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AdvancED® STEM Certification

1.10 STEM Indicators Narrative

Banneker High School 3DE Magnet engages a representative group of STEM community
partners in supporting and addressing resource needs of the STEM program. Through our
partnership with Junior Achievement of Georgia, the 3DE magnet at Banneker High School has
been able to build strong partnerships with several major corporations and community-based
organizations. These partnerships have strengthened opportunities for students and given them
exposure to a diversity of business and STEM experiences. Students have benefited from
partnerships with over 35 companies that provide monthly case challenges to students as well as
facilitate site visits to their respective locations. Our partnerships with community-based
organizations like Goodwill and the Atlanta Food Bank, have given students exposure to critical
needs in the community, volunteer opportunities and employment opportunities.
To increase STEM specific partnerships and opportunities for students we have formed a
STEM advisory board to help support these efforts for the 3DE magnet STEM program. Our
STEM advisory board includes members from industry in STEM specific fields, post-secondary
education and community-based organizations. The STEM advisory board will help advance
student learning and enhance the educational experiences of students by boosting the goodwill
and morale of the school community through collaborative community events, fairs and
workshops for parents, networking, sharing contact and access to other external STEM
organizations, supplementing school resources and materials, providing professional learning
opportunities and offering access to mentorships, internships, job shadow opportunities, guest
Strengths for this indicator are evidenced by artifacts that show the leveraging of business
partnerships to help sponsor STEM lecture series, listing of diverse STEM advisory board
members, advisory board meeting agendas and minutes, and business and community partners
engaging with students.

We have had great success with the business partnerships established through our
relationship with Junior Achievement of Georgia. We would like to continue the expansion of
our business relationships to include more technology and STEM focused companies that could
provide unique STEM experiences and case challenges for our students. To ensure STEM
students are receiving STEM specific work placements as we move forward we have enlisted the
help of the school’s Workforce Development Coordinator. The 3DE Work-Based Learning
Coordinator will work closely with the Workforce Development Coordinator to create STEM
specific capstone work experiences as well as create early exposure to STEM careers through
apprenticeships and job shadowing opportunities.