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Written Reflection on Language Competence:

I choose the artifacts that I included because they were required. They demonstrate my
level of Language Competence in the Areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. I
started my Spanish educational experience in Highschool where I took Spanish during my
Freshman and Sophomore years. As a Junior in Highschool I took a 3rd year Spanish class at the
local Community College that further helped me expand my limited vocabulary and generally
master the conjugation of verbs. I continued to utilize this limited Spanish by participating in an
online game with a roleplay side to it that included negotiation between different factions,
including those in Spanish speaking countries. I met people online that spoke Spanish because of
this and my ability to type without the help of Google Translate improved immensely through
their corrections and assistance.
Later I was called to serve a mission in Argentina. I didn’t understand the questions asked
of me over the phone for placement in the MTC, so I was put in the beginner’s class where I
probably didn’t belong. I felt like I knew almost everything compared to the other Missionaries
in the beginner’s group, but when I got to Argentina I realized that although I could read/write
and even understand Spanish okay… my actual ability to speak it and be understood was
severely lacking. The next two years were a constantly humbling experience through which I
improved immensely.
Upon coming home and returning to BYU I immediately began taking Spanish classes
and continued to do so each semester until this last semester. The classes at BYU helped me
immensely to become a better writer in Spanish and to gain an understanding of the Academic
side of Spanish. I am a much better writer with the assistance of tools such as Linguee than I am
simply writing based on my knowledge. Because of this I am not at all surprised that my
Speaking and Writing scores are the same Advanced Low level. I realize that my ability to Speak
and Write Spanish is limited and that I have both room to improve and a necessity to work to
maintain even my current limited level. I hope to perhaps participate more in the local Spanish
branch wherever I end up, and/or have a job that includes use of the language in order to keep up
my Language Competence.
In the areas of Reading and Listening I scored (or self-assessed) at an Advanced High
level. My ability to understand what others are trying to express and what professional
documents are trying to portray in Spanish is obviously better than my Speaking and Writing and
I have found that it aids immensely in my ability to translate text from Spanish to English. By
continuing to utilize the language in both a personal and professional setting, I believe that I can
keep my understanding of the language high. A simple place to start is continuing my practice of
listening to Podcasts in Spanish and communicating with others through social media when the
opportunity to do it in person is not available.