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AdvancED® STEM Certification

1.3 STEM Indicator Narrative

3DE magnet instructors consistently serve as facilitators of learning opportunities that allow
students to become managers of their own learning process. Allowing students to become self-directed
learners personalizes the learning thereby providing students the support they need when they need it.
Personalized learning is one of the key instructional frameworks for Fulton County Schools. In addition
to giving students the support they need when they need it, personalized learning creates conditions to
make teachers more efficient and effective as well as uses technology to place more students and
teachers in successful learning environments. The Fulton County Schools’ framework is supported by
seven principles of personalized learning: choice and voice, choice for demonstrating learning, mastery-
based assessment, co-planning learning, varied strategies, flexible pacing and just-in-time direct

The strengths of this indicator are evidenced by personalized learning artifacts depicting choice
for demonstrating learning, mastery-based assessment and flexible pacing. In “choice for demonstrating
learning” students have multiple ways to demonstrate mastery of standards. Artifacts include student-
created Pyrotechnic commercials, Flip grid video and a flipped classroom. Flipped classroom models
allow students to guide their own learning using technology and prerecorded videos which are
accompanied by supportive assignments given by the teacher based on students’ mastery level. The
technology infused group rotation artifact created by AP Statistics students to help algebra 1 students
understand standards from their data and statistics unit is an example of “mastery-based assessment”
personalized learning where students drive the curriculum rather than the curriculum driving the
students. The flexible pacing strategy can be seen in the 11th grade pop up shop entrepreneur fair
artifact. Students worked in a self-paced environment to create innovative products for sale on the
open market.
3DE magnet teachers will continue to receive professional development as it relates to
personalized learning including best practices for blended learning and integrated technology strategies.
Specifically, we have begun to facilitate more professional development for teachers across content
areas on the use of the design thinking model. Previously, the model was only implemented through
career tech classes beginning in the 10th grade year. We have now begun introducing the model as the
guide for approaching all case studies and design challenges beginning in the 9th grade year and in all
3DE magnet classes.