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Certificate Generation and Management System


We are living in a modernized world the technology is upgrading itself day by day and so it has
become a basic necessity for us to cope up with the upcoming technological changes so as to
improve our working efficiency and take the most advantage out of it. People nowadays keep
honing their skills day by day and there comes the need of an appropriate system which can take
care of the generation of certificates so as to provide an efficient and effective way to keep a
measure of their achievements and keep them safe and secure. So we as a team intend to build
a system which can aid the organization in certificate generation, the system is intended to be
such that it’s generic in nature and help aid in generation of certificates of various kinds. Further
to keep the uniqueness of a certificate and improve their safety, security and authenticity we
would be integrating the firebase system to provide authenticity to the leads generated and an
appropriate cloud storage system to centralized the data and a unique interface guiding users in
easy generation and management of the certificates.

Group Members:
Aman Goel 11602224
Arsh Singla
Jaskaran Singh 11601484
Manish Kumar
Certificate Generation and Management System


In the most general sense the certificate generators are the ones that help in generation of the
certificates. A lot of organization exists all over the world and when it comes to organizations
most of them are the ones which have to provide certification as like certificate for most effective
employee or certificate for the achievements and in the same field there comes the organizations
which provide certificates to others who complete their training and then are certified to perform
particular task or the organization those who organize various events and provide certificate to
the top performers in the event.

So the general things is each and every organization who generates a certificate have their fixed
format and those generators are only effective in generation the certificates for the organizations
they are built for hence limiting their functionality to individual organizations and to overcome
these limitation constrains we focus to develop a certificate generator which is generic in nature
and can be used by anyone irrespective or limiting to one individual or one organization and with
this improvement of scope the addition is our certificate generator is also intended to provide
security, safety and authenticity of the certificates generated with it’s use and a centralized
database accessible to every user on cloud with the latest technology in aid to serve the users
with best.
Background Study: Case 1

Certificate type 1 of LPU, so what things which you may notice in this is that the layout of this
certificate is restricted to this particular one no changes can be made in logo. The designate has
pre-defined format in his/her account which can not be changed according to their will just
maximum you can edit is the names that exist in the certificate and hence it limits the use and
neither you can spot any strong security elements in certificate hence limiting its authenticity .
Background Study : Case 2

Certificate type 2 of another department of LPU again you can spot out the things like a
predefined layout which can’t be edited. The logo remains static the lines remain static just
editable are the names and some minute information leaving a little thing to your hand and again
no authenticity elements seems to be present rather than a certificate number mentioned which
provide minute to no security at all and once the pattern is guessed can be cracked easily.
Description :-

Coming to the certificate generator that we are developing is intended to be boundless and
generic in nature having little to no limitations at all. It is intended to be having various layouts
which are customizable as per the needs you can edit the logos, edit the basic layout, edit the
signature of various designators who can issue the certificate and these elements just being the
basic the backbone of the certificate relies in it’s authenticity which we opt to achieve with the
help of firebase and then making the outcomes accessible to all we will make a cloud storage
where users will be able to access the certificates.

Objective :-

 Generic
 Customizable Layouts
 Customizable Signatures
 Authenticity
 Cloud based accessibility
Challenges : -

Static Layouts:

Foremost challenge is to overcome the static layouts of the pre-existing certificate generators as
most generators are limited to a particular static layout which can’t be edited by the users hence
limiting the functionality.

Static Logos:

Second thing that is important is even though you have same layout what is the benefit if you
can’t even change the logo of the issuing authority so we will be integrating a mechanism to
change the logo of the issuing authority as well.

Static Signatures:

Another challenge is to change the signatures of issuing designators as if the authority can be any
means the issuing designators can be any so we need to keep in mind that even the signature
authority can be modified as per the designators


Now those were just the graphics part the foremost thing that lie in a certificate is the issuing
authority what if the certificate can be replicated easily and has no value on it’s own. Some
certificate are the ones which work as a proof for the skills you possess and the knowledge you
have and in that case the certificate if having no authentication won’t be much useful in existence
and hence providing authenticity is one of the challenge.
Challenges : -

Ease of Access:

Another challenge is to make the outputs accessible to everyone so to provide a centralized

interface to assist every user and improve the accessibility is another challenge to be taken care
DFD’s : -

Level 0

Level 1
DFD’s : -

Level 1

Level 2
DFD’s : -

Level 2
User Case Diagram : -

User Case Diagram

Gantt Chart:
Future Scope : -

Certificate generators are needed by most of the organizations these days as now a days the
value of education related and training related certificates is increasing on a high note the world
is getting digitalized and online trainings and courses have become a necessity to cope up in daily
day to day basis by keeping yourself updated with the latest industrial technology.

The value of certificates provided for various events is also increasing now a days as there are
various workshops conducted giving participants the new and relevant information about day to
day subjects and certificate act as a proof for the knowledge being possessed by a candidate.

If certificates have gained this much importance then to maintain the value of certificate,
authenticity is one of the main point to maintain the integrity of the certificate and providing the
holder with a self-confidence and a reliable certificate and joining it with a centralized system is
a bliss for every certificate holder to provide their hard earned certificates accessible anywhere,
anytime and any-day.