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Timeline of Events

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

0420hrs 911 call to Hamden PD from Go On Gas Station attendant reporting an

African-American male with dreads, regular customer, pulled a gun on the
newspaper delivery guy and left in a red two door car bearing CT AK63322

0420hrs Two Hamden officers dispatched to Signal 27 (street robbery) with a possible 128 (gun) used
at Go On Gas Station 144 Arch Street in Hamden. Black male with dreads in a two door red
car, bearing CT registration plate AK63322, with female inside, still in parking lot. Update
given red car left toward Dixwell Avenue.

0422hrs First Hamden officer arrives in the area of 144 Arch Street

0424hrs Hamden notifies New Haven on radio hotline of street robbery with gun involved. Suspect
vehicle is 1999 red two door Honda Civic, CT AK63322, traveling on Dixwell Avenue into New
Haven, black male operating with female inside.

0425hrs Hamden officer begins to interview the reporting party

0426hrs New Haven radios BOLO to its officers regarding Hamden street robbery involving a gun.
Description of vehicle is provided as a red Honda Civic, plate is reported in error to be CT
registration AK63233

0427hrs Yale provides BOLO to officers of Sig 19 (robbery) happened in Hamden from Dixwell
Avenue, involving red Honda civic AK63233 [sic], one black male, one female, possibly
headed toward Dixwell, 75 (weapon) used

0432hrs Hamden Officer Eaton reports shots fired on Argyle Street

0432hrs Yale Officer Pollock reports shots fired

0432hrs Hamden notifies New Haven of shots fired on hotline, New Haven confirms shot spotter

0434hrs A Hamden Officer calls for medical, confirmed by dispatch

0435hrs Hamden calls New Haven on hotline confirming FD en route for victim of shots
fired, New Haven said FD was dispatched at 0435hrs, and PD and AMR also en route.

0435hrs AMR dispatched

0436hrs AMR En route

0436hrs Yale PD requests ambulance for officer, but then cancels

0440hrs AMR on scene

0446hrs AMR transport to Yale New Haven Hospital

0451hrs AMR arrival at Yale New Haven Hospital