyone writes their name or initials on the back of their paper
o (student) please collect all scrap paper and return it to the bin
o (student) please collect all glue sticks or glues and return them to the bin
o I will walk around and collect the scissors.
o We will leave all papers to dry on the big table.
o SHARE/CLOSURE: (3 minutes)
o Ask students to share what they made. We will place all pieces on the big table
and I will ask for a volunteer to point to a different piece other than the one they
made, and tell the class what they like about it, or what they might change to their
own piece.
▪ Ex: I like ___’s alien because it has 6 arms. I like that the body is purple
and the face is green.
▪ I want to add more arms to mine.