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This edition of the Globe Times shows off all of the
programs and activities at Southwest’s backyard,
Bartram’s Garden. By reading the different articles,
you will see the hard work that is being done and
you will see how welcoming the staff is to the com-
munity. You can borrow fishing rods and bikes for a
couple of hours. So read through this special edition
and get inspired to visit this beautiful and unique
Southwest treasure.
- The Editor

Getting to Know Bartram’s Garden!

Exclusive Home of Party Grits Come play at Bartram’s Garden! Free and fun for everyone.
inspired by Chef Reeky By Aseel Rasheed a free loaner fishing rod or let you learn first-hand about the experience
The Kitchen Magician

borrow a pair of binoculars for bird- that local high school students are hav-
6517 Elmwood Avenue f you are at Bartram’s Garden, ing. They have all the information you ing on the Sankofa Community Farm.
215-921-9915 always try to make the Welcome might be looking for and they are great If you ask, one of them may give you a
Sun: 8 am —3:30 pm Center your first stop. Get to know to talk to. tour of the African Diaspora Garden
Mon: Closed Tahnisha and Mary who keep the shop On a weekend, you might want to they are growing there.
Tues—Sat: 8 am — 10 pm running seven days a week from April get know our farmers, Ty, Chris, and Gardeners are working every day through December. They can let you Qiana, and our youth crew by coming
Instagram @rhythmandbrunch know the most recent happenings at out for 2nd and 4th Saturday volunteer GETTING TO KNOW
the Garden and can set you up with days. This will give you a chance to CONTINUES ON PAGE 5
2 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

IN THIS GLOBE ISSUE… Celebrate Springtime at Bartram’s Garden

1 Getting to Know Bartram’s Garden By Maitreyi Roy cent segment of the Schuylkill River

2 Celebrate Springtime at Bartram’s Garden trail, which should be completed next
2 Healing Together at Sankofa Community Farm here’s something magical about spring. This bridge will offer a wonder-
3 Connecting Southwest Green Spaces the springtime: new life peeks ful new way for bikers and pedestrians
3 DJ Osagie’s “Vibrations” Summer Series out of the ground, trees fill with from across the river to come visit the
4 A Change in the Heat song, the warm sun wakes us from a Garden, as well as for our neighbors to
4 Fish Tales: An Interview with a Southwest Angler gray winter slumber. It’s a busy time connect with the rest of the city!
5 Want to Grow Food at Home? here at Bartram’s Garden, and we’re so We’ve also unveiled plans to con-
6 They Left Seeds excited to share our hard work with struct a mussel hatchery here on the
6 The Pawpaw: Tropical Tastes you. Tidal Schuylkill River. Freshwater
7 Free Kayaking and Rowboating
When you visit, be sure to take time mussels support river health by filtering
8 Saving Seeds at Bartram’s Garden
to enjoy the beautiful spring blooms large amounts of pollutants from the
throughout the Garden. The native water, and this hatchery, built in col-
8 Workshops for the Artist in All of Us Executive Director Maitreyi Roy at Bartram’s Garden.
azaleas and historic tulip collection are laboration with the Partnership for the
8 African Diaspora Garden at Sankofa
making a statement that’s hard to miss! riding workshops, free tune-ups, and Delaware Estuary, will be able to pro-
9 Outdoor Learning for Everyone
Meanwhile the bluebells, silverbells, Bikes & Boats events every 3rd Satur- duce millions of these mollusks. Even
9 Fish the Tidal Schuylkill
and Persian lilies bloom more subtly, day. The Bicycle Coalition will maintain better, the hatchery will include teach-
9 Find Life All Around at a BioBlitz but are worth seeking out. For a fun our fleet of bikes here at the Garden so ing space for local students to come and
10 Bringing up Kings and Queens surprise, pay a visit to the Carolina anyone can join in the fun, even if you learn more about the watershed.
10 Healthy Recipe: Quick Greens allspice shrub, whose dark flowers give don’t have your own bike. It’s an exciting time at the garden!
10 Building Together Across Cultures off a fruity scent. Have you noticed the enormous Whether you come to boat, fish, farm,
11 Bartram’s Garden at a Glance You’ll find lots to do in the Garden crane next to the Grays Ferry Bridge? see a movie, hear music, or simply
12-13 Map of Bartram’s Garden this season. We’ve partnered with the It’s a sign of great things to come! Con- enjoy the beauty of nature (and we
14 There’s Room for All at Bartram’s Garden Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadel- struction is underway on a new swing hope you’ll try it all), Bartram’s Garden
15 Glover’s Gardens Grow in Southwest phia for some exciting programs in- bridge that will connect the Bartram’s is your backyard. We can’t wait to see
15 Planning with our Community cluding neighborhood bike rides, adult Mile trail with the Grays Ferry Cres- you here.

Healing Together at Sankofa Community Farm

16 Special $2 Tickets for Bartram’s Garden Tour
16 Volunteer at Bartram’s Garden
18 Future Use if Eastwick Public Lands
By Sadé Black states: it is grown and sold right here
18 Bartram High Adds to Wall of Fame

in the Southwest community. The
18 It’s Still Tax Season: Protect Yourself
y name is Sadé Black and farm is a place where people can feel
20 Story Reading Time at Mitchell Elementary
I am a youth farmer at the safe and confident that the food they
20 Rep. McClinton Expungement Clinic
Sankofa Community Farm are consuming is not going to harm
21 Mastery Shoemaker High Holds Career Day at Bartram’s Garden. I first found out them because we don’t use pesticides
22 Coming Up about the farm during my freshman or other chemicals when growing
24 Grow It Yourself year of high school when my teacher our produce. The food our neighbors
Mr. Thomas referred me. My first day consume is grown with time, love,
I was very nervous and I didn’t know and by people who are dedicated to
anyone except my friend Lamiyah. I food justice and justice for the com-
remember being embarrassed about munity.
The Southwest Globe Times is a publication of
Southwest Community Development Corp.,
working on a farm because I was Southwest Philadelphia deserves
6328 Paschall Avenue, afraid of what people were going to say healthy, organic produce. This kind
Philadelphia, PA 19142. and I don’t like being judged. of food is hard to find in our com-
6,000 copies are distributed free Working at the farm I have learned Youth leader Sadé Black in the crop fields at the munity and wasn’t available nearby or
in Southwest Philadelphia bi-weekly on
alternate Fridays.
about responsibility, the history of my Sankofa Community Farm. PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK at affordable prices until the Sankofa
people, and how to move forward in Community Farm came along.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Publisher reserves the
right to accept or reject any advertising or
life. I think learning about what the taught to young black kids in public The Sankofa Community Farm is
opinions submitted. Advertising rates farm represents, Sankofa, has helped school. I believe the farm is a place to a family of youth and elders working
available by request. me understand important things feel your ancestors and to communi- together to heal the Southwest com-
PUBLISHER: Mark Harrell about my history that are not taught cate with them about how grateful we munity. Working on the farm is one
Steve Kuzmicki
Ronald Abella
in school. This includes information are through the food we grow. of the greatest experiences I have ever
SALES: Jackson Adams about black inventors and heroes that The food we grow does not get put had and I would not choose to be a
aren’t included in history books or in boxes and shipped off to other part of any other community.
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 3

Connecting Southwest Green Spaces

Through Transportation
By Chloe Wang of marsh-side trails and spot Spring Fest over the weekend of

migrating birds. Each site has April 27 and 28! See the schedule
artram’s Garden, Cobbs its own distinct landscape and to plan your visit.
Creek Community Envi- programs, and there’s so much to We hope to find ways to con-
ronmental Center, and the see and learn by visiting all three! tinue improving transportation
John Heinz National Wildlife All within 5 miles of each other, access, so that visitors can easily get
Refuge at Tinicum are amazing these places are part of the same to our sites from throughout the
Southwest Philadelphia re- neighborhood ecosystem. Southwest community on a regular
sources! They provide access to To reduce transportation bar- basis. At the Garden, we are work-
public green space for gathering, riers on weekends when all are ing with the Bicycle Coalition of
relaxation, exercise, and a wide hosting special events, Bartram’s Greater Philadelphia to offer more
array of free and low-cost pro- Garden, Cobbs Creek, and Heinz bike programming this season, and
grams. At Bartram’s Garden, you have periodically arranged a free we may venture further afield in
can boat and fish for free on the yellow bus service to provide rides the future to lead guided bike rides
Tidal Schuylkill River; at Cobbs between their locations with ad- to John Heinz and Cobbs Creek!
Creek, participate in family- ditional stops at partner recreation If you have other ideas for how
friendly guided nature activities centers and schools in Southwest. we could collaborate to improve
along a creek and wetland; and The next community shuttle will access, contact Chloe at cwang@
at Heinz, explore over 10 miles be running during the Southwest

DJ Osagie’s “Vibrations” Summer Series

Brings New Artists to Southwest
By LJ Brubaker

outhwest Philly DJ Osagie is
back with a new concert series
called Vibrations, happening
this summer at Bartram’s Garden.
Osagie plans to bring in new, rising,
and established artists of color from
New York City, Atlanta, and else-
where to share their art with Phila-
delphia’s own artists and audiences.
Some concerts will features
bands and artists, while others will
highlight DJs. “The idea is to raise
awareness of good music,” says
Osagie. “It’s very simple!”
More than just an opportunity
to hear some great music, Osagie
hopes Vibrations will help new
and local artists build connections Last year, Osagie’s featured artists September 17, and November 21.
with more established and well- included Brooklyn-born Melanie Make sure to follow Bartram’s Gar-
connected artists and promoters Charles, experimental hip hop artist den and Osagie on social media for
from around the country. He hopes DistantStarr, and local Philly artist the latest information: @bartrams-
performers and attendees alike Bodega Brown. This year he hopes garden and @_osagie_og on Insta-
will leave the concerts more inter- to keep these artists involved while gram; and
twined with other artists and other expanding the field even more. on Facebook; Osagie’s
scenes, going on to create new work Concerts are slated for the eve- music can be found at soundcloud.
through collaboration. nings of May 21, June 18, July 25, com/osagiebeats
4 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

A Change in the Heat:

Bartram’s Garden Welcomes You to Brand-New Greenhouses
By Dan Feeser to the public. These plants speak to

both the history of plant exploration
uring the late 1700s, green- and the current interests of the South-
houses at Bartram’s Garden west community. The plants grown in
were heated by burning wood the greenhouse are sold through the
in an iron furnace. The furnace was Bartram’s Garden nursery and support
called the Franklin Stove, named the preservation of the landscape and
after its creator, Benjamin Franklin. community programs!
The stove radiated heat from its iron Don’t miss our spring plant sale on
structure but could only store heat for Saturday, April 27 from 10:30 am to
a short time and had no vents to allow 4pm, where you will find delicious
the fire to breathe. Over two hundred herbs, pollinator plants, vegetables,
years have passed and the technol- shrubs, and trees. Some of these
ogy and efficiency of greenhouses has Plants of all kinds will be available for sale on April 27! Find veggies and herbs, houseplants, and beautiful plants were grown in your own back-
come a long way. shrubs and trees. yard at Bartram’s Garden. We hope to
Bartram’s Garden is excited to an- growing season in a temperature-con- between them for insulation. With this see you there!
nounce that it has modernized its trolled setting. The new Bartram’s Gar- new structure, our horticulturists are Bartram’s Garden would love to hear
greenhouse capabilities, which will den Greenhouse is heated with electric able to increase the number of cultur- your ideas! Go to this link to let us
give the Garden’s horticulturists and heaters and is covered with two layers ally significant plants that are grown know what you are interested in seeing
farmers the ability to extend their of plastic that have air circulating in for planting in the Garden and for sale at the Bartram’s Garden plant sale.

Fish Tales: An Interview with A Southwest Angler

What is your name and age? I enjoy the easy access to the water
Ismailiah, 42 we have. We were able to take advan-
Do you live or have you lived in tage of community boating days at
Southwest Philadelphia? If so, for Bartram’s Garden. We’ve been able
how long? to expose inner city youth to fishing
I have lived in the Southwest, Cobbs at Nature Days at John Heinz. When
Creek, and West Philly area my whole you’re down by the water, it’s almost
life. like you’ve been transported back in
When did you first learn to fish? How time and far away from the hustle and
did you learn? bustle of the city.
I learned how to fish with the Girl What would you like people who
Scouts as a child at Tinicum. We made haven’t gone fishing in the city to
fishing rods out of fallen branches and know?
used canned corn for bait. Be open-minded. Fishing can be a
What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever valuable tool. You’d be able to feed
caught on the Schuylkill? your family in a pinch, if you needed
I caught catfish as a youngster. Recent- to. There’s a great community of fish-
ly, my luck hasn’t been that great on erman who were willing to help me
the Schuylkill. As a Cub Scout leader, out and answer my questions. And
I’ve had some better luck in other wa- being on and near the water and real-
terways when we’ve taken the Scouts izing that its health and cleanliness is
out on the water. tied to our ability to eat the fish was
Catch a fish of your own at Bartram’s Garden! PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY MS. ISMAILIAH.
Do you like to eat fish? mind-blowing. The litter, chemicals,
I’m a catch and release fisherman. I do and pollution from humans and pol- fishing. My son once got a hook stuck Scouting skills to good use.
like fish sautéed with lemon and butter lution from the oil factories all play a in his hand. It was extremely painful Anything else you’d like to share?
though. role. but he had to practice how to calm I think all our natural resources are
Why do you enjoy fishing on the Do you have a favorite story or down, find a grown-up to help him, underutilized. I hope you can shed
Schuylkill? What’s your favorite memory from fishing here? and administer first aid in the out- light on the gems we have right in our
thing about fishing here? I think you learn a lot about yourself doors. It was something that put all his backyard.
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 5

GETTING TO KNOW tor, Maitreyi, in all corners of the

CONTINUES FROM PAGE 1 Garden—look for her big hat and let
her know what you like to do in the
to maintain the large variety of plants Garden! Or take a picture and tag it
that are in the Garden. Ever wonder #bartramsgarden: LJ handles all our
what a plant’s name or story is? Feel communications and marketing (like
free to say hello to a gardener when this special issue!), and if you get a re-
they are out working with their plants: ally good shot, they might repost it on
Tom, Mandy, Katie, Dan, Ryan, Ma- our feeds.
rissa, and Haley will be happy to share Annemarie oversees all our finances
their knowledge with you. and staffing, and you can talk to An-
If you have been attending Arts & drea if you are interested in hosting a
Culture programs here at the Garden, special event at Bartram’s Garden. Or
you may have already met Zach and I hope you will take one soon. Tickets you can come to one of our special
Shanna. They manage all movie nights, are only $2 for Southwest residents events or volunteer days, which are
workshops, and cultural events at the and you will have an opportunity to run by June, to have fun and help sup-
Garden. Are you an artist in Southwest talk with one of our tour guides, Hedy port the Garden at the same time. Not
looking to bring your work to the Gar- and Heather (or me, Aseel!), about the a party person or a volunteer but still
den? Pass your suggestions on to Zach history of the Garden and Southwest want to contribute? You can talk to
and Shanna. They are always looking Philly or about the research projects Caroline about making a donation or
for ways to highlight Southwest talent. we have going on. to Alison about joining as a Bartram’s
Do you have great ideas on how to And if you ever wanted to know Garden member. And any time you’re
strengthen your Southwest community more about Bartram’s Garden or about here, you’ll see Bill, Dave, and Ahmed,
or get more people involved here at the history of Southwest, you are wel- who make sure that all our 45 acres are
Bartram’s Garden? Talk to Sophia, who come to schedule a visit to our archive. clean and safe.
manages all our community partner- Joel, our historian, is full of knowledge We look forward to getting to know you!
ships and organizes events like bike about the history of the neighborhood.
rides, public meetings, and more. There is so much that he can share.
When you are down by the river The students in your life will love
boating and fishing, say hello to Dani- meeting Leslie and Marion, who run
elle, Chloe, and Joanne! They run the all our school programming as well as
river programs at the dock. If you have library visits, homeschool, and Little
a chance, ask Chloe about her water Explorer toddler lessons. They know
testing work or Joanne about the youth where to find all the hidden stories of
crew she is leading on the river. the Garden that are only at eye-level
If you have never taken a tour of the for children.
Garden or of the historic house on site, You’ll find our executive direc-
6 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

They Left Seeds The Pawpaw:

Tropical Tastes in
Southwest Philadelphia
By Katie Jacoby

long the paths
of the wilder-
ness quarter at
Bartram’s Garden, North
America’s largest edible
fruit grows on the deli-
cate limbs of the Pawpaw
Tree. You won’t find this
fruit in the produce aisle
at your local grocery
store: it’s far too delicate
to transport and its seasonality make it a rare
find. And there is guaranteed competition for
the delicious fruit of this tree: possums, rac-
coons, squirrels, and even birds are known to
Students at Sankofa Community Farm sort through seed packets in preparation for the growing season. devour them.
By Christopher Bolden-Newsome This year 2019 marks the 400th an- delicious and wholesome African and The fruit itself is sweet and highly nutritious.

niversary of the arrival of the “20 and African American recipes from field to It has a unique exotic flavor that resembles a
handful of seeds taken roughly odd” Africans and the germination of plate, practicing public speaking, and combination of banana, mango, and pineapple.
and scattered . . . a new people, “African Americans.” learning spiritual survival practices of Early European explorers in the United States
Virginia history records that Throughout the U.S. and in Ghana, freedom songs and spiritual intention learned about the Pawpaw from Native Ameri-
twenty Africans––likely human cargo West Africa, celebrations and com- on the land. Our community elders cans, who knew about eating and cultivating the
from a Portuguese or Spanish slave ship memorative events are being held all participate as teacher/students and gar- fruit. The Pawpaw even saved Lewis & Clark
waylaid by pirates––arrived in James- this year and into 2020 to raise aware- deners in the Sankofa community gar- from starvation on their journey westward.
town, Virginia in 1619. Some evidence ness of what is being called the “Year den where they build lasting relation- Bartram’s Garden has two Pawpaw patches.
supports that these Africans were possi- of Return” for African Americans. For ships around learning (or re-learning!) They are found growing in the dappled shade
bly Angolans abducted by Spanish slave many, the call of our ancestors will organic techniques, food preservation, of taller trees. Over time, the trees have formed
traders. The Africans were not listed in compel them to retrace our people’s wild foods and medicine and working colonies by sending out suckering roots geneti-
colonial records as enslaved, possibly be- steps by visiting or moving to Africa. with youth. cally identical to the parent tree. The Pawpaw
cause the Spanish baptized all enslaved Indeed, President Akufo-Addo of Gha- This year Sankofa (meaning “go tree does not only provide fruit for us but is also
and the nations of Congo and Angola na has authorized government promo- back and get it”) offers our neighbors a host plant for the zebra swallowtail caterpillar.
were Catholic by the 1500s. Accord- tions of expedited visas, residency, and an opportunity to explore in com- The caterpillars like to munch specifically on
ing to English law in Virginia, baptized land purchase for returnees from the munity what it means to “return” at Pawpaw leaves, and in return, eating Pawpaw
Christians could not be enslaved and Diaspora. Most African Americans, Bartram’s Garden. The evil done over leaves makes the caterpillars taste bad to the
the twenty were legally “free” though however can’t make it to Africa, so how centuries to Black people in the U.S. hungry birds that might otherwise eat them.
they became indentured servants. Some do we “return”? happened in fields where we were In early spring, just as the trees begin to
of the Africans went on to acquire land At Sankofa Community Farm at scattered and stomped; we rightly leaf out, the Pawpaw’s maroon upside-down
and even own slaves themselves along- Bartram’s Garden we are spiritually grieve––even in our gratitude for bell-like flower will emerge, typically between
side the English American occupiers, grounded and focused on the African survival––for all we lost. At Sankofa March and May. Each flower is capable of
assimilating in the newly taken territory Diaspora foodways of our community. Community Farm we believe that it producing several fruits, but they’ll need to be
as foreigners amongst invaders. With For almost a decade we have been is in the same earth where we were pollinated first. In order to set fruit, they’ll need
the exception of a few names, little else practicing the art of return in our harmed that we can find the dig- to be cross-pollinated by a genetically differ-
is known of these original ancestors of community of Southwest alongside nity and identity that the first 20 left ent tree or colony, and that is why we have two
African Americans. We know, however native-born and diasporan Africans as planted for our future. Pawpaw patches. Expect the pale green fruit to
that by 1665, all African-descended well as our allied non-African friends. For more info on Year of Return start turning a yellow hue in the fall. The longer
people were by law enslaved for life in Youth from our neighborhood work activities at Sankofa Community Farm, they ripen, the tastier they will be––if the wild-
every British American colony and state in a focused internship learning and check the Bartram’s Garden website at life doesn’t find them first.
until 1865. teaching natural agriculture, preparing
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 7

Free Kayaking and Rowboating

every Saturday at Bartram’s Garden!
By Danielle Redden unteer gig if you love being out on the

water. If you want to volunteer or have
very Saturday, from April 27 any questions about Saturday Free
through October 19, 11am–3pm, Boating, please email Danielle Redden
we offer free walk-up kayaking at
or rowboating on a quiet stretch of the Where does Saturday Free Boating
Schuylkill River. We have a mixed fleet happen?
of kayaks of all sizes and stable row- All our boating and fishing programs
boats. We also have *trained rowers* happen from the dock & Community
who can take you and your family out Boathouse at Bartram’s Garden, at the
in a boat if you would prefer to not north end of the site on the river. There
row or paddle your own boat! is no vehicle access to the dock, so you
Are you interested in trying boating must walk down the meadow path or
but nervous about getting out on the bike path to get there. You can park in
water? Below we try to answer all your the Visitor Lot near the main entrance
questions about our unique program! at 5400 Lindbergh Blvd or at 51st and
First, the basics. Botanic Avenue. Follow signs for Satur-
No experience or registration is nec- day Free Boating.
essary. All are welcome. This is a walk- Are there other activities at the
up program––show up, sign a waiver, Boathouse on Saturdays?
and we will get you out on the water. There are picnic tables at the Boat-
There is a 30-minute time limit for house, as well as walking and biking
kayaks, 45 minutes for rowboats. There trails leading to and from the river.
are boundaries that we ask you stay We also have fishing rods available for
within so we can monitor everyone on loan at the Welcome Center and bait
the water. available for purchase.
What equipment is provided? Boating is fun for the whole family! Every 3rd Saturday of the month
All the basic equipment you need: you away, and the water won’t make Yes! We are very concerned about the Bicycle Coalition will provide free
a rowboat or kayak, paddle or oars, you sick if you get wet. safety, so we cancel if the river is un- bike rentals and guided rides of the
and life jackets for all ages and sizes. How many people can fit in a safe for boating. This happens in the Bartram’s Mile, a new walking and bik-
Volunteers provide basic instruction rowboat? event of high winds, lightning, exces- ing path along the river. Bikes will be
for new boaters. Up to three adults. sive temperatures, and/or combined available at the Boathouse.
How many people can fit in a kayak? Will I get wet? sewer overflows. Sewer overflows What if I have a physical disability or
Single kayaks can accommodate one Yes! Everyone gets a little wet, espe- happen when there is a rainstorm up mobility issues?
person, up to 300lbs. cially in a kayak. In our 2- or 3-person to 24 hours before Saturday morn- The ramp to the dock is wheelchair-
Tandem kayaks (2- to 3-person kayaks, your seat and legs could get ing. They are unsafe because they accessible; however, we do not have
kayaks) can accommodate either two soaked. The rowboats are much drier, elevate the bacteria levels in the river. an ADA-compliant boat launch (this
adults; an adult and a child; or two but water still finds its way into the Please check our Facebook page or the is coming in 2020!). Our goal at the
adults and a small child, as long as boats. Please dress in clothes you don’t Bartram’s Garden website for any last- Bartram’s Garden Community Boat-
the combined weight does not exceed mind getting wet in. minute updates on cancellations, www. house is to provide a welcoming, safe,
500lbs. Are there any age limits? affirming, and fun experience for
What happens if I tip my kayak? All minors (youth under 18 years What should I wear? everyone. Getting in and out of the
It rarely happens, but kayaks old) must have a waiver signed by a In cooler weather, avoid cotton––no boats requires squatting low and pull-
sometimes tip over. We have trained parent or supervising adult. Boaters jeans! Cotton will not keep you warm ing oneself up, which can be challeng-
volunteer Safety Boaters who will help aged 12 to 17 can be in a rowboat or if it gets wet. It is recommended you ing for people of any ability. Our team
you get back into your boat or back to kayak by themselves, as long as a su- wear synthetic materials, silk or wool. of volunteers and staff will work with
the dock. We have a Safety Chase Boat pervising adult is present. Youth under Avoid wearing heavy boots. Wear a hat you to try to best accommodate your
that is also available to help you out of age 12 must be accompanied by an and sunscreen. needs. If you have any questions about
the water. Everyone wears a life vest adult or by one of our trainer rowers How can I be more involved? accessibility and our programs, please
and they keep you afloat! There are no in any boat. Our programs are run by an amaz- contact Danielle Redden, River Pro-
biting fish in the river or strong cur- Is Saturday Free Boating ever ing team of over 100 trained Boat- grams Manager at danielle@bartrams-
rents that will pull you under or carry cancelled? house Volunteers. This is a great vol- garden.or or 267-243-5231.
8 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

Saving Seeds at Bartram’s Garden

By Mandy Katz be packing our seeds into beautiful delphia twice, for plant collector Sir

envelopes newly designed for us John St. Clair of Delaware’s special
he gardeners at Bartram’s by Heads of State, a Philadelphia collection of tropical plants. Back
Garden are thrilled to once design firm. The packets boast that then, people in the United States
again begin sharing seeds the seeds were grown right here in grew hot peppers as houseplants
from the garden this year after a Southwest Philly! The seeds will be for their beauty. Willing’s Barbados
4-year hiatus! From our garden available for sale in our welcome Pepper grows in full sun in regular
to yours, we offer a selection of center and also through our good garden soil.
wildflowers, annual garden flow- friends at True Love Seeds (true- For the shady garden, we offer
ers, heirloom vegetables, and herbs. True Love Seeds Nicotiana sylvestris, or woodland
We are honored to participate in is a new Philadelphia-based seed tobacco. It’s an annual with white
the age-old collaboration between company specializing in rare, open trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom
plants and people, continuing to pollinated, and culturally important on a tall central stalk. They open
perpetuate important, beautiful, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. at night and sweetly perfume the
and useful plants, along with the This is a mission we can get behind! summer night air. Woodland
multitude of stories that they carry, One of the seeds we are offering tobacco grows up to 5 feet tall and
from generation to generation. is Capsicum annuum, or Willings attracts beautiful sphinx moths to
As plants in our garden begin Barbados Pepper. This chile pepper visit the garden in the evening. It’s
to ripen seeds, we harvest them is native to Barbados. It’s a prolific native to the mountains of Argen-
and store them in paper bags in small hot pepper that grows wild tina and Bolivia. Very easy from
a dry cool place so they can dry there and is a classic ingredient seed, just scatter on the surface of
while we are busy in the garden in Caribbean cooking. The tiny, the soil in a pot indoors or directly
doing other things. Then we invite upward-facing peppers are dark on the soil outdoors.
you, our friends and neighbors, to green, turning bright orange and So please stop over and pick up
come over and help us clean and red as they ripen. Birds love them. some of our seeds for your gar-
pack the seeds for sale in our shop. The plant was given to John Bar- den and help us keep the ancient
Volunteers always are invited to tram in the 1760s by Charles Will- tradition of sharing seeds alive at
leave with packets of seed! We will ing, a man who was mayor of Phila- Bartram’s Garden.

Workshops for the Artist in All of Us

By Heather Rinehart

artram’s Garden has long
served as a realm of creativ-
ity and inspiration. It is a
place where nature, history, and
science come together to form art.
Each year, Artist’s Workshops at
the garden provide an opportunity
for all to enjoy the space in new
and creative ways.
Paint a landscape along the
river, create a wilderness journal,
or build a collaborative sculpture
with living plants. Interested in
birds or botany? Build on the work
done by William Bartram and available this year through our you to hone your skills and make
other influential naturalists to cre- Artist’s Workshops. new materials available at each
ate your own scientific illustration. Whether you are a seasoned class.
Or maybe a night out with friends artist or looking to try something Check the website for a full list
at one of our Paint & Sip events new, these workshops offer a of offerings and prices. Access card
is just what you need to unwind. space to create, collaborate, and holders and Southwest residents
These are just a few of the offerings relax. Our instructors will help are admitted for just $2!
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 9

Outdoor Learning for Everyone Find Life All Around

By Leslie Gale
at a BioBlitz
irt is life! We need
these bugs!” shouted a By LJ Brubaker

fourth-grader on a field
trip to Bartram’s Garden last week. ver wondered how many different kinds
We had been learning about “bugs” of fish there are in a stream? Or plants in
then finding them in the garden: a meadow? Or bugs in a garden? You’re
worms, millipedes, insects, all the not alone! Scientists wonder this kind of thing
small and unconsidered creatures. all the time, too, and are always trying to get an
That young girl made a connection accurate idea of where different species live and
between those creatures munch- how many of them live there.
ing through the dead plants and We may think of scientists as folks in lab coats
enriching the soil for new life. It cooped up in laboratories, but many scientists
reminded me why it’s so important work outside, and these scientists could include
to get kids out of the classroom and you! Scientists rely heavily on information col-
outdoors. Outside, in a green space, lected by people in the general public, whom we
kids make new connections, refresh sometimes call “community scientists.” Com-
their minds, and learn how to feel munity scientists provide an invaluable service,
safe exploring something unfamil- especially when it comes to keeping an eye on
iar. There is magic in something local plant and animal populations.
as simple as feeling the breeze on transportation cost! The educa- libraries with free programs for That’s where the BioBlitz comes in. A BioBlitz
your face, watching a squirrel, or tion team also visits Southwest children. Check your local library. is a project where a group of people examines
running in a meadow that seems schools and offers support for • Mark your calendars for Sunday, a specific area and attempts to document every
infinite. One of things Bartram’s classroom curricula. September 8! HoneyFest will have different kind of plant and animal in that area.
Garden is committed to is creating • Monthly programs are available free activities for all ages! The information gathered in these BioBlitzes
an inviting place to explore, discov- for toddlers and homeschoolers: • Kids can explore the Garden with is very important for understanding the health
er, and play with nature. Find a way exploring the Schuylkill River, their families anytime, seven days of an ecosystem and how that health may be
to explore the outdoors with your making art, the secret lives of a week! changing.
family at insects and plants! To get in touch with our education Anyone can participate in a BioBlitz. All
• We offer free field trips for South- • The Education team travels manager, please send an e-mail to Les- you need is a smartphone or camera and good
west classrooms and cover the to Eastwick and Kingsessing lie Gale at observation skills. By using an app called
iNaturalist, you can upload pictures and location
Fish the Tidal Schuylkill at Bartram’s Garden information for all your sightings to a massive
worldwide database where experts will help
By Danielle Redden the river. BuyAFishingLicense.aspx identify your findings. This information then

The dates for Last Wednesday Youth 16 years and younger do becomes available to anyone seeking to under-
he Tidal Schuylkill River Free Fishing are: not need a fishing license to bor- stand where certain species live, or what kind of
has been a popular site for • May 29th 6-8pm row rods or tackle. creatures live where.
fishing since the times of • June 26th 6-8pm Bait (worms) and hooks are also Bartram’s Garden is hosting a BioBlitz on
the Lenape. Over 40 species of fish • July 31st 6-8pm available for sale in the Welcome Saturday, April 27 from 9am to 4pm. We will have
can be found in this section of the • August 28th 6-8pm Center, April to December! The maps of different habitat areas to explore, as well
river. The most common catches • September 25th 5:30-7:30pm. Welcome Center staff can also help as some volunteer naturalists on site to answer
are catfish, perch, sunfish, and Free Rods and Tackle Boxes you apply for your fishing license. questions and give tips on where to look for cer-
bass. Available for Loan: Want to fish at Our Southwest Fish Off is a Fall tain species. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
On the last Wednesday of every other times but don’t have the nec- fishing derby-style event, where is also hosting a BioBlitz the same weekend: 9am
month from May to September essary equipment? From April to anglers of all experience levels are to 4pm on 4/27, and 10:30am to 12:30pm on
we provide free rods, tackle, bait, December we have rods and tackle welcome to compete. This is a free 4/28. These BioBlitzes are both part of the City
and basic instruction for beginner available for loan, for free to any- event with music, food, and prizes. Nature Challenge, an international competition
and intermediate anglers. This is a one with a fishing license. Fishing Pre-registration is recommended; among cities to see who has the highest biodiver-
drop-in, walk-up event. No fishing licenses can be purchased online we cap registration at 50 partici- sity—the widest variety of plants and animals—in
license is required. These are catch from the PA Fish and Boat Com- pants. This year’s Fish Off is Sunday, their city. Learn more at,
& release events––we will help you mission: https://www.fishandboat. October 6th, 8am–12pm. Register and we’ll see you next weekend!
safely release your catch back into com/Fish/FishingLicense/Pages/ online at
10 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019


Queens with Royal By Nature By Laquanda Dobson

By Kyle Morris

Collards, kale, chard, callaloo––dark, leafy
oyal By Nature is a dy- greens taste great and are super good for you, too!
namic program that Usually, greens get boiled in water for hours, leav-
enables youth to connect ing them tender and tasty. But what do you do
to our royal future with nature when you’re in a rush? Here is a quick, 20-minute
and technology while discover- version for delicious greens packed with healthy
ing who they are and how they nutrients. Remember: A shorter cooking time for
can use their skills to contribute vegetables keeps them healthier to eat!
to society. Last year we were able Royal By Nature is a free summer
to serve 21 young people from program focused on nature, creativity, and INGREDIENTS
Southwest Philadelphia between technology. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY THE ECO • 2 large bunches of chopped greens (enough to fill a sauce pot)
the ages of 6 and 12 years old. FOUNDATION.
• water
They had the opportunity to ally. We look forward to engaging • 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
bike, boat, plant, and enjoy the more young people this summer • ½ cup of vinegar
safety of Bartram’s Garden. They for this free program. • [optional] ½ yellow onion, chopped (red onions work well, too)
learned to grow their own food For more information please • spices (your choice––try cumin, curry, or allspice)
and just get their hands dirty. We contact the Education Culture • 1 Tbs molasses
made tree houses and learned to Opportunities Foundation, also • hot sauce, salt, pepper to taste
put the joysticks down and find known as the ECO Foundation, at • ¼ cup of canola oil
the joy that’s in the sticks, liter- 267.999.9901.
Building Together • Sharp knife
• Cutting board or clean, sturdy flat surface
Across Cultures • Large heavy pot with a lid
• Large spoon or spatula
• Stove or hot plate

1. Wash and chop the greens. With a sharp knife or your hands, separate leaves from
stems. If using, cut stems into ½-inch pieces; set aside. Stack leaves, roll them, and cut
crosswise into ½-inch ribbons. Set aside, keeping separate from stems.
2. Pour ½ cup water into large pot over medium-low heat. Add chopped leaves and
cover with lid. Steam for 10–15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until completely wilted
and tender.
3. Once the greens are cooked, push them to the sides of the pot so that you can sauté in
the middle.
4. Add ¼ cup of canola oil to the middle of the pot. If using onions, add to oil and cook,
stirring occasionally, until they soften and begin to turn translucent. If using greens
stems, add them at the same time as the onions.
AFRICOM leadership at Bartram’s Garden in November. 5. Add chopped garlic to the oil and cook, stirring occasionally.
By Eric Edi beginning of a successful partner- 6. Add spices directly on top of the garlic and cook for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, stir
Executive Director, AFRICOM ship between Bartram’s Garden the greens from the edges of the pot into the spice, onion, and garlic mixture in the

and the Coalition of African center. Stir to combine.
n 2015, Sophia Poe and Justin Communities (AFRICOM). 7. Mix in the vinegar and molasses. Add salt, pepper, and hot sauce to taste.
DiBerardinis, two staff mem- During the meeting, we talked
bers at Bartram’s Garden wel- about the renewed vision to open GROW THAT GREEN!
comed me to a meeting in their the doors of the Garden and Collards, kale, and chard are very tough vegetables. They will grow all summer long
Business Office. We had a very and well into Philly’s cold months. Just 3 collard green plants in the yard can feed you
ambitious conversation but little BUILDING TOGETHER for months!
did I know that it would be the CONTINUES ON PAGE 15


1 Welcome C
2 Barn

3 Apiary

4 Meadow

5 Riverfront & Community Boathouse IL
6 Public Boatt Dock
7 Coach House
u and Stables
8 Seed House
Hous 17 Cider Mill 3
9 Ann Bartram
Bartraa Carr Garden 18 Notched Rock
10 John Bartr
Bartram House 19 Eastwick Pavilion
11 Yellowwoo
o Tree
Yellowwood 20 Orchard
12a Kitchen Garden
Gaa 21 Farm Education Center
2b Common Flower
112b F Garden 22 Sankofa Community Farm
13 Franklinia T
Tree 23 Community Garden
14 Ginkgo Tre
Tree 24 Greenhouse
15 Fish Pond 25 Wetland
16 River Trail 26 56th Street Plaza

Restrooms ARE
Historic Quarters HERE
Bike Path Meadow Area

Picnic Tabl River Area 2
Bike Rack Farm Area

Bartram’s Mile CE

John Bartram Association

5400 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19143
T: 215-729-5281 • F: 215-729-1047 • BARTRAMSGARDEN.ORG


16 18



54th Street
Historic Quarters 19

20 21
12a 12b 22
8 10
1 9
ELCOME 23 24

The Bartram family’s homestead features the Welcome

Center, the house that John Bartram built by hand,
We’re happy to be Southwest Philly’s backyard, a welcoming space

where we can all play and learn together.




20% OFF
through May 31, 2019
Promo code: SWGLOBE

Get outside with us this spring!

Come here to bike, create, think, relax, boat, or fish. You are part of
a special community that cares about Bartram’s Garden’s deep roots
and exciting future.
In addition to great benefits like free tours, discounted classes, and
sunset boating, member support sustains this amazing public space.
Room for All is a fund that supports our free public programs. Your
gift above and beyond your membership is greatly appreciated.
Contributions can be made at the Welcome Center or online.
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 15

Glover’s Gardens Grow in Planning with our Community

Southwest Philly
By June Mansfield

n a testament to the power of local
investment, Sankofa Community
Farm graduate turned entrepreneur
Hajjah Glover has found inspiration
and confidence as a home gardening
program leader. Hajjah, a Southwest
Philadelphia resident who attends the
Community College of Philadelphia,
recently founded her own food sover-
eignty project, Glover’s Gardens. With
the mission to provide working-class
neighborhoods with beauty, empow-
erment, and nourishment, Hajjah’s Southwest leaders gathering feedback at the Bartram’s Garden Harvest Fest.
goal is to create communities and By Sophia Poe and Sharon Nielson from long-term and extensive planning

connections through her garden bed processes that were already happening
program. everal years ago, Bartram’s Garden within the community, including the
Hajjah begins by setting up consulta- and Woodland Academy decided development of the Tidal Schuylkill
tions with interested families, test- to partner on a joint venture to riverfront. Funds from the Fund for
ing their light and soil to determine create a more collaborative approach to Quality, a program seeking to expand
which fruits and vegetables can grow learning and nature through the creation the availability of quality early childhood
and thrive. She identifies pre-existing Hajjah Glover and her business, Glover’s Gardens, of a high-quality early learning facility education and care opportunities, gave
can help you grow food and flowers at home.
skills and resources in the community centered on nature and science. From Bartram’s Garden and Woodland the
to determine how she can ensure the local neighborhoods. Glover’s Gar- the initial inception, the Garden and support needed to explore the possibil-
garden and residents flourish. dens provides and helps sustain edible Woodland made a conscious decision ity of increasing high-quality care to the
Using thoughtful feedback and sug- gardens, leaving neighbors with the to approach this new venture differently. community. Because the two organiza-
gestions from families, Hajjah designs, knowledge and opportunity to eat Although both organizations had previ- tions felt it would be important and
builds, and installs neighborhood healthier and live healthier lifestyles. ously included the community as stake- meaningful to invite another partner
garden beds throughout Southwest Interested in learning more about holders within their organizations, they
Philadelphia, with the intention of Glover’s Gardens? Contact Hajjah recognized that a wide array of leaders PLANNING
growing her business to serve other Glover at within the community were still missing CONTINUES ON PAGE 16

BUILDING TOGETHER on their way to their to their mechan- grant and then served on the grant- This year, we are more excited and
CONTINUES FROM PAGE 10 ics, grocery stores, churches, mosques, making committee of the same fund. confident that we are on the right track
and playgrounds, without venturing We have also attended youth pro- to inspire more immigrants and refu-
build bridges with cross-cultural com- through the gates to contemplate, grams led by the Sankofa Community gees to know, use, and connect with
munities and families who live, work, touch, or smell the soothing flora of Farm, participated in focus groups, “their” Bartram’s Garden. In December
and socialize in the vicinity. Of course, the garden. Why didn’t I make time for and served on the planning commit- 2018, the Samuel Fels Fund awarded
I committed AFRICOM because net- a visit? Why don’t other immigrants? tee for riverfront redevelopment. In AFRICOM and Bartram’s Garden a
working, partnerships, and leveraging Who can tell? The reasons are numer- addition to the families and churches grant to turn the garden into a prime
existing community resources are what ous but they are also surmountable. that already grow their own food at destination for African and Carib-
makes us unique For sure, the 2015 conversation the Sankofa Community Farm, our bean immigrants by hosting health,
But I must admit that before the broke new grounds for AFRICOM. partner organizations, agencies and cultural, leadership training, and civic
meeting, I had not visited the Garden We found a new partner––an excellent trainers were encouraged to bring engagements programs and activities.
for a decade or so, even though I fre- one! AFRICOM has become the con- their events to the garden. AFAHO’s We look forward to another wonderful
quently drive by the entrance at 54th nector between Bartram’s Garden and Annual Family and Friends’ Day in season together!
Street and Lindbergh Boulevard. Like the over 4,000 African and Caribbean conjunction with AFRICOM and Eric Edi is the Executive Director
me, hundreds of immigrants and immigrants and refugees in Southwest AFRICOM’s health forums exemplify of AFRICOM
refugees have felt distant from the Gar- Philadelphia. Working with Bartram’s the increasing presence of African and 6328 Paschall Avenue, Suite A
den as if it were the private property Garden, AFRICOM has been a re- Caribbean immigrants and refugees at Tel: 267 787 1302
of Mr. Bartram alone. Many pass by cipient of a Neighborhood YES Fund Bartram’s Garden. Email:
16 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

Special $2 Tickets for Bartram’s PLANNING

startups and entrepreneurs.
Other organizations were able to pres-
Garden Tours, Workshops, to the table for shared decision-making
ent to local leaders as well as listen to the
needs and concerns of the community.
and Performances and collaboration, they also reached out
to the William Penn Foundation for a
Leaders were invited to sit at the table to
help select the architects hired to craft
By Zach Webber an ID with a SW Philly address or an Great Public Spaces grant to support the design of the new spaces. They advo-

ACCESS card, you can claim $2 tick- inclusion of yet another very important cated for programs and spaces that could
artram’s Garden is a free pub- ets to performances, tastings, tours, partner in our process: the Southwest best meet the needs of the community.
lic park, a river garden, an art workshops and classes at the Bartram’s community. They used their voices to encourage both
venue, an outdoor classroom, Garden Welcome Center or by visiting The community outreach began last organizations to think about existing
and a place to explore the living his- to the calendar of events at bartrams- year and open meetings were held. programs to avoid duplicating services
tory of the diverse peoples and plants** Members were encouraged to tell friends as well as thinking through challenges
that have lived here over thousands of Upcoming $2 ticket-eligible pro- and neighbors to help spread the word. that could arise due to operating a
years. It’s always free to visit Bartram’s grams: The intergenerational advisory group shared space.
Garden and many of our public pro- • Medicinal Spring Tonics Workshop. was formed and they set the tone for Leaders traveled to NYC to learn
grams, but we feature many ticketed April 14th (regular price: $20) what they wanted the collaborative plan- from a transformation project that took
programs, as well: daily tours of the • Little Explorers: Spring is for the ning process to look like. There was an place in Brooklyn. The intergenerational
Bartram House and gardens, Make + Birds. May 1st (regular price: $12) advocacy training for the group to help group of leaders was also able to visit a
Take Workshops, Little Explorers and • Meadow Pastels Paint and Sip Work- members identify what their unified shared outdoor space designed by the
Homeschool programs, art classes, and shop. Wine included! May 12th asks would be to others and a clear way architects selected. They led multiple
unique performances by artists from (regular price: $18) to achieve the things they desired to community outreach events, facilitated
throughout the world. **Please see the map on our website see in their community. The group also community meetings, and spoke with
We have big news! In 2019, we’ll to determine geographical eligibility. explored issues related to community elected officials to bring awareness of
be offering a flat rate of $2 to eligible Tickets to some programs are limited trauma, employment shifts, and new the innovative and transparent planning
Southwest Philly neighbors or AC- and will be available first come, first opportunities headed to the Southwest process that was unlike the normal expe-
CESS Card holders. If you have either served. community, as well as ways to support rience in the Southwest Community.

Our volunteers do some seriously awesome work around the garden and on the farm. Together they’ve planted dozens of
berry bushes, removed thousands of pounds of trash, and built some pretty impressive picnic tables.
Volunteer at Bartram’s Garden to decompress your stress, get down and dirty with some okra, and vibe with other rad
community members! You don’t need any special skills—just an interest in nature and love for the sun. Staff provides
everything you need, from gardening gloves to welcoming smiles.
Bartram’s Garden is YOUR backyard, build your relationship with the land and help make it grow!


Volunteering is for
• Head to Board member Dr. everyone! Bartram’s Garden
• Select the date you’re interested in volunteering volunteer at our Sylvia Briscoe is also a
by Adam gardens. Photograph
• Fill out your waiver and emergency contact info

Interested in bringing a group of volunteers?

Fill out a group volunteer form at or contact June
at or 215 729 5281 x107.


Volunteers receive
20% off membership!

*Children under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent

or guardian and be accompanied by an adult in order to volunteer.

Meet employers! Bring your résumé! Wear your best!

Employers recruiting
for customer service,
sales, administration, EmploymEnt
manufacturing, security,
warehouse work,
Boot Camp

Friday, May 3 | 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. monday, april 29 – thursday, may 2
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
A lite t
6942 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA s
breakfa will During this four-day
c h
(70th Street & Woodland Avenue) and lun vided workforce
be pro day
215-685-2662 each development course
you will receive:
visit one of our Job Readiness labs to prepare.
• Help with your résumé, cover letter, and thank you letter
Free computer access
and help with:
• Résumé and cover
Free • Financial empowerment
Flash Drive!*
letter writing Bring this Ad • Account sign-up for Gmail, LinkedIn, and Badge List
• Internet access to one of the
• Basic computer and
job-seeking skills
Job Readiness Labs,
show us your résumé
• Guidance on professional attire and interview prep
(or we’ll help you
• Employment and
education resources
create a new one),
and receive a new • And so much more…FoR FREE
flash drive.


*Offer only good for one To register or for more information, please contact Southwest CDC at
flash drive per job seeker

sOUThWEsT cDc 6328 PASCHALL AVENUE or call Lorraine at 215-729-3948.

Follow us on


18 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

Future Use of Eastwick Bartram High Adds to Wall of Fame

Public Lands Outlined Prominent alumni & teacher being honored
Redevelopment Authority releases Lower Eastwick Strategy By Bernard Diggs

The John Bartram High School

Alumni Association will conduct a
Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony for
five Bartrum alumnae and one former
Teacher. The event will take place in
the Bartram auditorium, 2401 S. 67th
Street, at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday,
April 17, 2019.
The esteemed inductees will include
Sonya “ Sunny “ Richman (posthu-
mous), former educator and leader in
the Philadelphia Federation of Teach-
State Rep. Jordan Harris at a recent House hearing
ers (Class of Jan. 1948); Michael Reed on proposed changes to the parole guidelines.
Esq, corporate lawyer (Class of June Rep. Harris and five others will be added to the
1965); Marvin Frazier, former Nation- Bartram High Wall of Fame at a ceremony at the
school on April 17.
al Football League professional (Class
of June 1968); Kevin Bethel, former School and also a proud Bartram High
Deputy Police Commissioner (Class alumnus.
of June 1981); Jordan Harris, PA State The Bartram High School Alumni
Representative, 186th District (Class of Association meets every second Sat-
June 2002); Rev. Dr. Donald Warner, urday at the Bethany Baptist Church
former teacher and administrator 5747 Warrington Avenue ( entrance
(1961- 1973). on 58th St.) from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.,
“All alumnae and friends are cordial- Bernard Diggs is Bartram High Wall
Layout of the area covered by Eastwick Public Lands Strategy showing (1) the former Korman site ly invited!” advised Damond Warren, of Fame chair and can be reached at
(122 acres); the Comm Tech High and Pepper School land (61 acres); and (3) the 2600 84th St.
property (6 acres). current principal of Bartram High

O It’s Still Tax Season: Protect

n March 19, the Philadelphia LEPLS Steering Committee, “It took
Redevelopment Authority a long time but I am pleased with the
(PRA) and the City of Phila-
delphia released the “Lower Eastwick
results. Greg Heller of the RDA lead
us ably through the process. Also, Yourself from Scams!
Public Land Strategy” (LEPLS). The I appreciate the work of Interface Although tax season may be closing According to the IRS, consumers have
report concludes a two-year effort to Studio for managing the operation. down, it’s important to to remember that lost over $63 million from phone scams
obtain the input of Eastwick resi- The result was a road map to increase it is still prime time for phone scams. since 2013. These phone scams use ro-
dents and other local stakeholders the livability of Eastwick. This added People claiming to represent or help bocalling technology to make thousands
on the best use of some 180 acres of value will help Philadelphia stand you with IRS filings or problems are of calls per minute to deceive people and
land owned or controlled by the City out. I look forward to the time when most often scamming artists. The IRS steal their money. T-Mobile and Metro
and frame how the city will develop we have the grand openings for the will never contact taxpayers by email, by T-Mobile expect that 50% of mobile
the property in a responsible way to proposed projects.” text message or social media. The IRS phone calls this year may be scam calls.
benefit the neighborhood and the city In releasing the report, the PRA may call people, but it will usually send Here’s what customers should know:
as a whole. thanked the members of the strategy bills by mail first. If the IRS does call • Facebook message from that person
The comprehensive plan was put team, Mayor Jim Kenney, Council- you, know that it will never demand you’ve never met? Probably a scam.
together through a series of public man Kenyatta Johnson and the South- immediate payment over the phone or • Phone calls, emails, text messages, and
meetings by a strategy team from the west residents and public agencies threaten action from law enforcement. other social media: suspicious mes-
consultants, Interface Studio, and a that worked on the initiative. Tax season is already stressful enough sages through one of these channels
Steering Committee of community A copy of the report is available - if you receive an urgent or threaten- may mean you’re being targeted.
residents and public-sector stake- online at https://philadelphiarede- ing phone call regarding your taxes, it’s • Phony Caller ID: Many scammers will
holders. definitely a scam!
According to Margaret Cobb, an engagement/lower-eastwick-public- A threatening call about your taxes? IT’S STILL TAX SEASON
Eastwick resident member of the land-strategy/ Definitely a scam! CONTINUES ON PAGE 21

On The Spot Registration Cards
Drivers Licenses
Instant Tag & Title Insurance
License Suspensions Lifted AUTO INSURANCE
68th & Elmwood Ave Nelson’s Pendot Authorized Online Service
State and Service Fee Apply

MAY 6-10
BY MAY 31, 2019 | 215-400-4290
20 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

Story Reading Time at Mitchell Elementary

olunteers from Wayne Pres- their money.”
byterian Church’s CityLights Wayne Presbyterian members have
Ministry joined several Mitch- been regularly coming to Mitchell
ell Elementary School parents for a under its CityLights ministry for 25
read-in with groups of young students years under the leadership of Wayne
in mid-March. “It was a joy to have the member and educator Jane Beatty.
attentive and well-behaved youngsters CityLights is an urban/suburban,
clustered around me as I sat and I read faith-based partnership that helps
a Dr. Seuss book to them,” said one Southwest agencies and individuals
visitor. “There are basic life issues in share resources and needs, programs
these stories and the kids connect with and activities. The vibrant Mitchell
them immediately. My second graders school library with several thousand
readily saw the problems of injustice books and an interactive relationship
and discrimination when the Sneetch- with classroom teachers is in many re-
es who had stars on their bellies spects a product of that sustained effort.
looked down arrogantly on Sneetches CityLights is based at The Common
who didn’t! And they were rather up- Place, 58th & Chester Ave. For more
The reading team from Wayne Presbyterian with Mitchell school staff (From left) Keena Core, teacher,
set when Mr. McBean swindled all the information, visit Parker Blatchford, Scott Laird, Ted Behr, Charlena Watson, reading specialist. Behind the camera was
Sneetches, both nasty and nice, out of pg/CityLightsNetwork Jane Beatty who coordinates Wayne volunteer efforts at Mitchell.

Rep. McClinton Expungement Clinic
Offers Second Chance
Volunteers clear records for more than 40 local residents

olunteer attorneys helped
more than 40 people clear
their criminal records of mi-
nor offenses at the Myers Recreation
Center on March 30. Many other
attendees received free legal services,
and job-readiness support through
STRIVE Philadelphia.
The event was sponsored by State COMMUNITY
Rep. Joanna McClinton of the 191st
Legislative District and State Sen.
Anthony Williams. “This clinic pro-
vided people with that much-needed The Globe Times Welcomes
leg-up and assistance to get the un- Information About Your
necessary roadblocks in people’s lives Community Events & Activites!
removed,” Rep. McClinton said. “I’m We publish every other Fridays.
happy to assist our residents to clear The Deadline For New Bulletin
their records, beginning the process
Board Items is the Wednesday
of walking into a brighter future for
themselves and their families. before publication dates.
“I would like to thank Francis J.
Meyers Recreation Center for hosting
our clinic, and a special thank you to Volunteer lawyers helped over 40 local residents to clear their records of minor offense items at Rep.
organizations like STRIVE Philadel- McClinton’s expungement clinic at Myers Rec. on March 30. Representatives of STRIVE Phila. provided
phia and the Defender Association of useful guidance on finding jobs and job training as well.
Philadelphia for fulfilling their prom- may be eligible for an expungement Clinton’s office at 215-748-6712 for
ise to help the residents in our city of or would like to apply for a pardon, information.
brotherly love,” she added. but who were unable to attend the Information for this article was pro-
Local residents who believe they event, are encouraged to contact Mc- vided by the office of Rep. McClinton.
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 21

Mastery Shoemaker High

Holds Career Day DID YOU KNOW
new ways HIV?

Learn about PrEP & PEP

They may be just what you need! PrEP vs PEP
Neighborhood United
@ 215-724-7430 PrEP stands for PEP stands for
Some of the visitors from area businesses, agencies and professions who enjoyed Pre-Exposure Post-Exposure
lively conversations with students at Mastery Charter’s Shoemaker Campus during

Prophylaxis Prophylaxis
the annual Career Day at the school last month.

ver 150 area represen- throughout the school and united It means taking It means taking
tatives of businesses, had a chance to converse with
government and non- students in a series of small antiretroviral antiretroviral
profit agencies, and profession- group gatherings the next medicines (ART) medicines (ART)
als participated in the annual three hours. BEFORE being AFTER being
Career Day at Mastery Shoe-
maker High School last month.
The visitors were peppered
with penetrating questions COLOURS
potentially potentially
Welcomed by Principal Sharif about how they prepared exposed to HIV to exposed to HIV to
@ 215-832-0100
El-Mekki, the visitors covered themselves for their jobs, why prevent prevent becoming
For more information related
more than 40 employment op- they chose their career path,
to these medical breakthroughs!!! becoming infected. infected.
portunity areas. and what the challenges and
After a full breakfast, Drowere.
rewards p In Each guest was
Kerry Sorensen, Internship permitted to invite one stu-
A BRIGHTER AND PrEP has been shown to reduce HIV
Coordinator for Shoemaker dent for a further one-on-one HEALTHIER FUTURE IS
described the program’s il- conversation during lunch in infection by up to 92% in people who engage
lustrious history and outlined the school cafeteria. in high risk behaviors.
the format for the morning’s For more information about
activities. The community future career days, contact
PEP: If you are HIV negative (-) and may
members then installed them- Kerry.Sorensen@Masterychar-
selves in various classrooms have been exposed to HIV, PEP can help to
stop HIV before it infects your body. To be
IT’S STILL TAX SEASON guarantee 100% protection.
effective, PEP must begin within 72 hours
CONTINUES FROM PAGE 18 Ultimately, being educated neighborhood
about various types of fraudu- of exposure.
use a local number to make lent scams, taking preventative
5214 Woodland Ave.
people more likely to answer. steps to protect personal in- Philadelphia, PA 19143
If you receive a call from a formation, and making smart, Phone: 215-724-7430
local number you’re not fa-
miliar with and want to play it
informed choices can help you
outsmart potential scams dur-
Fax: 215-729-1995
Providing quality services
safe, let it go to voicemail and, ing the tax season. Remember, to the community since 1988 The COLOURS Organization, Inc.
if needed, call back later. if it seems questionable, it Neighborhood United is a program partner of the 1211 Chestnut Street, Suite 910
Taking these basic steps probably is! Urban Affairs Coalition and funded by the Philadelphia, PA 19107
City of Philadelphia’s Department of
can help keep you—and your This information was gra-
money—safe from scammers ciously provided by T-Mobile
Public Health, AIDS Activities Coordinating Office.
this tax season, but it won’t and Metro by T-Mobile.
22 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper April 19, 2019

• APRIL 20: Health and Wellness Resource Fair 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 pm. Meyers Recreation to introduce youth to science, technology, engineering & math (STEM). Contact 215-
Center 58th & Kingsessing Avenue. Asthma Prevention (CHOP), Dental (PENN Smiles), 685-4170
Behavioral Health, Foster Care & Kinship Services, Mighty Writers South, Reentry
Program Information, Employment Opportunities, Financial Advice and More. • MAY 2: Rhythm and Percussion with Karen Smith, 4:30 p.m. Eastwick Library, 2851
Island Ave. interactive percussion program for children/teens. Info: 215-685-4170
• APRIL 22: Last Day to Register to Vote in Primary Election (May 21). Residents
can register: online; by mail; in person at your county voter registration office; or at • MAY 3: Job Fair - Find Your Next Job. Better Job, New Job! 11:00 a.m. Paschalville
PennDOT and some other government agencies. In Southwest, PennDOT is located at Library, 70th St & Woodland Ave. Meet employers! Bring your résumé! Wear your
Blue Bell Shopping Center, 2904 S 70th St, Philadelphia, PA 19142 best! Recruiting for customer service, sales, administration, manufacturing, security,
warehouse work, and more! Info: 215-685-266
• APRIL 23: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Candidates Forum - Kingsessing Library. The 51st
Democratic Ward and the Kingsessing Fifth Division Community of Neighbors present • MAY 4: Good Morning Yoga - Kingsessing Library (and every first Saturday), 10:30
a forum for individuals running for Council At-Large seats in the Democratic primary a.m. Free community yoga class, (Supported by Studio 34. Beginner-friendly. Yoga
elections coming up on May 21st, find out where the candidates stand on the issues mats provided. 1201 S. 51st Street (215) 685-2690.
that matter most to you! *This event will last an hour later than the branch is open. All
library business will conclude at 7:00 p.m. as usual. • MAY 11: Bartram High School Alumni Meeting (2nd Saturday) 9:30 a.m. - 11:00
a.m., Bethany Baptist Church 5747 Warrington Avenue (entrance on 58th St.)
• APRIL 24: 12h District Police Service Area #4 Meeting, 6:30 p.m Kingsessing
Library, 1201 South 51st Street. Learn what’s happening in your area. Info: Lt. Kelly • MAY 12: “Financial Peace University” 9-session workshop series on how to become debt free. Instructors: Mr/Mrs Dale McCoy (based on course by by Dave
Ramsey). Classes at Folcroft Union Church, 500 Primos Ave. Details/Fees 215-
• APRIL 24: Mission: SAVE OUR YOUTH - VOLUNTEERS WANTED: 4:00 pm 492-9663.
to 6:00 pm. B.B. Comegys Elementary School, 5100 Greenway Avenue, Free dinner
will be served, bring your children. For more information call: 888-958-1165 or • MAY 14: Foster Parent Information Sessions (also May 21): 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., theVillage Preheim Center, 6517 Chester Ave., Sign up: 215-730-2240 or email
• APRIL 26: Candidates Night for Primary Election May 21: 6:00 -8:00 with free
supper following candidate introductions & presentations. Learn more about people • MAY 21: PRIMARY ELECTION: Offices include: Mayor, City Council Districts
running for office in Philadelphia & PA! Sponsors: Southwest Phila. District Services. & At Large, Sheriff, Municipal Common Pleas & Commonwealth Judges, Superior
Info: Courts Justices (Last day to register April 22).

• APRIL 27: Clark Park Youth Soccer Program begins: Register Now: Ages 5 – 7: EMPLOYMENT – JOB & LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT
10:30 - 12:0 Noon; Ages 8 – 11: 12:00 – 1:30 a.m. Info, Fees, Guidelines & volunteer
opportunities: • Spring Job Fair – Resurrection Community Church, SEPTA, Year Up, DunWoody,
Office of Safe Schools, Youth Enrichment Program, Inc. Elwyn, etc.11:00 - 2:00 p.m.
• APRIL 27: Big Day at Clark Park; Youth Soccer, Farmers Market, Uhuru Health Fair, 6200 Dicks Avenue. Information: Lalita Boykin, 267 918- 8629
Science Program, Park Clean up.
• Job Available: Environmental Education Specialist - Heinz Wildlife Refuge:
• APRIL 27: Turning Points For Children - Free Prom Clothing & Accessory Shop, Required: Over 18 with HS diploma or GED. Local candidates are encouraged to
Open to All High School Girls. 10:00 am – 3:00 p.m. 3901 Market St. (Corner of 40th apply. or 267-969-3204. Applications: http://www.
& Market) Call to Schedule Apportionment 215 387-5150. Raffle for Gift Certificates
and Professional Hair & Makeup Appointments.
• Free Evening Adult Education/GED Classes, 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. Tilden Middle School,
• APRIL 29: Pop-Up Clothing Closet: 10:00 a.m. – 12;00 Noon: 5 items per person: The 6601 Elmwood Ave. Information: 215-474-1235 ext. 200
Common Place, 58th St & Chester Ave. (entrance off 58th St.) Sponsors: JFCS.
• Free Adult Beginning Reading Classes continue, sponsored by the Friends of
• APRIL 30: Volunteers Wanted for “Science After School” classes (part of Phila. Kingsessing Library, at 51st and Chester. If you want to learn to read, or to teach with
Science Festival): 3:30 p.m. Eastwick Library 2851 Island Ave. Professionals wanted us, contact Adults Can Learn to Read at
April 19, 2019 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 23

• Full Employment Services/MyPLACE: Expanded Job Center at Southwest CDC, • Outpatient Behavioral Health Services for individuals and families; behavioral
6328 Paschall Ave. Free access to internet; 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Info: cynthia@ therapy for children, adolescents & adults, medication management, psychiatric 215-729-0800 services; trauma focused treatment: theVillage, 6517 Chester Ave., (215) 730-2326,
email or visit website:
• English Classes, sponsored by Center for Literacy, held at Southwest CDC, 6328
Paschall Ave and Paschalville Library, 6942 Woodland Ave. (70th & Woodland). Info: • The John Bartram HS Class of January 1959 (Honey’s Class), 60th reunion, April,
215-729-0800 or or 267-419-7084. 2019. Seeking lost classmates. Forward information to Joe Mongeluzi at 610-284-7634”
• Employment & Educational Resources: Mon/Wed. 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tues/Thurs:
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Fri. 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Paschalville Library, 6942 Woodland • West Catholic Boys and Girls High School Class of 1979 40th Reunion, June, 2019.
Ave. (70th & Woodland); Info: Niema at 215-685-2662. Also: Seeking Classmates. SAVE THE DATE: August 10, 2019. Contact: Mark Harrell at
267 460-1015 or
• Affordable Internet Access & Computers for families, veterans, seniors: Comcast
Internet Essentials: $9.95/ month No Credit Check, no application fees, free hookup. • Eastwick Family Services provides Home /Community and Companion services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We also provide 6400 Residential Housing &
Home Care for the aging. For more information, please call us at (267) 634-6410 or

• In-Home Family Services: Family Empowerment (FES) and Home Protective (IHPS) • Foster Parent Information Sessions: Each month, the 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the
services to strengthen and stabilize families and preventing children’s placement in Month, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Location: theVillage Preheim Center located at 6517 Chester
foster care. For families where DHS has determined that there is an active safety threat. Ave. Call 215-730-2240 or email to sign up or for more
theVillage Preheim Center, 6517 Chester Ave. Call 215-730-2240 or email fostercare@ information.
• Rotary Club of Southwest Philadelphia-Eastwick: Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 a.m. To
• Gateway to Re-Entry Weekly Community Meetings for returning citizens, 12:00 confirm location call 215-292-1254.or email Visitors welcome at
Noon, Myers Rec. Center 58th & Kingsessing Ave. $5.00/breakfast.

West, Southwest, Northeast, South Philadelphia & University City
5601 Chester Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19153
Real Estate
Since 1976
Licensed Broker

A 16-foot Lund boat with hull
ID #PA 2681CX and vin # LU- WANTED We have the “keys” to the city!!
Rowell Management Company
NA0281J687 was abandone at
5441 Beaumont St., Phila, Pa 19143. No Experience Needed.
If the boat is not claimed by the Will train qualified applicants.
owner in 30 days I will apply for Office: 215.726.8817 Cell: 215.726.7273
new ownership. Contact Michael at Fax: 215.726.1277 6439 Paschall Ave.
215 421 2121. 484-206-5063 Philadelphia, PA 19142

Excited about growing
food and herbs but
don’t have space at
home? Community
garden plots and classes
1. SET YOUR INTENTION: Growing food is a spiritual 4. MULCH, MULCH, AND MORE MULCH: Use broken available to residents of
and revolutionary act! The soil and seeds are alive, and down or chipped leaves, old dried out grass, or even Southwest Philadelphia
you are participating in one of the most amazing acts cardboard/paper clippings to mulch around your plants. for a $20.00 seasonal
you can do as a human being. Take time to connect to Mulch keeps plants moist and warm, reduces weeds, membership fee and
your intention for growing food throughout the season. and creates an environment for beneficial insects. commitment to grow
all summer. For summer
2. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SOIL: Feed the soil, the soil 5. KNOW AND GROW YOUR CULTURAL FOODS: sign up at Sankofa
feeds the plants, and the plants feed you. Create a Ask a grandparent or an elder about food from your Farm Community
raised bed using free material like pallets, rocks, brick, culture. Try to grow and cook those plants this year! Garden at Bartram’s
cinder blocks. Or you can purchase wood and exterior Garden, contact: Chris
screws from local hardware store. Place cardboard on 6. CHECK OUT THE PHILADELPHIA PLANTING Bolden Newsome at
the ground first to create a barrier against weeds. Then GUIDE to know when to start plants:
fill with a quality topsoil (70%) and compost mixture
(30%). Stay away from any types of chemical fertilizers
or pesticides—they will disrupt the natural balance. WE LOVE OUR
grow from seed or transplant seedlings, check your We can build a garden bed at your home! Build a relationship with
seed packet or ask an experienced elder about how far your food, learn your
For more information, visit cultural foods, and connect
to space the plants from each other. Most greens like or contact us at to your community. Come
collards, kale, and broccoli like to be a foot apart. Hot
weather plants like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers or 215-729-5281 to 2nd and 4th volunteer
days from 9:30-12:30!
like to be two feet apart. Good spacing helps control Priority given to those living closest to Bartram’s Garden
disease and pests.


Always affordable • Chemical-free • Grown here in Southwest Philly
THURSDAYS June–November, 3:30–6:30pm SATURDAYS June–November, 10am–1pm
54th & Lindbergh (entrance to Bartram’s Village) Clark Park 43rd & Chester
We accept CASH, SNAP/EBT, WIC / Senior Farmers’ Market Vouchers

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