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Name : Hazna Apdwiyah

Class : D3 2A

NIM : 1800020
Lesson : English Language ( Simple Present Tense )

1. My Opinion About Pharmacy

Pharmacy is an educational field where we can find out about the process of
making drugs and how to use them correctly. and in my opinion pharmacy is a place
where someone wants to test the adrenaline. this is a fact, why am I say that? because
pharmacy is not a place for plays, like we would climb a cliffs, if we play then we
will fall, if we are serious then we will win or be safe. This field always works on
reports until midnight without sleep, so that every morning the students are always

2. About My Routine
I wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. and immediately take a shower and
prepare equipment for prayer, after prayer I prepare campus equipment. after all the
equipment is ready, I always listen exo song. and at 7.45 am I went straight to
I always sleep after returning from campus if there are not other jobs I
always sleep, and at 5.45 pm I take a shower. And I study until at 21.30 p.m, After
that all, I am always sleeping at 1.00 am .

3. About Fact Of Pharmacy

Programs that are in great demand because pharmacy has many similarities
in terms of lectures in the medical world, and is an escape for students who are
not accepted into the medical department.
Studying at a pharmacy can't expect much to find a series of college
vacations, lectures - reports and so on until there are no thoughts about holidays
this is the world of pharmacy.