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AL 175NT

Monitoring & Control Unit

The Eltek range of monitoring and control units has been specifically developed
to provide indication and management for DC standby power systems used in
telecommunications and industrial applications. A comprehensive range of
features is achieved through the utilisation of microprocessor technology.

AL 175NT is a plug in monitoring and control unit which is used in Eltek‘s small-
and medium- range power systems. This range includes MPSU 200, MPSU 4000,
MPSU 5000, MPSU 6000, PRS 700 and Flatpack.

AL 175NT offers features like

• Front panel LCD and keypad for on-site service (local access)
• RS-232 interface for PC connection or remote monitoring/control via
modem or SNMP
• 6 Configurable alarm relay outputs for traditional remote monitoring
• Battery monitoring and testing without site attendance
• Temperature Compensated Charge Voltage for increased battery
• Hot Plug-In
• Modem Call-back functionality
• Password protected operator access levels
• Alarm/event log with time and date (up to 256 events)

AL 175NT Monitoring & Control Unit MPSU 4000 and PRS 700: two of Eltek’s
Power Systems utilizing the AL 175NT
• Output Voltage Measurement
Monitoring & Control • Load Current Measurement (calculated)
• Battery Current Measurement

Unit • Rectifier Current Measurement

• Battery Temperature Measurement (optional)
• Load/Battery Disconnect
• Alarm level settings
REMOTE MONITORING/CONTROL • Battery Testing (interval and manual)
• Battery Test Information (2 latest tests)
AL 175NT can be accessed from a remote location in • Setup of battery Data
two ways: • Alarm Log
• Parameter Calibration
From a PC running WinPower • Clock and date adjustment
With the Windows-based “WinPower” • Site Text/ID
communication program installed on a remote • Test of relay outputs
computer, the system can be monitored and • Voltage Level Programming
controlled via modems. The modem callback • Battery Boost Charging
functionality can be used to minimize the traffic on • Battery Cable Voltage Drop Compensation
the public telephone network. • Temperature Compensated Charging
• Modem Callback
From an NMS via Ethernet (SNMP)
With an external SNMP agent connected to AVAILABLE ALARMS
AL 175NT, the system can be monitored and • High Battery voltage
controlled from a Network Management System • Low Battery voltage
through Ethernet on Simple Network Management • Load/Battery Disconnect
Protocol (SNMP). • Battery Fuse Alarm
• Load Fuse Alarm
Using alarm relays (voltage free contacts) • High Battery temp. 1 (level 1)
6 internal failsafe alarm relays provide voltage free • High Battery temp. 2 (level 2)
contacts that can be connected to equipment used • Battery Pre Alarm (75% < capacity < 85%)
for traditional alarm monitoring. • Battery Failure (capacity < 75%)
• Rectifier failure
From a PC running WinPower • Symmetry Failure
WinPower can also communicate with AL 175NT • Battery Test (ongoing test)
through an RS-232 C serial cable.
Using front keypads and display Input Voltage: 242072.232: 20-60 VDC
AL 175NT uses menu driven software to provide a 242072.236: 40-80 VDC
user-friendly interface for local operation via a keypad Dimensions: 70.7 (14TE) x 133
and an LCD. x 169mm WxHxD
In normal operation, the front LCD will display the (2.8 x 0.25 x 6.7”)
output voltage, battery current, rectifier current and Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs.)
load current.

If any alarm is activated, a red LED is lit in the front

panel, the alarm text appears in the LCD and the
corresponding alarm relay is activated.

Part no. Description
242072.232 AL 175NT 24V/48V systems
242072.236 AL 175NT 60V systems

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