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8 próbanyelvvizsga angol nyelvből – B2

Part 3
First read the ten situations (11-20) and then read the twelve texts (A-L). Decide which
text goes best with each situation. Each text can be used only once. Mark your answers
TELC Test 2

on the answer sheet (11-20). In some cases there may be no suitable text.

11. You are forced to cut down on your day to day expenses.
12. You desperately need help because of some bullies at work
13. You wish to see a scientific exhibition.
14. You are divorced and your ex-wife/husband does not let you see your child.
15. Your brand new Intellihome washing machine won’t start.
16. You are interested in graphic design on display.
17. You are a computer game addict and want to get rid of your addiction.
18. You want to see reptiles in natural surroundings.
19. You have fitness concerns about your 8-year old daughter.
20. You are looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

a b

Essential Management Skills

Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning
Short course for professional development International Poster Gallery proudly announces its
16th Annual Summer Poster Show featuring a spec-
This comprehensive 3 day course is suitable for tacular collection of original vintage travel posters
newly appointed or soon to be promoted manag- from the last 100 years. Travel has been one of
ers / supervisors, and those with experience but the most popular and widespread poster categories
no formal management training. since the medium’s birth in the late 19th Century.
The course is highly-interactive and provides ex- The exhibition focuses on the fascinating changes
cellent coverage of the essential knowledge, skills in travel and travel posters over four periods - the
and techniques for success as a manager. 1890s to WWI, the Twenties, the Thirties, and the
For full course outline and to book a place, please Postwar era of the Fifties and Sixties. It traces the
visit our website roots of the travel poster from the early days of
Admission: £473 (includes lunch and refresh- train travel through the golden era of the ocean
ments) liner, zeppelin and jet plane. Selections are taken
Location:Centre For Lifelong Learning – Seng- from International Poster’s world-leading collec-
hennydd Road, Cardiff tion of more than 1200 travel posters.


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Írásbeli feladatsorok – TELC

TELC Test 2
Research Images
Striking images from Cardiff University
A major public display showcasing striking re-
search images at Cardiff University is taking
place at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum
of Wales in Cardiff.
Bringing together 43 images made up of photo-
graphs, computer generated images and drawings;
it represents the variety and benefits of research
taking place in every academic school.
From striking images of microneedles from the
School of Pharmacy, to an image of the back of
the eye of a person with diabetes from the School
of Medicine – the display provides an excellent
opportunity to see images illustrating the breadth
of research from all parts of the University.
The exhibition runs until 16 August 2009.

Legal Aid offers different kinds of help, depending on your legal problem. You may need a
lawyer to go to court with you, or you may just need some advice or some assistance with
court documents.
In family matters we cover the following cases:
To get custody of your children or to change custody
To set up, increase or decrease child or spousal support payments
To help you if your partner denies you access to your children
To get access for you to see your children or to make a major change to access arrange-
ments that have already been made
To stop your partner from selling or destroying your property
To negotiate ownership of things like RRSPs or pensions that could provide you with
some income
To get access for grandparents or other relatives to see a child


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8 próbanyelvvizsga angol nyelvből – B2

Swimming is a valuable skill that will stay with

your children for life.This is your chance to en-
TELC Test 2

courage them to play, splash and learn with our

fun-filled Swim Academy courses.
Swim Academy is a fully supervised holiday pro- Strong After Sales Support, 2 Years War-
gramme of lessons and fun water activities. With ranty
qualified teachers, safe pools and no more than
six children per class, you can be sure your kids As Europe’s largest supplier of household
will get the personal attention they need. appliances, we can provide you with the best
Swim Academy classes are available for every- technical support available.
one aged 3 and over, even adults who can upgrade If an item you purchased from us fails within
to private lessons in quieter pool locations. the manufacturer’s warranty period you can
return it to us and we will replace (or repair)
it for free. Before you return an item, please
always check your manual, our FAQ and our
Help files.
Microsoft is running a promotion whereby up- This is to ensure that you do not return goods
grade editions of Windows 7 can be pre-ordered that are NOT defective. Shipping charges will
for as little as $50. be applied if a product has been found not
As one of the e-tailers participating in the to be defective. If you have doubts, please
promotion, Newegg still offers the Windows do not hesitate to contact us first at service@
7 Home Premium upgrade for $49.99 shipped for advice.
and the Windows 7 Professional upgrade for
$99.99 shipped. Once the promotion ends,
those upgrades will cost $119.99 and $199.99, i
respectively. So, you know, don’t wait around
if you’re planning to make the switch when the With unlimited online gaming, instant streaming
new OS comes out in October. of Netflix movies, virtual parties, photo sharing,
Again, these upgrades require a legit copy and exclusive Gold-only gaming events, you’ve
of either Windows XP or Windows Vista. You got to love Xbox LIVE Gold membership!
can grab any edition you want, though, regard- Well, we are going to make it even better. As
less of which version of XP or Vista you’re run- an Xbox LIVE Gold member, you will now get
ning. an Exclusive Gold Only Discount on a piece of
If you’ve already gotten the upgrade (or if content each week. It could be your favorite ar-
you just have other plans) there are other inter- cade game, a classic Xbox original, or even that
esting deals lurking around. Race Driver GRID map pack or that new song you have been looking
is available for $14.99 this weekend only on to buy. With your favorite content going on sale
each week just imagine how much you can save!
Valve’s Steam online store–that’s 50% off.
If you’re already a Gold member, grab this
week’s deal right here, right now.
Not a Gold member yet? With all the awe-
some, exclusive Gold only benefits do you really
need any convincing?
Sign up for Gold and dig all that fun for little over
$4 a month for a 12-month subscription. So get
your Gold membership NOW!


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Írásbeli feladatsorok – TELC

2009 Entertainment® Book – SAVE Dining
BIG with our restaurant coupons, plus Shopping

TELC Test 2
discounts on shopping, attractions, Movie Tickets
travel and much more! Groceries
For nearly 50 years, Entertainment has Services
been helping people save in tough eco- Travel
nomic times with the big Entertainment Car Care
coupon book. Today, more than ever, peo- Home Furnishings
ple realize that the premium 50% off and
Plus, with each book purchase you get online
2-for-1 coupons found in the book help
access to hundreds of additional local print-
them save on everyday essentials right in able coupons and incredible online shopping
their neighborhood including: discounts not found in the book.

k l
if you really want to see the wild
life of the tropical rainforests of nort
hern ɾueensland, you need to et out
at niht that s when most wildlife is
active. θhis trip is an ideal way to do
just that in a small roup led by an
accomplished uide.
ale has been leadin wild
life tours in the area for years, and
his experience, knowlede and passi
on make him an ideal uide. ɺe like
the fact that he conducts his tours
with an ecoloical bent, keepin the
roup size small and visitin his fa
vorite secret spots in the forest. ɑn
extra bonus to this trip is the early
evenin behind the scenes visit to a
workin crocodile farm, where you
can see these amazin creatures up
close, and not in a typical tourist en

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


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8 próbanyelvvizsga angol nyelvből – B2

Language Elements

Part 1
TELC Test 2

Read the following text and decide which word or phrase a, b, or c is missing in items

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Plans are currently underway to dramatically expand and renovate the Museum’s land-
mark Neoclassical building 21. __________ the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Frank O.
Gehry, winner of the 1989 Pritzker Prize for Architecture, has been selected as architect
for this extraordinary project.
The 10-year master plan includes creating dynamic new spaces for art and visitors,
22. __________ the aging infrastructure and building systems, and reclaiming existing
spaces 23. __________ public use. The iconic building 24. __________ without disturbing
its classic exterior, while existing interior spaces will be renovated to enable a broader
and richer display of the Museum’s renowned holdings and accommodate collections’
25. __________. A total of 80,000 square feet of new public space – a 60 percent
increase – is anticipated.
New galleries for contemporary art and special exhibitions are to be created by ex-
cavating under the Museum’s East Terrace. These flexible new spaces will be bathed
in a combination of daylight and 26. __________ light; will contain state-of-the-art
equipment for showing film, video, and new media; and will have 27. __________
higher ceilings to accommodate large-scale works by such artists as Morris Louis, Cy
Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, and Joseph Beuys.
The size of the special exhibition galleries will increase 28. __________ 50 percent,
allowing for a larger number of visitors. The Museum’s distinguished collection of
modern art (currently 29. __________ with contemporary art on the first floor of the
Museum) will also 30. __________ the move, and masterpieces by artists such as Pablo
Picasso and Henri Matisse will be shown to much greater advantage than previously

21. a) overlooking 22. a) modernize 23. a) for

b) looking for b) modernizing b) at
c) looking at c) has modernized c) with

24. a) was expanded 25. a) growth 26. a) factitious

b) will enlarge b) growing b) false
c) will be expanded b) growing c) artificial


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Írásbeli feladatsorok – TELC

27. a) significantly 28. a) with 29. a) housed

b) desperately b) by b) housing
c) considerable c) at c) storing

TELC Test 2
30. a) rely on
b) suffer from
c) benefit from

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Part 2
Read the following text and decide which of the words or phrases A-O are missing
from items 31-40. Mark your answers on the answer sheet.

Why You Can’t Stop Eating Chocolate!

Have you ever thought about why you like to eat chocolate so much? Most of us would
answer “because it 31. __________ so good” but there is much more to it than that.
Chocolate stimulates your taste buds in a way that makes you want to come back for
more. Many are 32. __________ that Chocolates raise antioxidant levels in your blood,
which helps to fight against foreign bodies that can cause illnesses. With less of these
foreign bodies in your blood, you are less likely to get ill from viruses or other things
that could 33. __________ your health during the year.
Then there is this wonderful feeling that you get when consuming your favorite candy
bar or other chocolate treat. Chocolate 34. __________ the brainwaves and lowers the
stress levels. This could be the reason why lots of people 35. __________ themselves
with chocolate when they are upset or angry. Actually they are unknowingly helping
themselves out by eating chocolates.
Giving someone a 36. __________ of chocolate can be a very rewarding experience
indeed. Today there is a tremendous variety of gifts made from chocolate. Chocolate
flowers and products of every nature can be 37. __________ . Many of these gift prod-
ucts are priced low making them an attractive option. Some companies are specialized
specifically in this area, they personalize and ship items direct for you.
One thing to remember though is that there can be some negative effects on your body.
These effects can be experienced should you consume chocolate too often. Chocolate
has a very high level of sugar, which can quickly cause you to lose the good feeling the
next time you look in the 38. __________! Extra sugar can result in extra calories and
fat, which can lead to overweight if you don’t exercise regularly.


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8 próbanyelvvizsga angol nyelvből – B2

So when you are enjoying your very favorite chocolate candy bar or talking to another
chocolate lover, you can think about why you love to eat it so much. The obvious
39. __________ is the great taste, but now you know that there is so much more to
it. There are 40. __________ reasons for this love of chocolate that almost force you
TELC Test 2

to eat it, which you just can’t fight against. And fortunately for you, chocolate is the
champion. Sweet surrender! Hey, does someone have some chocolate?!&id=235611

A sweet B answer C gift

D physical E mirror F sell
G obesity H vitamins I stuff
J effect K purchased L stimulates
M tastes N unaware O affect

31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Listening Comprehension

Part 1 CD 1 – Track 8, 9
You will hear five news items. You will hear each item only once. Decide which head-
line a-f goes with each news item. Mark your answers on the answer sheet. Now you
will have 45 seconds to read the headlines.

a) Fatal Hit and Run Collision

b) Appeal for Help
c) Weapon Recovered
d) Chilly Dip for Funds
e) Counterfeit Currency
f) Passer-by in StreetBeat

41 42 43 44 45


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