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AdvancED® STEM Certification

1.9 STEM Indicator Narrative

Banneker High School 3DE Magnet educators participate in an ongoing program of STEM-
specific professional development that is based on identified needs. 3DE teachers are afforded
many opportunities to increase their content specific STEM skills, STEM pedagogical skills and
technology skills. Content specific learning refers to increased learning in the discipline fields of
science, technology, engineering and math. STEM pedagogical skills refer to the specialized
knowledge of teachers in creating effective teaching and learning environments that utilize a
range of inductive-based instructional practices specific to STEM education including inquiry
learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning, and technology-infused learning. These
instructional methods are all student-centered and place a greater responsibility on the student for
their own learning. Technology skills include experience with new software, technology and
equipment to enhance student learning in the classroom.
Strengths of this indicator are evidenced from artifacts showing the number of STEM and
technology related conferences STEM teachers have attended over the past two years, the
number of STEM teachers that have acquired the College Board’s AP certification for their
respective content areas, current enrollment of 3DE teachers in a STEM certification
endorsement program, and ongoing school-wide technology professional development.
Continued practice using research-based STEM pedagogical instructional methods will
improve academic performance of students and teacher practice. Again, 3DE educators should
continually seek ways to improve their STEM learning and skills. These efforts will be supported
through school-wide professional development and PLC professional learning.