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Republic ofthe Philippines National Police Commission PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE CAMARINES SUR POLICE PROVINCIAL OFFICE Provincial Investigation and Detective Management Branch Concepcion Grande, Naga City -000- MEMORANDUM To AIICOPSIACOPSIOICs FROM ‘Acting Provincial Director SUBJECT ‘Availabilty of Duty WCPD PNCOs, Desk Officers and investigators 24/7 DATE January 16, 2019 a 4, Reference: Verbal Instruction of APD, CSPPO dated January 16, 2019 with subject same as above, 2. This pertains to the verbal instruction of the Acting Provincial Director, Cam Sur PPO to C, PIDMB regarding the report that reached the attention of APD that some Police stations has no available Duty WCPD PNCOs, Desk Officers and Investigators to ‘cater complaints of clients whenever there is an occurrence of an incidents. 3. In this connection, you are directed to ensure the availabilty of Duty WCPD PNCOs, Desk Officers and’ Investigators 24/7 to act approprietely on the request for Police assistance, complaints and to entertain clients with due courtesy and respect. 4, Be reminded that there is no such thing as “ON CALL" when it comes to the Performance of official duties and responsibilities while on duty as a Pélice Officer and a8 a Public Servant. Likewise, this PPO will conduct monitoring and inspection to Validate about your compliance with this directive. 5. Further, failure on your part to properly supervise your personnel in your respective C/MPS will be dealth with accordingly for violation of NMC NR 2016-002, BY AUTHORITY OF THE ACTING PROVINCIAL DIRECTOR: sao eacieo peo lhe i Chief PIOMB