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Impact on Student Learning: Data, Summary, Analysis

Special Education Guided Reading (5 students)

The chart below reflects the student’s comprehension pre-assessment from February and
the post-assessment from March. Each check-in grade is created by looking at two thinkmark
and two online comprehension quiz scores for each student. This data was collected for a small
guided reading group.
The guided reading group consisted of five fifth grade students. Once a week, I would do
a pre-teaching of the next chapter the students were responsible of reading. I went over key
vocabulary the students would see, text features (italics, bold print, headers, etc), reviewing the
student’s prior knowledge from the last chapter, and then giving the students a new focus for
their thinkmarks. An example of a thinkmark focus is, “Write down the similarities and
differences between Jake and Lily.” For the remainder of the week, the students read the book
aloud. Two students have been progressing more than the others, so I have chosen to challenge
them to read together with little assistance from a para or teacher. The other three students read
aloud together with at least one para or teacher. After the students finish reading, they are
responsible for completing a comprehension quiz and their thinkmark.

Presentation of (raw) data:

Student Initials Pre-Assessment Post-Assessment Point Difference Impact Rating
AS 13/20 - N 14/20 1 B
CS 13/20 - B 14/20 1 B
LP 12/20 - N 15/20 3 B
G 17/20 - P 16/20 -1 P
R 16/20 - P 17.5/20 1.5 P

Impact parameters: Not Yet = 0-11 Beginner = 12 -15 Proficient = 15-18 Mastery = 18 – 20

My measure of student learning impact study took a look at the results of a pre and post
assessment (check-in 1 and check-in 2) which looked at the progress of student’s comprehension.
The data results revealed that all but two students showed growth in their comprehension from
pre to post test. Overall, it revealed that 3 students are at considered to be at a beginner’s level
and 2 students are at the proficient level.
While my goal was to get my students to the mastery level, it is clear that in order to get closer or
achieve this goal I would have to extend my time frame. While my students did not reach the
mastery level, I am please to see that two of the students who were seen as not yet reaching grade
level, have progressed and are now considered beginners. I am also pleased to see that 80% of
my students had at least one increased point difference from there pre-assessment to their post-
Through looking at the data I collected to obtain the grades for both the pre-assessment and post-
assessment, it was clear that the students had a general idea as to what they were reading but
were unable to use supporting details to back up their answer. After reflecting on my lessons, my
instructions, and the student’s grades, I realized I needed to put more emphasis on having the
students look back in their text to support their answers on both their thinkmarks and in their
quiz. I plan to have students prep their thinkmarks before using them by having the students
draw a box in each section of the thinkmark that says page number. This will provide students
with a visual reminder that they need to write down which page their information/answer is
coming from. This will also allow students to refer back to a page number when they are
working on their comprehension quiz. I also realized that one of the students who was
progressing at a fast rate, had gone down a point. Since I challenged her to work with another
student and only receive a little assistance from a teacher, I questioned my decision due to her
decline. I will now have a para sit with the two students and monitor their work. While the para
will not be working with this student heavily, she will be there to help clarify and ask the student
probing questions to help her comprehend her reading.
After reflecting on the data, I can say I am pleased with the outcome. Students showed an
increase in their comprehension, and for those who decreased or made little progress, I plan to
clarify my directions and implement the use of page numbers in my assignments.