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Piedmont Athens Regional – Oconee Health Campus

1305 Jennings Mill Road • Watkinsville, GA 30677 • (706) 552-1999


Door Handle …………………………………………………...……………..…….... 13

Door Locking Mechanism ………………………………………………….………... 5
Dorma Doors ……………………………………………………………..…....... ....... 5

HVAC Control

Contact: Rock, 770-639-7082

Dwight Giddens, 678-617-3767
Location: East Wing IT Room
What: Heating, ventilation, air conditioner
• OHC uses Mitsubishi equipment
• Website is controlled with a set limit
• Degree control:
o Throughout facility, the system
is set on “AUTO” (around 68-72˚)
o Departments have a 5-6˚ control
on the HVAC system


Contact: Jeremy Williams, 706-202-1616

Location: East Wing IT Room
What: Security camera
• Public safety reset – unplug the
black cord and plug back in
• If malfunction occurs, Public Safety
will call OHC

CrossChx/Secure Pass

Contact: Kayla Repp, 330-205-3744,
Location: Various department waiting rooms
What: Sign in and waiting list display
• Each tablet is connected to the front desk
computer and displayed on the crosschx
• If tablet shuts down – controls are located
on the bottom, turn off and back on
• If screen glitches – unplug connection
under the screen and plug back in
• Needs to remain on Card OPS input

Water Feature
Contact: Business Development Manager/
Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: Breast Health Center
What: Water fountain decor
• This is the only water fountain in the facility
• Uses distilled water only
• Operations box for the fountain is located in the
Consult closet in the breast health center

Cable TV Operation

Contact: Charter Spectrum, Patrick Quinn (404-824-

Location: TVs located in lobbies of Cardiac
Pulmonary, Outpatient Rehab, Radiology, Urgent
Care, Women’s Center, Primary Care, Hawthorne,
Pediatrics, Piedmont Heart, Gastroenterology,
Radiology sub-waiting, Cardiac sub-waiting, and
Breast Imaging sub-waiting), cable box attached
behind the TVs
What: TV operations
• 13 television sets throughout facility
• Each TV has its own remote
o Remote needs to be pointed at cable box
to control channels, volume, etc.
• To reset: turn cable box off and on again


Contact: Genesis Elevator Company, 770-423-1095

• Reset elevator – go to machine room, flip back
“reset elevator”, and switch off and back on
• There are 4 elevators total with an elevator
closet located near each one

Door Locking Mechanism

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: East & West wing staff entrances
• Keypad is located outside the doors
with the entrance code of: 1199#
• From 8:00 pm – 6:00 am, code is
deactivated, only badge can unlock the
doors during this time

Dorma Doors

Contact: David Newkirk, 404-210-0717

Location: Patient entrances on the 1st floor
What: Handicap double doors
• If shut down – flip the power
switch under the “EXIT” sign
• Sensitive to patients standing
too close to the sensor

Water Coolers

Contact: Neptune Company/Jeff Campbell,

Location: Department waiting rooms
What: Water dispenser
• Water jugs need to be changed
when the red light flashes
“Replace Bottle”
• Water jugs are located
in the stairway
• Water jugs delivered to facility
on a weekly basis


Contact: Kurtis Woods, 903-806-4846,
Location: Throughout offices
• Loose hinges can be fixed with a
button located towards the back of
the hinge, locking the hinge in place
and tightening the cabinet

Shred Bins

Contact: Shred-It Company/Sharon Clark,

Location: Throughout the departments
• Closet is located for each elevator

Fire Panel

Contact: Computer Alarm Systems/

Ed Fuqua, 706-354-1727
Location: East Wing IT Room
What: Fire alarm system
• Annual fire alarm test is completed
on each shift – 2 tests total
• Computer fire alarm information is
located on the back of the alarm door
o Password – shinyhappypeople17
• If alarm is activated – go to “Panel Silence”,
select “Reset”

Mood Music System

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: East Wing IT Room
What: Facility music system
• Only plays on west wing of facility
• Sound adjustment – turn the dial
on ceiling speaker
• Needs a monthly disk change
to update system
• Dial allows to change music, volume
control, and device info

Window Cleaning

Contact: Andrew Prince, 706-296-6222

Location: Throughout facility
What: Window cleaning service
• Cleanings are scheduled on a quarterly basis

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: North entrance on the 1st floor
What: Conference Rooms
• Two projectors are provided in red bags
• Room dividers pull out to mask the
sound and separate conference rooms
– walls lock together with tools

U.S. Flag Management

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: South entrance parking lot
What: American and University of Georgia flag pole
• Mobile Colonial Flag App – instructs on when and
how to raise the flag for certain occasions
• Business manager has a key to unlock the flag
box located on the flag pole

Water Fountain & Digital Sign

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: South entrance parking lot
What: News display and running fountain
• Operation box is locked and located
underneath the digital sign, facing the road
• Upcoming highlights and information
regarding Piedmont is displayed on the
digital sign
• Water fountain runs 24/7

Sign Bros

Contact: Phillip Henry 770-584-6522

• Templates for name plates are sent via email
• Responsible for delivering and putting up signs throughout facility

Lab Specimen Box

Contact: Laboratory Department

Location: Outside West wing staff entrance
What: Lab specimen samples
• Containers with lab material are placed
outside the West Wing staff entrance
• Containers are collected by outside parties
(LabCorp, Quest, Piedmont Lab Outreach)


Contact: Biomed Department

Location: Central areas on 1st and 2nd floors
What: Treatment that delivers dose of
electric current to the heart
• Defibrillators contain instructions once
• There are two in the entire facility
• Biomedical team comes out on monthly
intervals to ensure equipment is still

Sound Masking

Contact: Customer 1st Communications/

Andre Arceneaux, 678-248-5445
Location: East Wing IT Room
What: Privacy machine for patient rooms
• This machine creates a sound separator
to mask voices between patient rooms
• Volume controls located on Cambridge
Machine in IT room

Engineering Work Orders

Contact: Greg Adams 706-540-7375

David Seawright 706-765-8810
Location: The Village Website
What: Submission of maintenance work request
• To requests a work order, click:
The Village → Athens Village → Work Orders
→ Engineering Orders → Department #90043
→ Create Request → Fill Maintenance request

Door Handle

Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
• A golden tool is used to tighten or loosen
an unbalanced door handle
• The door handle tool is located in the red
tool bag
• Tool hooks into small hole on the handle
and can be twisted to tighten or loosen
the door handle

MRI Chiller

Contact: Radiology/Laboratory Department

Location: West wing staff entrance

What: Water in chiller cools down the

MRI magnet

• Requires a B1A1 key to open



Contact: Business Development Manager/

Terry Walker, 706-552-1986
Location: Brick wall near North Entrance
What: Decoration piece

Contact: Lynda Winfrey
What: Environmental Services
• Contact Lynda Winfrey by radio for
your cleaning and environmental
safety needs

Additional Contacts

Standard Textiles
Shades and Blinds
Jim Anderson, 404-432-8928,

Roll Off Systems

Mike Wilson, 706-296-2709

Evans Building Maintenance

Jimbo Horn, 706-207-0014
Sharon Palmer, 706-540-0399

Walton EMC
Representative, 770-267-2505

Oconee Co. Utility Department

Representative, 706-769-3960

National EMS
Don Cargile, 706-286-7007,
Cell: 706-202-3638