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us co MOUNT ROYAL Mount Royal University and Medicine Hat College LE Bachelor of Education ee enc aois aaesl X EDUC 3010 Practicum |—Final Student eecber, dean es ee Sealant uae soy une Sra Boschman December 11", 2017 Faculty Supervisor: _Lorel ‘Most student teachers will demonstrate knowledge, skis, and attributes in the "Meeting Expectations” category. ‘Accheckmark in the “Beginning” column indicates that the student teacher's performance is weak but acceptable but in the early slages of development. A checkmark in the "Proficient" column indicates that the stuxient teacher consistently performs at a song level. ‘A checkmark in the “Not Yet Meeting Expectations” column indicates that the student teacher is not yet performing at the minimum level of expectation. Student teachers who are rated as not meeting expectations in two or more outcomes are at risk of failing the practicum. {fan outcome has not been evident or the student teacher has not had an opportunity to demonstrate it, the mentor teacher is asked to identity this as not applicable (NIA). 28 2 | Be 38 a | 8 a2 B18 : = |28] 2] 2] - ayer lel eid B| ¢ z/2)e “L_Uses progfe of sity osetearaing goals x 2, Analyzes resources (2.9. programs of study, teaching materials, textbooks) to select x aprons aching abseice on coi devant Boring expences 3,_Translates outomes info coherent shor range plans De [x 4. Demonstrates understanding of pedagogies appropriate tothe discipline 5. Demonstrates knowledge of leamer development and differences and uses this Knowledge x to plan learning experiences 6. Develops activities and assignments that are clearly aligned with leaming goals, require deep thinking and support student engagement and choice ‘Comments: Groat job Josh forming relationships to build awareness of each student's learning development and differences. Hi 2 3 g |£e 28 3 3s a a | #8 = /28/ | ele 2 se) Fa) § a|3|s éjalé 1. Uses a varity of teaching setegies o engage learer neh leaning experiences X 2. ncoortes the acer se of dtl ecincoies z 3. Commurises and monlor igh and achievable expecalons Woden finaly gage ne 4 Seals student undestandr ncding knowledge, sil, an Satis x 3. Proves clear epanators wih ch anguegs and examples x 6. Analyzes and responds to student misconceptions x 7. Engages in discussions and inquiry that invite high level thinking and engagement of all I x sesecte E_Pacos esse appropialy bral auderis dng ine fr reeslon and coi 5 Comment: Josh hes done very well with communicating and establishing high expectations. Josh also excelent with checking for naerataning, Yeogon pactng, oxi and lansing acWileeseesrdng to otaionts tearing esas a moray a [iz| 48 g 2 = Pease Ppedlala @|2| 3 fg) 2 Uses assessment ery erer needs and adits rate ou vere way of 5 addressing misunderstandings 2. Develops learner understanding of learning goals and achievement expectations to promote x sot meena 3.__ Provides specific, timely, constructive feedback to help students monitor their own learning x a Students inthe atornoon grade claws have fl comfortable in smal group leering environment to participate, on Sonflenco an self aceues dua luch's math oceans Meeting Expectations g | 2s q ili Bis 3 3 B/ 2 2 [38 f\e ad Identifies and implements specific changes to practice based on reflection and feedback x ffom Mentor Teacher and Faculy Supenisor Engages with colleagues in professional leering x stabishes professionel and ethical elatonships x “4. Demonstrates deep inking by connecting theory fo praclce curing professional x reaction, lesan ets ‘Commonts: From day 4 Josh has shown initiative in promoting a culture of professional inquiry, taking an active role with professional decision making, and analyzing his own professional identity