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Pre-Engine Checks Vehicle Raised

1. Check Vehicle History. 29. Check oil filter.
2. Check timing belt replacement interval*............kms........yrs 30. Check fuel lines and brake pipes.
3. Check for damage to bodywork, lamps and trims. 31. Check the condition and security of the exhuast.
4. Fit protective covers. 32. Check front and rear axle, transfer case oil levels.*
5. Check condition and operation of all seat belts. 33. Check gear box oil.
6. Check operation of interior and exterior lights. 34. Check all steering and suspension joints, mountings
7. Check operation of ABS and air bag warning lights.* and gaiters.
8. Check air conditioning operation including bad odour.* 35. Carry out tyre report.
9. Check windscreen washers and wipers. 36. Check all wheel bearings for excessive play and
10. Check horn. noise.
11. Check operation of suspension dampers. 37. Check CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits.
12. Check all door hinges, locks and bonnet catches. 38. Check clutch cable/cylinder.*
13. Check body for rust. 39. Check uni joints.*
14. Check fuel cap. 40. Check operation and condition of front brakes.
Under the Bonnet 41. Check operation and condition of rear brakes
15. Check cooling system including fan operation. (including handbrake).
16. Check and record Anti-Freeze protection...............°C 42. Check disc rotors.
17. Check and record brake fluid condition.
Vehicle Lowered
18. Check all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt).
43. Check engine oil condition.
19. Check engine breather system.
44. Check wheel nuts/studs.
20. Check vacuum pipes.
21. Check power steering operation. To Finish
22. Check throttle body. 45. Road test vehicle and report any findings.
23. Check battery level. 46. Re-check engine oil leaks.
24. Check fluid levels. 47. Check accelerator pedal.*
25. Check air filter.* 48. Check brake and clutch performance.*
26. Check fuel filter.* 49. Ensure all upholstry, gear lever, steering wheel, etc
27. Check power steering fluid.* are clean.
28. Check pollen filter.* 50. Check service book(s).

Tyre Report L Front RL Rear R Spare Comments:

Tread (mm)
Pressure (set to)
Tyre Size Torque Nm

Brake Report L Front RL Rear R Limit

F mm
Pads / Shoes R mm
F mm
Discs / Drums R mm
 Done  Requires Attention
Brake Fluid Condition OK Needs Replacing N/A Not Applicable * Where Applicable
Emissions CO HC CO 2 O2 X KM
Additional service operations may be required for your
Petrol % ppm % % vehicle make / model and will be charged at extra cost.

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