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Andrew McMillan

Composer/Improviser/Sound Designer

Andrew comes from a background of performance, Improvisation, and composition. He has completed studies at
University of Auckland School of Music, Leeds College of Music (United Kingdom) and Christchurch Jazz School.
(Studies focused on areas of interest including – intercultural composition/performance between Pacific and
Western influences. Interactive technologies and interfaces, Electronic music, large ensemble improvisations, and a
crossover between sound/music performance and installation)

Andrew has a wealth of experience in the New Zealand music and performing arts as an improviser, composer,
musician and sound designer. He has successfully combined his commitment to improvised music, theatre, sound
design and composition.

Since returning home from England in 1999 Andrew has been working as a sound designer, performer and music
producer. Highlights in theatre include The Mooncake and the Kumara for Auckland Arts Fetival/ORZYA foundation,
Passage for Four Afloat Productions, the secret of dong ting lake for STAMP, paper sky, the arrival for red leap
theatre, Take Me Out, Plenty, Under Milk Wood for Silo Theatre, the Magic Chicken for theatre beating, 500 Letters,
Sex With Strangers, 3 Days in a Dream for STAMP at THE EDGE and The Young Baron, and the Hunchback of Notre
Dame for Theatre Stampede.

Andrew has had compositions published in ‘Double Bass: Pieces by the young generation/Kontrbass: Weke der
jungen Generation (Germany) and the Kiwi Jazz Real Book (NZ). His studies have led him to opportunities to
compose for large groups including the Christchurch Polytechnic Big Band, Tony Faulkners Leeds College of Music
Modern Big Band, University of Auckland Music School Orchestra, Auckland Jazz Orchestra.

Andrew has provided original sound designs for two art exhibitions. The first was for an exhibition by Ida Donnelly,
and her abstract interpretation of Fijian Tapa. His latest, in 2009 was for Helen Pollock's 'between the silence falls
the shadow' exhibition commemorating New Zealand soldiers in the Passchendaele military campaign of World
War I. This exhibition is currently on display with the sound design in Passchendaele.

Andrew’s work in Dance has included performances with Mark Brew & Touch Compass - run, Magpie Music and
Dance Company (Amsterdam), Alyx Duncan’s Nature of Wishing, Julia Milsom’s Scape, Locked, Portraits, Nature of
the Beast and Paul Young’s Bones.

His work with The New Pacific Music Ensemble, Dominion Centenary Concert Band, the Spoilers of Utopia and the
founding of the improvised music community Vitamin S has seen him combine roles as composer/performer,
producer, and organiser in many festivals around New Zealand.

Latest interests and pursuits include researching and developing an artistic practice incorporating interactive
gestural interfaces for electronic instruments, converting real world data into sound and composition, and network
performance. This research will be undertaken in a PhD at the University of Auckland Music School starting 2019.
Andrew has also been involved in art projects including:

Exhibiting his own installation work ‘Incomplete Disconnect’ at the Audio Foundation (Auckland) and the Auricle
(Christchurch) 2014 – 2015. The installation was a mixture of video, sound, and interactive objects exploring the
experience of spinal-cord rehabilitation and utalising the conversion of data gathered during a rehabilitation study.

Producing a soundtrack for Helen Pollocks installation 'falls the shadow', currently on display in Carrière Wellington
museum in Arras, in the Somme region, northern France.

He has also created and designed 'Hop Squash', an interactive visual and sound installation based on the game
hopscotch in the Auckland Festival 2009.

Assisted Sean Kerr with sound components for his retrospective show in 2010, and collaborated with Sean on Nick
Blanchet's 2003 Auckland fashion show

Andrew has had compositions performed by:

Consequence of Inconsequence
St Mathews Chamber Orchestra
In the Shadow of a Dark Moon
Spoilers of Utopia
The nine coins of the divided church
Auckland Jazz Orchestra
Within Without
New Zealand Clarinet Quartet
Johnny Chang
micro score duet for violin and cello
The committee
Neighbours – Solo Voice, Bass Clarinet, Percussion
Tide - B-Flat Clarinet, 2x Bass Clarinet
Obstacle -Double bass solo
Time Decayed - Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn
Multi chroma 365 – Vibraphone, Trumpet, Cello
175 East
Micro score for ensemble

Additionally, he has enjoyed composing for and performing in various festivals including Karlheinz, Bomb the Space,
Auckland Festival AK03-AK09 and AK11, Auckland Fringe Festival 2011, Tempo Dance Festival 2010, Alt Music
(Auckland and Wellington), Wellington Jazz Festival, Tauranga Jazz Festival, Christchurch Festival of the arts, and the
Wellington fringe Festival.

Andrew has also scored and produced music for several student short films, television, and is constantly
contributing to the wood cut production music library, plus produced music for 2 digital features -

Films and TV
Puraurawhetu - 2012
I’m going to mums - 2012
Five - 2007
the Waiting Place – 2001
Awards and Qualifications:
 2013 - Masters in Composition (1st class), University of Auckland School of Music
 2010 - Honours in Composition (1st class), University of Auckland School of Music,
 1997 - Postgraduate certificate in Jazz, Contemporary and Popular music -
Leeds College of Music (United Kingdom)
 1995 - Diploma in Jazz Studies - Christchurch Jazz School

 2013 Arts Access Aotearoa AAA artist awards
 1999 Best original music AUSA short film awards
 1995 Composition award Christchurch Jazz School
 1978 Country woman's institute cup for most indoor points (Dairy Flat primary school
agricultural day