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sy us, ‘Mount Royal University and Medicine Hat College J a MOU veer A Bachelor of Education DUG 4030 Practicum I~ Midtecm EDUC 4030 Practicum iI Final PRACTICUM II EVALUATION FORM Student teach: Josh Wells School: Ross Glen School Grades/Subject Taught: 6 Mentor teacher: Shelagh Barnes Faculty Supervisor: Jason MoLester Date: April 18, 2019 Most student teachers will demonstrate knowledge, skils, and attributes in the "Meeting Expectations” category, ‘A checkmark in the “Beginning’ column indicates that the student teacher's performance is weak but acceptable. ‘A checkmark in the “Proficient” column indicates that the student teacher consistently performs at a strong level, ‘A checkmark in the "Not Yet Meeting Expectations" column indicates that the student teacher is not yet performing at the minimum level of expectation. Student teachers who are rated as not meeting expectations during Practicum I! in two or more outcomes are at risk of not receiving eredit for EDUC 4030, ‘A checkmark in the “Demonstrating a Standard of Excellence’ is reserved for the small number of student teachers who are performing at an exceptional level during the current assessment period. Mentor teachers should use discretion when using this rating fan outcome has not been evident or the student teacher has not had an opportunity to demonstrate it, the ‘mentor teacher is asked to identily this as not applicable (N/A). PLANNING FOR LEARNING ‘Student teachors are expected to demonstrate consistantly that they understand: ‘@. contextual variables affect teaching and learning. ‘¢. the purposes of the Guide to Education and programs of study germane to the ‘specialization or subject disciplines they are prepared to teach, d. the subject disciplines they teach. 4. the purposes of short, medium and long term range planning. Meeting Expectations Not Yet Meeting Excellence Expectations ing Not applicable Domonstrating a Standard of Developing Proficient Uses programs of study to setlearing goals | 2. Analyzes resources (e.g. programs of study, teaching materials textbooks) f select appropriate teaching sirategies and design relevant learning exparlences, '3._Translates outcomes into coherent short, medium and long range pian. x ‘Demonsivales understanding of pedagogies appropriate to the discipline t x 5. Demonstrates knowledge of learner development and diferences and uses this x knowledge to plan learning experiences, ‘6. Develops activities and assignments that are clearly aligned with leaming goals, require x deep thinking and support student engagement and choice, 7._Pians for multiple paths to learning for incviuals and groups of earners. x ‘Comments Understanding the importance and the purpose of shor-cange planning will help Josh's pedagogy to develop and excel. After reflection and assessment ofthe day's learning the next day's plans need lo change depensing on your learnars needs. FACILITATING LEARNING ‘Student teachers are expacted fo demonstrate consistently that they understand: Bs 2 @, all students can learn, albolt at cltferent rates and In diforant ways, ae 3 |L there are many approaches to teaching and learning. Po lee 18 ||. the functions of traditional and electronic teaching/learning technologies. gs | @ a k. the purpose of student assessment. 3s |28 | 2 ‘m, _ student learning 's enhanced through the use of home and community | | F8 | a | | g resources, B [sh]? |2 & PM ElEVE]E P/E /2|5 8 ‘Uses a varely of teaching statevies to engage learners nish Ieaming experiences. | Z_Incorprates the appropriate use of dita technologies. x | 8. Comuictes and monte igh and atiovebie exedaons nade Herdly x language. 4. Scafokds sudent understanding ineuding enowiedge, sks, and evelegies ix '5._ Provides clear explanations witch language end examples ix 6._Anelyzes and responds to student isconcepton. ix 7 Ergaues in cisions and inayat nie igh evel Winking a sgagarent fal Tx students. | 8.__ Paces lessons appropriately for all students including time for reflection and closure. lx ‘comments ‘The website created, to assist the two classes, alowed the students easier access to necessary websites. As the class transitions to middle school, are there other technotogias the students would have benefited accessing? 3. ASSESSING LEARNING = z ‘Studont toachers are expected to demonstrate consistently that they understand: 2 $ kc the purposes of student assessment and how to assess the range of learning | 2 | Ee a. ‘objectives by selecting and developing a variety of techniques and | § ag ae instruments. 2 oe e |38 3 2 [S28] » 2 {dh 3 |3d/2 aig ? Ble z Ear +. Uses assessments to ently lernerneads and adjusts Instucon to edo varied ways Tx of acossng meuncersanto, | Creates multipte and varied assessment toois that align with outcomes. I 3, Develops leamer understanding of learning goals and achievement expectations to x promote seltmonitoring, | | 4.” Provides specific, imely, constructive feedback io help students monitor thelr own | L x | learning | 3 Reticis on assosemont data wih atudenis, parents and coleagves. x I ‘comments Ensuring to have some form of summative assessment, combined with formative assessment along the way, al the end of a concept vl help ‘Josh to know when itis time to move on or whether he needs to re-teach a concept. CREATING A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT si | 223 23 5. Student teachers are expected to demonstrate consistently that they understand: 22/323 32 3° students’ need for physical, social, cultural and psychological security. & | 7575 é Tir the importance of respecting students human aignly ping Beginning Proficient 4. Makes reasoned and fair decisions n response to contexival variables (e.g, gander, SES, culture). 2. Plans a classroom environment that is physically, socially, culturally end psychologically ‘3. Greates and manages effective classroom routines and procedures to ensure positive student behavior. 4. Greates a respectful and ethical learning communiy that encourages learners to take risks, build ust, embrace dversy, and inerease salf-confidence ‘Comments Josh was respectful tothe diverse needs in the classroom. Finding effective classroom procedure Student behavior. es that wi tk fr im, wall help ensure pos ASSUMING PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND ESTABLISHING PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. ‘Student teachers are expected fo demonstrate consistently that they understand: . the structure of the Alberta education system, |. the importance of engaging parante, purposefully and meaningful, in all aspects of teaching and learning. 1, the importance of contributing, Independently and collegialy, to the quality of thelr school. ‘0. the importance of career-long learning. 'P. the importance of guiding their actions with a personal, overall vi purpose of teaching. Z Not applicable Mosting Expectations Not Yet Meeting Expectations Beginning Developing Identifies and implements specie changes to practice based on reflelion and feedback {com Mentor teacher and Faculty Supervisor. 2. Understands the expectations of teachers in Alberta (code of conduct, eganizatonal structure, growth plans). Collaborates with teachers, paren leamers, and community mambars Engages with coleagues in professional learning. Establishes professional and ethical relationships. Demonstrates deep thinking by connecting theory to practice during professional reflection, lesson ertiques. ‘Comments