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No. lSSPSC/E-9/2016-2017 Dated Guwahati, the 30 th January, 2019

The following examinations/viva-voce interviews are tentatively scheduled
for t he year 2019

SI. Month/Date(s) of Month/ Date(s)

Written of Viva-voce
No. Name of Examination
Exam/Screening /Personality Remarks
Test Test

1. Lecturers in DIET in various 11th, 18th, 19th,2

categories under !StI 24th I 25 th & Result Declared
Education( Elementary) on 28th
Deptt (English/Foundation January/2019
of Education) January/2019
Lecturers in DIET in various l1 th I lihI 13th &
categories under 14th
Education( Elementary)
Deptt PSTE (Mathematics) February/2019
Subject to
Sr Scientific Officer and Jr
receipt of
3. Scientific Officer under March
clearance from
Director of Forensic Science
Hon'ble Court.
Audit Officer under Assam 22nd, 24th, 25th&
4. Local Fund Audit
28th January/2019
Service(promotion) Exam
Assam Finance Service- 20th & 27th
under Finance January/2019 June
Asstt Geologist under Mines 16th March
6. February/2019
and Minerals Deptt

24th & 26th

Forest Ranger under February/2019 &
7. Environment and Forest 04thI June
Deptt oath, 10th, 13th, i sth
& lih March/2019

Junior Information Officer March

8. under I&PR Deptt April

Senior Information Officer March

9. April
under I&PR Deptt
10. HYD Examination March

Asstt Engineer((), PHE April July


12. A. E, PHE(C/Mech/E/Ch), April Advt. Issued

Block Development Officer April August
13. under P&RD deptt Advt. Processed
Month/Date(s) of Month/Date(s)
SI. Written of Viva-voce
Name of Examination
No. Exam/Screening /Personality Remarks
Test Test

ADO under Agriculture May Do

Asstt Prof Engineering
Colleges/Polytechnics of June & August
15. September
Assam under Education
Hiqher(Technical) Deptt
16. CCE(M),2018 July

17. AE(C) under WR Deptt Advt. Issued

Tourist Information Officer Advt. Processed

under Tourism Deott
Research Asstt under Urban Advt. Issued
Development Deptt.
Research Asstt under T&D Under Query
21. Inspector of Statistics Do
22. CDPO under Labour Welfare Advt. Processed
23. JE( C) under WR Deptt Under Query
Lecturer in Hindi in LKRB
24. State College of Music under Do
Cultural Affairs Deptt
Asstt Director in Cultural Do
Affairs Deptt
Jr Apprenticeship Adviser
26. under Skill Empl & Do
Entrepreneurship Deptt
Research Asstt Home &
27. Do
Political Deptt

Home Guards under Home &

28. Do
Political Deptt

29. Asstt. Inspector of Schools(!)

Asstt. Inspector of
30. Subjudice
ACF under Env. & Forest
Withdrawn by
32. AE under PWD(R)
Asstt. Accounts Officer under No. proposal
Finance Deptt.l received
Lecturer in Arts & Crafts
34. Advt. Processed
under Cultural Affairs Deptt;
Asstt. Director of Cottage
Industries & Quality control
officer under Industries & Under query
Commerce Deptt.

Month/Date(s) of Month/Date(s)
SI. of Viva-voce
Name of Examination Written
No. /Personality Remarks
Test Test

Functional Manager/Project
36. Manager/Dy. Director under Under query
Industries & Commerce

Class -I Officer (Jr. Grade) in

various rank of Dairy
37. development , Assam under Under query
Animal husbandry & Vety.

1. The Tentative schedule is subject to receipt of requisitions on time

wherever applicable.
2. The Tentative Schedule may change depending on various factors beyond
control of the Commission.
3. The exact dates of written examination/screening test/ viva-voce
interview/ personality test will be announced at a later stage providing
adequate time to candidates to appear. The dates of viva-voce/personality
tests for written examinations/screening tests to be held will be
subsequently notified.
4. The schedule is prepared by giving due consideration to urgency of the
requirement, number of applications received / candidates short listed and
availability of venues in view of tests conducted by the UPSC/SSC/UGC etc.
5. Depending on the availability of time and man power, there may be some
more Examinations/Screening tests/Personality tests during the year for
which requisitions are likely to be received and against which queries of
various nature are now pending; therefore, the schedule may change.
6. Latest updates regarding current status of the tentative schedule will be
available at

Se retary
Assam Public S rvice Commission
ff Jawaharnagar, Khanapara, Guwahati-22