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Stands for "Fully Qualified Domain Name." An FQDN is a domain name that includes a
hostname. For example, the URL "" is an FQDN since it contains a
hostname ("www") and a domain (""). The domain name "" is not
fully qualified because it does not include a hostname.

An FQDN can be broken down into three parts:

1. Hostname: mail, ftp, store, support, etc.

2. Domain: apple, microsoft, ibm, facebook, etc.
3. Top level domain (TLD): .com, .net, .org,, etc.

A fully qualified domain name has the format [hostname].[domain].[tld]. The hostname can be
used to specify different services and protocols for a single domain. For example,
"" is often the required FQDN format when configuring the SMTP server for
an email account. The FQDN "" is commonly used when connecting to an FTP
server. Name servers must be FQDNs and typically use the naming convention
"" and "".

Subdomains used as website addresses are also fully qualified domain names. For example,
CNET uses the "" as its main website address, but uses the subdomain
"" for its download hosting website. The FQDN "" uses
the same HTTP protocol as "," but directs visitors to a different website.

NOTE: Many websites no longer include "www" in their URLs and therefore are not fully
qualified domain names.
What is FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain
Name) with Examples?
We generally see the term FQDN or Fully Qualified Domain Name and generally though that
is is like a secret magic which provides some information about the servers and hosts. No. The
answer is no the FQDN provides no secret or magic. We use FQDN in order to specify host
names in a hierarchical manner. Below we will look how we calculate FQDN

Host Name
Host name is used to identify hosts with meaning full names. For example when we setup
Windows operating system the Windows set the hostname of the computer with the created user
name like IsmailPC . Of course we can change this host name what ever we want. Following list
provides example host names.


1 Production1
2 LabPC
3 Poftut2
4 Home
5 www

Domain Name
Domain name is use to create a domain with a name. Internet provides a consistent and unique
domain name hierarchy. For example specifies this site which is a domain name.
We can use domain names not just sites also other things like databases, services etc.

FQDN = Host Name + Domain Name

Now we came to the real topic. We have learned the basics which creates FQDN. Fully qualified
means the whole and domain name cames after that. Fully qualified domain name consist of
Host name + Domain name . FQDN specifies the host whit out any extra description. For

Hostname: www
Domain name:

FQDN: specifies the host which provides www or web services.

Automatic WWW Host name

Normally while surfing internet we can type URL as . This is not a fully qualified
domain name even do not provides the host name. But the browser automatically add www as
default as it expect from us to surf in web site.

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Partially Qualified Domain Name

Host names can be named as Partially Qualified Domain Names. Because host names do not
provides the domain name. We can only use host name if we know or automatically add the
domain name to the host name. For example if we are in the same domain we can use PQDN for
communication and specification.