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To: Marie Hampstead, Joan Green, and Mark Southford
From: Helen Sorrell
Re: Advertisement
Date: March 1st
I am sending you all the first draft of the new advertisement for the summer cruises promotion campaign that we will be Think a cruise is just for grandpa and grandma? Think
running in major newspapers and magazines throughout April and May. Please check through the copy and give me your again!
feedback, which I will send to the advertisement team responsible for this particular campaign. When you read through Cruizin Cruise now has cruise just for people like you.
the advertisement, there are several things that I would like you to consider. It would be most helpful if you could refer to No one is over 30, and there is no shuffleboard or
all of these in your feedback comments: bingo. You’ll be parasailing, swimming with dolphins,
– Use of images: How do you think our target clients will respond to these? Will they appeal to the 20-30 age group that and partying all night. We welcome both couples and
we hope to attract? single passengers-singles can sign up for our on-board
– Promotion of text to images: Is the advert too text-heavy, or have we achieved a good balance of words to pictures? speed dating service.
– Text content: Is it easy for people to extract the information they need quickly? Is the vocabulary we have chosen No boring museum and walking tours: enjoy all night
appealing to this age group? Will they identify with the message, or do we need to use more colloquial expression and beach raves in the party capital of the world, Ibiza, and
slang? Or have we used too much slang, and will it seem that we are in fact aiming at a younger teenaged audience? dance to top international DJs.
Let me have you thoughts by March 4th. I’ll arrange a meeting as soon as I have read everyone’s feedback. Many thanks. Call 091-993-4453 for more information or check out
our website at
What is the purpose of this memo? Who do Cruizin When will the What may happen if the company uses too much Who among the following would be
A. To advertise a cruise company Criuses hope to attract? campaign be run? slang in the advertisement? interested in this cruise?
B. To elicit feedback on an A. Elderly people A. Next year A. People might feel the company wants to A. Someone interested in museums and
advertisement B. Teenagers B. In the summer attract only very young customers. art galleries
C. To give feedback on an C. People in their 20s C. In April and B. People will think the company has poor B. Someone who enjoys nightclubs and
advertisement D. Young families May writing skills. parties
D. To advertise a job on a cruise D. March 4th C. The text will be difficult to read. C. Someone who enjoys sightseeing tours
ship D. No one will be interested in the advertisement. D. Someone who wants a quiet getaway
FAX Question 1: What is the purpose of this fax?
To: John Andersen, Andersen Components A. To place an order B. To cancel an order
From: Max Green, Herbert Rails C. To confirm an order D. To ask for advice
Re: Cancellation of order
Date: March 23nd Question 2: What had Herbert Rails expected to receive?
Dear John, A. A contract to work for a private railway
I have bad news, I’m afraid. We are going to have to cancel the order for the 5000m of electric B. 5000m of electric cables C. Some bad news D. A reward
cables, 5000 nuts and bolts, and the 50 bolt cutters which was placed yesterday morning. We had
expected to be awarded a contract to lay rails for a new private railway, but at the last minute, they Question 3: Which of the following can be inferred from the fax?
gave the contract to someone else. Sorry for the inconvenience. A. Max Green has never contacted John Andersen before.
B. Max Green is interested in computers.
Sincerely, C. Max sent the fax too late.
Max D. Max Green and John Andersen already know each other.
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