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Detailed Lesson Plan in ICT Grade 7I. ObjectivesAt the end of the lesson, students
should be able to;A. Define what a computer is.B. Identify the components of a
computerC. Differentiate input devices and output devices.II. Subject MatterA.
Topic:Components of ComputerB. Reference:Internet, K-12 Entrep-Based PC Hardware
ServicingC. Materials:Visual aids, PicturesIII. Procedure:Students
Activity(Students will recite the prayer)Good morning sir.Sir, yesterday our lesson
wasabout the different Microsoft Officeapplications.Sir, the Microsoft
Word,Excel, and PowerPoint.(Students will observe the pictureshown)Sir, there is a
keyboard, a mouse and a computer.No sir.Teachers ActivityA. Prayer B. GreetingsGood
morning class.C. ReviewWhat was our lessonyesterday? Yes, Kylie.Thank you,
we discussedyesterday about the differentMicrosoft Office applications.
What are those applicationsin the Microsoft Office? Yes, JC.Very good. The
MicrosoftOffice applications are the MS Word,Excel and PowerPoint.E. MotivationI
have here a picture.Observe the things in this picture. What do you see?
Correct, there is a keyboard,a mouse, laptop, and computer. Doyou know the
components ofcomputer?
IV. Presentation(Students will listen attentively to thediscussion.)Input device
provides information tothe computer.(Everybody will read the definition ofoutput
device.)Our lesson for today is aboutthe components of computer.Let us first define
computer. Computer is device thatperforms a set of tasks. It
performscalculations, it processesinformation, it stores files, and
itdisplays and prints.Now we have its components.These are some of the componentsof
a computer. Let us discuss first the CPU.CPU stands for Central ProcessingUnit.
It is also called asmicroprocessor. It functions as thebrain of the
computer. It interpretscomputer instructions and it isresponsible for data
processing. Next is the Input Device. Aj,read the definition. Thank you. Input
device providesinformation to the computer. Anexample of this is
the keyboard.Keyboard is used to input text orcharacters and is also used
tocontrol processes in the computer. Next is the output device.Everybody
read.Output device is thecomponent of a computer thatreceives
information from the CPU.An example of this is the monitor.The monitor displays
text,documents, pictures and videos. Together, Input device, CPU,and Output device
works to receive,process and produce information.Let us refer to this
illustration.Yes sir.Sir a computer is a devicethat performs a set of tasks.Sir
input device, CPU andoutput device.Sir keyboard.Sir monitor.An example of
an inputdevice is the keyboard, then theCPU and monitor for the
outputdevice.I typed the phrase “I LikeCats” into the keyboard, then it
issent to the CPU. The CPU nowprocesses the phrase “I Like Cats”,then
it will be sent to the monitor.The monitor now will display thephrase “I
Like Cats” as an output. Understood? Very good.Another component of acomputer
is the storage. Storagehas two types; the Primary storageand the
secondary storage. Theprimary storage is the main storageof the computer. It is
where we storefiles like documents, pictures andvideos.An example of
primarystorage is the Hard-Disk Drive(HDD). The secondary storage
isused for making back-ups ofimportant documents, programs andother files.
Examples of this are theCD and DVD. Both of this are used to savedata, program
settings, or outputsfor future use.F. GeneralizationLet us recall what we
haddiscussed. What again is acomputer, MJ? Very good. Computer is
adevice that performs a set of taskslike to compute, store, display andprint. What
are the components ofa computer Caleb?Correct, the components ofcomputer are
the input device, CPUand the output device. Give anexample of an input
device Cj. Very good. Example of aninput device is keyboard. How aboutthe
output device Nathaniel.
(Students will answer the given quiz)Yes sir.Yes sir. (Everybody will stand up and
willrecite the prayer)Good bye sir.Now that you know and fullyunderstand
our lesson, let us have aquiz.