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Mr Igor Dodon

President of the Republic of

154 Stefan cel Mare bd
Chisinau, MD 2073

sl/kb/0045 Geneva, April 17, 2019

Dear Mr. President,

The IUF is the Global Trade Union Federation that brings together 416 member
organizations in 128 countries, representing over ten million workers. I am taking the
liberty of contacting you directly to ask for your personal assistance in the case of
Tatiana Kolomoitseva, who was shot dead in her home on April 12, 2019.
Ms Kolomoitseva was an active participant in IUF training programmes as the lead
trainer on workers’ rights and union modernisation in Moldova. She was one of the
key experts on labour rights in the agricultural workers’ movement, possessing
profound knowledge and experience. She was well known nationally and
internationally for her unwavering commitment to the promotion of workers’ rights and
her strong belief in an independent and democratic trade union movement.
In the recent years, Tatiana acted as a plaintiff in several court cases dealing with
financial fraud and corruption within the National Federation of Agricultural Trade
Unions "Agroindsind". These court cases have resulted in convictions, yet the
perpetrators of the crimes are still at large.
Since there is a possibility that the assassination of Ms Kolomoitseva is directly
linked to her activities as a staunch trade unionist and labour rights expert, I urge you
to take this matter under your personal control to ensure the most diligent and
effective investigation of this brutal crime.
We also ask you to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to ensure the
safety of all those who testified in the law court as witnesses in the cases initiated by
Tatyana Kolomoitseva.
Yours sincerely,

Sue Longley
General Secretary

Pavel Filip, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, fax:+373 22 242 696,
Alexandru Jizdan. Ministry of Internal Affairs, fax +373 22 255-236,
Jeroen Beirnaert, ITUC Human and Trade Union Rights, Brussels,
Magnus Berge, ILO ACTRAV, Budapest,