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You Dare to Dream…We care to make you achieve it..

Education moulds a man in all aspects and makes him complete and ready to fight with the world.
Knowledge is a weapon to conquer the world and make the world know you by your intelligence and
courage. Since from the ancient times, education is valued and worshipped in a country like our
INDIA. But the sad part of the education system prevailing now is...Only the merit students are
recognized and the weak and average students are always measured based on their performance.

This degradation de-motivates the weak and average children and never gives them the confidence
to prove themselves. Hence we come with a helping hand to those students who are in need of
reminding their own strengths and capacity to themselves. We evoke them to dream big and achieve
it with the help of our learning methods.

Comparison is a Curse in the Education System

Yes, comparison between the students acts as a termite in the world of education. Every child is
gifted with his own abilities and interests and is never similar to the next sitting child. Evaluation
should be done for the students in order to know his individual progress in studies but not
comparison. Sometimes, comparison when implemented in a healthy way boosts up the confidence
in children but rarely we see very few institutions following that. But our focus here is to bring the
average, below average and weak students to the limelight and show the power of them to the

About US:
In the year 2012, CEO of Cithakomala Publishers, Ramesh Ojjala has given seeding to this great idea
of imparting the confidence into the slow learners and makes them held their heads high in the
society. The struggle of slow learners has inspired him to take this wonderful campaign ahead. His
team struggled for a period of complete 5 years and finally the hard work and effort got recognized
by the results of his pilot project which he had run on govt schools as an experiment to test his
approach. This project furnished tremendous results and applaud from both the students and
teachers. Parents were extremely happy by seeing the change in their child’s performance.

Now, Ramesh along with a wonderful supporting highly educated team is ready to change the future
of many students by leading them to the path of success.

Lets get into detail….

1 Motto
To eradicate the word, weak and average students from the education system and make every
student bright and confident and to stop the discrimination based on academic results on the

2 Goals
 There should be a drastic decrease in the number failing students in the academics by the
year 2020 in Telangana region.
 Imparting practical knowledge to the students without any mental stress.

3 Targets
 Average and below Average students.
 Mindset of Educational institutions both govt and private organisations.
 Student deaths due to the academic failures

4 Inspirations and Approaches

 Chanakya’s method of teaching
 4th century BC Traditional learning
 Student’s fight towards tough academic syllabus.
 Increasing literacy in backward and remote area.s

5 Partners and Promoters

 Tv9
 Cithakomala publications
 All govt schools
 Sri chaitanya educational institutions
 Few Private schools

6 Achievements
 Successfully published and promoted two books on students exam preparation and
confidence build up tips.
 Successfully experimented our teaching strategy in Govt schools and won a heartful
 Won the hearts of students for our method of teaching
 Brought 100% pass percentage results in our experiments
 Had collaborated with the media king TV9 as a promotional partner
 Successful filed our achievements for the Guinness Book of World Records.

7 Planning Strategies
 Lively interaction with the students through our own methods
 Continuous feedback from the students, Teachers and parents
 Engaging a student in his own developmentsl observations
 Designing the academics based on student’s level of approach
 Implementing traditional way of learning and teaching
 100 % practical learning sessions
 Involvement of parents in student’s development.

8 Interacting Classes to bring out the best from the students

We designed 8 initial mock classes for the students especially for slow learners and average students
in order to bring out the best from them while knowing the fears and phobias simultaneously.

These classes include complete interaction with the student and we will ask them to give continuous
feedback from their end which help us in improving the upcoming sessions.

9 Workshops
After the successful completion of 8 interacting classes, we have drafted 9 workshops for the
students which require 9 sessions for them to attend to prove to themselves that they can easily
learn any subject and pass with the flying colours.

10 Working Principles
 Believing in every child and student that they are no way less than when compared to
 Strive hard to preserve the child’s innocence and tenderness while nourishing them with
 We design our own academic books without deviating from the subject and its concept.
 We always stick to our promises and rules.
 An open challenge to prove our promise and dare to expose the actual results.
 To gain the faith and confidence among the students, teachers and parents.
 To take our mission into the society to the maximum extent.
 To be the first platform to showcase the slow learners talents and spirit.
 To increase the quality of education and decrease the stress on student’s mind.
 To increase the pass percentile of each and every educational institution from school level to
post graduation level.

It is never too late to bring on a new change into the society which can yield
good results. Your support is our prosperity and your feedback is our
improvement. Lets together bring on the smile on the future generations.
A Helping Hand to the Hand in need…

CithaKomala Publications