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Fraternizing with

Greek-Affiliated Students
Presented by GCC Morgan Gill
& GCC Savannah Matherly
Morgan Gill

Phi Mu from the Gamma Gamma Chapter at

Queens University of Charlotte

Former Treasurer for Phi Mu Gamma Gamma


Anticipated Chapter Development Advisor for

Savannah Matherly
Phi Mu Gamma Mu at WCU
About us...

Alpha Chi Omega from the Zeta Omega

chapter at WCU

Philanthropy Advisor for Zeta Omega AXO


Social Media VP for Rho Chi Rho Alumnae

AXO Chapter

Risk Management Specialist for AXO HQ

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Understand and know the Greek-Affiliated Organizations on Western Carolina’s

2. Recognize the current climate of Greek Life on University and College campuses
around the country.
3. Challenge negative stereotypes of Greek-Affiliated members and support the success
of our affiliated residents.
4. Implement community-building for Greek-Affiliated residents.
5. Acknowledge the intersectionality of being both a Resident Assistant and Greek-
Affiliated member at WCU.
Greek Life at WCU ● 9 IFC Fraternities
○ Alpha Sigma Phi
○ Delta Sigma Phi
● 5 CPC Sororities ○ Lambda Chi Alpha
○ Alpha Chi Omega ○ Pi Kappa Phi
○ Alpha Gamma Delta ○ Pi Lambda Phi
○ Alpha Xi Delta ○ Sigma Alpha Epsilon
○ Delta Zeta ○ Sigma Phi Epsilon
○ Phi Mu ○ Sigma Chi
● 3 NPHC Sororities ○ Theta Xi
○ Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, ● 3 NPHC Fraternities
Inc. ○ Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,
○ Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Inc. ○ Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,
○ Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Inc.
○ Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,
Greek Life Today
Greek Life Today (cont.)
● Current climate across campuses
● Misunderstanding and lack of education on hazing, consent, and alcohol consumption
● Negative stereotypes (sometimes Greek-affiliated members perpetuate it themselves)
● Multiple suspensions and shut-downs of Greek life across campuses
● Not many students know the Greek alphabet, so when one Greek-affiliated member
does something, it affects ALL of us.
● All you hear in the news?
Greek Life Today That You Won’t See….
How to community-build for Greek-Affiliated
● Talk to them and get to know their organizations
○ Ask them genuine questions
○ Remember the small details about their specific organization
● Take an interest in their philanthropies
● Attend some of their tabling events on the UC Lawn
● Stop by events sponsoring Greek-Affiliated organizations
● Ask them what kind of Community-Builder’s they are interested in
● Have a lot of affiliated residents on your hall?
○ Canvas/Big & Little Decorating Community-Builder’s
○ Have those students plan an event on the floor teaching the hall how to support their philanthropy or
help volunteer
○ Does their organization have a special talent? Turn it into a community-builder! (Pi Lambda Phi)
● Overall, help support them in the fight of challenging their negative stereotypes!
How to support first-year students
going through recruitment:

● Be supportive
● Recognize the blurred lines
● Connect with Pi Chi’s
● Challenge negative stereotypes
● Encourage Greek Unity
● Remain as unbiased as possible
● “Good Luck!” recruitment letters
● Attend ValleyBallyHoo, CPC Days, etc.
Are you affiliated?
● Our experiences
● Where’s the line??
● Mandatory reporting
● Have that conversation with your
brothers and sisters
● How can you use your affiliation
to interact with your unaffiliated
○ Can it help with your programs or
bulletin boards?
● Any advice?
Thank you for listening!
Any questions?