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Madison Kaplan’s Victim Statement 3/13/19

Thank you very much for letting me say a few words about Justin’s violent,
unprovoked attack, and the emotional and physical trauma it caused me.

Thankfully my husband survived, but our unborn child did not. The level of
anger and violence I witnessed was something I’ve never experienced or imagined.

I really hope you are able to enact a just punishment for him so he doesn’t keep
up his trend of severely hurting people and their families, and threatening to kill people,
with no consequences for himself.

This past Halloween Randy and I took our 2 year old daughter out to Trick or
Treat for her 1st time. We were walking home from Trick or Treating at 6pm. It was all
families and kids everywhere on the street.

We were pushing her stroller when someone jumped on Randy from behind -
neither of us had even seen Justin coming and had no idea he was there.

He held Randy to the ground hitting him in the head with all his force over and
over and over - Randy couldn’t even move or defend himself.

It was the scariest thing I have ever seen - someone totally unprovoked and
premeditated - attacking someone with that much anger, hate, rage and strength.

At first I was stunned, and then figured it would go on a few seconds to make a
point, but never fathomed Justin wouldn’t stop - I really think he was trying to kill

After I realized he wasn’t stopping it occurred to me I should get out my phone to

video it (since it seemed so unbelievable it was even happening). It was already at least
30 seconds into the beating by the time I found my phone in the bottom of the stroller.
All while our 2 year old is watching the whole attack from in her stroller a few feet away.
I had moved the stroller a bit away since I feared for her safety from this crazed, angry
person. But she could still see and hear everything. After recording for a few moments I
could see that Justin still wasn’t going to stop and I started to panic. Randy couldn’t
move at all and was trying to scream for help. I don’t even know how he was still
conscious with a bigger, stronger, younger athlete straddling him holding him to the
ground and furiously punching him in the head. Then I called 911. As I explained
everything to the 911 operator Justin was still punching Randy repeatedly and yelling
“I’m going to fucking kill you” over and over again and “don’t ever talk to my family
As Justin continued to punch Randy in the head with all his strength, at least a
couple hundred times, a woman who appeared to be with Justin knew I had called 911
and kept yelling at Justin “stop, stop, the police are coming!!”. That’s what finally got
him to stop. Justin then ran away from the scene. Even threatening a random woman
who took a photo of him as he ran away.

His attack went on long enough for me to see what was happening, move the
stroller, find my phone in all our baby stuff under the stroller, unlock it and video for a
moment, then call 911 and speak with them for long enough to find the address where we
were located, explain the situation and then finally tell them Justin had ran away.

In the days following the attack Randy was obviously injured and suffering a lot
physically. That was bad enough, but the worse part, aside from the trauma of seeing it
happen and knowing our 2 year old watched the whole thing, was being scared of what
else a person crazy, angry and violet enough to attack on a street filled with families at
6pm and unprovoked, might do when he finally faces consequences.

As I learned Justin had a history of violence, attacking people for what seemed
like no real reason, threatening people and getting away with it, it severely scared me
what else he might try to do. Was our family still in danger?

We discussed, on many occasions, having to hire security. It was something I

never imagined having to consider, but was he going to follow through on his threat to
“fucking kill” Randy or harm our family?

Why would Justin threaten to kill someone, and actually try to kill them? He had
so much anger and hate towards Randy for no real reason. What would he do when
Randy didn’t drop the charges with the police and wasn’t backing down?

To make this horrible situation even worse, I suffered a miscarriage. My doctors

said everything had looked perfect with the pregnancy before the attack. The only reason
they could see causing the miscarriage was the stress from the attack. Justin might not
have gotten his wish in killing Randy, but he did kill a tiny innocent little baby girl.

We’d been trying to get pregnant for a year. I was so excited to finally have a
healthy and perfect pregnancy. And then this happened.

A few days after the attack I started having severe cramping and bleeding.

For days the feeling was the same as being in labor - for days. Without being able
to sleep or take any pain medication at all - since I was technically still pregnant. I was
put on bed rest and told they didn’t know what was going to happen to the baby. For
days I couldn’t think of anything but the pain and the fear of losing the pregnancy. It was
days of uncertainty and fear. There was hope since my tests would come back ok, but the
heavy bleeding and pain continued. And I couldn’t even pick up our daughter. In the
end I did suffer a miscarriage.

I’ve been afraid of becoming pregnant again since the Halloween attack, for the
fear the same thing could happen. I still have to think about Justin’s rage every day and
deal with the prospect of running into him in our neighborhood and coming here to court
to see him.

I understand how his techniques of scaring and threatening past victims have
worked. And he has faced no consequences for his violence. I fear for what he will
continue to do to us or other people.

We don’t even know the trauma seeing the attack of her daddy has had on Carter.
What type of person does this in front of children?

And now proclaims zero guilt, continually lies, and accuses other honest people of
lying who speak out against him.

Thank you for doing your best to teach Justin this kind of behavior is
unacceptable and not allowed in a civilized society, and there are repercussions.