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Steve Jobs

One of Apple’s Founders

how his life was growing up
➔ Parents were Paul and Clara- adopted Jobs's sister Patricia in 1957 and the family moved to mountain view,
California in 1961

➔ During that time Paul built a workbench in his garage for his son in order to "pass along his love of

➔ Jobs admired his father’s work: “he knew how to build anything”

➔ Steve wanted to spend time with his father, he would do that by working

with his dad

➔ By the time he was ten, Jobs was deeply involved in electronics and

befriended a lot of the engineers who lived in the neighborhood.

➔ with that said, it was hard for Jobs to make any other friends, he was

seen as a “loner”
Steve Jobs Early life
● Born in California on February 24,1955-October 5,2011 K
● As a baby he was adopted
● Adopted parents were Clara and Paul Jobs
● Jobs spent most of his time messing with electronics when he
was younger
● Elementary was hard because he couldn’t focus
● Tested so well in elementary, administrators wanted to skip
him to high school.

High School life &

❖ Went to Homestead High School
❖ There he met his future partner Steve Wozniak (Founders of
Apple) who would later invent the first personal computer
❖ Known for trying to make things simple - this later comes up
in his contributions to the computing world
❖ It was hard for Steve Jobs to make friends

Later on in life &

● Attended Harvard but later dropped to continue business

● Some people describe Stevo as “ a dictator and rude”

● Steve Jobs biggest competition was Bill Gates

● Gates & Jobs got a lot of attention from this fight

● Jobs finds out who his biological parents were

● Died from pancreatic cancer -Cancer in the Pancreas- in 2011

● Experimented with psychedelic drugs
history of company
● They began their partnership when Wozniak, a talented, self-educated electronics
engineer, began constructing boxes which enabled one to make long-distance
phone calls at no cost, and sold several hundred models.
● After High School Jobs went to college…..for about six months and then dropped
out, he was a little “directionless”
● For 18 months Jobs got involved with creative classes where he realized he enjoyed
● In 1974, Jobs took a position as a video game designer with Atari
● At 21 years old Steve Jobs & Wozniak started Apple Computer inc.

● Apple started in a garage and progressed to a whole business

History of Apple Computers

Apple created many computers and accessories, but the main

products are as follows:

-Apple I(1976) The first computer created by Apple, and Steve

Jobs’ first product… not a huge success (some major assembly

-Apple II(1977) The next big innovation was the first real
success of the company as it appealed to hackers/coders, as well
as many schools and offices. (less major assembly required)

-Apple III(1981-1984)Apple Lisa(1983), Macintosh(1984),

History of Apple Computers 2

-Next came… NeXT(1900) Steve was kicked out of the company,

started a different company called NeXT, which didn’t go so well…
Apple later bought NeXT so that Apple could use NeXT’s
software… and use Steve




Contribution At First Sight
● Unseen to the public
● Needed external parts such as case
● First computer by Steve Jobs and Wozniak
● Contributed the first household computer
● This was the key to bigger and brighter things in apple’s

(Apple I)
Contribution To the Apple product 2
● When the company was established the two moved on from the
Apple one and created the Apple two
● A computer that instead of the older brother of it was
more convenient to the public due to the fact that
everything was included.
● Apple one users would have to purchase and connect things
like the keyboard separately.
● This wasn’t a big deal for the new apple II

(Apple II)
The Contribution To The Apple III
After the apple two, Apple made the... Apple 3 the next big
thing with technology at the time.

● The big difference between the two computers was that this one
had evolved differently.
● Instead of processing power it was all about looks which it
had on its side.

(Apple III)
Contribution to the Apple Macintosh
● The Computer that apple made after jobs returned to apple.
● large successor to the Apple II
● Raked in large amounts of money
● Ran the neXt software at a discounted price from the original.
● different to the original computers of apple
● The most important computer in the tech world due to the fact
that it was different to most computers at the time.
Mac os X
● This was apple's first software
● Only ran on their products
● Was a huge contribution to tech because the really main
software was microsoft
● Closest version was neXt

550 × 413 -

Contribution to NeXT
● In 1985 Jobs sold his shares of Apple stock
● Later that year launched the NeXT Computer Co., which was made
in the goal of making a computer that could provide higher
research and education.
● In 1988 the NeXT computer included notably fast processing
speeds, exceptional graphics and an optical disk drive.
● At the price of $9,950 was too expensive for the customers to
buy the product.
How Steve jobs changed the world
-Steve Jobs helped create one of the first user friendly
desktop computers

-Steve Jobs created the iphone-a major change in cell phones

-Apple is one of the most profitable companies today

-As long as you’re in a room with at least 2 teenagers,

there’s going to be at least 3 Apple/Jobs products in that
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