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Level: Intermediate

Book: Interchange 3, Reading page13, Title: strategies for keeping your job
Enabling Objectives:
1. At the end of session, students will be able to guess the meaning of words from context.
2. Students will learn skim and scan strategies.
3. Students will know some ideas about the topic.

Activity timing

Greeting 1 min

Warm-up: presentation of some pictures 3 min

Group work: Discuss strategies for keeping a job and write them 5 min

Individual work :Read the passage silently 5 min

Group work: Compare their written strategies with those mentioned 2 min
in the passage

Power point: Some quotes and tips about topic

1 min

Pair work: Exercise A 1 min

Pair work: Exercise B 1 min

Group work: Exercise C 3 min

Extra activity: Group work ,write a story of losing a job ,it can be your
own experience or you may weave a story .Try to make it funny (we 3 min
need fun)

Reflection: Which parts need to be revised? Which parts take more


Book: Interchange 3 Mahboobe Roshanak