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Battle Wizards are normal Colour Wizards that have received special training from their College. This enables them to cast their normal spells in new ways (or "aspects"). In addition, there are a few dedicated Battle Magic spells that essentially work as specialized lesser spells.

New Talents
Battle Aspect: You have perfected one method of customizing your normal spells, turning them into battle spells. Battle Aspect is unusual in that it is not one talent, but many, and each must be acquired separately. Each Battle Aspect talent is a separate magical proficiency, with the speciality noted in parenthesis. You must have the Battle Wizardry talent before you can learn a Battle Aspect talent. You can take each specialty up to three times - this still counts as one Aspect, improving upon that Aspect each time. Battle Magic: You know a battle spell common to all arcane types of magic. Battle Magic is unusual in that it is not one talent, but many, and each must be acquired separately. Each Battle Magic talent is a separate battle spell, with the spell name noted in parenthesis. You must have the Battle Wizardry talent before you can learn a Battle Magic talent. Battle Wizardry: By reshaping your mind and unlearning certain techniques, you have mastered the difficult art of Battle Wizardry. You now have two sets of spells, one normal set and one battle set, and whenever you cast a spell, you must choose to cast one version or the other. The channelling action forevermore becomes a Full Action to you. You may add your Magic Score to the Damage caused by any battle spell (only damage-causing spells are enhanced this way).

Battle Wizard Career
Full Magisters (Master Wizards and above) may be approached by special Battle Magic recruiters from the Imperial Army (after approval from their College, of course). To be granted this honour, you must display exceptional courage and initiative, as well as a fondness for physical action and of course an unwavering loyalty to the Empire! Joining the ranks of the Battle Wizards grant the wizard an army officer's commission for several years, but places him under the authority of the general staff. Unless your GMs campaign centres around army life, this career is very difficult to combine with normal adventuring, as the services of Battle Wizards are always in high demand. Battle Wizard Advance Scheme Main Profile WS BS S T Ag Int WP Fel +20% +20% +5% +15% +20% +30% +35% +20% Secondary Profile A W SB TB M Mag IP FP – +6 – – – +3 – – Skills: Academic Knowledge (Strategy/Tactics), Command, Dodge, Perception, Ride, Secret Tongue (Battle Tongue) Talents: Aethyric Attunement, Battle Aspect (any six), Battle Magic (any two), Battle Wizardry, Seasoned Traveller Trappings: A scar (consider this fulfilled as soon as the character has survived any Critical Hit) Note: You must have learned the Lesser Magic (Dispel) talent to enter this career. Career Entries: Master Wizard, Wizard Lord Career Exits: Engineer, Wizard Lord

Battle Wizardry
A character that learns the Battle Wizardry talent permanently becomes a Battle Wizard. Learning the Battle Wizardry talent changes his normal spell casting in the following fundamental ways: The character always has a choice of casting any spells known either as a normal spell or a battle spell (except spells acquired via the Battle Magic talents - these spells must always be cast as battle spells). The channelling action becomes a Full action, not a Half action. The channelling action must still be followed immediately by the Cast action (and works normally in all other aspects).

Zapp’s WFRP House Rules (RoS Expanded)


KHAM Productions 2005-2006

not only does this render him unable to use Battle Magic (as expected). in the case of cones) of the battle spell cast. respectively. and it probably is of much better use for area spells than targeted spells. These are all v1 RoS spells not already present in WFRP2. Impenetrable Hide. Reproof of Cowardice. LESSER SPELL NAMES Move. with a strong battle theme. Casting our example spell with Aspect of Range added takes thirteen (13) rounds.k. Each aspect adds one full minute to the casting time. Life of the Blade. Steed of the Wind. Bane of the Ephemeral. The spell will repeat its effects in exactly the same way in the next round. Once you have begun delaying a spell you must cast it eventually. Awakening. plus double the normal Casting Time. Steal Words. Speechless.a. Gold-skin. Lesser Wings of Heaven. The battlefield may change from the time you begin casting a battle spell until the casting is finished. Rally. You can take this Talent up to three times to make the aspect triple and quadruple the occurrence. Dispel. You may delay the casting of the spell by up to one minute by successfully making a Channeling Test. This aspect does nothing for area spells. Soul’s Secret. Aspect of Range: This aspect doubles the range of the battle spell cast. However. It is theoretically possible to unlearn the Battle Wizardry by spending another 100 xp. Fear's Bite. Light of Vengeance. Unbind the Aethyric Lore of Death: Spectral Hand. You can take this Talent up to three times to make the aspect triple and quadruple the radius. Aqshy's Deliverance. You can take this Talent up to three times to make the aspect triple and quadruple the duration. Hidden Eyes. Concentration failure means the spell is cast centered on you. Moonride. Aethyric Armour. "stone spells"). Raze. Silent Beacon. respectively. Note that Battle Magic spells are similar to normal Lesser Spells in all regards. Stillness. Zapp’s WFRP House Rules (RoS Expanded) . Transformed Edge. which differs in the following further ways: Casting a battle spell takes one full minute. Aspect of Targets: This aspect doubles the number of targets of the battle spell cast. Jaw-lock. Intruder's Repulse. And for "counterspelling" purposes: Mental Duel. Brilliant Shield. Sunride. Concealment's Ally. except that they cannot be cast "normally" (only as battle spells). respectively. Blessed Weapon. This aspect does nothing for touch spells or spells with a line of sight range. Burning Ward. specifically spells that tear down fortifications (a. Spellpurge Lore of Heavens: Projection. This aspect does nothing for a spell with a limited duration longer than instant. it also brands him as a Black Magister if done while he still is in active service. Come Undone Lore of Life: Wind-touch. Skywalk. Primal Blessing. Flight of Vapour. good choices for Battle Magic spells are spells that do not exist as v2 spells already. The character gets to add his Magic Score to the Damage caused by any battle spell. Magic's Dismissal Lore of Fire: Passion's Momentum. Arrow Invulnerability. Meddler's Curse Lore of Shadow: Unseen Agent. You must concentrate fully while delaying your spell and may take no actions during this time. Resistance of Stone Lore of Light: Hand of Light. respectively. Hoarding Instinct. Steal Magical Power and Drain Magic. Magic Bridge. Silence. Quiet of the Grave. You may delay repeatedly. Aspect of Duration: This aspect doubles the duration of the battle spell cast. Battle Magic “Lesser Spells for Battle Wizards” Introducing individual spells is beyond the scope of this article. Benumbed. Voiceless. Lore of Beasts: Savage Motion. Wealth's Guard. Thus. Magic Alarm. Insubstantial Shield. Forest Quiet. Shield of Souls. This aspect does nothing for instant or permanent spells. Normal spells and battle spells that do not cause Damage are not enhanced. Star's Blessing. Shadow-Sight. and with no special connection to any of the eight winds of magic. Aspect of Occurrence: This aspect doubles the occurrence of the battle spell cast. You can take this Talent up to three times to make the aspect quadruple and octuple the range. Spectral Stair. Crumble Stone and Wall Shaker. Befuddlement 2/4 KHAM Productions 2005-2006 Battle Aspects Aspect of Area: This aspect doubles the radius (or width. You can take this Talent up to three times to make the aspect triple and quadruple the number of targets. Untamed Awareness. Spirits of Eagles. Bar the Gate. Examples: Smash. respectively. This aspect does nothing for individually targeted spells. Barkskin. You may add one or more Battle Aspects to the casting of a battle spell. Shut!. You make all decisions on targeting etc when finally casting the spell. Heavenly Warning. However. Strength of Iron. you cannot abort (but may cast it in a harmless direction).Battle Wizardry also enables him to perform battle spell casting. a spell with a Half Action Casting Time takes seven (7) rounds to cast as a battle spell. Magic Lock. Light of Confusion Lore of Metal: Will of the Inanimate. Heavenly Shield. Wrath's Flame. Assault of Stones. Imperative Warning. Key of Secrets.

Flight of the Comet. Battle Horns. Frozen Lock. Feathers of the Steel Raven. Steal Magic Lore of Shallya: Shallya's Momentum. Honor Forged. Thief's Whisper. Quiet Of Winter. Spirit Armour. REALMS OF SORCERY Aethyric Circles These works exactly like Protective Circles (p144). This means that unlike Witches you may not cast spells learnt via the Witchcraft Talent without using Dark Magic. Corrupted Blade. Strike dumb. take the talents of Witchcraft and Dark Magic. Armour of War. Winter's Sheath. Locking Vines. Spell Death Lore of Manann: Storm Surge. Shallya's Aegis. Roar!. Shallya's Diffraction Lore of Sigmar: Charge of Sigmar. Drowning the Enchantment Lore of Morr: Breath of the Passing Souls. Seal Portal. because of his disciplined training the base cost of Witchcraft spells is only 150 xp. Shallya's Guard. Trick of the Poltergeist. Blade of the Cutpurse. Cloud Tread. Walking with the Ancestors. Ghost Walk. Siren's Song. Silence of the Grave. Shallya's Elevation. Ectoplasmic Shield. Hold Fast. Walk the Gateway's Paths. The Guarded Portal. Blade of the Wight. Seal the Gate. Ocean's Fury. Peace of the Departed. Armour of Scales. Be Mute!. Meteoric Armour.) Black Magisters Multi-Colour Collegiate Wizards: A non-apprentice wizard may. Eagle’s Gift. Defeat Magic Spirit As with witches.Lore of Chaos: Fell Animation. Bane of the Lingering. but grants an extra die to your Casting Roll (instead of a reroll for purposes of determining Tzeentch’s Curse. Tranquil. Armour of Wisdom. Preservation. Shallya's Sign. Peace of the Depths. Spirit Guard. Muzzle. Unravel the Ordered Lore of Necromancy: Ghost Hand. However. at his option. he is always considered “attuned” to his chosen Lore. Icy Shield. Light of Knowledge. Ranald's Misfortune. Fiat Lore of Taal and Rhya: River Flow. Nightmarish Insight. Goblin Hammer. Winter’s End Lore of Ulric: Wolf Step. Teeth of Taal. Path of Elevation. Battle Cry. Stifle the Lie. Penetration Lore of Shamanism: Helping Spirit. Dark Magic: By learning an Arcane Lore at a College. Charlatan's Ruse. This enables him to learn to cast individual spells of other non-dark Lores than his chosen Lore. Shallya's Grace. Furthermore. Warrior’s Rush. Spirit’s Bell. Riding the Tide. Silence the Rat. Spolis Secure. Witchcraft spells are still limited to CN 15 or lower. Step of Damnation. Zapp’s WFRP House Rules (RoS Expanded) 3/4 KHAM Productions 2005-2006 . Shallya's Hush. Clam's Grip. Walls of Earth. Pickpocket's Run. Watchghost. Resist Lore of Ranald: Trickster's Hand. Aethyric Thaw Lore of Verena: Ordered Move. Sword of Justice. Mute the Unworthy. your mind by necessity becomes severely regimented. Wolf's Howl. Spirit Weapon. Entropic Ward. Universal Ending Lore of Myrmidia: Obedient Object.

Advanced Abilities Created Aethyric Reservoir Lucky Charm Magic Power Voice of Reason Wizard Staff A Wizard's Staff must be a Quarterstaff of Best Quality (unless the wizard actually creates it himself). you may do this as part of the spell-casting action and the touch deals no damage. you are allowed to re-roll one die for your casting roll for this spell only. Attuning (and re-attuning) a spell (for the Spellbound and Spellshield abilities) takes a number of days equal to the spell’s Casting Number. Master's Touch: You can cast touch spells through the staff. The cost of learning a spell using Witchcraft is reduced by 50 xp if it comes from a Lore adjacent to. although initial attuning may be made as part of the creation process. a familiar cannot acquire any advanced Ability unless it already has at least two of the four Basic abilities for its nature (created/bound). you get +20% to WS (although the Fast Hands talent does not apply). No specific ritual is needed. Once attuned. you are “attuned” to its Lore. a Wizard's Staff has the following three abilities: Master’s Touch. or the same as. Spellbound. a Lore you are already “attuned” to. and Spellshield (see below). If you create your own staff. Bound Aethyric Reservoir Magic Focus Magic Power Voice of Reason Witchcraft “Attuned” Discount: Once you learn a spell (by any means). of which at least half must come from the wizard’s own xp. As it is easy to do. This ability is cumulative with a Protective Circle. you are allowed to add your Magic score to your casting roll for this spell only. A Wizard can have only one Wizard Staff at a time. However. you may count the creation time and cost towards this. These cost 300 xp each. Once attuned. The time and cost is 1d10 weeks and 2d10x100 s. Spellshield: This allows the wielder to attune the staff to a spell (see below). This ability only works when you successfully take the Channelling action in conjunction with casting your spell (essentially doubling the Channelling bonus). Just as for normal touch spells. You may not attune the same spell for both Spellbound and Spellshield. Zapp’s WFRP House Rules (RoS Expanded) 4/4 KHAM Productions 2005-2006 . Wheel of Magic: To know which Lores that are adjacent. A Wizard's Staff is imbued with power somewhat like a familiar.Familiar Abilities Starting Ability: A Familiar starts with a single Ability as determined randomly by rolling on the following table: Basic Abilities Roll Created Bound 01-35 Magic Focus Link of Psyche 36-60 Master's Voice Master's Touch 61-80 Master's Touch Lucky Charm 81-90 Link of Psyche Master’s Voice 91-95 Player’s Choice 96-00 GM’s Choice Further Abilites: The wizard player chooses to buy any additional abilities. This ability only works when you successfully take the Channelling action in conjunction with casting your spell. Spellbound: This allows the wielder to attune the staff to a spell (see below). Once created. see the Wheel of Magic on page 35 of Realms of Sorcery.

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