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General Manager Job Description

Job Description: General Manager

Position: Permanent full time

Time approximation:
- 40 - 50 hours / week
- 10am – 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (32 hours)
- 8am – 6pm alternate Saturday/Sunday every week (10 hours)
- On call outside of office hours for private events, classes, shows and events.
- Company closed Mondays

− Dance leaders
− Administrators.
− Private hire staff

Reports to:
Board of directors

General Job Description

You are the General Manager of our company.

The General Manager at Aaja Nachle oversees:

1. Leaders
a. Roskill Bollywood branch leader
b. North Shore Bollywood branch leader
c. Botany Bollywood branch leader
d. Roskill Classical Fusion leader
2. Administrator/s
3. Private hire staff
4. All students, parents and clients of the school

The General Manager has the overall responsibility for creating, planning,
implementing and integrating the strategic directon of our organisation as set by
the board of directors.

As a General Manager – you will need to exercise the following traits:

- Leadership – leading staff, students and parents from across the school to
achieve organisational goals

- Commitment – Your commitment to the school, students and staff is vital

- Communication – ensuring communication is ongoing and effective between

students, parents and staff.

- Initiative – the ability to work alone to complete management duties and take
the lead when hurdles arise or tasks require completion

- Planning – staying ahead of the game and ensuring tasks for the future are
clearly outlined for the team to follow and complete

General Manager Job Description

Version 1.8
- Problem solving – adapting to an ever changing environment and reacting
quickly to meet challenges

- Creativity – pushing the boundaries with new and exciting ideas and concepts
for staff, students and the public to enjoy

- Passion – for dance, our school, its students and clients

Specific Job Requirements:

1. Strategic direction
Contibuting to the strategic direction of the buisness. Developing the service and
products Aaja Nachle offers with a high level of buisness acumen, sales
and market driven focus.
2. Develop, plan and deliver classes and private hire services
Taking ownership of classes, private hire services and new business opportunities
by identifying options, challenging the status quo, researching, reporting
and managing the project to succesful completion.
3. Oversee administration
Directing the admistrative processes within the buisness and ensuring the internal
policies, processes and structure enable the buisness to perform and grow
at the expected rate.
4. Staff management
Recruitment, selection and training of dance leaders, teachers, private hire staff
and administrators. Providing ongoing mentorship and guidance to help
the team fufill their day to day tasks and reach long term company goals.
5. Financial management
Strong financial management with reporting, analysis and commentry to add
value to the buisness.
6. Implement board policy and decisions
Working with a future focused, commercially aligned board.
7. Oversee creative outputs
Oversee all creative projects prior to major shows, events and competitions to
ensure standards are maintained
8. Oversee marketing
Oversee all research, development and execution of marketing campaigns
9. Develop relationships
Developing relationships with staff, customers and industry networks with great
communication and interpersonal skills
10.Develop company culture
Ensuring Aaja Nachle is a great place to work for our team, being indispensible to
our customers and ensuring the team and students enjoy the journey.

- Bachelors degree in buisness, management or equivilent experience
- Experience in managing a large team
- Experience in a sport, dance group etc
- Familiarity with NZ employement law
- Familiarity with NZ accounting law
- Familiarity with Xero accounting software
- Familiarity with word, garageband, imovie and photoshop

- The financial resourses to take a 5%-15% equity position within the buisness.

General Manager Job Description

Version 1.8