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PCM600 2.9 ReadMe

Doc ID 1MRS228827 Rev. A
PCM600 2.9 Installation

The installation procedure is described in the installation guide, which also

is available on PCM600 DVDs and in the ABB Substation Automation Software
Library at

Known limitation and supporting information about this release

Application Configuration:
Group signals can not be monitored through ACT Online Monitoring. Such
connected signals will appear with value [0] always shown next to them when
Online Monitoring is in progress.

Application Configuration: Online operation (Read/Write, Online monitoring

etc.) of some older IED configuration may cause save button enabled and a
dialog may come asking to save the configuration because of new PCM600
capabilities. In order to do online operation user should save the
configuration and rewrite the configuration to IED.

Application Configuration: Creating glue logic connection between application

function blocks in ACT (Application Configuration Tool) is not supported.

Application Configuration: Glue logics are not saved to MainApplication

templates. If glue logics are needed, user must use the IED (Intelligent
Electronic Device) templates.

Application Configuration: If signals are inverted in ACT (Application

Configuration Tool), they will be invisible in SMT (Signal Matrix Tool).

Application Configuration: MainApplication template files should not be

renamed. Manually renamed templated files will not work when inserted again.

Common Read Write:
Common Read Write: If read or write operation fails, canceling the operation
might take minutes.

Common Read Write: Validator Tool does not currently validate Application
Configuration Layout. The Application shall be validated in ACT before

Communication: User needs to have always original SCL file available if he/she
reads the configuration from the IED to the empty PCM project. Write to the IED
is not possible if user doesn�t import original SCL file before write.

Communication: After modifying the IEC61850 horizontal communication in the IEC

61850 Configuration tool or any other system engineering tool, user needs also
to verify the configuration in Signal Matrix.


Installation: PCM600 installation might fail on startup if the temp directory

contains a deep nested directory tree (subdirectories within directories).
Error message: Problem Event Name: BEX, Exception Code: c0000409.
Solution is to clean the temp directory.

Installation: If PCM600 2.5 or an older version is uninstalled after PCM600

2.7 has been installed, PCM600 2.7 must be repaired.

Installation: If one PC has both PCM600 1.5 and PCM600 2.7, user gets errors
after uninstallation of 2.7. Running repair installation of PCM600 1.5 fixes
the situation. Repair installation can be executed from Control Panel >
Add/Remove Programs in Windows.

Installation: PCM600 includes some 3rd party components like for example SQL
Server, .NET Framework and Adobe Reader. Please refer to Installation Guide.


PCM600: When adding more IEDs to your PCM600 project by importing PCMI template
files you must to reopen the PCM600 project to activate the communication to
the new IEDs.

PCM600: Before operating with PCM600 projects, all the Connectivity Packages
needs to be installed and enabled with the Update Manager if needed.

PCM600: If SCL (Substation Configuration Language) files are imported when

using IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) with SPA communication, SPA address
must be checked after import

PCM600: On some occasions, user might get an error like this: "DataTable
internal index is corrupted". The problem is described in Microsoft's Knowledge
Base ( Workaround is to restart PCM600
after the error appears.

PCM600: If you get an error of detaching database while exporting the project,
restart PCM600 and export the project again.

PCM600: If you convert and open a project made with an older PCM600 version in
PCM600 2.9, you can't use that project in older PCM versions anymore. If the
project is the most recently used project in some older PCM600 and you start
the older PCM600, an error message is shown indicating that the project can't
be opened.

PCM600: When PCM600 is started, it tries to open the most recently used
project, and if this fails, an error dialog may be displayed behind the
active window. Ctrl + Tab key combination is needed to bring the error dialog
to front.

PCM600: Due to enhanced data security, PCM600 cannot be started if the Windows
user logged in has not been given access to SQL Server by adding the user to
"PCMSERVER2014 Users" group in Windows. The user performing the installation
is automatically added to the group.Please refer to Installation Guide for

Scheduler: Task Manager requires administrator privileges in Windows 7 and
later operating systems. If an error message is displayed, start PCM600 with
administrator privileges or adjust Windows UAC to a setting that allows a
user to start services in Windows.

Scheduler: Scheduling DR (Disturbance Recorder) read can't be used if

authentication is enabled in the IED (Intelligent Electronic Device).

SCL (Substation Configuration Language):
SCL: Before importing PCM600 1.5 projects to PCM600 2.7, it must be made sure
that object captions in Plant Structure are valid IEC61850 names.

SCL: Maximum number of report control blocks shouldn't be defined to be more

than IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) can handle. Please refer to IED

SCL: Reading configuration from an IED with GOOSE, will not update PCM600 GOOSE
configuration if all the related IEDs are not instantiated in the PCM600

PCM600 supports projects with mixed IEC 61850 Edition IEDs. Note that there are
few interoperability issues for GOOSE between Ed1 and Ed2:
- name lengths must follow the Ed1 name lengths
- different interpretation of the Test/Simulation bit in the GOOSE frame, take
this in to consideration when defining application logics
- new CDC�s and base types in Ed2, take this in to consideration when defining
data flows

PCM600 does not restrict creating FPN projects with mixed IEC 61850 Edition
IEDs. However this is not supported and shall be avoided in PCM600 2.9 version.

Parameter Setting: Some IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) parameters are
unitless, so PCM600 Option dialog for changing length and temperature settings
does not affect them.