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Indication: Patient has a hypertrophic scar on the posterior side of the lef leg at the level of the knee.

15100, 15002
The physician is called in to perform repairs for a 17-year-old girl involved in a motor vehicle accident.
13132, 13133 x 3, 13101, 13102, 12052
A 36-year-old male presents to have multiple lesions destroyed. 17000, 17003 x 4, 17110
Patient is having ongoing back and hip pain. The physician elects to perform a sacroiliac injection at 27096, 77003-26
Patient is seen in the hospital’s outpatient surgical area with a diagnosis of a displaced commi 24579, 812.42
A 35-year-old female patient presents with acute onset of severe pain since October. procedure? 22856
Procedure: Dual chamber pacemaker defibrillator implantation. Indications: A 67-year-old 33249, 71090-26
A patient is brought from an MVA to the ER with multiple fractured ribs, labored breathing, and 32551
A sinus endoscopy with tissue removal from the sphenoid sinus was performed. 31288
A 67-year-old male patient with a history of carcinoma of the sigmoid colon is referred for a 45333, V10.05, 211.3
Postoperative Diagnosis: Calculi of the gallbladder Procedure: Removal of gallbladder 47600-22, 47001
A patient with rectal bleeding undergoes a proctosigmoidoscopy. 46221, 45300-51
A pregnant patient delivers twins at 30 weeks gestation. The first baby is delivered vagi 59510, 59409-51,
A 30-year-old disabled Medicare patient is scheduled for surgery due to the finding of what 58925-RT, 58720-51-LT
A 35-year-old male patient presented to an urologist because he was having continuous yeast 54150
A 55-year-old man with complaints of an elevated PSA of 6.5 presents to the outpatient surgical 55700, 76942-26
The patient was taken to the procedure room and placed prone, L4–L5 interspace, methylparaben, 62311, 77003-26
A 65-year-old patient presented with ectropion of the right lower eyelid. 67916-E4, 67914-E2
A 42-year-old patient returns to the hospital neurology clinic for follow-up. He was checked three days prior. 62273
A 63-year-old woman presented to the eye clinic as a new patient with symptoms of flashing lights 67145, 92004-25
42-year-old woman is being discharged today, 2/5/XX. She was admitted to the hospital 2/2/XX 99239
63-year-old man is coming in for a second opinion for his sleep apnea. He has had it for the past five 99204
A 55-year-old established patient is coming in for a pre-op visit; he is getting a liver transplant due to cir 99214, 99354
A 56-year-old receives general anesthesia for an open pleura biopsy. An anesthesiologist 00540-QK, 00540-QX
The anesthesiologist performs an axillary block for postoperative pain management. Carpal tunnel 01810, 64417-59
A healthy 45-year-old is having a needle thyroid biopsy. The anesthesiologist begins to prepare 00322, one hour
The physician requests a dual energy absorptiometry of the foot. 77081
The physician performs an abd aortography, selective injection of the right renal artery and 36245-RT, 75722-26
A patient with colon cancer receives seven radiation treatments. 77427
A surgical specimen was removed from the proximal jejunum during a resection for adenocarcinoma and was 88309
The physician performs the following tests on her automated equipment: HDL, total serum chole 80061, 82947
A patient with rheumatoid arthritis is being treated with gold. The physician orders a therapeutic drug test 80172
A patient presents to her oncologist’s office for schedule chemotherapy. The patient is severely 96360
Lef heart catheterization retrograde from the femoral artery with injection procedures for selective 93458
The correct code for OMT performed on the cervical, thoracic and sacral regions would be: 98926
The patient is admitted to the hospital for an eight channel EEG to determine the focus of her cerebral seizures. 95950
Which of the following patients might be documented as having meconium staining? Newborn with pneumonia
The physician performed a medial meniscectomy , removal of loose bodies from the lateral compartment. 29881, G0289
Which of the following place of service codes is reported for fracture care performed by an orthopedic in ED 23
Which of the following is an example of fraud? Reporting a biopsy and excision performed on the same lesion,same enc
A 15-year-old boy was burned in a fire and assessed to have received burns to 75 percent
15420, 15421 x 7, 15400, 15401 x 16, 15004, 15005 x 7, 15002, 15003 x 16, 15040
The lef breast was prepped and draped in a sterile fashion. An incision from the 3 around to the 9 o’clock 19120, 611.72
This 37-year-old paraplegic has developed a sacral decubitus ulcer. He is brought to the OR 15937, 15100-51
A 17-year-old male presents to the emergency department afer being involved in a car accident. 29355, 844.9
Patient complains of chronic/acute arm and shoulder pain following bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. 20553
A Grade I, high velocity open right femur shaf fracture was incurred when a 15-year-old female 27506, 11012-51,
This 25-year-old male presents with deviated nasal septum. Afer intubation, a lef hemitransfixion 30520
At the patient’s bedside in the hospital, a PICC line is inserted. Using Xylocaine local anesthesia, 36569, 76942-26
The patient had been hoarse for a month. His surgeon scheduled a direct laryngoscopy with injection 31571
A 62-year old female with three-vessel disease and supraventricular tachycardia, service. 33512, 33508, 33254-51
A patient diagnosed with GERD presents to the same day surgery 43257-53, 530.81, 458.29, V64.1
Preoperative diagnosis: History of prior colon polyps Postoperative diagnosis: Colon polyps, diverticulosis, 45384
A patient with esophageal cancer is brought to the OR for subtotal esophagectomy. A thoracotomy 43112
Patient with RUQ pain and nausea suspected of having a stone or other obstruction in the biliary 43264, 74328-26
A colposcope was introduced into the patient’s vagina and under direct visualization through a binocular 57065, 623.8
A pregnant patient is diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. The physician performs a cervical cerclage 59320, 654.53
A patient is diagnosed with a bladder tumor. The physician performs a cystourethroscopy with fulguration 52240
Postoperative Diagnosis: Carpal tunnel syndrome right wrist The patient was brought to the operating 64721-RT
A 35-year-old man presents to the urgent care center with severe neck pain. 64413
A four-year-old with chronic otitis media and fluid buildup in both ears was admitted by her otolaryng 69436-50
Physician performs a medical review and documentation on an 83-year-old pt hospitalized for confusion 99231
A plastic surgeon is called to the ED at the request of the emergency department physician to evaluate a patient that
arrived with multiple facial fractures afer being in an automobile 99243-57, 99465, 99468-25, 31500-59, 36510-59
At the request of the mother’s obstetrician, the physician was called to attend the birth
Patient is admitted in labor for delivery. She received a labor neuraxial epidural for a vaginal delivery. 01967, 01969
Angiograms reveal three artery blockages. The patient has COPD, which is a severe systemic 00567-P3
A healthy 11-month-old patient with bilateral clef lip and palate undergoes surgery. 00102-P1, 99100
A 78-year-old with lower back pain and leg pain is scheduled for an MRI of lumbar spine without contrast. 72148, 724.02
A 46-year-old female with history of cervical carcinoma. She underwent placement of an ileal conduit, 50688, 75984
The physician orders an ultrasound on a patient 25 weeks pregnant with twins to access fetal heart 76815
A patient presents to the ED with crushing chest pain radiating down the lef 82550, 82550-91 x 2, 82552, 82552-91 x 2
Which of the following panels does NOT include chloride? 80061
The patient presents with burning urination and frequency. The physician performs a UA dipstick, 81002, 87088
Which of the following coding combinations is an example of unbundling? 80061, 83718, 84478
A pediatrician is managing the care of a patient who is at home on a ventilator under the care of a home health 94005
A two-month-old comes in for a well check up and several shots (Rota, DTaP-Hib, PCV) 99391-25, 90460, 90461 x 2,
90680, 90721, 90669
Mary, who has food allergies, came to her physician for her weekly allergen immune therapy 95125
Meatus describes: Passageway
What is the function of the esophagus? To carry nutrients from the pharynx into the stomach
What is the HCPCS Level II code for wound closure using tissue adhesive(s) only? G0168
A patient has an insulin pump of 100 units. The pump is filled. Which code reports the supply? J1817 x 2
In order to use the critical care codes, which of the following statements is TRUE? can be provided in an internist’s office
Which of the following statements regarding advanced beneficiary notices (ABN) is TRUE? Completed before delivery
Which of the following services are covered by Medicare Part B? Minor surgery performed in a physician’s office
The patient is a 32-year-old female who was discovered to have breast cancer on the right 19367
A 55-year-old male presents in the office with an ingrown toenail on the right and lef foot. 11750
Pre-Procedure Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma, lef chin. Procedure: Wide local excision 11644, 12052-51, 173.3
The physician removes a tumor from the patient’s neck using the Mohs micrographic surgery 17311, 17312
This 45-year-old male presents to the operating room with a painful mass of the right upper arm. 23076
Postoperative Diagnosis: 1. Impingement syndrome lef shoulder. 2. AC synovitis lef shoulder 29826-LT, 29824-LT
The patient presented for medial meniscal tear lef knee. Arthroscopy with partial medial 29881-LT, 29879-LT, 836.0
A 47-year-old patient was previously treated with external fixation for a Grade III lef tibia fracture. 27724, 733.82, 905.4
The patient is a three-year-old boy who attempted to swallow a half-dollar. 31603, 31530-59, 934.0, E912, E849.0
The patient had trouble breathing for three days. Her urgent care physician referred her to an ENT physician. 31233
Diagnosis: Right lung mass Indications: Patient with a mass in the right lung mass identified on 31628, 162.9
Preoperative Diagnosis: Lower lef inguinal pain Postoperative Diagnosis: Inguinal hernia 49505-LT, 550.90
Preoperative Diagnosis: Chronic tonsillitis. Chronic adenoiditis. 42821, 474.02
Diagnostic upper GI endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum was performed afer esophageal . 43249
The patient has a positive pregnancy test, but ultrasound does not confirm a gestational sac in the first 59840, 631
The physician performs a cystoscopy, bilateral retrograde pyelograms, removal of stent, 52310, 74420-26
A laparoscopic removal of the patient’s lef testicle was performed on a 34-year-old patient 54690, 186.9
A patient presents to the emergency department with complaint of painful eye. The patient states 65222-RT
The physician performs a right thyroid lobectomy. The patient was prepped 60220-RT
PROCEDURE: Bilateral lumbar medial branch block under fluoroscopy for the L3, L4, L5 , 64493-50, 64494-50
38-year-old female initial visit, just moved from out of state, has neck and back pain 99204
A four-year-old patient presents with pain in the lef forearm following a fall from a chair. The injury 99284-25, 99148
Dr. X performs a follow-up consultation on certain tests that were not available in a nursing facility for a 75- 99308
Physician was called to the floor to evaluate a 94-year-old that had sudden weakness, 99291
The anesthesiologist performed MAC (monitored anesthesia care) for a patient undergoing an arthroscopy 01382-AA-QS
General anesthesia is administered to a 9-month-old undergoing a tracheostomy. Code the anesthesia service. 00326
Using ultrasound guidance, the physician performed a percutan needle core biopsy, suspicious lump 19102-RT, 76942
Due to an elevated CEA level two years following a colon resection, 76705
The physician orders a heart CT without contrast. The tests will evaluate the amount of coronary calcium. 75571
A 42-year-old has a lesion on his pancreas. The physician passes the biopsy needle through the skin and 48102, 77002
Patient is undergoing in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. Following the retrieval of follicular fluid from 89254
A patient has an iliac crest bone marrow biopsy. The physician suspects the patient has myelofibrosis 88305
A pathologist performs a comprehensive consultation and report afer reviewing a patient’s records, 88325
Photodynamic therapy involving application of light externally to destroy premalignant lesions 96567
The patient presents to see the nurse for his scheduled vitamin B12 injection. The physician ordered 96372, J3420
In the inpatient setting, the psychiatrist provides psychotherapy for 30 minutes, maladapative 90816
Which of the following conditions would most likely be attributed to hyperlipidemia? Atherosclerosis
A 78-year-old patient, with known arrhythmia, presented to an OP clinic for the insertion of a cardiac event C1764
The physician performed manipulation of a closed fracture of the distal radius on a 12-year-old male. He placed a short
arm fiberglass cast. Q4010
Which modifier should be append to a CPT®, for which the provider had a patient sign an ABN , GA