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Unintelligible = UI

New Haven Incident April 16, 2019

9-1-1 Call

Dispatch: 911, where is your emergency?

Caller: 144 Arch Street

Dispatch: OK. What’s going on there?

Caller: Uh, I have my delivery for the newspaper. Uh, somebody who delivered my
newspaper and I have, like, a, a regular customer driving a red car (UI) license
plate AK63322 long dreads parking here, long dreads. He pulled a gun at the
guy who delivered the paper here in Hamden its clear he was asking for money
outside, outside a gas station.

Dispatch: OK, so did he take his money?

Caller: No. The guy who jumped in the car run right away.

Dispatch: OK, so he pulled his gun on your, on your

Caller: The delivery for the gas station, the delivery for the newspaper (UI)
I need some help. He’s a dangerous. He’s harassing the second customer, too.

Dispatch: He’s out there now?

Caller: Yes. You get my call? Send somebody, please.

Dispatch: OK, listen, you need to answer questions, ok? Is he a white male, black male?

Caller: Black, African American. He goes, he goes to the, he goes to the Arch to

Dispatch: OK. Where is he now?

Caller: Red car, red car, red car, two door. License plate number AK63322.

Dispatch: He’s in the car now?

Caller: He’s in the car with the female, yes.

Dispatch: License plate.

Caller: License plate is AK63322.

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Dispatch: Yes, he is still there [dispatcher is believed to be talking over the police radio].

Caller: He left to the Dixwell Avenue. He go from, from the Arch to the Dixwell. I
don’t know if he gonna catch the Dixwell or the (UI)

Dispatch: Ok, he just left?

Caller: He left two, three, two minutes ago.

Dispatch: OK. He just left towards Dixwell about two minutes ago?

Caller: Yes, to Arch. He take the Arch Street to Dixwell, yes.

Dispatch: OK. So he is not there right now, correct?

Caller: No, he left.

Dispatch: OK. We have help on the way.

Caller: Thank you

Transcribed by: Sgt. Brian Narkewicz

Date: April 17, 2019 at 1200 hours

This taped interview has been transcribed to the best clarity of the tape.

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