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V4 Vaughan Systems CORPORATE LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION CLOVERDALE’S CHARACTERS (Los personajes de Cloverdale) 136 Episodes in British and American English on 15 Interesting People from Around the World eR ee EEE EEE EEE EE GOVE OOO CUS OGE OS ewe ew ee ewe ee Dear English learner, ‘The following pages contain the 134 episodes relating to the characters created by Cloverdale as part of the Vaughan Systems teaching method. There are an additional two readings that we feel are interesting ‘oF important, one on the usage of “used to” and “to be used to” and a second ong on advice for mastering definitively the English language “This book is accompanied by four CDs in which each episode is read first in an American accent and then in a British accent. This makes a total of 272 readings, each containing approximately 280 words. By listening to the four CDs, you will expose your ear to over 70,000 words or the equivalent of a 200-page novel ‘The episodes are written in spoken English. They are not examples of any kind of literary or written style Consequently, by listening to them for as many hours as possible, you will gradually gain a better ear for the sounds of the language and you will, at the same time, consolidate many basic and essential forms by hearing them repeated continuously throughout the episodes, We hope you enjoy the stories of Philip Johnson, Li Tong, Inés Garcia, Luigi Barghini, and all the rest ‘We at Vaughan Systems have always enjoyed using these episodes in our classes to help our students towards fluency and mastery. They are very valuable to us as teachers and we hope they will be equally valuable to you as learners, Very truly yours, Richard Vaughan