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Life as it should Be.

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Boys & Girls Club of
Greater Baton Rouge and debate bills.
Youth Legislature is a They lead and
two-day mock legislative serve on legisla-
session held at the Old tive committees
State Capitol in Baton and speak
Rouge, Louisiana. Each publicly before an
year more than 1,900 audience. The
middle school students Press gathers
throughout Louisiana and reports
come together to learn the information about
legislative process through Bills, Legislators,
hands on experience. Senators and the
Students participate in the Governors
process and procedures cabinet while
of Louisiana state photo journalist
government. This program document the
allows students to learn proceedings
the legislative process through photogra-
first hand. phy and videogra-
phy and post on
Students run for and elect social media.
a Governor, Speaker of
the House and Senate Youth Legislature
President. Through Youth provides students
Legislature, students with the experi-
have the opportunity to ence that sup-
participate in the entire ports and
legislative process. solidifies informa-
Students write, sponsor, tion studied in the

Students from Ascension Parish who attend St. George and Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic schools.

classroom. Youth Legislature This event gives the students
Gonzales Middle students inducted into the Hall of Fame. Teachers Taylor Ford & Amanda Blouin

promotes and encourages the confidence they need to go

youth leadership characteris- on to participate in leadership
tics, participation, cooperation roles in high school and in
Chloe Robbins Senate Chaplain & Madeline Bobe House Sgt at Arms, Students inducted into the Hall of

and teamwork among peers. their community.

Fame from Ascension Christian Academy with teachers Trudy Bates and David Denham.

"The officers elected were Melanie Jones Secretary of Judiciary & Prison Affairs with the
Governor's Cabinet. Chloe Robbins Senate Chaplain & Madeline Bobe House Sgt at Arms

Governor elected Tayvian Allen. Tayvian Allen was also invited to give the invocation at the Boys & Girls Hall of Fame Students from Galvez Teachers John McGrew, Derra Landaiche and Jacy Zerinque
Club Youth Legislature Passport to Manhood Luncheon at City Club. Also shown Hannah Erickson from

HWY 30

S. Burnside Ave. BURNSIDE

Ste. 2

• No appointment necessary
but they are available
• Most insurances accepted
Walk-In Family Medicine

Richard J. Caro, M.D. • Sarah Chavez, M.D.* • Peter J. Monteyne, M.D.

* Se Habla Espanol
Affordable Care, Handled URGENTLY
Caring for Ascension Parish Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm
for Over 40 Years • 225.647.6533
2304 S. Burnside Ave Ste. 2 • Gonzales. Louisiana
St. Theresa Hall of Fame large group, teachers Sean Woolworth, Tori Schexnayder, Betsy Holtzclaw
& Micah Ballow, Officers: Ellen Adcox-Press Secretary/Secretary of State & Grace McGibboney
Secretary of Health & Welfare & Secretary of Commerce and Technology

Youth Legislature began in

1978 and this school year
Paula Braud,
more than 1,900 students
Program Director
Students inducted into the Hall of Fame with Teachers, Barry Boies, Annie Sibille and Kristy Chique
from 50 schools in 15 Boys & Girls of
parishes will participate.
Students elected to office: Logan Laborde- Governor, Peyton Folse- Senate President,Lillian Laborde Sgt. at Arms
Greater Baton Rouge

For more information and

dates for this years program
Phone: 225-383-3928


St. Amant Hall of Fame teachers Ana Deville and Michelle Causey
Shelby Hill Secretary of Transportation & Development with the Governor's Cabinet
Second Photo is Logan & Peyton in the officer shot with Riley Ewin from Episcopal School in BR.

3005 W. Cabela’s Parkway, next to Cabela’s • 225.450.6844 •

For All Our Information & Services: • 225.677.5545
Pictured from left at Richey’s home are Mary Jo Pohlig, Jamie Trisler, Rita Bourque, Lorretta Ramirez, Sandy Stewart, Janis D’Benedetto, Dana Teepell, Gwen Heck,
Dale Bowman, Myra Mire, Marilyn Rice, Cynthia Cagnolatti, Barbara McCormick, Janis Poche, Patti Mouton, Mariah Simoneaux, Norma Bertaut and Conchita Richey.

Shown here are Harlan and Janis Poche’s spread of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs in raised beds among the trees. There is a large four-section compost bin in the far
right corner of the property. Out of sight are iris beds and a well organized port of landscape tools and maintenance equipment.

Local Ladies Host

Garden Hop
The Gonzales Garden Club container creations, Gautreau
held a refreshing “garden hop” for her large patio pottings and
on March 27, a lovely spring cuttings to share, and Poche
morning. Members Conchita for her acreage of raised beds
Richey, Lorraine Gautreau and and unique border plantings.
Janis Poche generously The day was as educational as
opened their patios and it was entertaining with so
landscapes to the club for the many varieties of annuals,
tour, which was coordinated by perennials, shrubs and trees to
Janis D'Benedetto. Richey is admire. The club will likely plan
known for beds of seedling garden tours in the future.
propagations and lush Here is Richey’s sunny morning garden.

Poche’s greenhouse still has many plants in it. Richey has many shade plants to take care of.

GGC Member Marilyn Rice created a horizontal-line
floral design in an oval, fluted ceramic bowl using plants
from her home garden: blooming bridal wreath,
Peggy Martin climbing roses, pittosporum stems
and Chinese ground orchids.

cension Parish Home Vegetable Garden

Contest that is held every May.
Interested participants should call Mariah
Simoneaux at the Ascension Parish
LSU AgCenter Office at 225-621-5799
Ascension County Agent Mariah Simoneaux by Friday, April 26, 2019.
supplemented her talk on common garden problems
and solutions with free publications from the LSU
Member Marilyn Rice presented
Gautreau loves all types of begonias.
AgCenter. GGC Member Cynthia Cagnolatti,
a horizontal-line floral design of
at right, listens.

blooming bridal wreath, Peggy

Conversation with Martin climbing roses,
pittosporum stems and
the County Agent Chinese ground orchids. The
horticultural hint was that March
The Gonzales Garden Club enjoyed a is a good time to divide
“Conversation with the County Agent” at perennials. Extra divisions can
its March meeting at the home of Club be given away or used to ex-
President Jamie Trisler on March 6th. pand garden beds. The garden
LSU AgCenter Associate Extension Agent tip was to prune azaleas after
Mariah Simoneaux answered the group’s the blooms fade using sharp
many gardening questions. Most topics tools, then feed with Gautreau propagates kalanchoes and freely shares cuttings.
addressed insects, weeds and fertilizers. 12-6-6 fertilizer.
She brought publications and handouts
for the members and promoted the As- The hostesses served a luncheon of
chibatta paninis, mediterranean pasta,
potato salad, pickles
and Chantilly
strawberries along with
a variety of desserts.
The garden club’s next
function is its annual
flower show on April 3
at the Gonzales library.
The public is
encouraged to view it
and vote for the
People’s Choice Award.

Hosting the Gonzales Garden Club’s March meeting were (from left) President
“The Gonzales Garden Club

Jamie Trisler, Pam Fiegel, Lorraine Gautreau, Sandy Stewart, Janis Poche,
is federated by

Janis D’Benedetto and Priscilla Monson. The GGC enjoyed a light spring lunch.
National Garden Clubs, Inc.”

Cynthia Cagnolatti and Janis Poche react to the county

agent’s response when asked “What’s the strangest Associate Member Myra Mire, left, sat with
question that you’ve ever been asked from a citizen From left, Members Conchita Richey, Janis D’Benedetto, Lorraine
Gautreau and Marilyn Rice enjoyed the county agent’s Q&A session. Member Loretta Ramirez to hear the
caller about gardening advice?" conversations about gardening questions.

It’s time to
plant spring
If you haven’t planted your spring
vegetable garden yet there is still
plenty of time. While you may not
have the first ripe tomato on the
block, you will still have ripe
tomatoes at some point and really
that’s all that matters. Mariah Simoneaux
When selecting a location for your
garden consider these three fac- peppers planted by mid-May. Hot
tors: sunlight, water and drainage. peppers can be planted into the
A vegetable garden should re- month of June. Peppers are a
ceive at least six to eight hours of great option for beginning garden-
direct sunlight. Select the sunni- ers as they generally tend to have
est location in your yard for the fewer disease and insect issues
best vegetable production. Wa- than tomatoes. They are also a
tering your garden is also critical, great choice for gardeners who
especially the first two weeks are short on space and can easily
after seeding or transplanting and be grown in a large pot on a patio
during bloom initiation. Place or balcony.
your garden near an outdoor
faucet to make watering easy. If Snap beans are best planted as
the location of your garden has seeds March through mid-May.
poor drainage consider building Many different varieties of bush
raised beds. and pole type snap beans are
available to gardeners. Both are
easy to grow and extremely pro-
ductive. Try planting a few differ-
ent varieties to determine what
you like best.

Squash are typically one of the

first vegetables to be ready for
harvest in the summer. Several
varieties of summer squash grow
well in Louisiana. Seeds of patty
pan, scallop, yellow straightneck,
yellow crookneck and zucchini
can be sown mid-March through
May for summer harvest and
again in August through mid-Sep-
tember for fall harvest.

When purchasing plants at the No spring garden would be com-

nursery or garden center choose plete without cucumbers. Cu-
healthy looking transplants. In- cumber seeds can be planted THE HATCHLINGS ARE ON SALE!
spect the plants to ensure they now through the summer months.
are free of insects and signs of They are one of the easiest veg-
disease. If you purchase more etables to grow and will continue
seeds than what you can use, to produce when temperatures in-
store them in the refrigerator or crease. Select either a thin-
freezer until the next growing sea- skinned slicing type or a
son. thicker-skinned pickling type of
cucumber for your garden.
Tomatoes are the most popular
vegetable found in home gar- Mariah Simoneaux is the Horticul-
dens. They can be planted ture Agent serving Ascension and
through the end April for harvest Assumption Parishes. For more
during the summer. Be conscious information or to receive a copy of It’s Planting Time!
of the type of tomato you choose the LSU AgCenter Louisiana Veg-
to plant. Determinate varieties etable Planting Guide contact
make a short, bushy plant, while Mariah at MJSimoneaux@agcen-
indeterminate varieties make a or visit the LSU Ag-
traditional, vine like plant. Inde- Center website at
terminate tomatoes have a longer
harvest season, producing fruit
throughout the summer, and re-
quire a little more maintenance.

Sweet and hot peppers are an-

other favorite among home gar-
125 South Burnside • Gonzales • 225-647-2448
deners. Try to have your bell Mon-Sat 8 to 6 • Like Us on Facebook •
luminous glow. Great thing is it
has a ‘self adapting’ pigment
that allows most skin tones to
use this one color product.

Despite it having a hefty price

tag, this under eye “cure” has a
cult following, and is worth
the price tag. You may find
this product online or at
finer outlets.

A Moment
to Reflect-
Easter is here, and it’s not about
bunnies or colored eggs. It’s
about our risen Savior, Jesus.
This “holiday” is as special as
Christmas in my family, because
we celebrate the fact that our
Savior defeated death, and if we
believe in Him, we defeat death
as well.

chemical sunscreens! line from

Health – Barcelona
It may cost a bit more but zinc called Natura
This has been an unseasonably oxide sunscreens like elta md Bisse’. I’d
warm spring Ascension, which boast zinc that provide: natural never heard
makes me “spring” into skin skin protection preventing of it, but I
protection mode. If we don’t burns, epidermal and wound must say the
protect our skin, then too often healing, skin oiliness, infections products
we have to grab the aloe and and acne. Of course all made a
Tylenol for some quick relief. sunscreens provide protection difference in
from burning, but this one is my skin.
So, first things first – use a natural and may actually
sunscreen. Those with zinc are provide additional soothing One product
best. I prefer elta md broad and healing properties. in particular
spectrum UVA/UVB called The
sunscreen. This line comes in You can find the elta md line Cure Sheer
all types of coverage levels and online and at finer drugstores. Eye ab-
for full body or face. What solutely
makes this sunscreen different? made my
Well, the critical component in Beauty – eyes feel
this line is zinc oxide, which and look
gives the skin a natural I recently had a fab facial and refreshed.
protection. No thank you the place I went used a product All you need
is just a dot
of this
eye cream to fight the look of So, as you cut the ham, boil the
fatigue. bugs, and hide the eggs this
Easter, take time to remember
This cream offers hyaluronic why we celebrate this blessed
acid, (abundant in younger event. Thank God that if we
skin) which hydrates the skin believe in Him, we do not
and water ivy and Ruscus which have to perish, but have
calm and decongest the skin, everlasting life.
ultimately minimizing the look
of dark circles and puffiness. Happy Easter Ascension!

This “cure” cream actually

repairs the skin while giving a
BASF and Louisiana Art & Science Museum
Enter Ninth Year of Kids’ Lab Partnership LASM. In addition, over 11,500
weekend visitors have enjoyed
these BASF workshops and
interactive demonstrations.

“I had the privilege to work and

learn alongside the students of
LaSalle Elementary during this
wonderful program," said
Warren Drake, East Baton
Rouge Parish School
Superintendent. "The level of
intelligence and creativity that
students displayed in the
experiment was truly
astounding. The workshop
helped them connect their
classroom experience with
the real world and that is what
inspires lifelong learning. I
cannot thank BASF enough
for their sponsorship of this
excellent program.”

More information on BASF

East Baton Rouge Schools Superintendent Warren Drake creates chemistry alongside LaSalle Elementary School

Kids’ Lab at LASM is available

students in BASF Kid's Lab Energy Loves Produce.

For the ninth year, BASF and about encouraging students to participated in Kids’ Lab at at
the Louisiana Art & Science enjoy and pursue their
Museum (LASM) will create interests in science and
chemistry by offering BASF explore career possibilities
Kids’ Lab workshops to area in the field.”
schools and the public. As in
previous years, support of In addition to the Kids’ Lab
LASM is part of the company’s workshops, BASF sponsored
ongoing effort to promote and more than 400 hours of pop-up
enhance science, technology, programming at LASM in 2018
engineering, and math (STEM) along with providing free
education and encourage admission to 875 visitors dur-
children to explore the ing Free First Sunday
connections between in October.
chemistry and the world
around them. “We are very fortunate to have
the partnership with BASF,"
The Kids’ Lab program is open said Serena Pandos, President
for children ages 6 – 12 and & Executive Director of the
their accompanying adults Museum. "We share a vision to
on the second and fourth inspire our audience to take up
weekends of every month. the pursuit of science and are
Program topics change so grateful that BASF sponsors
monthly and range from DNA so many of our programs.
extraction in “Chemistry is Their generous commitment to
Bananas!” to creating slime STEM education provides
with “Playful Polymers.” access and opportunity for
students and families to
“Kids always seem to have a learn together.”
sense of wonder. Through the
interactive Kids’ Lab program, Since 2011, approximately
BASF and LASM spark that 14,500 fourth graders, nearly
sense of wonder by pairing 1,000 teachers and more than
chemistry with fun,” said Chris 2,600 adult chaperones from
Witte, BASF Senior Vice Ascension and East Baton
President. “BASF Kids’ Lab is Rouge Parish schools have
2019 Jambalaya Pageant
Would you like to become the
next Teen or Miss Gonzales
paid trip to France through
the Gonzales Committee of
Jambalaya? Looking for girls Cultural Affairs paid for by the
between the ages of 14-17 to Jambalaya Festival
compete for the title of Teen Association. She will also have
Miss Gonzales Jambalaya and the opportunity to compete in
girls between the ages of the Louisiana Association of
18-23 to compete for the title Fairs and Festivals Pageant
of Miss Gonzales Jambalaya. along with many other festival
The pageant will be held June queens from around the state.
8, 2019 at the Gonzales Civic If you are interested, please
Center. The winners of these visit
two titles will represent the for rules, regulations and the
City of Gonzales and the application or call Katie
Jambalaya Festival across the Battaglia at 225-715-0898.
great state of Louisiana at
many of the states fairs and
festivals. They will also attend
many local events including
the Jambalaya Festival, the
Gonzales Christmas Tree
Lighting, the Gonzales
Christmas Parade and
many more. The 2019 Miss
Gonzales Jambalaya Queen
will also win an all expenses

2305 S. Purpera Avenue, Gonzales, LA • 225.644.1028

Dutchtown Physical Therapy Proud Sponsor of Dutchtown Primary.
Community The students received a bag of treats Dates to Remember!

to encourage their oral hygiene
habits. Students also had a visit from

Visit Dutchtown
State Testing
one of our favorite meteorologists, LEAP 5th – 8th Grades -
Steve Caparotta, from WAFB. The April 25, 26, 29, 30 and May 1, 2

Primary School
visit came at the perfect time as LEAP 3rd - 4th Grades -
students are currently learning about April 29 -May 3
weather and temperature. Not only
did Mr. Caparotta discuss fun facts Dutchtown Primary School
Kindergarten students at Dutchtown about the weather and various Drama Club presents
Primary School were recently treated weather tools, he also taught Disney’s Aladdin Jr.
to a couple of visits from different students how to stay safe during May 9th, 10th and 11th
professionals in our community. severe weather. Students were
Smile Stars Pediatric Dentistry amazed as he also shared pictures May 16th Field Day for Grades 3 – 5
brought their mascot Jeremiah to and videos on Hurricane Katrina, May 17th Field Day for Grades K – 2
share about proper oral hygiene, tornadoes, and lightning strikes. May 21st 5th Grade Bash
healthy eating habits and how fun Dutchtown Primary School thanks and 2:30 Dismissal
their visit with the dentist can be. Smile Stars and Steve Caparotta for May 22nd 1:30 Dismissal
The students participated in a healthy sharing their expertise with the May 23rd 12:30 Dismissal-
eating habits activity to learn how to school and students. Last Day of School
keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Visit our website at

"Your Community
Physical Therapy
Provider" for
over a decade.

Stephen Jackson, PT, DPT

(225) 744-3631 • fax (225) 744-3647


Where is that
Fixed Annuity Here’s some background: Once needle going?
Could Help
you turn 70½, you are required to
begin taking withdrawals from

your traditional IRA and your
401(k) or similar employer-spon-

Lifespan of
sored retirement plan. (This
requirement does not apply to

Roth IRAs.) You must take out a
minimum amount, based on your

age and account balance, but you
are free to exceed that amount
each year. But the more you
withdraw from these accounts,
the faster they are likely to be
It’s almost impossible to save too depleted. So, when you reach
much for retirement. After all, you retirement, it’s a good idea to
could spend two, or even three, establish an appropriate annual
decades as a retiree. And withdrawal rate, based on your
retirement is not cheap – even if retirement plan balances, Social
you maintain a relatively modest Security, lifestyle, longevity
lifestyle, some of your expenses, expectations and other factors.
especially those involving health You may want to work with
care, may continue to rise over a financial professional to
the years. Consequently, you will determine a withdrawal rate
need several sources of reliable that’s suitable for your needs
income – one of which might be .
a fixed annuity. If you can count on the income
from a fixed annuity, you might be
Fixed annuities are essentially able to take out less each year ASCEN SION P ARISH
contracts between investors and from your traditional IRA and
insurance companies. When you 401(k), giving these accounts A N I M A L H O S P I TA L
purchase a fixed annuity, the more tax-deferred growth
insurer will guarantee the opportunities. Plus, if you don’t
principal and a minimum rate of withdraw all the money from 225.744.4905
interest. This means the money these accounts during your
you invest in a fixed annuity is lifetime, you can include the
designed never to drop in value. remainder in your estate plans.
(However, this guarantee is based
on the claims-paying ability of the A fixed annuity’s potential to help
insurer that issues the annuity.) you extend the lifespan of your
IRA and 401(k) can clearly be of
You can structure a fixed annuity value to you. Still, a fixed annuity
to pay you for a certain number of does carry some issues about
years or for your entire lifetime, which you should be aware, such
which is the route many people as surrender charges for early
choose. This is advantageous not withdrawals, along with other
only because of what it provides fees. Also, if you take withdrawals
you – income for life – but before you reach 59½, you likely
because it also may allow you to will face a 10% penalty. And
take out less money each year annuities can have tax implica-
from your other retirement tions, so before you start taking
accounts. withdrawals, you will want to
consult your tax advisor.

Is a fixed annuity appropriate for

you? There’s really no one correct Crawfish are Starting
answer because everyone’s
situation is different. However, if to Come In!
you consistently max out your IRA
and 401(k) contributions, and you
still have money left to invest for
• Oysters By the Sack
retirement, you might want to
• Fresh Shrimp
think about an annuity. An income
stream you can’t outlive – and
• A Wide Variety
that may help you protect your
of Fish and Seafood
other retirement accounts – is
worth considering.
• Snow Crabs
• Turtle Meat

Ask for Sally’s stuff crabs.

Jamie Lavigne, Financial Advisor
Doug & Sally
You’ll love them.
4600 Sherwood Common Blvd, #103 • Baton Rouge, LA 70806-6609 • 225.292.4971 (O)
lected from “the old people”

The Search for the “Atlantis”

“The old Spanish trail on the
way to old Fort Galvez (This is

of Livingston Parish
Galvez town) about two miles

‘Canewood Settlement’
away had passed through our
front yard. Time and time
again, I heard the older Hood
men and my brothers and Mr
Ollie Hood tell of an old
moss-covered vault that they
would run up on back in the
Amite River Swamp on or near
Bayou Wrinkle. It seems that
every time they happened
upon it they had nothing with
which they could dig or get into
it. Mr Ollie Hood told me some
of these things himself, or I
heard him talk about it
By Murphy Painter as a child.

My stepfather told us the

I am presently 65 years old that long ago. Before the War remnants of a brick foundation
legend was, and I have since
and have been a local Indiana of 1812, Bayou Manchac in the woods on the North bank
gained from history and
Jones want to be since John A during high water was of the Amite, near Galvez
research and it sounds
“Buddy” Gonzales brought me navigable by large vessels of town. Thinking he may have
plausible if not probable to me:
and his son Randy “on my first the day all the way from the been delirious or just mistaken
The old trail that branched off
bottle hunt at the mouth of Amite, near Galvez town to the I half heartily started looking
Texas and old Natchitoches
Blind River and Lake Mississippi River. It was an for a tie to someone who now
Fort to Florida went south to
Maurepas in the 1960’s, long Indian shortcut, first shown to had possession of this land
the Amite River and old Fort
before the movie ever came Iberville, around 1700, as a and may have seen what he
Galvez, where they loaded the
out. Civil War battle fields, old better route to New Orleans was talking about. It took a few
boats for Spain back down the
homesteads, trash dumps, all than fighting the raging waters years but finally I was told by
river, to Lake Pontchartrain
places to find that treasure of the mighty Mississippi in an man whose family was from
and the Gulf of Mexico.
either of real value (money) or the Spring. Galvez town, at a Louisiana
of sentimental nostalgia of Archaeological Society
The story that was told to me
days of old of what the good The Federal Corp of meeting in Baton Rouge, that
was that the carts loaded with
old days was like. Engineers, doing the War of this sounded like the old lost
gold brick or possibly silver,
1812, use the threat of a settlement of Canewood.
became mired in the swamp
Rumors of hidden treasures surprise attack on New
on the old trail and they had to
has been the source of 1000’s Orleans by the British as their For one who tries to never be
unload the bars and stack
of movies, documentaries, reason to dam it up at its upstarted by anyone, it was
them up and build the vault
barroom BS for as long as the confluence with the Missis- hard for me to admit that I had
over them of adobe brick.
human race has place value sippi. Allegedly the truth was never heard of Canewood, and
When the Indian slaves
on belongings and tales of that the merchants and political that neither had the few
finished building the vault, the
those things disappearing or powers in New Orleans didn’t hundred people I had
Spaniards poked their eyes
being lost. The first real local want anyone bypassing New questioned since my friend told
out, so they could never come
treasure story I was ever Orleans to go up the me his secret tale. I assume,
back to show someone where
introduced to was about lost Mississippi. (That issue sounds wrongly, that he was alluding
it was at, and the Indian slaves
gold in or around Galvez town ironically familiar as to why we to this being the rumored
swore a curse on it that no one
on Hwy 42 in Ascension Parish have been studying a loop Galvez town treasure site.
who ever came on it could ever
near the mouth of Bayou around Baton Rouge for 50 Quickly this precious man from
find it when they were really
Manchac. Folklore has it that years with very little action.) the LAS meeting sent me two
looking for it”.
lost Spanish goldwas buried Then again, beginning around sources mentioning this
around this once sprawling 1890, as many as four steam Canewood settlement.
Well my friends, if that is not
settlement, hidden for anyone boats operated on the two Interested yet? Another side
the root of a good Indiana
of a couple of reasons to later rivers until around 1930, as the story please.
Jones adventure, I certainly
unfold. With an investigative highways bring food and goods
don’t know where you would
mind and very little greed in my to the people living there while Once I was able to hear the
ever find one. Just so happen,
bones my adventures have also bringing to market the word Canewood for the first
my friend, on his death bed,
mostly been searching for what goods that they produced and time, all of a sudden, the earth
swore a very similar story. Not
is true and what is false in sold. To give you an idea of the opened up with story after
ever knowing this friend to lie
these tales and not the size of these boats, one article story of the hidden treasure not
or exarate the truth (That’s a
treasure. describes the boat Alice as being on the Galvez town side
lie) even more lends to his
having 22 hands including the of the river but on the northside
story being authentic at least.
There are so many stories Captain. That is a pretty of the Amite at Canewood. The
(However, I am pretty sure he
intertwined in this tale which good-sized boat. following is a description found
was hunting on private
could be a book by itself. I feel in a sort of book compiled by a
property, which he had no
the need to put an aside here Now back to the main story. A Fred (Freddie) B Shelton from
permission to be on) When he
for not too many people living few years ago, a unnamed the Gates Community,
first found the adobe brick
today realizes what went on in friend of mine, on his death Livingston Parish (Gates is
foundation, he used his foot
Bayou Manchac and the Amite bed shared a story of finding now the area around Felder
and then a branch he tore off a
River, in geological time, not what appeared to be the Cemetery) of stories he col-
tree to scrape, what he lived there at the time of the confluence of the Iberville Canewood and the “Treasure”
described a two foot by two- settlements demise in 1778. River. (Bayou Manchac) that had never been found.
foot square of bricks, obviously Both had heard tales all of their
extending much farther in each The demise of the settlement So here is a documented tale lives which verified all of what
direction than the 2’x2’ part he is almost as tale telling as the of the first time the US has been said. I brought my
could see. carts loaded with precious government basically son Murphy “Skip” Jr and two
metals. Again, found in the sanctioned a pirate, to operate Indiana Jones want to be’s,
Thinking it may have been an Livingston History Book is the as a part of the US Military Ronnie Braud and
old road bed or a fireplace following. “What finally became operations. The next time, Terry Matherne.
foundation of an old of the 150 or so people who during the War of 1812, pirate
homestead he quickly stopped lived for almost seven years in Jean Lafitte, would leave a We wandered for hours in the
when his branch broke in heat looking for any signs
two and his boots covered to match my friend
with debris, he made a descriptions to no avail.
mental note of the location Larry Brumfield, related an
due to nothing available to earlier excursion, where
mark it any better. once he thought he was
Due to the lack of permis- close to where the vault
sion and opportunity and should have been when
only after hearing about the weather made a 180
the possibility of treasure turn out of nowhere and
being buried around this chased him out of the
area, it took him a few woods never to find the
years to get back to his place again.
hidden spot. Upon his
return, retracing his earlier After 4 hours of wandering
path, he found recent like Moses in the desert,
earthworks covering his we felt we may be close to
hidden spot, now really something when one of
hidden by a bulldozers our side by side 4 wheel-
blade. I made a promise to him one of the most promising of greater mark in Louisiana ers got stuck and during the
that I would search for any in- the British experiments? The history because of the winching out we burnt up the
formation of what may have fate of this lost chapter of magnitude that battle played clutch. When I got back on my
been in that area to leave Livingston’s history lay in the in US history. 4-wheeler, I realized that I had
adobe bricks but never re- hands of a most unusual lost my camera, which I know I
ceived the information on character, storekeeper So, my favorite little community had before arriving there. Next
Canewood until after his death. James Willing, a native of of Canewood, died as a British thing you know the weather
Then as life usually gets in our Philadelphia, had come to Colony, even though if it had turned around and we all
way of conquests, it took me Natchez Mississippi around the been left alone, it probably looked at each other and said
another year or so to find the time Canewood was founded. would have prospered and “I think this is a wrap”.
Canewood information and He was not very successful in remain today. Instead we have
location, (corresponding ex- Natchez and when his and know Galvez town. Few, if Circumstantial you say? Well
actly where my friend said he business was failing, he any, present-day residents maybe just a little. When you
found the bricks) and then abandoned it in favor of be- know of tis drama that took add my dead friend finding it
finding someone friendly to coming a Captain in the place near them over 240 and then returning later and
allow me to go on the private US Navy. years ago”. It also it create a not being able to retrace his
property to search. good argument that the steps along with all the other
Captain Willing convinced the Spanish Settlement of Galvez stories maybe there are some
The Livingston Parish History Continental Congress to town was actually founded by “who do’s” in those woods
Book printed in 1986, de- sanction him to raid the British British subjects. protecting that brick vault and
scribed Canewood as follows. Land Possessions now known the lost treasure. I had seen
“In April, 1771, a ship arrived at as the Florida Parishes of Ok, now that we all know what something like that on one of
where Port Vincent now stands Louisiana. In 1777 and 1788, I have been looking for, a few the Indiana Jones movies, so it
and dropped anchor about Willing operated up and down weeks ago I was kindly could be true. (LOL)
1 ½ miles upstream from there. the Mississippi River from granted permission to go on
Settlers and supplies were Natchez to Bayou Iberville the property where Canewood We have been stymied to
unloaded and the clearing of (Manchac) raiding and stealing should have been. Ironically, return do to hunting season.
forest to make a place to live anything he could, from the we picked the highest day of Using some better judgement
began. Along the banks of the British loyalists who owned the year to go. Unfortunately, we decided we didn’t want to
tranquil Amite River, once and operated the plantations. no one we contacted that had be roaming around on a
flourished the British During the 1778 tenure, access to the property could hunting lease scratching
Settlement of Cane wood. knowing about the British pinpoint, from my friend’s around with 50 or so anxious,
Sturdy English families worked Settlement Canewood, Willing death bed description, where nervous hunters with enough
day after day to fell trees, build found the water level that exactly on the 4,000 plus firepower to re-fight the War of
shelter, put up fences, and all spring to be high enough in acres, fit what he said. So, we 1812. However, I have made a
carved out of a virgin forest Bayou Iberville (Manchac) for all knew from the start that this promise, when allowed access
that until that time had hardly his larger boats to navigate was going to be a hit and again, to continue to look for
been walked on by white men. and headed to Canewood. miss mission. the “Atlantis” of Livingston
Indians, plentiful in that area The families hearing of his My five companions, Carl Parish, Canewood. I am sure I
then, frequently passed the approach took what they could Berthelot, our host and leader will have plenty of help if we
site of the settlement before and retreated across the Amite brought his friend Larry can just live long enough to get
the arrival of the British, and and settled on the Spanish Brumfield, another Indiana back there this summer.
may even have camped there. side a mile or so farther west, Jones fan who had a lot more Happy Trails.
From 30 to 50 British families up river just south of the information than me on

It’s Easy to Advertise in Ascension Magazine.
A whole lot easier than catching 30 bass works with special needs families to
ensure your child is able to receive

child support and still maintain his
or her SSI and Medicaid.
One option to achieve this result
is the creation of a first party special
Mike Strong
needs trust to hold the child
support payments. Such a trust is
designed to supplement, not take
the place of, government benefits.
If you establish a special needs
trust, funds in that trust cannot be
paid directly to a special needs
By Linda Melancon child, but must be paid to third
parties for goods and services for
that person’s benefit. The funds
Divorce and the can be used for a wide variety of
things, for instance, out of pocket
Special Needs medical and dental expenses,
education, rent or utility payments,
Child specialized equipment, vacations,
and entertainment.
In planning with a special needs
Depending on which statistics trust, you can also leave more of
you believe, between 40 and 50 your assets to a special needs child
percent of American marriages will with more need than others who
end in divorce. While there is no may inherit from you. If no
such thing as a "typical" divorce, a planning is in place, those who
divorcing couple that has a child inherit from you will likely share
with special needs faces an even assets equally, and the special needs
more complicated series of person may be left with insufficient
decisions and choices than most. assets for their care. You should
Family law attorneys, while often also consider options like life
well trained in the complicated and insurance to provide additional
emotionally charged world of di- resources for the special needs
vorce settlement, may not have all child, naming the trust as
of the answers for the divorcing beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
parents of a child with special Finally, when the parents of a
needs. In these cases, it is important special needs child divorce, they
to meet with an attorney who has a should update the beneficiary
background in special needs plan- designations on all of their
ning to discuss the best options. retirement plans, annuities, and life
One important consideration is the insurance policies. This is an often
impact child support payments will overlooked item that can wreak
have on a child's eligibility for havoc if the special needs child
Supplemental Security receives this money outside of a
Income (SSI). special needs trust.
Divorce attorneys typically focus As you can see, when planning for
on obtaining the largest possible divorce with a special needs child in
child support award from an absent mind is no small task. Ensuring that
parent, since this is typically in the your child is provided for, but not
child's best interest. However, if a disqualified from any benefits can
child receives SSI, child support be a tricky line to walk. Obtaining
payments count as unearned help from a qualified estate or
income and reduce a child's SSI special needs planning attorney can
benefit on a dollar-for-dollar basis. make the process less stressful
$100 off Termite Treatment If the SSI award is reduced to zero, knowing that they understand how
to preserve the most for your child
a child will lose SSI as well as the
$25 off Initial Pest Control important Medicaid benefits that and can craft a plan for whatever
come with it. There is an important other situations a divorce might
bring forward.
Pest Prevention Programs • Real Estate Certificates caveat to this rule, however: Until a
child with special needs becomes an
• Pre-Construction Soil / Borate Treatment

Local • Licensed • Insured • Bonded

adult, one-third of a child support
• Termite Treatment Programs • Mosquito Suppression Services payment from an absent parent is
disregarded for purposes of SSI. (A
The information provided is not intended to
special needs child is considered an be legal advice and does not constitute an
adult either when he turns 18 or up attorney/client relationship. You should consult
to when he turns 22 if he is still in with an attorney for individual advice regarding
your own situation.
school and not considered a head of
household. However, should the Ms. Melancon is an attorney with Legacy Estate &
parent move in with the child, this Elder Law of Louisiana, LLC, with offices in
Baton Rouge, LA and Prairieville, LA. The
one-third reduction disappears.) primary focus of her practice is estate planning,
What does all of this mean for a probate, special needs planning and elder law. For
more information or to attend an upcoming
parent of a child with special needs? estate planning seminar, call her office at
In short, you may need your family (225) 744-0027
225-644-7466 Ascension • 225-924-7096 Baton Rouge law attorney to work with an estate
planning attorney who regularly
Sheriff Bobby
Webre Awards
Sharon Morris,
Honorary Sheriff
for the Month
of March
Sharon Morris is a graduate
of White Castle High School.
She has over 25 years of
experience in customer
relations and community event
planning through the banking

industry. Five years ago, positive impact for individuals individuals with disabilities a
Sharon followed her passion living with disabilities in part of the Ascension Parish
and left the banking industry to Ascension Parish. community day in and day out
serve as the marketing director She is a 2017 graduate of and I am proud to recognize
of the Arc of East Ascension. the Ascension Chamber of her for her efforts.”
Prior to her hire, she served as Commerce Leadership
an outstanding board member Ascension and is a member
for the Arc of East Ascension, of the Gonzales Rotary Club. Photo L-R: Lt. Col. Mike Toney,
serving in several leadership Col. Paul Robert, Sheriff Bobby
Webre, Sharon Morris, Executive
capacities. “Sharon is a compassionate Director of the Arc, Dr. Liz Fussell,
person and has a caring nature Lt. Col. Cody Melancon,
Morris continuously recruits for individuals with disabilities,” Lt. Col. Paul Hall, and
Photo : Sheriff Bobby Webre volunteers and community said Sheriff Webre. “She Lt. Col. Donald Capello.
and Sharon Morris. organizations to provide a continues to find ways to make
47 states, including the District students have been able to
of Columbia, 26 international earn undergraduate and
countries, five military graduate credits from the
organizations, and five federal University of Virginia due to the
civilian organizations. accreditation by the university
of the many courses offered.
Internationally known for its The graduating officers were
academic excellence, the represented by the class
National Academy Program spokesperson, Mohomad
offers ten weeks of advanced Feroze Khan, Chesire
communication, leadership, Constabulary, Winsford,
and fitness training for United Kingdom. A total of
selected officers having proven 51,770 graduates now
records as professionals within represent the alumni of the
their agencies. On average, FBI National Academy
these officers have 21 years since it began in 1935.
of law enforcement experience
and usually return to their Captain Hampton has been
agencies to serve in employed by the Ascension
executive-level positions. Parish Sheriff’s Office since
November 1996. He was
FBI Director Christopher Asher promoted to the rank of
Wray was the principal Sergeant in the patrol unit in
speaker at the ceremony. January 2004, and then

APSO Captain Rosevelt Hampton

Training for the program is promoted to the rank of
provided by the FBI Academy Lieutenant in December 2011.

Graduates FBI National Academy

instructional staff, Special In March of 2019, Hampton
Agents, and other staff was promoted to the rank of
members holding advance Captain and will oversee
degrees, many of whom are Patrol District 2.
Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Academy Program at recognized internationally in
Office Captain Rosevelt Quantico, Virginia which their fields of expertise.
Hampton recently graduated included members of law Since 1972, National Academy
from the 275th National FBI enforcement agencies from

6th Annual South Louisiana Crawfish
Boiling Contest, Crafts & Car Show
Come and Enjoy a Great Event for
an even Greater Cause.
Funds raised helps Dream Kids get their
Biggest Wish during their recovery time.

We Couldn’t
Thank You to Our
put the event
Major Sponsor
on without you!
2019 MGA Chicago
Points Results
Team Champions
Trevor Adams and Jason Adams
Individual Champion – Jason Adams
48 Players braved some pretty fierce winds as
we played The 2019 MGA Chicago Points Golf
Tournament. This is a fun format and can really
reward a player for making birdies. The team of
Jason Adams and Trevor Adams won the team
competition with a score of +12. Jason Adams
won the Individual Event with a winning score of
+10. I’d say it was a good day for The Adam’s!

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• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service

• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only
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Locally Owned & Operated by

Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473
ever-changing face of audience
interaction. Few people leave

The Digital Age:

home without their devices, so it
makes sense that companies

Everything Changed
utilize these devices in their
marketing strategies.

One of the biggest utilizations of

these new devices is social media.
The use of social media
by Orhan Mc Millan means that target audiences are
dezinsINTERACTIVE now actively encouraged to
engage with brands and their
marketing activities while doing
something they love - interacting
with their community online.
With millions of people active on
social media, it's a great, easy and
inexpensive platform to
We are a nation driven by Now, all of that is changing as we has been simplified - thousands grow your business.
technology, and digital marketing evolve into the digital age. transformed into millions,
has a massive impact on people’s and the potential for finding The digital age has brought
purchases and life habits. The earliest sign of the shift buyers has grown exponentially. significant changes to the way
Companies today need a solid happened back when billboard, marketing is approached. In many
grasp on how to utilize the digital television, and radio marketing Along with the growth in ways, this works to your
universe to maximize their brand erupted onto the scene. This new marketing, the amount of advantage. There’s more opportu-
awareness and impact. We're technology made it possible to competition has drastically nity than ever before. If a brand
going to look at some of the reach far more people. The increased. In this digital age, old wants to be successful now and in
most significant ways that digital goal was no longer to persuade a marketing tactics are no longer as the foreseeable future, they need
marketing has evolved and keeps well-known, small audience; with effective, and companies must be to keep up and invest in the
evolving the way businesses the help of traditional more resourceful and innovative evolving technology and social
and brands operate. advertising, marketers could than everbefore to stay ahead of platforms available. Brands that
suddenly reach thousands. the competition. can embrace and adapt to this
Marketing has been around for Then, the internet happened. transition will rise above their
as long as humans have had The internet marks the most WiFi and smartphones have competitors and stay afloat in the
something to sell. Until recently, significant change in marketing the revolutionized how individuals digital age. If you’d like more
marketing has changed very little world has ever seen. We now communicate and access information about digital
over the ages. For the majority of have immediate access to more information, so it’s crucial that marketing, email
human history, marketing people than ever before. marketers make use of these .
was the simple act of persuasion. Numbers have increased as reach devices to keep up with the

One on One-Talking to
Yourself for Fun and Profit by Bill Delaune
“Be honest with yourself and advised me to take up bowling-
lie to everyone else.” the bar’s closer and you don’t
Josh Hartnett lose as many balls.
-Hey-speaking of balls-my
Sometimes when it’s fourth golfing buddy T.D. gave me a
and 10, and you’re backed present the other day I’d be
up in the shadow of your glad to share with you.
goalposts-or it’s an 0-2 count -The story or the gift.
against Jacob deGrom and -You don’t get one without
you’re down a run-or you have the other. Anyway, Tommy
to make a 30-foot downhill goes to a funeral for and old
birdie putt to win the club cousin in Memphis and the
championship and your hands son-a career Nike rep-gives
are shaking like a long-tail cat him some balls in an unmarked
in a rocking chair factory… sleeve. Seems that when
Well, it might be time to have a Tiger Woods announced he
little chat with yourself-which is was leaving Nike to go to
exactly what happened to me Bridgestone, the Memphis
the other day. guys stockpiled some of his
Maybe it was a landmark trademarked balls for posterity.
birthday last month or just Nike cousin gives Tommy a
some recent soul-searching few of those memorable
decisions I had to make sleeves and he generously
recently, but on a rainy gave one to me.
afternoon last week at -Wow! What are you going to
Sammy’s Grill in the Prairieville do with them? Put them in the
CBD, I found myself face-to- case with your 2009 Saints’
face with-well-myself. Super Bowl football?
When he plopped down on a -That’s what I thought. But
stool beside me, I noticed Memphis suggested we play
there was something “strikingly golf with them and lose them in
similar” (a phrase I used to tell a lake or-no pun intended-the
Sweet William Wild Bill

my freshmen classes about the game, Wild Bill? much water lately I had to woods. Apparently there was
study guide they had just been -Are you kidding? The best change the grip on my ball no love lost toward Tiger when
gives as in-“This study guide two balls I hit all day were retriever. You ever think about he dropped them. But now
looks ‘strikingly similar’ to when I stepped on a rake. taking lessons? that he’s Masters champ again
tomorrow’s test.”) about his How about you? -I did get so desperate once I may reconsider. I give you
looks and demeanor. -About the same. I was only that I went to a guy whose one if you want it.
I started in with my “Wild Bill three over after six. The only ad read, “Draw-Shank -I appreciate that. But mine
from Prairieville” intro but he problem was that it was one Redemption”. Being a sucker might not make the first hole at
was way ahead of me. over a patio, one over a pool for a bad pun and a Stephen Pelican with the lake to the left
-We’ve met before, Wild Bill. and one over a house. How’s King reference, I scheduled an if my Aflac Duck hook is in full
I’m Sweet William. the short game? appointment and met him at swing. At least we can still
-What are you drinking, -My putts hit more lips than the driving range. He watched read about golf. Did you see
Buddy? Let me buy you a Mick Jagger’s dentist and the me hit about five balls, told me where the great golf writer Dan
beer. Carly, I’ll have a less- yips have gone to my chips. he’d seen better swings on the Jenkins died? The announcers
filling Miller Lite and a … Did you stay out of the ponds playground and refunded said on CBS that he covered
-Tastes great Lite beer from and bayous today? my money. 68 Masters.
Miller for me. How’s the golf -No such luck. I was in so -Yeah, I tried one too. He -One of the best that ever

lived. His account of the final including a record 18 Majors. (Are you listening, Louisiana contrarian theory on this one.
round of the 1960 U.S. Open He even reeled in the years to Legislature?) and tore it up Besides, in a 20-horse race, if
when Arnold Palmer came win a Masters at the age of 46. when the refs robbed them he’s out in front he can’t
from seven shots back to beat On cue, the sound system at against Virginia. get in trouble.
Ben Hogan is a journalistic Sammy’s broke into a Steely -You should have given it to -I’m sticking with New
masterpiece Dan classic “Reeling in the me and we could have Orleans-based War of Will
-Agreed. A true classic about Years”. combined it with my worthless even though he got stopped
the historic crossroads of an -Listen to that guitar, Sweet Saints’ Super Bowl ticket and cold in the Louisiana Derby. If
aging Hogan, the new king William. I missed nearly an sold them at a blind officials’ your pick and the rest of the
Arnie and an overweight entire semester at USL in the benefit. Any luck at speed horses back up, he’ll be
amateur named Jack Nicklaus. mid-60’s trying to learn the the Masters? there to pick up the pieces.
-The last quote from the lead part in that song. -No-I had Adam Scott at 40-1 That and he shares a name
normally stoic Hogan after he -I hear you, Wild Bill. I did and he suddenly developed my with my grandson Will who’s
hit in the water on the last two the same thing at LSU trying to putting stroke during the last had a great spring on the
holes to pass the golfing crown figure out Glen Campbell’s round. I should have known Dutchtown freshman baseball
to Palmer was memorable in it- “Gentle on my Mind” before I better than to bet anything on team.
self. A Texan like Jenkins, realized John Hartford had April 14-the worst luck day of -Hey, Wild Bill, we have not
Hogan never said a whole lot written it for banjo chords. Do the year. I mean-what good have been very lucky with our
but he summed up the you still write songs anymore? can come of a date when G-rated hobbies-golf, guitars
tournament perfectly in just -No-the last thing I wrote was Lincoln got shot, the Titanic and gambling, but you just
a few words… “At Least, Dammit I Tried” sank and Apollo 13 astronauts reminded me of another “G”
“I guess they’ll say I lost it. about the three frustrating reported, “Houston, we have a where we’re very lucky-grand-
Well, one more foot and that hobbies that we seem to have problem.” But like Uncle Harry children. What do you say we
wedge on 17 would have been in common-golf, guitars and used to say, “There are 10 head out to the ballpark and
perfect. But I’ll tell you some- gambling. But I just play that more races tomorrow.” watch our grandsons play
thing. I played 36 holes with a one for close friends and -Which brings us to our some ball?
fat kid today who should have family. You have any annual spring dilemma-who do -Sweet William, I think
won this Open by 10 shots.” gambling songs? you like in the Derby? you’ve just picked a sure
-That was probably the last -If I did, they would all be the -I’m going with a speed winner for us there.
time Jack Nicklaus was called blues. My latest disaster was horse Maximum Security
“a fat kid” as he went on to a longshot ticket on Auburn to although speed doesn’t usually
lose a ton of weight and win a win the Final 4 I bought at a win the mile-and-a-quarter
ton of golf tournaments sportsbook in Mississippi Kentucky Derby. But I’ll try the

World Champion Jambalaya Cook

Wally Taillon
Specializing in events of 300 and above!

Fundraisers • School Functions • Churches

logging road and I felt that I was still strutting his stuff. It
could maybe work him but was 6:10, six hours after my first
there was no way to get aggres- sighting of the group, when he
sive with him with all these eyes broke strut for the first time. He
in front of me. At about six o’- then began to walk a straight
clock the flock began to move line to my decoy that had been
away from the little corner that in his full view for six hours. He
they had spent the evening at was definitely going to round
and in single file walked back on her up to join the gang. At the
the same trail they had walked moment that I clicked my safety
in on with the strutter at the off, I asked this question out
rear. It had been a long six loud to him and myself. Why
hours and just as I began to did you do that? By being a
relax for a moment, they reap- male myself, deep down inside I
peared. For whatever reason, knew the answer...
they had now decided to walk
the woodline directly in front of Till Next Time,
Why Did You Do That? me for their exit. I had already Don’t Get Greedy
ting determined that if this did hap- James “Goosie” Guice
I typically try to make one a shot. pen, the distance would still be
turkey hunt scout trip before Around four o’clock another too far to chance a shot at such
the season opener each year. I turkey started gobbling. It did a beautiful creature. So here
naturally go to several places not affect the flock that was in they came one, two, three, four,
that I’ve found turkeys and have front of me at all. The gobbling five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
had success in the past, along bird was walking down an old eleven and number twelve who
with maybe a new spot or two.
As I stood in one particular spot
that I’ve hunted for probably
thirty years or so, I began to
reminisce about some of my ex-
periences at that location. One
event that happened to me at
that spot took place about four
or five years ago.
I had missed opening weekend
that year because of issues at
work. My plan to take a day or
two off after working the week-
end was approved by my boss so
daylight Monday morning
found me walking down the old
logging road to my destination.
It was unseasonably cold for
that time of year with tempera-
tures that morning that had
frozen the ground. Action was
slow and I had managed to get
through the cold part of the
morning until the temperature
had began to get more comfort-
It was 12:10 when I spotted my
first turkey. It was a hen fol-
lowed by ten more ladies and a
beautiful strutting male round-
ing up the rear of the line of
fowl. The group headed for the
corner of the clearing about
sixty yards from where I sat mo-
tionless and uncomfortable. I
had placed a hen decoy that was
in plain view of the entire gang,
but they never paid any atten-
tion to it. The old gobbler re-
mained in full strut during this
entire scenario. Every time one
of the eleven girls would try to
walk away he would herd her
back into the group. During
this span of hours I had to con-
tinue to tell myself not to take a
chance at shooting him at too
far of a distance, even if it meant
letting them leave without get-
with Kellie
Useless Random Facts

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

Every one of the top 50 tallest mountains

Entertainment Schedule

are in Asia.

Russia and Japan still haven't signed a peace

treaty to end World War II.
April 19th
Chinese judges in the 15th century used David St. Romain
glasses with darkened lenses to hide their
April 26th

facial expressions in court.
After Party
The act of snapping one's fingers May 4th

is called a "fillip."

in Ancient Egypt, nail polish was used May 10th

to signify class rankings—the lower Spank The Monkey
classes wore light colors while the more May 18th

Scary Lane
elite wore red shades.

Join Us for
In Silicon Valley there is a Nikola Tesla
statue that is equipped with free Wi-Fi

for everyone.

armadillos have 4 babies at a time.

They are all the same sex.

The longest flight of a chicken recorded

was 13 seconds.
Every Thursday Night
a goldfish can see both infrared and
ultraviolet light.
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“ L I K E ” U S O N FA C E B O O K ”
That’s real nice Bully,
Thoughts from Bully but I thought you wanted to
go fishn’ not kiss’n.

of the
Catch of the day is a phrase photo below. What’s special
describing many things. It can about this catch is on our float
be a baseball catch in a game we had a crew member have her
that saved a homerun or a Hail first parade ride. She had this
Mary in a football game. It can bass bead around her neck. I
be on a menu as a special laughed all day long as parade
for lunch. revelers begged and pleaded for
get it un-stuck. It turns out she
The first catch I want to
chat bout came from the
the bass bead necklace. They
offered money, burgers, beers, would have given it to a reveler Come Home
Spanishtown Parade. Typically jello shots and I think I heard if she could have gotten it off
her neck. She really wanted one
to Papa!
these catches involve standing take my first born. Many years ago this print of
on a parade route and hope you When the parade was over I of those hamburgers. She took some art I did the day John
are lucky enough to catch a asked how was the ride. It was it off and gave it to me. She Lennon was murdered has been
bead or a stuffed animal. The awesome, she replied, but this said, Take this aggrevating piece hanging in Park Place. I wanted
catch I got this year is the bass fish has been stuck on my neck of junk! I don’t want it anymore it back for years because I didn’t
connected to beads with a pink for the entire ride and bugging and she gave it to me. Now even have one these prints
flamingo in it’s mouth in the the crap out of me. I helped her thats a Catch of the Day. myself. Now it has found it’s
I didn’t ask for something way home.
I wanted and it just fell in One night I was sitting by a
my lap! drunk guy and he said to me.
“Look, that art doesn’t even
look like Jim Morrison! ?????

Looks like John to me.

Bonus Thought’s from Bully from a long time ago.
so slow. It would be June before them around and it looked like out of that car and was soon on
she made the first nibble that a brown hotdog. my way to pick up and put on
scarred the chocolate on the Anyway, back to the photo. that hat.
front of the Bunny. Don’t even Mom had the day going great At first I pitched a fit.
think about touching those and she took this photo. Look Flopping and whalering in
yellow candy eyes.. Once she’d at my happy little face. the ditch.
start eating the front, she’d start A real cutie. I said a few more No’s.
at the bottom and work her way Well I climbed in the backseat It then came time for that
up so eventually she’d just be of the car and crawled up in the ‘or else’, part she mentioned
holding the head in her hand. back window to look out as we before.
The ears were last. She’d carry drove to church. This behavior I then proceeded to get my
could have a parent butt whipped on Easter
Becaus e incarsirated today. I morning and I had to wear
I’m Your, then took off that that stupid hat anyway.
hat. She said, “Put Easter is upon us again and I
Mo m! it on.” I said, “No”. hope all of you remember your
She said, “You families on this day and
I was rummaging through better or else. I celebrate the greatness of life.
some papers the other day and threw the hat out On that Easter Sunday in
came across this classic of the window of 1958 I received the greatest
family photo. the moving car. love of all. Discipline!
It was Easter Morning 1958. The next part is Parents have hard decisions to
My sister Janet and I were a little cloudy. I make constantly but not on this
dressed to the ‘T’. remember the day. Her reaction to my spoiled
It was a perfect Sunday squealling of tires. attitude was automatic
morning. The Bunny had The slamming of a and absolute.
shown up with the baskets and car door. The She said, “You are wearing
they were filled with colored opening of the door that HAT....... You Got That!”
eggs, candy, hog head cheese next to where I was “Why???”, I screamed.
and that hollow Chocolate sitting. Then like a
Bunny in a box. ride at the State “Because I am your, MOM!”
I swear my sister Donna could Fair, I was jerked
eat the back out of her Bunny

Benefiting St. Jude & Dreams Come True of Louisiana Foundations
Biggest Catfish Winner
Chris Carol & Todd Stuart
With a catfish weighing 31.7 lbs

1st place
David Fugler & Todd Loup
with total weight of 86.2 lbs

2nd place
Mike Savoy & Rodney Dupuy Jr.
With a total weight of 61.8 lbs

3rd place
Chris Carol & Todd Stuart
With a total weight of 58.2 lbs

The 2nd Annual Catfish Rodeo was held
a week ago and it was a great event for
a great cause.
This event was a fundraiser for
Dreams Come True and St. Jude.
Fred’s on the river wants to thank
everyone who helped this event get
rolling this year and we are looking for
bigger and better things next year.
We couldn’t do it without the help of the

Thank You Sponsors

community and our sponsors.

Bo’s Prop Shop

Layne’s Jewelry, Inc.
Mert Smiley
Joe Courtney
Modern Gaming
Big John’s Landing
Diez Tire & Automotive
Join Us for the Kick-Off Party April 27th
Trent Bourgeois 2-6 • Flashback Chameleons 9-1

Senior Citizen Day ... May 9th

April May
April 20th T-Boy 9-1 May 4th Trent Bourgeois 9-1
April 21st Kendall Shaffer 5-9 May 5th Rougan 5-9
April 27th Trent bourgeois 2-6 May 9th Senior Citizen Day
Flashback Chameleons 9-1 May 11th Matt Kayday 9-1
(Summer kickoff party) May 12th T-Boy 5-9
April 28th Loruge 5-9 May 18th Delta Bad Hand 9-1
May 19th MoJoes 5-9
May 27th Xpress Band 5-9
Congratulations to
Chris Crow our
2019 Spring HDCP
Chris Crow won the
Championship with a
total of 136.

Jennifer H. took 1st Place

in the First Flight
with a 137.

Jana O. took 1st Place

in the Second Flight
with a 146.

Eric Lambert

Spring is Here and Time

Our Front End Alignment
Equipment is State-of-the-Art

to Clean your Beds.


Call Ryan at 225.715.4594 225.647.3000 • 1311 N. BURNSIDE • GONZALES
Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount
Prairieville, La 70769



Cooking Gourmet at Home 1 Head Romaine Lettuce
with SNO’S SEAFOOD & STEAKS 6 Grape Tomatoes
1 Red Onion
Bleu Cheese Crumbles
½ cup Balsamic Vinegar
¼ cup Sugar
1 tsp Corn Starch
Salt & Pepper
Favorite Salad Dressing
6 Strips of Bacon (cooked crispy)

First let’s get the Romaine lettuce washed up really nice. Run the
whole head of lettuce under cold water, allowing the water to get
in-between the leaves, then cut the Romaine in half length ways,
and trim any brown discoloration off of the bottom core. Next, let it
soak in an ice water bath to get nice and crisp. While the Romaine is
crisping, prep the rest of your ingredients. Thinly slice or shave the
red onion, cut the grape tomatoes in half, and chop up the crispy
Heart of Romaine bacon. In a small sauce pan, bring the balsamic vinegar and sugar
to a simmer. In a small cup or bowl, dissolve the corn starch in
2 tsp cold water then add to the vinegar. Stir the vinegar mixture
“Wedge” salad until it returns to a simmer then remove from the heat and
allow time to cool.

Put it all together!! Remove your Romaine from the ice bath and
Yield: 2 drain off any excess water. Place the Romaine in the center of a
large plate and creatively place the remaining ingredients around or
on top of the lettuce. Finally, drizzle with your sweet balsamic syrup
Prep: 20 minutes and serve with bleu cheese dressing, or any one of your favorite

Cook: 15 minutes Top with grilled shrimp or chicken for a meal or serve as an
Executive Chef hgaccompaniment with a hearty meal.

Sam Penton
Serving: 2

The Artistry of Dr. Z

"Where Visionary Art Comes to Life"

Thursday, May 9th 4:00 To 7:00 PM
Baton Rouge Location: 5305 Flanders Drive
Join us for our annual open house!
Enjoy Wine, Hors D'oeuvres and Live Demonstrations.
There will be door prizes and a grand prize valued over $10,000.
Take advantage of our special event pricing offered the day of the event only!
See How Dr. Z's Artistry Skills Transform Lives
Please RSVP for you and a guest 225-778-7540

Prairieville • 17497 Old Jefferson Hwy.

Baton Rouge • 5305 Flanders Dr. l 225.778.7540