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Grab – Uber Merger

Teacher: Ms. Cheng Kee

Patrick Adiwangsa
Chapter 1: Introduction
In this era,
people always use
transportation to
reach their
destination. Before
people often uses
taxi and public
transportation to
reach their travel around. But, there still some deficiencies like, sometimes it’s
hard to find it. The second reason is the price from online transportation can
compete with the conventional taxi.
Uber Technologies Inc was invented on March,2009 by Garrett Camp.
The name "Uber" is a reference to the common word “uber", meaning
"topmost" or "super", and having its origins in the German word meaning
"above". That company provides online transportation and it is one of the
biggest online transportation company in the world and it is already available
in 250 countries. Nowadays, there are approximately 2 billion users from
around the world.

Grab Inc. is a Malaysia

company that offer ride-hailing,
ride-sharing and logistic services
through its app. It was founded
by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi
Ling in 2012. The purpose of
making this company is to solve
the problem about how hard to call the taxi in Asia. Then, this company grow
with very fast. In November 2017, Grab reached one billionth ride with 66
concurrent rides in one second across seven countries, occupying 97% market
share in third-party taxi hailing market and 72% in private vehicle hailing
market. The company also claimed to have two million driving partners, 68
million mobile app downloads, and 3.5 million daily rides.

Chapter 2: Research Question

The questions are What is the news? Who take over Uber? When did it
happen? Where it sold to? Why Uber sell it? And how did it happen? The
questions are about the Grab-Uber Merger.
Chapter 3: Research Method
According to my research, I use the internet to explore and research for
this paper.
Chapter 4: Result
Grab and Uber is a
very big rival especially in
Southeast Asia. But there
is a news that make us
astonished. The big news
is Grab officially take
over the Uber company
in Southeast Asia. This
case happened in March
2018. Uber just leaving
only 27.5% of market share and the rest is owned by Grab. Now, Grab gains
control over all Uber Assets and operation in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It’s the same case
when Didi Chuxing take over the Uber company in China because Uber lose
competed with Didi Chuxing. It’s the same reason why Uber sold it in
Southeast Asia, Russia and India. Based on the information by Tech Crunch, the
cost of Grab to buy all over the Uber in Southeast Asia not more than USD 100
million. From that acquisition, Grab can reduce their rival and it can work more
efficient. The owner of Grab said that the merger between Grab and Uber can
be benefits for all of the people. Anthony Tan also said that the combined
business is the leader in platform and cost efficiency in the region. The uber
app will stop working in Southeast Asia on April, 8 2018.
Chapter 5: Conclusion
In my conclusion, I agree that the merger between Grab and Uber will be
more efficient and benefits for people because it can be more effective. The
other reason is people don’t have to be confuse while choosing Grab or Uber.