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MAN RE! QUALIFICATION PROCEDURE In accordance with our established procedures we have evaluated: Name: Anthony L. Barcena Department requesting action: Public Facilities Transcripts Required: Yes Driver's License Required: No Requested Classification: Assistant Director, Public Facilities #87: The following documents were submitted: * Proof of education — Bachelor of Arts in History — New Mexica State University EXPERIENCE: Years Months Classification 1 ° Deputy Chief of Staff (City of Miami) 1 10 Operations Manager (Chicago Trensit Authority) 1 4 Aviation Security Analyst (Miami-Dade Aviation Department) B. : Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Marketing, Public Relations or a related field and considerable (2 - 4 years) of progressively responsible administrative and manegement experience, preferably in a medium to large size diversified clty or county operation. OR ‘An equivalent combination of training and experience. STAFF RECOMMENDATION: Mr. Barcena’s highest degree eamed is @ Bachelor of Arts in History from New Mexico State University. He has over four (4) years of progressively responsible administrative and management experience, He meets the requirements for this position and therefore, his appointment to the classification of Assistant Director, Public Facilities (#8230) Is recommended, conditioned upon continued compliance of F.S.S. 112.3135. Evaluated by: Noemi Darias-Sanfiel Human Resources Generalist Em ployment Supervi ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, PUBLIC FACILITIES, Occupational Code: 8230 Established: 07/88 Revised: 10/96 10/05 Assists in the administration, management and operational aspects of the Department of Public Facilities to include the management of the City's real property inventory and the following facilities, but not limited to: James L. Knight Intemational Center (Miami Convention Centex), Coconut Grove Exposition Center, Orange Bow! Stadium, Miami Stedium, Marine Stadium Marina, Diner Key Marina, Miamarina at Bayside and the Manuel Artime Center; assists with the negotistion and coordination of contractual services; functions as division head and supervises subordinate staff responsible for specific functions; assists with promulgating and administering municipal policies and regulations pertaining to the eequisition, development, management and disposition of City owned property; assists with efforts to maximize the revenue potential and community use of municipally owned assets; coordinates the conduct of detailed inventory of existing real estate assets, including property characterlsties and market value and categorizes the properties accordingly as to revenue potential; assists with negotiating property leases, management agreements, Revocable Permits, and Easements; assists with negotiating the sale and acquisition of real property; assists with managing real estate lease agreements, management agreements and revocable permits as well as maintaining all property files and inventory; prepares activity and/or other reports as required; coordinates the preparation and administration of grants; assists in the development of short and long range planning: assists with the development and implementation of the Department's budget including capital improvements budget: and atiends meetings representing the department es required, Exercises public contact work, Reports to the Department Director. REQUIREME! Bechelor's degree in Public Administration, Marketing, Public Relations or a related field and considerable (2 - 4 years) of progressively responsible administrative end management experience, preferably in.a medium to large size diversified city or county operation. OR An equivalent combination of training and experience. Gity of Miami APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT ‘444.54 2nd Aye,, Toor Mim, Flodda $3130 nigo.comferployment “ee Cece Pelion pnd For (___) Assistant Director, Public Facilities Taal | Last hae: L Barcena ein Adan rivers Lunen dita ory mqued for jobs (at requ tne cparation a mater ale. 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