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Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

50¢ daily Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

Upfront Economy
may suffer
Elida sets
annual ‘Salute
to Veterans’

if Congress
Elida High School stu-
dents, led by the SUCCESS
class, will host a “Salute

to Veterans” at 8 a.m.
Friday in the Fieldhouse.
The ceremony has been
planned and will be con-
ducted by the students.
After the ceremony, veter-
ans will be treated to break-
fast prepared by the students. By PAUL WISEMAN by slow growth and high
Veterans will then be invited The Associated Press unemployment. Congress
to participate in a panel might also create paralyzing
discussion with students. WASHINGTON — uncertainty for investors and
Rounding out the day will Political gridlock is supposed businesses by fighting over
be the presentation by Joyce to be good for business. If taxes, deficits, health care and
Johnson on Congressional
Medal of Honor winner bickering lawmakers can’t financial regulation.
Leonard Mason in the high agree on anything, the think- “We expect massive
school’s multi-purpose room. ing goes, they can’t pass laws gridlock and little coopera-
and regulations that make the tion,” writes Brian Gardner,
County sirens economy worse.
So will the midterm elec-
Washington analyst for the
financial firm Keefe, Bruyette
tested Wednesday tions, which are expected to
leave Congress at least partial-
& Woods.
If times were good, grid-
The 48 Allen County ly controlled by Republicans lock wouldn’t matter so much.
Community warning and squaring off against a A Republican Congress and Stacy Taff photo
sirens will be tested at Democratic White House, be Democratic White House
noon on Wednesday. a help to the economy? butted heads in the mid- and Polls open until 7:30 p.m. today
Tests are conducted Don’t count on it. late ’90s, after all, and their
on the first Wednesday A standoff between the sparring did nothing to derail Dorothy Hedrick and Nick Wilson exercise their right to vote at the Trinity United
of each month. Obama administration and a strong economy. Methodist Church location this morning. Polls are open until 7:30 p.m. A little more
In the event of an actual emboldened Republicans will But now, nearly a year and than half of registered voters are expected to turn out for General Election voting
emergency, the sirens are probably block any new help today.
an indication persons in for an economy squeezed See ECONOMY, page 2

Delphos Senior Villas prepping for winter

the affected area should
go indoors and tune to
local news media for
additional information
and instructions on emer-
gency action to be taken. BY MIKE FORD been the area with the most
Relay team sets traffic accidents in Delphos.
However, Safety Services
Bingo Sunday DELPHOS — Construction Director Greg Berquist is not
of the Delphos Senior Villas
worried about increased chal-
The Delphos Herald/Grind near Elida Road and Fifth lenges in the region, as a credit
Relay for Life Team will hold Street is moving quickly for
union remains in the works.
a Bingo on Sunday at the now. However, the rapid pace “Those are Type 2 road-
American Legion Post 268. will likely slow. ways, which means they’re 35
Doors open at 12:30 p.m., “We’re lagging a little.mph. We have traffic counts
early birds start at 1:30, with The weather is scary — win-in both directions and all the
regular bingo following. ter is coming more quickly requirements are met. There are
Door prizes, instant tickets than I want it to. Nobody 32 units; even if they each have
and concessions all available. likes cold weather because it
two vehicles, that’s 64, so the
Intersection slows things down,” L&W
Associates Site Manager Jim
traffic numbers should be mod-
est. We received more increase
closed in Elida Ballard said. “My goal is to
when they put in the assisted
have all the buildings up and
living because people come and
The intersection of under roofs with doors and go and come and go from there
Main and Baxter streets windows put in before the end
but residentials don’t have that
in Elida will be closed of November. I’m right on tendency,” he said.
all day Wednesday. pace for that, so everything isBerquist also said the city’s
The village is undertak- going on schedule.” long-term plan is to widen
ing a streetscape project. Ballard said the projectElida Road to three lanes. He
does not have an official com-
said the city and township own

Sports pletion date but he thinks it

the 80-feet right of way.
may be finished in late spring
or early summer.
Delphos Senior Villas will
be for those 55 and older.
Wrestling club Two access roads will join
Each 900-square-foot home
the property with Elida Road
will include a 1 1/2-car garage.
to host meeting and Second Street behind the
Mike Ford photo Delphos Recreation Center.
The complex will include a
2,600-foot community build-
The Delphos Tri-County Work continued on the Delphos Senior Villas near Elida Road and East Fifth Street. The Elida Road and East ing and a shelter on the 18
Wrestling Club is hosting a Site Manager Jim Ballard hopes the 32-unit project is closed in by the end of November. Fifth Street intersection has acres the location provides.

5 small mail bombs

parents informational meet-
ing and sign-ups 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday at the Delphos

explode in Athens
Eagles on 5th Street. The
club is for wrestlers aged
6-12 that want to learn the
basics of wrestling and
good sportsmanship; prac- ATHENS, Greece (AP) Two Greek men were arrest-
tice starts Nov. 16th. — A bomb exploded at the ed on suspicion of plotting the
Any questions, con- Swiss and Russian embassies attacks when they were spot-
tact Brent Binkley at in Athens today and suspicious ted close to the scene of one
419-235-7919. packages were detonated by of Monday’s bombings. Police
TODAY police outside Parliament, the said they were carrying hand-
Boys Soccer Regionals Bulgarian embassy and a cou- guns and bullets in waist pouch-
at Findlay: Ottoville vs. rier company, officials said. es, and one wore body armor, a
Ottawa Hills, 7 p.m. No injuries or damage were wig and a baseball cap.
reported from today’s five small One of the two was wanted
Forecast explosions. Police say they sus- in connection with an inves-
pect that far-left domestic groups tigation into a radical anar-
Mostly sunny are responsible for the wave chist group known as Sect of
Wednesday of attacks that began Monday Revolutionaries.
morn- when four mail bombs failed Though a student uprising
ing turning to reach their targets — French succeeded in ending military
partly cloudy President Nicolas Sarkozy and rule in 1974, it also left a legacy
with high the embassies of Mexico, the of activism and simmering ten-
in mid 50s. See page 2. Netherlands and Belgium. sions between Greece’s security
Government spokesman establishment and a phalanx of
Index George Petalotis condemned deeply entrenched leftist groups
Obituaries 2 “those who try in vain to terrorize that often protest against global-
State/Local 3 and disturb the public tranquility.” ization and U.S. foreign policy
The bombs were found in the Middle East and else-
Politics 4 Monday after one exploded where.
Community 5 at a delivery service in cen- The groups have now Stacy Taff photos
Sports 6-7 tral Athens, lightly wounding evolved into various mainly
Classifieds 8 a worker at the delivery com- youth factions that claim to ‘Community Unity’ holds 4th food give-away
TV 9 pany. fight trends ranging from glo-
Halloween 10 Authorities have said the balization to police surveillance Jefferson students Bethany Jettinghoff, left, Hannah Kleman and Alex Rostorfer
bombs were not particularly cameras. Their impact is usually help Ron Grothous set food up at the Delphos Eagles for the fourth Community Unity
powerful, and no link was made limited to graffiti and late-night food give-away. According to Mayor Mike Gallmeier, 100 food boxes were distributed
with the recently discovered firebomb attacks on targets such to serve 223 people.
Yemen-based mail bomb plot. as stores and cash machines.
2 – The Herald Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For The Record

economy OBITUARY The Delphos
(Continued from page 1)
a half after the official end of the
HeraldVol. 141 No. 120
Great Recession, the economy Nancy Spencer, editor
still isn’t growing fast enough Ray Geary, general manager
to bring down unemployment, Delphos Herald Inc.
which is stuck at 9.6 percent. Don Hemple, advertising manager
“Very few believe the gov- Tiffany Brantley,
ernment should sit on its hands,” circulation manager
Yale University political sci- William Kohl, general manager/
entist Jacob Hacker says. “But Eagle Print
right now we’re facing a period
of drift.” The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
8000) is published daily except
In its Pledge to America, Sundays and Holidays.
the GOP has vowed to oppose By carrier in Delphos and
additional spending to stimulate area towns, or by rural motor
the economy. Obama’s plan to route where available $2.09 per
spend $50 billion on roads, rail- week. By mail in Allen, Van
ways and airports, for instance, Wert, or Putnam County, $105
is probably dead. And the new per year. Outside these counties
Congress may resist continuing $119 per year.
Stacy Taff photo to extend benefits to the 6.1 mil- Entered in the post office
Francis Lynn Davis
City, Kiwanis hold coat drive lion long-term unemployed, at
least without cutting the budget July 14, 1942-oct. 31, 2010
in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
Periodicals, postage paid at
the City of Delphos and the local Kiwanis Club held a coat drive saturday at the city elsewhere. Francis Lynn Davis, 68, of Delphos, Ohio.
building. new and gently-used coats were collected and given to the interfaith thrift Federal Reserve Chairman Delphos, died at 10:26 p.m. No mail subscriptions will
shop for distribution. Participating in the drive were, from left, Jim Knebel, Dave Ben Bernanke has said lawmak- Sunday at St. Rita’s Medical be accepted in towns or villages
eickholt, Bob Ulm, Mark Miller, rick Hanser and Mayor Mike Gallmeier. ers need to do more to jump-start where The Daily Herald paper
the economy. Otherwise, more Center. carriers or motor routes provide
pressure will fall on the Fed She was born July 14, 1942, daily home delivery for $2.09

Beleaguered Haiti braces

to find a way to help, Gardner in Allen County to Richard and per week.
writes. But the Fed has already Helen (Flemming) Griffis. 405 North Main St.
pushed short-term interest rates She married Roger Davis TELEPHONE 695-0015
to zero. And its remaining option on March 28, 1964, and he Office Hours

for possible hurricane

— buying Treasury bonds to survives in Delphos. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
pump cash into the economy — Other survivors include POSTMASTER:
is risky and unproven. sons Tony (Shirley) Davis Send address changes
Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, top of Ottoville, Steve Davis 405 N. Main St.
BY JonAtHAn M. KAtZ “We need emergency evening, Tomas was swirl- Republican on Congress’ Joint of Toledo and Jeff (Dawn) Delphos, Ohio 45833
the Associated Press shelter. We need water and ing westward in the middle Economic Committee, says a Davis of Fort Wayne; sisters
sanitation supplies. And we of the Caribbean and wasn’t GOP Congress would replace Dianne (Leon) Youngpeter of
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti need as much of it as possi- an immediate threat to land. “the firestorm of new regula- Fort Wayne and Terry (Bruce)
— Haitians have yet another ble in place before Hurricane But the storm is expected to tions thrust through Congress” Massa of Columbus; broth- Scholars of the Day
problem — a hurricane may Tomas hits,” Fisher said. regain power and veer toward by the Democrats with “a more ers Dick (Nancy) Griffis of
hit this week, adding to the Warehouses are being Haiti. reasoned regulatory environ- Ashville, N.C., and Craig
woes of a nation where chol- emptied of existing stocks of Those with more money Republicans have promised (Bonnie) Griffis of Sylvania;
era is spreading in the coun- rope and tarps to help people have a better chance of being to repeal Obama’s massive and grandchildren Drew,
tryside and thousands upon in camps, said Imogen Wall, prepared. Leonide Paul said health care law and are likely Justin, Ally and Faye Davis.
thousands of earthquake spokeswoman for the U.N. she had received news about to try to scale back the overhaul She was also preceded in
survivors are still living in Office for the Coordination the storm via an automated of financial regulation that the death by her brother, David
flimsy shelters. of Humanitarian Affairs. text message, and would go outgoing Democratic Congress Griffis.
A U.S. Navy vessel, the Tomas would be the first out and buy food, water and passed last summer. Mrs. Davis had worked at
amphibious warfare ship Iwo major storm to strike Haiti extra fuel to prepare. Health care companies, St. John’s Rectory for more
Jima, was steaming toward since the earthquake killed As a hurricane Saturday, insurers and banks would wel- than 20 years and was a mem- St. John’s Scholar of the
Haiti today to be on hand as many as 300,000 people Tomas caused at least 14 come relief from regulation. But ber of St. John the Evangelist
to provide disaster relief in and forced millions from deaths in a cluster of islands Republicans probably won’t Day is Dylan
Catholic Church. She was also
case Tropical Storm Tomas their homes. It would also in the eastern Caribbean. St. have enough votes to overcome a member of the Red Hats and Dancer.
appears late in the week be the first tropical storm or Vincent Prime Minister Ralph a presidential veto. And tinker- enjoyed reading and spending Congratulations
as forecast, possibly after hurricane to hit since 2008, Gonsalves described the dam- ing with existing law risks creat-time with friends. Dylan!
strengthening again into a when the storms Fay, Gustav, age as “the worst we have ing even more uncertainty for Mass of Christian Burial
hurricane. Hanna and Ike battered Haiti seen in living memory.” employers already reluctant to begins at 11 a.m. Thursday Jefferson’s Scholar of the
Aid groups also are rush- in the space of a month, kill- On Monday evening, hire workers or buy new equip- Day is Reid
ment because of doubts about at St. John the Evangelist
ing to do what they can but ing nearly 800 people and Prime Minister Stephenson Catholic Church, the Rev. Corzine.
where the economy is going.
are already short of need- wiping out 15 percent of the King said 14 people were “It seems impossible to me Jacob Gordon officiating. Congratulations
ed supplies because of the economy. confirmed dead in St. Lucia, there won’t be more uncertainty Burial will follow in St. John’s Reid!
strains of dealing with the Piles of rubble and partially most in the hard-hit southern after the election,” says Yale’s Cemetery.
Students can pick up their
catastrophe inflicted by the collapsed buildings from the town of Soufriere. He did not Hacker, co-author of “Winner- Friends may call from 2-8 awards in their school offices.
quake last Jan. 12. quake still fill Port-au-Prince, disclose specifics of how the Take-All Politics.” p.m. Wednesday at Harter and
There are shortages of the capital. Reconstruction is people died. Wall Street research also dis-Schier Funeral Home, where
150,000 tarps as well as soap,
hygiene kits, field tents, radi-
grinding along without prom-
ised aid funds, including
Tourism Minister Allen
Chastanet told a St. Lucia
putes the notion that gridlock
is good for the stock market,
showing that stocks do just as
the parish wake starts at 7:30
p.m. C orreCtions
os and oral rehydration salts $1.15 billion promised by the radio station that Tomas trig- Memorials are to the The Delphos Herald wants
for treating cholera, U.N. United States in March. gered numerous landslides well, or better, when one party American Heart Association to correct published errors in
Humanitarian Coordinator Nigel After weakening back in Soufriere, which he said runs both the White House and or Alzheimer’s Association.
Congress. its news, sports and feature
Fisher said in a statement. to a tropical storm Sunday “looks like a war zone.” articles. To inform the news-
Charlie Sheen files for Palestinian PM stakes
room of a mistake in published
information, call the editorial
IN HISTORY department at 419-695-0015.

divorce in Los Angeles claim to east Jerusalem By the Associated Press Corrections will be published
on this page.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sheen, 45, pleaded guilty in By MoHAMMeD by suppressing any official Today is Tuesday, Nov. 2,
Palestinian activity in the city. the 306th day of 2010. There
Charlie Sheen filed to end his
marriage to his third wife Monday
Aspen, Colo., in August to mis-
demeanor third-degree assault
the Associated Press Fayyad, who became prime are 59 days left in the year. BIRTHS
and stated in documents that the after a Christmas Day altercation minister in 2007, has devised
couple separated the same day as with Mueller Sheen. He listed DAHIAT AL-BARID, a two-year program of build- today’s Highlight in st. ritA’s
a Christmas 2009 altercation that the couple’s separation date as West Bank — Palestinian ing the institutions of a future History: A boy was born Nov. 1 to
led to assault charges against the the date of the fight. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad Palestine. As part of the pro- On Nov. 2, 1783, Gen. Katelyn Metcalfe and Andrew
veteran actor. Prosecutors dropped more today staked a claim to Israeli- gram, which is to be completed George Washington issued Sterling of Delphos.
The divorce came less than serious charges and he avoided controlled east Jerusalem, by August, Fayyad has also his Farewell Orders to the A boy was born Nov. 1 to
a week after the “Two and jail time, instead receiving 30 announcing that his government tried to push forward projects in Armies of the United States Scott and Beth Warnecke of
a Half Men” star was briefly days in a rehabilitation center, 30 quietly helped fund the renova- areas Israel considers off-limits near Princeton, N.J. Kalida.
hospitalized in New York City days of probation and 36 hours tion of 14 schools in what the to Palestinian development,
after security at a luxury hotel of anger management. Palestinians hope will be their including east Jerusalem and 60 on this date:
reported he was being disor-
Mueller Sheen told police
the actor threatened to kill her
However, Fayyad stopped
percent of the West Bank.
In 1795, the 11th presi-
announcement dent of the United States, WEATHER
Sheen cited irreconcilable and brandished a knife after she short of a full-fledged confron- about the school renova- James Knox Polk, was born in High temperature Monday
differences for the divorce and told him she wanted a divorce. tation with Israel. He heeded an tions marked his boldest pub-
Israeli warning not to set foot lic foray into east Jerusalem, Mecklenburg County, N.C. in Delphos was 50 degrees,
indicated in court filings in Los Charlie Sheen said the two
Angeles that the couple have a argued, but he denied threaten- in Jerusalem for the announce- though Fayyad’s government In 1865, the 29th president low was 28. High a year ago
prenuptial agreement. He and ing her and told police he was ment and instead chose a West is believed to have contributed of the United States, Warren today was 57, low was 29.
Brooke Mueller Sheen were upset by the divorce threat. Bank school on the edge of the quietly to other projects in the Gamaliel Harding, was born Record high for today is 78,
married in May 2008 and have Last Tuesday, the actor was city as a venue. city. near Marion, Ohio. set in 2003. Record low is 20,
twin sons together. hospitalized after security at The fate of Jerusalem is An aide said the Palestinian In 1889, North Dakota and set in 1951.
He is seeking joint custody, the Plaza Hotel in New York one of the most difficult issues Authority contributed more than South Dakota became the 39th WeAtHer ForeCAst
but is asking a judge not to award City reported he was disorderly Israelis and Palestinians would $5 million, funneled through and 40th states. tri-county
his wife any spousal support. and had broken furniture in his have to try to resolve in a peace civic groups, to renovate 14 pri- the Associated Press
Within hours, Brooke Sheen room. deal. vate Palestinian schools in east In 1917, British Foreign
had filed her own petition for Sheen appeared highly intox- Peace talks, launched in Jerusalem and an additional one Secretary Arthur Balfour
divorce, seeking sole custody of icated when officers arrived at September, have run aground on the edge of the city, in the issued a declaration expressing toniGHt: Mostly clear.
the former couple’s sons and his room around 1:30 a.m., and over Israeli settlement con- West Bank suburb of Dahiat support for a “national home” Lows in the upper 20s. East
spousal support. Her filing did a woman with him said they had struction and aren’t even close al-Barid, where Fayyad spoke for the Jews in Palestine. winds 5 to 10 mph.
not offer any additional details, been out drinking and partying to addressing the conflict- Today. WeDnesDAY: Mostly
but also cited Christmas as the that night, according to a law ing claims to Jerusalem. But Renovating the schools “is In 1920, radio station sunny in the morning becom-
date of separation. enforcement official. President Barack Obama hopes an important achievement along KDKA in Pittsburgh broad- ing partly cloudy. Highs in the
The divorce was first reported The woman said Sheen was to broker an agreement by next our path toward freedom and cast returns from the Harding- mid 50s. South winds around
Monday by People magazine’s yelling and tossing furniture September, meaning the sides independence,” Fayyad said Cox presidential election. 5 mph becoming southwest in
web site. when they returned to the room, will be forced to make some during a ceremony at the West In 1930, Haile Selassie the afternoon.

said the official, who was not difficult decisions if they stick Bank school. “The Palestinian (HY’-lee sehl-AH’-see) was WeDnesDAY niGHt:
authorized to speak publicly to his timeline. state will be established in the crowned emperor of Ethiopia Mostly cloudy with a 30 per-
about the encounter and spoke to Israeli Prime Minister West Bank and Gaza, with (his reign lasted nearly 44 cent chance of showers. Lows
Allen County Refuse pro-
The Associated Press on condi- Benjamin Netanyahu has said Jerusalem as its heart.” in the upper 30s. West winds
vides garbage and recycle col-
he will not relinquish east years).
lection in Delphos. tion of anonymity. 5 to 10 mph.
The Allen County portion of
Delphos is collected on Thurs-
Sheen’s publicist, Stan
Rosenfield, said the actor had an
Jerusalem, captured by Israel
in the 1967 Mideast War and LOTTERY e X t e n D e D
days, with residents placing adverse reaction to medication. annexed. Successive Israeli CLEVELAND (AP) — Pick 4 tHUrsDAY: Mostly
garbage containers on the curb Sheen was released from the governments have tried to assert These Ohio lotteries were 8-8-6-5 cloudy. A chance of show-
Wednesday evening and recycle hospital the same day. control over east Jerusalem drawn Monday: Powerball ers in the afternoon. Highs in
every other Wednesday.
The Van Wert County por-
Estimated jackpot: $104 the upper 40s. West winds 5
Classic Lotto million to 10 mph becoming north-
Friday, with residents placing
garbage containers at the curb
tion of Delphos is collected on
Estimated jackpot: $12.6
rolling Cash 5
west around 15 mph in the
afternoon. Chance of rain 30
on Thursday evening and recy-
cle every other Thursday.
works. million
Mega Millions
jackpot: percent.
tHUrsDAY niGHt:
If a holiday falls during
Our the
Our circuit works
Our Our
works works
circuit everyevery
works Estimated jackpot: $12 ten oH
week, collection is major
Mostly cloudy. A chance of
major majorand
major you
group can
andcanyou you
and can can million 06-08-13-15-16-23-27-30- rain showers in the evening.
a day. For example, the week of
burn up to 500
Memorial Day, collection in Al- burncalories.
up tocalories.
to calories.
500 calories. Midday 3 31-38-39-43-46-47-50-61- Lows in the lower 30s. Chance
len County will be Friday and 9-2-6 68-69-74-76 of rain 30 percent.
in Van Wert County it will be ASK ABOUT OURASKFREE 30
30 DAY
DIET PLAN Midday 4 ten oH Midday FriDAY, sAtUrDAY:
Saturday. 419-692-2388
CURVES 419-692-2388
419-692-2388 8-6-3-7 03-04-06-08-09-10-12-18- Mostly cloudy. Highs in the
See the full schedule at Pick 3 28-36-39-42-43-45-53-54- lower 40s. Lows in the upper WORKS
1875 WITH
E. Fifth Street
1875 E.
1875 Fifth Street
E. Fifth Street SilverSneakers! Delphos, Ohio Delphos,Delphos,
Delphos,OhioOhio 5-3-2 55-60-68-77 20s. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 The Herald –3

Election chief orders probe
of McDonald’s letter
COLUMBUS (AP) — letter violates state elections sent out,” Snow said.
The state’s elections chief on laws governing employer Voter intimidation is a
Monday ordered an inves- influence and intimidation of form of voter fraud, Brunner
tigation of a northeast Ohio workers. said.
McDonald’s franchise owner Secretary of State Jennifer “It is a serious offense
who endorsed Republican Brunner’s office has retained requiring a strong response,”
candidates in a payday letter a Mahoning County attor- she said. “That is why I
to his employees. ney who will coordinate the believe an investigation by
Ohio Democratic Party investigation with the Stark my office is necessary.”
Chairman Chris Redfern had County prosecutor’s office, Records show that
requested a criminal investi- Brunner said in her statement Siegfried donated $500
gation of Paul Siegfried and Monday. to Kasich’s campaign in
the letter he gave to workers Siegfried’s attorney, September.
at his McDonald’s restaurants Randy Snow, said Monday The fast food chain’s cor-
in Stark County. that his client already has porate headquarters in Oak
The letter recommended apologized publicly for writ- Brook, Ill., has said that
the election of Republican ing the letter and including it Siegfried’s action was not
candidates John Kasich for in the pay envelopes of hun- reflective of the company’s
governor, Rob Portman for dreds of workers, the Akron position, and the general man-
U.S. Senate and Jim Renacci Beacon Journal reported. ager for the company’s Ohio Elks donate to Fall Fright Festival Photo submitted

for the 16th District seat in “He retracted it and rec- region said McDonald’s had Van Wert Elks Lodge 1197, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks recently
the U.S. House. ognizes the initial letter prob- no knowledge that the hand- donated 1,000 Drug Awareness Bags along with 1,000 Drug Awareness Coloring Books
Democrats have said the ably should not have been bill was being distributed. to the Van Wert City Parks and Recreation Department towards the annual Fall Fright
Festival to be held on October 30 at the Van Wert County Fairgrounds. This is the 17th
year the parks department has been able to provide a free and safe Halloween event for

Briefs the Children of the community The Drug Awareness Coloring Books will be distrib-
uted to the children attending along with the Drug Awareness Bags and goodies when
they enter the event. The main event of the Festival is the costume judging with cash
YWCA apple awards in several categories. Van Wert Elks Lodge 1197 is proud to be able to assist in
this event for the children of the community. Pictured, left to right are: Linda Stanley,
dumplings for Exalted Ruler; Lisa McGuire, Fall Fright Festival Committee Chair; and Laurie Piper,
Fall Fright Festival Committee.
sale until Nov. 12
Due to the high demand
at the YWCA apple dump-
ling sales at the 2010 Apple
Ag society sets annual meeting
Festival, the YWCA will be The Van Wert County The Constitution now member of the Society may
taking orders for their signa- Agricultural Society will be reads: take a petition to run for the
ture apple dumplings. Only holding its annual meeting “When a resident of the position of Director-At-Large
frozen dumplings will be on Nov.13 in the Fair Board Township, Village of City for the said Township, Village
available for purchase. Office on the Van Wert County does not seek re-election or no of City for the full three-year
To place an order, call Fairgrounds. one runs for Director of the term. An individual may only
the YWCA at 419-238-6639. The meeting will begin at Township, Village or City, the run for one directorship per
The price is $2.75 per dump- 9 a.m. with business from the Van Wert County Fair Board year. The position will be
ling, including a sauce recipe year of 2010. This will include may appoint a Director-At- voted on by the Fair member-
card. a partial financial report of Large to represent the Township, ship at the election of Directors
Orders will be accepted 2009/2010 and any other busi- Village or city where a vacancy that is held each year during
until Nov. 12. All dumplings ness that needs to be taken care is declared until the next elec- the fair. Only bona fide mem-
will be ready for pickup by of to complete the 2010 Fair tion of Directors which is held bers of the Society are entitled
Nov. 22. season. at the fair each year. If no one to vote. This elected Director
All funding received from The board will break for runs for that particular area, and any other newly-elected
lunch and reconvene in the the Director-At-Large may be Directors will assume duties
sales will be used by the
afternoon with the swearing in appointed.” of their position at the Annual
YWCA to fund programs for of the newly elected directors The proposed change Meeting of the membership to
the local community. for the next three years. would include the following be held on the second Saturday
For more information, call The board will also elect language: in November following their
419-238-6639 or visit www. officers and set ticket prices “When the term for the election.” for admission and grandstand Township, Village or City Other discussion will include
OSU 6-year events for the 2011 Fair.
The board of directors is
becomes a full three-year term
and no one declares for the said
fair dates, grandstand events,
signing of contracts, stall rent
graduation rate also proposing a change in directorship of the Township, and other fair-related items.

The NPAC is going to

Article IV of the society’s Village of City by Friday at For questions, call the secre-
hits record Constitution in regard to the
position of director-at-large.
5 p.m. before the first day of
the Van Wert County Fair, any
tary at the fair office at 419-238-
9270 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Ohio State University says
a record 78 percent of its the dogs — and cats
students are now graduating

You’ve heard of a dog- Gregory Popovich, and the
within six years. and-pony show? Well imag- extraordinary talents of his
Officials say the universi- ine a circus act that goes far performing pets. The pets
ty has hit the new high mark beyond that old standard – that perform are all rescued
by being more selective and well trained dogs and house from animal shelters across
attracting students who are cats, geese and doves, white the country. Popovich and
better prepared for college. mice and ferrets….though not his furry friends have been
The six-year graduation
rate is viewed nationally as a
key benchmark for universi-
a pony in sight. (Yet!).
It’s Gregory Popovich’s
Comedy Pet Theater and
he’s bringing it to Van Wert
seen on the Tonight Show,
David Letterman, America’s
Got Talent, and on the Vegas
strip inside Planet Hollywood
The Columbus Dispatch at 3 p.m. on Jan. 30 at the Hotel and Casino where it PHOTOS OF PAST & PRESENT
reports numbers released Niswonger Performing Arts was voted the “Best Family
Monday show that Ohio Center of Northwest Ohio. Show in Las Vegas!” VETERANS WILL BE PUBLISHED
Jay Leno called Gregory Tickets for this fun-filled
State’s four-year graduation
rate also has increased this Popovich’s Comedy Pet Sunday afternoon event are IN OUR “SALUTE TO VETERANS”
Theater the funniest circus on sale now. They can be
year, to nearly 53 percent.
University Provost Joseph act he’d ever witnessed. The purchased online at www. PUBLICATION NOV. 11.
Comedy Pet Theater is a one- or at the box
Alutto says his goal is for 85
percent of students to gradu- of-a-kind, family-oriented
blend of unique physical
office by calling 419-238-
NPAC (6722) or in person at
ate within four years and
to have virtually all receive
comedy, juggling, acrobat- 10700 SR 118 S., Van Wert, Photos (most any size) can
ics, and balancing skills of between noon and 4 p.m,
their diplomas within six international award winner Monday through Friday. be submitted to The Delphos
years. Herald or email with
Tree memorial Ohio artists selected to information to
for woman run
over by cruiser design new Jesus statue Photos can be picked up after the
publication is in the paper. If you
MONROE (AP) — Two as though to embrace his fol-
CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati artists will design a lowers, Carter said. The statue prefer your photo back right
A woman who died after replacement for a giant Jesus is expected to be completed away, you can bring into
being run over by a police statue that was destroyed by the spring or early summer the Herald office between 1-4
cruiser in a Cincinnati park by lightning, a church said of 2011.
will be remembered there Monday. Steve Brauch of Glasshand p.m. and wait for it to be scanned.
with a memorial tree. The statue overlook- LLC and Tom Tsuchiya were Or drop off in the morning and
The Cincinnati Enquirer ing Interstate 75 was one of chosen to design and sculpt pick up after 2 p.m.
reports today that the city southwest Ohio’s most famil- the new statue that will depict NAME
plans to place a tag on iar landmarks. The six-sto- Jesus’ full body, the Hamilton Photos should be received TOWN OF RESIDENCE
the tree that will say “In ry fiberglass bust of Jesus JournalNews reported. Branch of service
Memory and Celebration of in front of the Solid Rock The 51-foot-tall statue will
by the Herald office by Dates of Service
the Life of Joann Burton” Church, about 20 miles north stand on 11 feet of boulders 12 noon Nov. 3.
and “Her Spirit is Free.” of Cincinnati, was destroyed and rocks with water flowing
A memo from City June 14. out of the rock into a reflecting Name
Manager Milton Dohoney No one was injured in pool in front of the statue. The
notes that city parks offi- the fire that caused about total structure will be the same Where vet is from
cials are “very sympathet- $850,000 damage to the stat- height as the original 62-foot-
ic” toward Burton’s death. ue and an adjacent amphithe- tall statue, Carter said.
The 48-year-old woman ater of the nondenominational It will have a steel sub-
was sleeping under blankets church, church administrator structure with a lightning sup-
on the grass when an offi- Ron Carter said. pression system and urethane Branch of Military
cer patrolling Washington The original statue was foam that won’t ignite if hit
Park drove over her on July nicknamed Touchdown Jesus by lightning, Carter said. The
27. She died shortly after because of the way its arms structure is to be finished Years Served from to
arriving at a hospital. were raised outward, similar with a top coating of acrylic-
Prosecutors determined to a referee signaling a touch- based aggregate to resemble
that no crime was com- down. limestone. Phone #
mitted, so no charges were The new statue will depict The church has about
filed. Jesus’ arms reaching forward 3,000 members. (to be used for information questions only
- not to be published
Check us out online today! Please fill out one form for each veteran.
4 — The Herald Tuesday, November 2, 2010

POLITICS “The amount of sleep required by the average person is just five minutes more.”
— Anonymous

Democratic control on
the line on election day
By CALVIN interview he pulled back Monday, coffee and left-
WOODWARD from earlier remarks calling over Halloween candy
The Associated Press Republicans “enemies” of fueled volunteers at cam-
Hispanics. paign offices of both Senate
WASHINGTON — The Democrats tend to be strong candidates, Democratic
Democratic Congress that closers, with a vaunted opera- incumbent Michael Bennet
enacted President Barack tion by the party, Obama’s and Republican Ken Buck.
Obama’s far-reaching health organizers and unions to get Republican helper Susan
care law and plowed stagger- supporters to voting sites on Nalbone, 55, a retired school-
ing sums into economic relief Election Day. This time, they teacher who was phoning vot-
is at risk today in an election faced a ground game infused ers, said her side was dispir-
that promises to shake up by the tea party, less polished ited in 2008. Not now.
the political order across the than the other side but full of “This is more intense,” she
nation. energy. said. “I know that elections
Republicans buoyantly The midterm elections are all important, all a big
forecast a new era of shared are a prime-time test for deal, but this one feels espe-
governance, two years after that loosely knit and largely cially important to people.”
Democrats sealed victory in leaderless coalition, a force At Bennet’s office,
the presidency, the House unheard of just two years ago. LuAnn Lind, 52, a nurse,
and the Senate and set about Tea party supporters rattled said she’s been volunteering
Ex-Rep. Condit: reshaping the agenda in a time the Republican establishment


for Democrats for years and
of severe recession and war. in the primaries, booting finding it harder now to fire
No involvement Democrats did not seriously
dispute expectations that they
out several veteran lawmak-
ers and installing more than
people up. “It’s a little less
urgent among the people I’m
One Year Ago in Levy killing would lose the House this
time, even while campaign-
70 candidates, nearly three
dozen of whom are in com-
talking to,” Lind said. “I’m
• Evan Hays was a one-man wrecking crew. The result WASHINGTON (AP) — telling them: ’We don’t want
was the Delphos Mohawks’ 12th Tri-County Midget Football ing through the final hours to petitive races today.
Former California Rep. Gary stem losses. If successful, that conser- to lose ground now. We want
Association (in 48 seasons) with a 32-0 smattering of the Condit told jurors Monday to keep the Obama momen-
Delphos Vikings in the title game on a clear and crisp Sunday His campaign travels vative movement could come
that he didn’t murder Chandra over, Obama was taping to Washington as a firewall tum moving forward.”’
afternoon at Stadium Park. Levy and insisted he cooperat- Ohio Rep. John Boehner,
25 Years Ago — 1985 interviews with radio hosts against expansive federal
ed fully with police when they in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, spending, immigration liber- in line to become speaker if
• Delphos Historical Association will hold its sixth annual investigated the Washington Republicans win the House,
Christmas tree and wreath festival Dec. 8-14 at the Delphos Philadelphia, Honolulu and alization and more, as well
intern’s disappearance nearly a promised Monday to hold
museum in the public library. Each tree and wreath should be decade ago. Miami as well as one with as a further threat to the
Ryan Seacrest of “American historic health care law that weekly votes to cut federal
accompanied by a placard bearing the name of the organization But he continued to evade
direct questions on cross- Idol” for his national radio Republicans hope somehow spending, make jobs the top
and the theme of the tree.
• Police Chief Dennis Kimmet accepted a special safety examination about whether he show, all for broadcast today to roll back. GOP priority and fight to
award from Gregory L. Cady, division manager of Lima had an intimate relationship as Americans vote. In one In Thornton, Colo., on repeal the health law.

Hunt for votes goes on to bitter end

American Automobile Association. The award is in honor for with Levy, saying “we’re all
10 years without a pedestrian fatality in the city. It is given entitled to some level of pri-
as part of the association’s 46th annual Pedestrian Protection vacy.”
Program. A Salvadoran immigrant, By MICHAEL R. BLOOD “I need you in the next few Clinton.
• The Ottoville High School golf team recently finished its Ingmar Guandique, is on trial and CRISTINA SILVA hours,” Reid said, alongside The race between Sestak,
golf season in fine style. Of its several team accomplishments for murdering and attempting The Associated Press first lady Michelle Obama at a U.S. representative and
was the Putnam County League championship, a second place to assault Levy back in 2001. a suburban Las Vegas rally. former Navy admiral, and
finish at the Lost Creek district, a championship finish at the Prosecutors say Guandique LAS VEGAS — If the “Don’t hope someone else Toomey, a former congress-
North West regional tournament held at Auglaize County Club had a history of assaulting nation’s most closely watched will work harder than you. man, to replace five-term
female joggers in Rock Creek Senate race is a battle, the You need to knock on that Arlen Specter was a costly
and finally a sixth place finish at the State Tournament held in Park, where Levy’s remains
Columbus. campaign offices and neigh- extra door. You need to make affair in which the campaigns,
were found. borhoods of recession-rav- that extra phone call.” the parties and advocacy
50 Years Ago — 1960 But it is Levy’s relationship
• Tom Hempfling was elected to head the Delphos chap- aged Nevada were the trench- Reid’s words were at times groups spent tens of millions
with Condit that vaulted her es on Monday in the final drowned out by the roaring of dollars.
ter of the Young Farmers Association at a re-organizational disappearance into a nation-
meeting held in the vocational room at Delphos Jefferson al sensation nine years ago.
hours before Election Day. crowd, who chanted his name In the Reid-Angle race,
High School on Tuesday, according to Arden Blythe, group Condit was once the primary Volunteers at GOP offic- and waved campaign signs. spending is expected to sur-
adviser. Other officers named to serve for the coming year suspect of police but they no es made their best cold-call The tea party-backed can- pass $50 million, including
include Don Luersman, vice president; Irvin Grone, secre- longer believe he had anything pitches: Help Sharron Angle didate, Angle, urged her sup- millions from labor unions
tary; Norbert Ebbeskotte, treasurer, and George Schwinnen, to do with Levy’s death. beat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid. porters to turn out. and other outside groups.
reporter. Twenty-four members were present for the meeting, Condit testified Monday Democrats — one dressed as “They understand full well A TV advertising shoot-
and Blythe led a discussion on “What’s New in Beef Cattle that he fully cooperated with a chicken to mock Angle’s that I am on the verge of end- out has been under way for
Marketing.” the police investigation, refusal to take questions from ing Harry Reid’s campaign,” months — Angle’s ads blame
75 Years Ago — 1935 despite his concerns that detec- the media — hurried from Angle said in an e-mail. Reid for Nevada’s devastat-
• Hundreds of Delphos people were joining the throngs of tives were “incompetent” and door to door, urging voters in The intense pace of the ed economy, while Reid has
those who trekked to Paulding County Friday to attend the out to get him. a state hit hard by unemploy- final day of campaign- sought to paint Angle as a
annual state husking contest which was held on the Wunder The only question he ment and the housing bust ing — with television and conservative extremist who
Farm, five miles west of Paulding. There was much interest refused to answer, he said, was to give the Senate majority radio advertisements saturat- would gut Social Security
in the vicinity of Delphos. This was natural in a state contest when a detective asked in an leader another chance. ing the airwaves, robocalls and turn her back on the mid-
and it was accentuated by the fact that Van Wert County was initial interview if he’d had a Last-minute and, at times, ringing tens of thousands of dle class.
represented in both the standing stalk and the shock contests sexual relationship with Levy. desperate get-out-the-vote phones and countless knocks Statewide, Democrats hold
and Putnam County in the standing stalk contest. Condit said he responded: drives picked up speed in the on doors — annoyed some about a 60,000-vote registra-
• The annual Mardi Gras held in observance of Halloween “If you can tell me why that’s state and across the country, voters. tion edge over the GOP. Early
Thursday night was a great success. The big parade, including relevant, I can answer the with some key races, like Shirley Minster, 59, said voting figures that track party
four bands and about 500 marchers, was the big feature of the question.” He said the detec- Reid-Angle, so close that she has noticed an increase in turnout showed Democrats
tive never answered and the they could be decided by just robocalls in the U.S. Senate and their union supporters
evening’s festivities. The out-of-town were judged in the band
interview ended. a couple votes per precinct. race between Democrat Joe blunted a surge of Republican
contest and prizes were awarded as follows: First prize, Van Until that interview — about
Wert High School; second prize, Middle Point High; and third Among the tightest Sestak and Republican Pat enthusiasm in key counties,
a week after Levy went miss- races were in Colorado, Toomey in Pennsylvania. confirming a tight race.
prize, Converse. ing — Condit said he never
• The students of the junior and senior classes of the Ottoville Pennsylvania, West Virginia, And she was not happy about As of last week, Angle’s
realized he was considered a
High School enjoyed a party at the parish hall. The award for Florida and Illinois, with the them. campaign said its volunteers
suspect. He had called D.C.
the best costume was given Ann Otte. Elinor Looser, Stanley police at the urging of Levy’s outcomes helping determine “I think they are an annoy- contacted voters at least
Wannemacher, Henry Smith and Margie Studer received the father to make sure they were how close Republicans will ance and it turns me off to even 600,000 times, either by
honors in the contests. Ann Celeste and Virgil Rosengarden taking Levy’s disappearance get to taking control of the listen to them,” said Minster, phone or in person. Her vol-
received the honors for the best costumes at the freshman- seriously, and he assumed that Senate and if they will gain a Democrat who attended a unteers are working several
sophomore party held at Ottoville on Wednesday. initial interview with police the majority of governor- rally in McKeesport, Pa., that shifts a day at four offices
was to provide him an update ships. featured former President Bill around the state.
on the investigation’s status.
Prosecutor Amanda Haines
never asked Condit if he and
Officials suspect dry run for bomb plot
Levy had an affair, but she did By KIMBERLY DOZIER those detonators would have security official, who briefed
ask why he never acknowl- and ADAM GOLDMAN been set off by telephone reporters Monday in Berlin
edged an affair. His voice The Associated Press calls or by an internal alarm. on condition of anonymity in
broke slightly, and he said it The apparent dry run was line with department guide-
was “purely based on prin- WASHINGTON — The first disclosed Monday night lines.
ciple.” three packages contained by ABC News. By comparison, the
“I think we’re all entitled papers, books and other The official said authori- bomb stuffed into a terror-
to some level of privacy ...
materials headed for Chicago. ties, already aware of the ist suspect’s underwear on
It seems like in this country
we’ve lost a sense of decency. But officials now believe the militants’ interest in striking the Detroit-bound plane last
I didn’t commit any crime; I September shipments were at aviation, “obviously took Christmas contained about 80
don’t think I’ve done anything a dry run for the Yemen- notice” this past weekend grams.
wrong.” to-Chicago mail bomb plot and considered the likelihood “It shows that they are try-
On cross-examination, uncovered last week. that the militants might have ing to again make different
though, public defender Mario Before the packages extended their threat to the types of adaptations based on
Hawilo put the question to reached their destinations, cargo system. what we have put in place,”
Condit directly: Did you ever U.S. authorities seized and “When we learned of last said John Brennan, President
have an intimate relationship searched the boxes. They week’s serious threat, we Barack Obama’s counterter-
with Levy? now appear to have been recalled the (September) inci- rorism adviser. “So the under-
“I have already stated I’m sent by the Yemeni militant dent and factored it in to our wear bomber, as well as these
not going to respond to those group al-Qaida in the Arabian government’s very prompt packages, are showing sort of
questions,” Condit said. Peninsula to test the logistics response,” the official said. new techniques on their part.
Hawilo persisted until of the air cargo system, a U.S. The threat last week They are very innovative and
Superior Court Judge Gerald official said. came in the form of explo- creative.”
Fisher told her to move on. “We received information sive devices hidden in the The U.S. and its allies
The issue came up repeated- several weeks ago that poten- toner cartridges of computer Monday further tightened
ly throughout the cross-exami- tially connected these pack- printers. Investigators have scrutiny of shipments from
nation, with Hawilo asking at ages to AQAP. The boxes centered on the Yemeni al- Yemen. U.S. counterterror-
one point: “Are you refusing to were stopped in transit and Qaida faction’s top bomb ism officials warned police
respond because you think the searched. They contained maker, who had previously and emergency personnel
answer will incriminate you?”
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR At another point, Hawilo
suggested Condit failed to
papers, books and other mate-
rials, but no explosives,” said
designed a bomb that failed
to go off on a crowded U.S.-
to be on the watch for mail
with characteristics that could
the official, who was familiar bound passenger jetliner last mean dangerous substances
The Delphos Herald welcomes letters to the editor. Letters give police the whole truth with details of the shipments Christmas. are hidden inside.
should be no more than 400 words. The newspaper reserves about his relationship. Police
asked him in one interview,
and spoke on condition of This time, authorities Germany’s aviation
the right to edit content for length, clarity and grammar. Letters anonymity to discuss classi- believe that master bomb authority extended its ban
concerning private matters will not be published. “What was the nature of your
relationship with Miss Levy?” fied intelligence. maker Ibrahim al-Asiri on air cargo from Yemen to
Failure to supply a full name, home address and daytime
phone number will slow the verification process and delay pub- and Condit responded he was The official also disclosed packed four times as much include passenger flights.
lication. friends with her. In his tes- that both mail bombs, one explosives into the bombs Britain banned the import
Letters can be mailed to The Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main timony today, he insisted he recovered in Dubai and the hidden last week on flights of larger printer cartridges
St., Delphos, Ohio 45833, faxed to 419-692-7704 or e-mailed gave the full truth to police but other in Britain on Friday, from Yemen. The two bombs by air on Monday as it also
to Authors should clearly state declined to answer whether he were wired to detonators that contained 300 and 400 grams announced broader measures
they want the message published as a letter to the editor. Anon- equated a sexual relationship used cell phone technology. of the industrial explosive to halt air cargo from Yemen
ymous letters will not be printed. with friendship. It still was not clear whether PETN, according to a German and Somalia. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 The Herald – 5

In the Waiting Room ...

with Dr. Celeste Lopez

Delphos Welcome
The power of why
CALENDAR OF Since becoming a par- ly different purpose. His but I try to encourage my
EVENTS ent, I have found that I
use and hear one word
questions usually revolve
around why he has to do
parents to keep answering
the questions because it
more than any other in my something i.e., “Why do I really helps their language
TODAY vocabulary. The word is have to eat vegetables…, development.
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers “why.” For me, the sen- go to bed…, get up in the Now that my son is Marihugh

Marihugh turning 80
meets at Trinity United tence usually starts with morning,” or why he can’t getting older, his “why”
Methodist Church, 211 E. “Why in the world did have something that every questions aren’t really for
Third St. you…” And it is often other kid in the whole the purpose of helping his
6:30 p.m. — Delphos said in a tone of exas- world has but him i.e., a language development and
Lions Club, Eagles Lodge, peration. Sometimes — cell phone, an X-box, a TV despite my suspicions, I Delphos and originally during the Korean War (in
1600 E. Fifth St. extreme exasperation. in his bedroom, etc. don’t think they are solely from Defiance, will celebrate Korea).
7 p.m. — Delphos Coon I am sure you have all The word “why” defi- for the purpose of driv- his 80th birthday on Nov. James retired from Ohio
and Sportsman’s Club meets. used the same tone before; nitely has more power over ing me crazy, although that 9th. Power (AEP) after 35 years of
7:30 p.m. — Alcoholics you know the one where me than it does him, though, may be an added benefit He was born in 1930 to service — 16 years in Findlay
Anonymous, First Presbyterian you are pretty sure that if it because I feel obligated to to him. I do think, how- Vernon and Mildred (Greiner) and 19 years in Lima.
Church, 310 W. Second St. was possible for your head give him a detailed answer ever, that they continue to Marihugh. He and Grace live on a
to explode, you would be to explain my reasoning. be conversation drivers. If He married Grace Violet of farm outside of Delphos and
WEDNESDAY in serious danger at that In reality, he neither wants we can keep the “why” Delphos on Dec. 12, 1956 and attend Church at Faith Baptist,
9 a.m. - noon — Putnam moment. a detailed answer, nor even questions going, maybe we is the father of four children: Elida, where he was a church
County Museum is open, 202 My questions usually listens to them. can avoid or at least limit Julie (Paul) DeLange and deacon and Sunday School
E. Main St., Kalida. revolve around why my Our conversations usu- the eye-rolling, shoulder Christal (Richard) Nuess of teacher. He is an active board
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite son did something wrong. ally go something like shrugging phase. Dayton, Patty (Greg) Norden member and volunteer of the
at Delphos Senior Citizen I am hoping (but not real- this: When I ask him a why of Findlay and John (Kirsten) Delphos Canal Commission.
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. ly expecting) that he will “Why do I have to eat questions, I need to pause Marihugh of Columbus. He He is celebrating with a
11:45 a.m. — Rotary Club explain something that has vegetables?” and really listen for his also has 11 grandchildren. family party at the Schnipke
meets at the Delphos Eagles a good answer. “Why did “Because they are good answer. He may have a James graduated from Tri- Inn in Ottawa.
you draw all over yourself for you.” reason, even if it isn’t the State University in 1957, with Send cards to 5840 Old
Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth St.
with permanent marker?,” “Why?” one I was hoping for. He a bachelor of science degree Delphos Rd., Delphos OH
6 p.m. — Shepherds of in electrical engineering and 45833; or jamesmarihugh@
Christ Associates meet in the “Why do you throw your “Because they have needs to know that I will
dirty clothes across the vitamins that make your hear it and not dismiss it. was in the Army and served
St. John’s Chapel.
6:30 p.m. — Delphos
floor, when the hamper is body strong.” Our kids deserve two
actually closer?” or “Why “Why?” things from us: They
Kiwanis Club meets at the do you insist on drink- “Because plants can pro- need to know that we will
Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth ing out of the milk carton duce things that our bodies keep asking the questions
St. when I have told you over can’t, so we need those because they are worth
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. and over again to use a things from the plant.” the effort and they need
John’s Little Theatre. glass?” “Why?” to know that we will lis-
7:30 p.m. — Hope Lodge I wait for an answer but “To keep our bodies ten, really listen, to their
214 Free and Accepted of course, his answer is healthy.” answers.
Masons, Masonic Temple, always the same: “I don’t “Why?” Why?
North Main Street. know.” That is probably “Didn’t I just answer That one is easy.
9 p.m. — Fort Jennings because no matter what that?” Because we love them.
Lions Club meets at the he answers I would say, “I don’t know.”
Outpost Restaurant. “That’s not a good rea- Then I give up and just Dr. Celeste Lopez grad-
son.” tell him to eat them because, uated cum laude from The Happy Birthday
THURSDAY In truth, he doesn’t do “I said so.” When kids are University of Utah College
9-11 a.m. — The Delphos any of those things because little and just learning to of Medicine. She complet- NOV. 3
Canal Commission Annex he has a good reason for it; talk, they use the word ed her Pediatric residency Brad Klausing
Museum, 241 N. Main St., he does it because he’s a “why” as a way of keeping training at the Children’s Gertha Ames
will be open. 10-year-old boy and being the conversation going, so Hospital of Michigan. Dr. Kyle Pohlman
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite annoying is his job. they can learn and practice Lopez practice is located Brandon Miller
at Delphos Senior Citizen My son asks “why” new words and language at 154 W. Third St. She Deb Rode
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. questions, too, but for skills. This can be very is the proud mother of a Anita Oberg
5-7 p.m. — The Interfaith him, they have an entire- exasperating sometimes 10-year-old son. Hannah Lieurance
Thrift Shop is open for shop-
6:30 p.m. — Delphos
Ladies Club, Trinity United Honor Roll You’re In For a Royal Treat When You Attend The
Vantage Career Center
Methodist Church.

7 p.m. — Delphos
Emergency Medical Service
meeting, EMS building, The Following have Jefferson seniors- Chelsey
Second Street. achieved Honor Roll status at Cloud, Nolan Feathers, Taylor
7:30 p.m. — Delphos Vantage Career Center for the Gaugler, Hannah Hardesty,
Chapter 23, Order of Eastern first nine weeks of the 2010- Austin Samons;
Star, meets at the Masonic 11 grading period (Asterisk* Ottoville juniors-
Temple, North Main Street. denotes 4.0 GPA): Roger Ashbaugh, Brittany

Fort Jennings seniors- Bowersox, Taylor Horstman,
FRIDAY Michael Herron*; Delphos Christopher Klenz, Greg
7:30 a.m. — Delphos St. John’s seniors- Joe Rue, Jordan Titus, Nicholas
Optimist Club meets at the Haggard; Turnwald;
A&W Drive-In, 924 E. Fifth Jefferson juniors- Devan Ottoville seniors-
St. Bellman*, Jesstin Foust, Anthony Bendele, Frank
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite Kayla Garrison, Kendra Eitemiller, Deidre Knippen,
at Delphos Senior Citizen Stocklin; Aaron Wehri.
Center, 301 Suthoff Street.
1-4 p.m. — Interfaith Thrift
Store is open for shopping. SPONSORED BY C.D. of A.
(Catholic Daughters of America)
Tues., Nov. 9 - 7:00 p.m.
9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith
Thrift Store is open for shop-
St. Vincent DePaul Society,
located at the east edge of the
St. John’s High School park-
Donation is only $2.00
Tickets Available At Door
ing lot, is open. The facil-
ity can also be opened by
appointment by calling John
Dessert will be served!
Trentman at 419-692-7185. STOCKS Call up your friends and plan to meet for this card party!
9:30-11:30 a.m. — Delphos
Postal Museum is open.
Quotes of local interest supplied by
To Be Held At The K of C HALL
Close of business Nov. 1, 2010 Elida Avenue, Delphos
12:15 p.m. — Testing of en
warning sirens by Delphos
Description Last Price Change PAS joy a
DJINDUAVERAGE 11,124.62 +6.13 T
Fire and Rescue “JIT RY
7 p.m. — Bingo at St.
John’s Little Theatre.
at th FLE
1-3 p.m. — The Delphos
50/5 y &
Canal Commission Annex
Museum, 241 N. Main St.,
will be open.
G Cookie Walk(in decorated cans)
FST FIN BNCP 16.21 -0.63
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite
Funds Will Be Used For The
Delphos Public Library & St. Sat., Nov. 6 ...9 AM - Till Sold Out
John’s High School & Grade
at Delphos Senior Citizen HEALTHCARE REIT 51.71 +0.61 School Library.
Held at ALCO Eastown Plaza, Delphos
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. HOME DEPOT INC. 30.71 -0.19
HONDA MOTOR CO 34.33 -1.70
6 p.m. — Middle Point AUTO DEALERS
Village Council meets
•Delpha •Lehmann’s Furniture
7-9 p.m. — The Delphos JPMORGAN CHASE 37.42 -0.21
Chev/Buick/Pontiac Co. •Westrich Home Furnishings This message
Canal Commission Annex KOHLS CORP 51.64 +0.42 published as a
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Museum, 241 N. Main St., MCDONALDS CORP 77.88 +0.11 GARAGE public
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6 – The Herald Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants give City by the Bay long-awaited title
By BEN WALKER mous pick as MVP. that description. Cut loose by ever since to escape a sort of big-league
The Associated Press “They beat us sound- other clubs this season and Alcatraz — the place where teams get stuck
ly,” Rangers manager Ron before, they all wound up in for decades as also-rans. The Red Sox and
ARLINGTON, Texas — Buster Posey Washington said. “They deserve San Francisco. White Sox got free, not so the Cubs and
caught the final strike, started to rush the it.” But the foundation of this Indians.
mound, then stopped and turned toward the The Giants hit only .237 the team — for now, for the fore- Exactly when these Giants turned into
dugout. entire postseason, the lowest seeable future — is totally world beaters is hard to say. Trailing San
The rookie catcher wasn’t quite sure what for a Series winner since the home grown, built on a deep, Diego by 7 1/2 games in the NL West on
to do or where to go. Hard to blame him, Dodgers batted .227 in 1988. talented and young rotation, July 4, they meandered in the wild-card race
either. It’s not as if the San Francisco Giants But they did enough to hand a rookie catcher with huge until the stretch run, winning the division and
win the World Series every day. Cliff Lee his first two career star potential and their funky finishing 92-70.
More than a half-century after moving losses in the postseason after a closer. Come the playoffs, they became danger-
West, the Giants are taking the trophy to 7-0 start. “For us to win for our fans, ous. Any well-armed team is. Start with Cain
the city by the Bay for the first time. Tim “World championships are won with a it’s never been done there, and with all those — three postseason starts, a 0.00 ERA. Throw
Lincecum was wicked on the mound, Edgar good pitching staff and defense and we had great teams,” Bochy said. in Lincecum. Add Madison Bumgarner, the
Renteria broke a scoreless duel with a 3-run that,” centerfielder Aaron Rowand said. “It Renteria reprised his role of postseason 21-year-old rookie who helped blank Texas
homer in the seventh inning and San Francisco takes a lot of luck for this to happen, too. star. His 11th-inning single ended Game 7 of in Game 4.
beat the Texas Rangers 3-1 in a tense Game 5 You can have all the talent in the world. the 1997 World Series and lifted Florida over San Francisco posted a trio of 1-run wins
Monday night. Those Giants teams with Willie Mays and Cleveland. Forget that he made the last out in in the opening round that sent Atlanta man-
The prize that eluded Willie and Barry McCovey — they had four Hall-of-Famers the 2004 Series that finished Boston’s sweep ager Bobby Cox into retirement, then stopped
for so long finally belongs to San Francisco, on that team. We had the talent on this team, of St. Louis — this journeyman’s path led to the 2-time defending NL champion Phillies
in the championship series. Those wins, like
thanks to a band of self-described castoffs and especially on the pitching side, but we got another title, helped by his go-ahead home this, came on the road.
misfits and their shaggy-haired ace. lucky, too. It takes a little bit of both to win a run in Game 2. Texas became the latest Series newcomer
“World Series champs, 2010. Can you World Series.” “It was a tough year for me,” the oft- to make a quick exit. Houston (2005) and
believe this?” October ace Matt Cain asked. Lincecum won this game of Texas Hold injured shortstop said. “I told myself to keep Colorado (2007) got swept in their first
It was an overdue victory. Willie Mays ’em, beating Lee for the second time in a working hard and keep in shape because appearances, Tampa Bay (2008) stuck around
led the Giants to their previous crown in week. He gave up three hits over eight innings something is going to be good this year.” for just five games.
1954, four years before they left the Polo and struck out 10. A team seemingly free of egos did every- The AL champion Rangers became the
Grounds in New York. After that, they never The 2-time NL Cy Young winner arrived thing right to take the lead in the seventh. first team since 1966 to get shut out twice in a
quite got it done despite the likes of baseball at Rangers Ballpark wearing a bow tie, as if Ross, the surprising MVP of the NL champi- World Series, with big hitters Hamilton, Cruz
giants Barry Bonds, Juan Marichal and Willie he was going to a party. He had one on the onship series, stayed square and hit a leadoff and Vladimir Guerrero left taking half-swings
McCovey. mound, for sure. single and Juan Uribe followed with another or flailing wildly.
“This buried a lot of bones — ’62, ’89, “Pretty collected. I was very poised out hit up the middle. Hamilton, the probable AL MVP, went
2002,” Giants’ general manager Brian Sabean there. From the first inning on, my adrenaline That put a runner at second base for the 2-for-20 with one RBI.
said, ticking off losing Series appearances. kind of just dissipated and I was able to calm first time in the game and brought up Huff, The Rangers’ franchise wrapped up its
“This group deserved it, faithful from the down,” he said. who led the Giants in home runs this year. So 50th season overall, in good hands with Nolan
beginning. We’re proud and humbled by the Nelson Cruz homered in the bottom of the what did he do? He expertly put down the first Ryan as president and part-owner. If only Big
achievement.” seventh but that was all for Texas. sacrifice bunt of his career. Tex could teach his team to hit, too.
In the Year of the Pitcher, the World Wilson pitched a perfect ninth for a save, Renteria homered with two outs, and that Many years ago, one swing of the bat
Series proved the oldest adage in the game: completing a surprising romp through the was enough. prompted a call that resonates throughout
Good pitching stops good hitting, every time. postseason for a pitching-rich team that wait- “Wow. I don’t know. What can you say,” Giants’ history and beyond.
Lincecum and the team with the best ERA in ed until the final day to clinch a playoff spot. the 23-year-old Posey said. “This is ultimate “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants
the big leagues completely shut down Josh Wilson struck out Cruz swinging to end high in baseball and I got to experience it my win the pennant! The Giants win the pen-
Hamilton and the club with the majors’ top it, turned toward center field and crossed his first year here. I don’t know what to say.” nant!” announcer Russ Hodges shouted over
batting average. wrists in front of his chest as he does after all The Giants won their previous title when and over after Bobby Thomson launched “The
Texas managed just 29 hits in the five his saves. they played in New York at the Polo Grounds. Shot Heard ’Round the World” in 1951.
games. The Giants scored 29 runs, with Manager Bruce Bochy enjoys calling That’s where Mays raced back for perhaps the Time to redo that cry: The Giants win the
Renteria hitting .412, leading all Series play- his Giants a ragtag bunch. Maybe Renteria, most famous catch of all time. Series! The Giants win the Series! The Giants
ers with six RBIs and becoming the unani- Cody Ross, Huff and Freddy Sanchez fit They moved West in 1958 and had tried win the Series!

NBA Capsules Colts top Texans 30-17 to take charge in AFC South
By CLIFF BRUNT and two touchdowns, Pierre mistakes. I think it was just 14-3 with 12 minutes left in
The Associated Press 16 points off the bench for the The Associated Press Garcon caught seven pass- mental lapses at times and the first half.
CHICAGO — Luol Deng Spurs. San Antonio’s reserves es for 78 yards and Reggie when you have those, you The Colts converted on a
scored a career-high 40 points to outscored their Clippers counter- INDIANAPOLIS — Jacob Wayne had a touchdown don’t win.” fourth-and-1 from the Texans
lead the Chicago Bulls to a 110- Tamme is another example
parts 25-0 before rookie forward catch for the Colts. The Colts, meanwhile, had 47 when Donald Brown bar-
98 victory over the Portland Trail Al-Farouq Aminu got the first of the Colts’ “next man up” Mike Hart ran for a career- no turnovers and controlled reled his way for 3 yards with
Blazers on Monday night. points by the Los Angeles benchphilosophy. high 84 yards in place of the the clock for more than 36 3:05 left in the second quar-
Deng scored 16 points in the on a layup with 10:07 to play. The phrase has become injured Joseph Addai but he minutes. ter. That led to a season-long
first and third quarters and shot Eric Gordon had 23 points
14-of-19 from the floor in the an unofficial motto during an
and a career-high 11 assists for hurt his ankle with 8:45 left Manning threw to Tamme 48-yard field goal by Adam
game. He passed his previous the Clippers, who have dropped injury-plagued season. When in the fourth quarter and will on the Colts’ first offensive Vinatieri with 53 seconds
career best of 38 with a 3-pointer 25 of the last 26 meetings. Thesomeone gets hurt, the Colts have an MRI exam. play but he couldn’t quite left in the half that increased
from the corner with 5:48 to only exception was March 7, fully expect the next player Indy avenged a 34-24 loss pull it in. Indy’s lead to 17-3.
play. The shot put the Bulls up on the depth chart to fill in
2006, an 98-85 victory at Staples to the division-rival Texans On Indy’s next posses- On Indy’s first possession
101-84. He had 38 points against Center in which Duncan was seamlessly. in Week 1. sion, Manning went back to of the third quarter, Manning
the Blazers on March 26, 2007. limited to 16 points in 29 min- Tamme had bigger shoes “Division-wise, we need- Tamme for 26 yards to give completed a short pass to
Derrick Rose, who entered utes because of foul trouble. to fill than most. The third- ed to win this game,” Colts the Colts first-and-goal. On Garcon. The speedster juked
the game as the NBA’s leading Kings 111, Raptors 108
scorer, added 16 points and 12 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — year player from Kentucky linebacker Clint Session said. third down, Manning found several defenders, reversed
assists for Chicago (2-1). Tyreke Evans scored 23 points was thrust into a starting role “A loss here could have been him over the middle for a field, then got a block from
The Trail Blazers entered for only the second time in
and the Kings rallied in the fourth a real downer for the rest of 2-yard touchdown, the first Manning on his way to a
the game 3-0, with all three of quarter to defeat the Raptors. his career after All-Pro tight the season.” score of Tamme’s NFL 14-yard gain.
their victories coming as a result The Kings, who won three ofend Dallas Clark was lost for Houston quarterback Matt career, to give the Colts a 7-0 Four plays later, Wayne
of fourth-quarter comebacks. their first four games for the first
the season because of a wrist Schaub struggled in the first lead with 6:59 remaining in caught a flanker screen from
Portland outscored opponents time since the 2003-04 season, injury. half and finished 22-of-38 for the first quarter. Manning and turned it into a
85-49 in the final quarters of its have won their last five home
first three games but were unable openers. Beno Udrih scored 17
Tamme stepped right in 201 yards with one TD. Arian “It’s my first TD,” he said. 15-yard touchdown that gave
to mount a sustained rally against points, rookie DeMarcus Cousinsand caught six passes for 64 Foster, who ran for 231 yards “It’s a nice feeling to actually the Colts a 24-3 lead with
the Bulls. had 16 points and Omri Casspi yards and a touchdown to and three touchdowns in the get in there and help us by 11:30 left in the third quar-
Spurs 97, Clippers 88 had 14 for the Kings, who ral- help Indianapolis move into opener, rushed for 102 yards putting some points up.” ter.
LOS ANGELES — Tony first place in the AFC South
lied from an 18-point deficit to and a touchdown and added Indy’s Kelvin Hayden The Texans got a 30-yard
Parker had 19 points and nine pick up a road win Saturday in with a 30-17 win over the nine catches for 65 yards on picked off a pass intended for TD pass from Schaub to
assists and the Spurs beat the Cleveland. Houston Texan on Monday Monday. Andre Johnson had Kevin Walter on the second Johnson and a 6-yard TD run
Clippers, beating them for the Andrea Bargnani scored 28 night. seven catches for 106 yards play of the second quarter from Foster to make it 27-17
17th straight time and handing points for the Raptors and DeMar
Los Angeles its fourth straight DeRozan had 24. Linas Kleiza “I think you always want and a score for the Texans and returned it 25 yards for early in the fourth quarter.
loss to open the season. had 18 points, Jose Calderon to see how a guy responds,” (4-3) but much of his damage a touchdown to give Colts a Vinatieri made a 36-yard
Richard Jefferson scored scored 13 and Reggie Evans col-quarterback Peyton Manning was done after the Colts were 14-0 lead. Indy had gone 25 field goal with 7:23 left to
18 points and Gary Neal had lected 19 rebounds. said. “Certainly, a high-pres- firmly in control. regular-season games with- put the finishing touch on a
sure situation. It was nice to “The first half, we didn’t out a defensive score. win that was especially satis-
see a guy that had a calm, play the type of football we A 33-yard run by Foster fying for Manning.
NHL Capsules cool look to him the entire
night. That was encouraging
to see.”
normally play,” Johnson
said. “We never really got
into a rhythm in the first half
put the Texans in scor-
ing range and kicker Neil
Rackers made a 53-yard field
“Lot of change on this
team,” he added. “A lot of
new guys playing. Some
The Associated Press Danny Briere, who began a
NEW YORK — Brandon 3-game suspension for a cross- Manning completed because I think everybody goal that hit the left upright guys really stepping up, and
Dubinsky’s second goal of the check on the Islanders’ Frans 26-of-45 passes for 268 yards was taking turns making and bounced in to make it just a great team effort.”
game, a power-play tally in the Nielson on Saturday, the Flyers
first minute of the third peri-
od, snapped a tie and helped
the New York Rangers to a
won their fourth straight after
losing four out of five and took
over sole possession of first
Sports Briefs
3-2 victory over the Chicago place in the Atlantic Division. The Associated Press in the death of 30-year-old Fredia they return to sports, a major doc- tion is another setback for Pavlik,
Blackhawks on Monday night. The Hurricanes have lost two PRO FOOTBALL Veitch, a mother of two who was tors group said in the latest sign who lost his WBC and WBO 160-
Patrick Kane answered that out of three. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — thrown from her vehicle by the of concern over potential lasting pound titles to Argentina’s Sergio
goal to tie it at 2 at 6:08 of the Hartnell’s first goal came The Minnesota Vikings waived force of the crash. Leyritz has damage from head injuries. Martinez in April, his second
third but Erik Christensen put at 12:29 of the first period. He receiver Randy Moss, whose been free on bail since his arrest The statement by the American defeat in four fights.
New York back on top just 28 scooped up a rebound of Jeff reunion with his first team lasted and the 3-year span between the Academy of Neurology follows ATHLETICS
seconds later. Carter’s shot and, with his back all of 25 days. crash and the trial is partly because rules already adopted in college NEW YORK — The Chilean
Dubinsky, who leads New to the net, flipped a shot past Vikings players confirmed that of defense efforts to build a case. sports and pro football aimed at miner who jogged in the tunnels
York with seven goals, got coach Brad Childress informed Leyritz played 11 seasons in preventing and better treating while trapped underground not
Justin Peters’ glove side.
them during a team meeting that the major leagues. blows to the head in competition. only will attend Sunday’s New
the Rangers even 1-1 in the Carolina’s Patrick Dwyer Moss had been let go, a few min- PRO BASKETBALL Research involving NFL players York City Marathon — he wants
final minute of the first peri- tied the game early in the sec- utes after the NFL Network first ATLANTA — The Atlanta has suggested repeated concus- to run it.
od. Both goals were set up by ond period when his wrist shot reported the Vikings had waived Hawks agreed to a five-year, $60 sions may have long-term con- Marathon officials had invited
his linemates Ryan Callahan beat Sergei Bobrovsky, who the frustrated wide receiver less million contract extension with sequences, such as dementia and 34-year-old Edison Pena — a tri-
and Artem Anisimov. Henrik was making his fourth straight than a month after acquiring him All-Star center Al Horford. Alzheimer’s disease. athlete — to watch the race after
Lundqvist made 33 saves as start. Jeff Skinner, the seventh in a trade with New England. The team reached the deal with Doctors hope to get the mes- hearing his story when the miners
the Rangers won their second overall pick in the 2010 draft Moss had one catch for 8 yards Horford just ahead of a deadline sage out that concussions are in were rescued last month.
straight and earned just their and, at 18, the youngest play- in a loss to the Patriots on Sunday. that would have opened the door fact injuries to the brain. Marathon organizers still were
second home victory (2-3-1). er in the league, assisted on In the postgame news conference, for one of their stalwart players BOXING working to organize Pena’s travel
Chicago’s Tomas Kopecky Dwyer’s goal, collecting a turn- he expressed admiration for the to become a restricted free agent LAS VEGAS — Former mid- to New York and figure out exact-
also scored and Marty Turco over by James van Riemsdyk. Patriots and criticized Vikings next summer. dleweight champion Kelly Pavlik ly how to best honor him.
stopped 20 shots for the Canucks 3, Devils 0 coaching. The 24-year-old was the No. 3 withdrew from his bout on the Pena was one of 33 miners
defending Stanley Cup cham- VANCOUVER, British He played in four games for overall pick in 2007 out of Florida undercard of Manny Pacquiao’s whose saga captivated the world
pion Blackhawks, who had Columbia — Raffi Torres and the Vikings and had 13 catches for after helping the Gators win back- meeting with Antonio Margarito when they were trapped for 69
defenseman Brian Campbell in Ryan Kesler staked Vancouver 174 yards and two TDs. to-back national championships. on Nov. 13, citing a rib injury. days after an Aug. 5 collapse
the lineup for the first time this to a 2-goal lead and Roberto BASEBALL Last season, the Atlanta player Top Rank president Todd stranded them nearly a half-mile
season after he recovered from Luongo made 30 saves in the FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. averaged career highs in points DuBoef confirmed Pavlik’s lat- underground.
a knee injury, but dropped their Canucks’ victory over New — A key witness in the DUI (14.2) and rebounds (9.9) while est withdrawal from a high-profile TENNIS
fourth in six games. Jersey. manslaughter case against former becoming the first Hawks draft showcase. The promoters plan ABU DHABI, United Arab
major-league baseball player Jim pick to become an All-Star since to move lightweight contender Emirates — Top-ranked Rafael
Flyers 3, Hurricanes 2 Henrik Sedin rounded out
Leyritz testified that a vehicle Kevin Willis in 1992. Brandon Rios onto the card at Nadal and No. 2 Roger Federer are
PHILADELPHIA — Scott the scoring on a penalty shot driven by a woman killed in the SPORTS & HEAD Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, headed back to Abu Dhabi.
Hartnell scored two goals with 6:17 left as the Canucks, 2007 crash had the green light INJURIES Texas. Organizers of the Mubadala
and Claude Giroux added playing their first game in six moments before Leyritz’s SUV NEW YORK — Athletes of Pavlik (36-2, 32 KOs) was World Tennis Championship say
one to lead Philadelphia over days, won their third straight barreled into the intersection. all ages who are suspected of scheduled to meet Brian Vera in Nadal and Federer will compete
Carolina. and improved to 5-0-1 on home Leyritz, 46, faces between four suffering a concussion should be the top undercard bout of the HBO at the tournament scheduled to run
Playing without center ice. and 15 years in prison if convicted evaluated by a specialist before pay-per-view show. The cancella- over New Year’s. Tuesday, November 2, 2010 The Herald — 7

O’Connor, Weyer, Cooper High School Football Final Standings BOWLING

earn NWC honors
Lion Tamers
Northwest Ohio Football Coldwater 6-2 7-3 10-23-10
Minster 5-3 5-5 Bad Cats 18-6
Standings – 2010 Thunder 16-8
Versailles 4-4 6-4
Final Regular Season St. Henry 2-6 3-7 Team Lightning 16-8
Strikers 15-9
New Bremen 2-6 2-8 Bowling Ballers 11-13
Lima Central Catholic 11); Bluffton seniors Ben back; 61) and Sam Huffman League All Games Parkway 1-7 2-8 Spider Monkeys 10-14
BLANCHARD VALLEY Fort Recovery 0-8 2-8
junior Tyler O’Connor was Moser (lineman; 41) and wide (sophomore end; 19); Grove CONFERENCE
Pin Pals
X-Conference Champion
named Back of the Year, receiver Drew Luginbuhl senior back Colby Meuleman X-McComb 9-0 10-0 Kids over 100
Aaron Weyer of Ada Lineman (23); Jefferson junior run- Leipsic 8-1 9-1 Chaz Spencer 121, Kali Edgington
(52), Ada junior linebacker Liberty-Benton 6-3 6-4
NORTHWEST CENTRAL 100, Katlynn Schleeter 101, Tyler
of the Year and LCC coach ning back Curtis Miller (19), Christopher Beaschler (46) CONFERENCE Shaeffer 110, Blake Fischbach 119,
Arlington 6-3 6-4 X-Fairbanks 6-0 8-2 Braxton Scalf 133-105-106, Brett Mahlie
Jerry Cooper Coach LCC junior receiver and Allen East senior line- Pandora-Gilboa 5-4 5-5 Waynesfield-Goshen 4-2 5-5 128-101-104, Adam Gerker 133-130-
Cory-Rawson 4-5 5-5
of the Year in vot- Corey Stump (22), backer Casey Rex (60). Van Buren 3-6 3-7
Upper Scioto Valley 4-2 5-5 124, Craig Hickman 113, Isaac Schuck
Riverside 4-2 4-5
ing by the Northwest Crestview junior On the second unit are Arcadia 3-6 4-6 Perry 2-4 2-8 Kids over 300
Conference coaches running back Matt Baker (back; 50), Luginbuhl Vanlue 1-8 2-8 Fostoria St. Wendelin 1-3 4-4 Blake Fischbach 309, Braxton Scalf
Hardin-Northern 0-9 0-10 344, Brett Mahlie 333, Adam Gerker
Monday night in Holden (16) and Allen (back; 46), Bonifas (back; Ridgemont 0-6 1-9 387.
X-Conference Champion X-Conference Champion
Delphos. East senior lineman 40), Miller (linebacker; Lion Cub
O’Connor, a 6-2, Bryan Hager (15). TOLEDO AREA ATHLETIC 10-23-10
35), Rode (line; 31); LCC CONFERENCE
NORTHWEST CONFERENCE The Thunderbolts 16-2
205-pound quarterback, and Earning honorable-men- seniors Anthony Kimbrough X-LCC 8-0 9-1 Mighty Cats 12-6
X-Tol. Christian 6-0 8-2 Ada 7-1 9-1 Lightening 5-13
Cooper led the Thunderbirds tion status are: Jefferson: (69) and Taylor Royster (44) Northwood 5-1 7-3 Columbus Grove 6-2 7-3 Strikers 3-15
Edon 4-2 7-3
(9-1) to an unblemished seniors in lineman Zak and junior lineman David Hilltop 3-3 5-5
Jefferson 5-3 5-5 Kids over 70
Cody William 87-105, Lorrie Decker
Bluffton 4-4 5-5
NWC crown at 8-0. Lumpkins (12), tight end Gremling (43); Columbus Card. Stritch 2-4 4-6 Allen East 3-5 3-7 78, Madilynn Schuck 82, Avery Schulte
Ottawa Hills 1-5 3-7 90-73, Danny Schleeter III 74, Jack
Weyer, a 6-1, 225-pound Kody Richardson (10), Grove senior Devin Verhoff Paulding 2-6 3-7 Gerker 72, Braylor Scalf 73.
Danbury 0-6 1-8 Crestview 1-7 2-8
senior linebacker/ wide receivers Logan (linebacker; 44), Ada soph- X-Conference Champion Kids over 120
Spencerville 0-8 0-10 Cody Williams 192, Lorrie Decker
offensive lineman, Bonifas (9) and Ryan omore end Eli Roberson X-Conference Champion 128, Madilynn Schuck 137, Avery
led the Bulldogs to Ebbeskotte (7) and run- GREATER BUCKEYE
(17), Allen East senior line- CONFERENCE
Schulte 163, Danny Schleeter III 127,
Jack Gerker 120.
a 9-1 mark and a 7-1 ning back Jacob Leach man Demitrius Williams NORTHWEST OHIO
X-Fremont Ross 5-0 9-1 ATHLETIC LEAGUE Tail Twisters
NWC mark, good for (0) and junior line- (49), Bluffton senior line- Findlay 4-1 5-5 x-Archbold 8-0 10-0 10-23-10
Sandusky 3-2 6-4
second in the NWC. man Justin Rode (2); man Jason Myers (45) and Napoleon 1-4 6-4
Patrick Henry 7-1 9-1 Shooting Stars
Evergreen 5-3 7-3
Both teams have advanced Spencerville: junior Paulding freshman Lima Senior 1-4 2-8 Bryan 6-2 6-4 The Challengers 18-6
Marion Harding 1-4 2-8 Red Lazers 14-10
to the post-season playoffs. running back Austin end Jack Carter (9). Liberty Center 3-5 4-6 King Pins 14-10
X-Conference Champion Wauseon 3-5 4-6
Joining O’Connor (23 Lotz (0); Columbus Honorable men- Hill Jax 10-14
Delta 3-5 5-5 Hurricanes 10-14
points) and Weyer (62) on the Grove: seniors in tion: Jefferson: GREEN MEADOWS Montpelier 1-7 1-9 Mams 6-18
first offense are LCC team- CONFERENCE
receiver Luke Kohls Ebbeskotte (back; X-Tinora 7-0 10-0
Swanton 0-8 1-9 The Pink Ladies
mates in linemen Anthony (18) and lineman Ryan 35) and sophomore X-League Champion Kids over 160
Fairview 6-1 6-4
Jacob McElroy 175, Jessee Stemen
Kimbrough (senior; 62) and Birkemeier (4) and lineman Quinten Edgerton 4-3 7-3
173-164, Gage Schleeter 161-180-181,
Wayne Trace 4-3 5-5
Max Brodbeck (senior; 59), junior quarterback Jordan Wessell (28); Spencerville: Hicksville 4-3 4-6
WESTERN BUCKEYE LEAGUE Tyler Wrasman 237-244-200, Desteni
X-Kenton 8-1 9-1 Lear 218, Shalya Rice 193, Tyler Rice
senior running back Bubba Travis (10); Allen East: senior linebackers Levi Antwerp 2-5 5-5 Elida 7-2 8-2 269-221-244, Jacob Hamilton 192-171-
Krieg (31) and Jon Steiger senior lineman Tanner Engle Krouskop (15) and Keaton Ayersville 1-6 3-7 Ottawa-Glandorf 7-2 8-2 192, Tyler Talboom 169-215, Sydney
Holgate 0-7 0-10 Wapakoneta 6-3 7-3 Fischbach 197, Jacob Rode 166-202-
at tight end (senior; 24); Ada (4), senior runner Jamal Vandemark (9); Allen East: X-Conference Champion 168, Andrew Grothouse 176, Austin
Celina 6-3 6-4 Wolke 167-162-211, Cole Fischbach
seniors Robert Guyton (line- Cash (1) and freshman Ross Cash (back; 19), senior back Bath 4-5 5-5 175-219-225, Zach Fischer 191,
man; 67) and Alex Weber MIDWEST ATHLETIC
Stewart (7); Bluffton: Dylan Kersker (27) CONFERENCE
Van Wert 4-5 5-5 Miranda Perrine 178, Page Perrine 165-
Shawnee 2-7 2-8 182, Alicia Joseph 166, Myles Anderson
(wide receiver; 48) and soph- Matt Lee (senior tight and junior linemen J.R. X-St. John’s 8-0 10-0 Defiance 1-8 1-9 162, Logan Kimmett 167, Caleb Smith
omore running back Kellen end; 9), senior line- Conyers (24) and Evan Anna 6-2 8-2 St. Marys 0-9 1-9 183, Todd Rode 177.
Kids over 450
Marion Local 6-2 8-2
Decker (43); Columbus Grove man Zane Maize (0) Miller (12); Bluffton: X-League Champion Jessee Stemen 482, Gage Schleeter
seniors Spencer Wolfe (line- 522, Tyler Wrasman 681, Shayla Rice
and junior receiver seniors Ethan Huss 466, Desteni Lear 489, Tyler Rice 734,
man; 56) and wide receiver R.J. Stratton (9); LCC: (end; 14) and Logan Jacob Hamilton 555, Tyler Talboom 542,
Colby Meuleman (34); and junior lineman Gabe Sturgill (linebacker; 7) High School Football Poll Sydney Fischbach 459, Jacob Rode 536,
Austin Wolke 540, Cole Fischbach 619,
Paulding junior running back Schwaiger (6) and and junior linebacker Zach Fischer 473, Miranda Perrine 462,
Page Perrine 502, Justin Miller 451.
The Associated Press Newark Licking Valley 13. 14, Parma
Anthony Arellano (32). sophomore runner Jeremy Basinger (23); COLUMBUS — How a state panel of Padua 13. 16, Minerva 12. Tuesday Merchant
On the second offense are Jonathan Washington (11); Crestview: senior Daniel sports writers and broadcasters rates Ohio
high school football teams in the eighth DIVISION IV
Oct. 26, 2010
Caballero’s Tavern 8-0
two from Grove: senior line- and Paulding: junior runner Lichtensteiger (end; 5); and weekly Associated Press poll of 2010, by 1, Clarksv. Clinton-Massie (19)10-0 262 Unverferth Mfg. 6-2
man Greg Martin (31) and OHSAA divisions, with won-lost record 2, Akr. Manchester (6) 10-0 256
Kory Potts (0). Paulding: junior linebacker and total points (first-place votes in paren- 3, Genoa Area (1) 10-0 174
Kerns Ford
junior running back Wade Earning first-team on Drey Gamble (32). theses): 4, Plain City Jonathan Alder (1)9-1 150 Delphos Sporting Goods 4-4
5, Cin. N. College Hill 10-0 146 Century Link 4-4
Heffner (26); Ada senior line- defense are Craig (line; 74), Specialist: O’Connor (first DIVISION I 6, Kenton 9-1 143 M-W Trailers 2-6
man Tanner Craig (25) and Weyer (linebacker; 72), Krieg team; 31); Austin Everhart 1, Cle. Glenville (16) 10-0 264 7, Bellville Clear Fork (1) 9-1 93 Ace Hardware 2-6
2, Cin. Colerain (3) 10-0 227 8, Kettering Alter (1) 8-2 89 Adams Automotive 2-6
junior signalcaller Konnor (back; 63), Wolfe (line; 59), (Ada senior, second team; 3, Lakewood St. Edward (4) 10-0 226 9, Carlisle (1) 10-0 88 Topp Chalet 0-8
Baker (18); Paulding seniors Guyton (line; 54), Richardson 18); Kohls (HM; 16) and 4, Hilliard Davidson (2)
5, Middletown (2)
10, Elyria Cath. 9-1 70 Men over 200
Ron Wilhelm 201, Terry Johns
in lineman Dylan Welch (27) (end; 21), Moser (end; 19); Levi Hoy (Allen East senior, 6, Pickerington Cent. (2) 9-0 148 Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, 234, Jason Johns 202, Mike Hughes
and Jesse Glass (tight end; 7, Solon (1) 10-0 130 Ironton 55. 12, Chagrin Falls 41. 13, Heath
LCC’s Rufus Johnson (senior HM; 11). 8, Sylvania Southview 10-0 81 19. 14, Martins Ferry 15. 15, Campbell
214-246, Bruce Haggard 227, Mark
Biedenharn 212, David Mahlie 201, Dan
9, Austintown-Fitch 9-1 53 Memorial 12. Wilhelm 243-258, Jason Mahlie 226-
10, Cin. La Salle 9-1 33 247-232, Shawn Richardson 233-216,

Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, DIVISION V Andrew Schimmoller 245, Kyle Early
Can. McKinley 30. 12, Springfield 17. 13, 1, Youngs. Ursuline (25) 10-0 293 225-216-226, Greg Clouse 205, Don
Tol. Whitmer 13. 2, Kirtland (2) 10-0 229 Rice 258-248-244, Dan Grice 205-218,
3, Fredericktown (1) 10-0 206 Matt Metcalfe 216, Scott Scalf 215-233,
The Associated Press HOCKEY Ryan Sparling. DIVISION II
1, Cols. Marion-Franklin (17)10-0 270
4, Archbold
5, Richwood N. Union (2)
Todd Merricle 204, Mark Gedeon 222,
Rod Klinger 211, Mike Plummer 205-
BASEBALL National Hockey League RIO GRANDE VALLEY 2, Avon (2) 10-0 218 6, Collins Western Reserve 10-0 128 227, Derek Kill 211-233, Dan Stemen
American League NHL—Suspended KILLER BEES—Waived F 3, New Albany (3)
4, Maple Hts. (3)
7, W. Lafayette Ridgewood
8, Defiance Tinora
201, David Newman 215-212, Denny
Dyke 235, Larry Etzkorn 203, Bruce
C L E V E L A N D Philadelphia F Danny Briere Tyler Burton. 5, Cin. Winton Woods (2) 9-1 159 9, Hamler Patrick Henry 9-1 45 VanMetre 226, Alex VanMetre 205-270-
INDIANS—Assigned three games for his cross- 6, Mentor Lake Cath. (2)
7, Warren Howland (1)
10, Cuyahoga Hts. 9-1 41 254, John Jones 234-258, John Allen
268-217, Jason Wagoner 257-215-227,
C Luke Carlin outright to check against N.Y. Islanders ECHL 8, Tallmadge 10-0 117 Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, W. Ron Mericle 233, Shane Stabler 258,
Columbus (IL). C Frans Nielsen during ECHL—Suspended 9, Cin. Turpin
10, Kings Mills Kings
Jefferson 33. 12, Oak Hill 27. 13, Lima
Cent. Cath. 21. 14, Anna 13.
Butch Prine Jr. 206-237-215.
Men over 550
O A K L A N D Saturday’s game. Kalamazoo D Jon Landry Others receiving 12 or more points: 11, Ron Wilhelm 552, Terry Johns 575,
ATHLETICS—Promoted ANAHEIM DUCKS— five games and fined him an Zanesville 20. 12, Tol. Cent. Cath. 13. DIVISION VI
1, Delphos St. John’s (27) 10-0 289
Mike Hughes 647, Bruce Haggard 586,
Dan Wilhelm 669, Jason Mahlie 705,
bullpen coach Ron Romanick Recalled C Nick Bonino undisclosed amount for his DIVISION III 2, Mogadore (1) 10-0 233 Josh DeVelvis 583, Shawn Richardson
to pitching coach. from Syracuse (AHL). actions during Friday’s game 1, Alliance Marlington (18)
2, Thornville Sheridan (3)
3, Bucyrus Wynford
4, McComb
638, Andrew Schimmoller 624, Kyle Early
667, Greg Clouse 573, Don Rice 750, Dan
TEXAS RANGERS— BOSTON BRUINS— at Florida. 3, Cols. Watterson (4) 8-1 206 5, Covington 10-0 130 Grice 604, Scott Scalf 623, Mark Gedeon
Removed RHP Alexi Ogando Recalled F Brian McGrattan ELMIRA JACKALS— 4, Eaton (2)
5, Steubenville (1)
6, Spring. Cath. Cent. 9-1
7, Maria Stein Marion Local8-2
577, Mike Plummer 575, Derek Kill 616,
Dan Stemen 583, David Newman 610,
from the World Series roster. from a conditioning assign- Announced F John Mitchell 6, Tiffin Columbian 9-1 128 8, Bridgeport 10-0 101 Denny Dyke 582, Larry Etzkorn 555,
Added RHP Dustin Nippert ment at Providence (AHL). has been assigned to the 7, Spring. Shawnee
8, Clyde
9, Ada
10, Shadyside
Bruce VanMetre 561, Alex VanMetre
729, John Jones 682, John Allen 646,
to the World Series roster. C H I C A G O team from Syracuse (AHL). 9, Cin. Wyoming 9-1 34 Carter Prine 554, Jason Wagoner 699,
National League BLACKHAWKS— Signed G Shane Connelly. 10, E. Liverpool (1) 26 Others receiving 12 or more points: 11,
Thompson Ledgemont 44. 12, Sidney
Ron Mericle 574, Duane Kohorst 574,
Shane Stabler 616, Butch Prine Jr. 658.
HOUSTON ASTROS— Activated D Brian Others receiving 12 or more points: Lehman 27. 13, Berlin Center Western
Wednesday Industrial
Named Rick Kranitz minor Campbell from injured LACROSSE 11, Cin. McNicholas 21. 11, Tipp City
Tippecanoe 21. 13, Jackson (1) 15. 14,
Reserve (1) 22. 14, Willow Wood Symmes
Valley 21. Oct. 27, 2010
league pitching coordinator reserve. Placed F Dave National Lacrosse League Villager Tavern 6-2
Delphos Restaurant Supply 6-2
and Ed Sedar minor league Bolland on injured reserve. M I N N E S O T A Moeís Dougout #2 6-2
outfield/baserunning instruc-
WINGS—Assigned D Doug
RED SWARM—Re-signed D Rich
Morgan and D Jon Sullivan
NFL Glance Rusty Buggy
DRC 13th Frame Lounge
Downtown Fitness 2-6
PHILADELPHIA Janik to Grand Rapids to 1-year contracts. The Associated Press W L T Pct PF PA K&M Tire 2-6
AMERICAN CONFERENCE Atlanta 5 2 0 .714 169 133 Rustic Cafe 2-6
PHILLIES—Announced (AHL). PHILADELPHIA East Tampa Bay 5 2 0 .714 136 163 Men over 200
first-base coach Davey Lopes N A S H V I L L E WINGS—Re-signed D W L T Pct PF PA New Orleans 5 3 0 .625 167 148 Kyle Profit 212-213-206, Don
New England 6 1 0 .857 205 154 Carolina 1 6 0 .143 85 150 Honigford 232, Jordan Riggs 226, Rick
will not return next season. PREDATORS—Reassigned Taylor Wray. N.Y. Jets 5 2 0 .714 159 110 North Schuck 201, Frank Miller 289, Shawn
Atlantic League F Linus Klasen to Miami 4 3 0 .571 133 149 W L T Pct PF PA Allemeier 203, Charlie Lozano 207, John
Buffalo 0 7 0 .000 131 211 Green Bay 5 3 0 .625 176 136 Jones 215-223, Mike Eversole 208-211,
LONG ISLAND Milwaukee. SOCCER South Chicago 4 3 0 .571 126 114 Sean Hulihan 248, Dave Jessee 237-
DUCKS—Announced man- OTTAWA SENATORS— Major League Soccer W L T Pct PF PA Minnesota 2 5 0 .286 129 144 212-236, Terry Trentman 205, Dale
Indianapolis 5 2 0 .714 193 142 Detroit 2 5 0 .286 183 165 Riepenhoff 257-202-264, Steve Metzger
ager Dave LaPoint will not Re-assigned G Robin Lehner NEW ENGLAND Tennessee 5 3 0 .625 224 150 West 217, Justin Rahrig 202-203, Ryan
return next year. to Binghamton (AHL). REVOLUTION—Promoted Houston 4 3 0 .571 170 197 W L T Pct PF PA Prine 227-211-230, Shane Schimmoller
Jacksonville 4 4 0 .500 165 226 Seattle 4 3 0 .571 123 140 245-229-210, Matt Hoffman 209, Josh
TAMPA BAY Bryan Scales to director of North St. Louis 4 4 0 .500 140 141 DeVelvis 202, John Beebe 255, Darral
BASKETBALL LIGHTNING—Recalled youth development. W L T Pct PF PA Arizona 3 4 0 .429 133 198 Hollar 204-204, Ted Furley 233-219,
Baltimore 5 2 0 .714 149 129 San Francisco 2 6 0 .250 137 178 Bruce Clayton 216, Dave Miller 257-
National Basketball D Matt Roy from Norfolk Pittsburgh 5 2 0 .714 147 102 Sunday’s Games 258, Greg Kill 206, Duane Kohorst 215,
Association (AHL). Cleveland 2 5 0 .286 118 142 San Francisco 24, Denver 16 Denny Dyke 215-223, Fred Wagner 216,
Cincinnati 2 5 0 .286 146 163 Detroit 37, Washington 25 Brian Gossard 207, Bruce VanMetre
ATLANTA HAWKS— COLLEGE West Kansas City 13, Buffalo 10, OT 240-202, Don Rice 268-237.
Agreed to terms with C Al American Hockey League BIG SKY W L T Pct PF PA St. Louis 20, Carolina 10 Men over 550
Kansas City 5 2 0 .714 163 122 Miami 22, Cincinnati 14 Kyle Profit 631, Mike Eversole 601,
Horford on a 5-year contract AHL—Named Maria C O N F E R E N C E — Oakland 4 4 0 .500 212 168 Jacksonville 35, Dallas 17 Sean Hulihan 590, Dave Jessee 685,
extension. Lauring coordinator of team Announced the addition of San Diego 3 5 0 .375 210 174 Green Bay 9, N.Y. Jets 0 Dale Riepenhoff 723, Justin Rahrig 601,
Denver 2 6 0 .250 154 223 San Diego 33, Tennessee 25 Ryan Prine 668, Shane Schimmoller
M I N N E S O T A business services. North Dakota and Southern NATIONAL CONFERENCE New England 28, Minnesota 18 684, Matt Hoffman 575, John Beebe
TIMBERWOLVES— SAN ANTONIO Utah, effective July 2012. East Oakland 33, Seattle 3 634, Darral Hollar 597, Ted Furley 651,
W L T Pct PF PA Tampa Bay 38, Arizona 35 Bruce Clayton 575, Dave Miller 708,
Exercised fourth-year con- RAMPAGE—Assigned FLORIDA—Dismissed S N.Y. Giants 5 2 0 .714 175 153 New Orleans 20, Pittsburgh 10 Denny Dyke 590, Fred Wagner 551,
tract options on F Michael C Colin Long and C Tyler Jonathan Dowling from the Philadelphia 4 3 0 .571 172 157 Open: N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, Chicago, Brian Gossard 598, Bruce VanMetre
Washington 4 4 0 .500 155 170 Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland 593, Don Rice 679, Jordan Riggs 567,
Beasley, F Kevin Love and Mosienko to Las Vegas football team. Dallas 1 6 0 .143 154 187 Monday’s Result Rick Schuck 554, Frank Miller 671,
C Kosta Koufos and third- (ECHL). GEORGIA—Fired volley- South Indianapolis 30, Houston 17 Shawn Allemeier 578, John Jones 624.
year contract options on G ball coach Joel McCartney. Thursday National

NBA Glance
Oct. 28, 2010
Jonny Flynn and G Wayne Central Hockey League Promoted assistant volleyball VFW 14-2
Ellington. Declined to offer M I S S O U R I coach Chad Hanson to inter- Bowersock Hauling 12-4
K&M Tire 10-6
a contract extension to F MAVERICKS—Waived F im head coach. The Associated Press Denver 2 1 .667 1/2 Sportsman Club-Van Wert 10-6
Corey Brewer, making him EASTERN CONFERENCE Oklahoma City 2
Minnesota 1
.667 1/2
.333 1 1/2
DRC Big Dogs 10-6
Day Metals 8-8
a restricted free agent at the
end of this season. NHL Glance Atlantic Division

2 1

Utah 1

Pacific Division
2 .333 1 1/2 Wannemacher’s
First Federal
Women’s National The Associated Press Vancouver 10 5 3 2 12 27 24 New Jersey 2 1 .667 — W L Pct GB Men over 200
Basketball Association EASTERN CONFERENCE Calgary 11 6 5 0 12 33 34 New York
L.A. Lakers
0 1.000
1 .750 1/2
— Chuck Verhoff 211-225-213, Dave
Atlantic Division Minnesota 10 4 4 2 10 26 27 Miller 258-226, Jeff Lawrence 220,
W A S H I N G T O N GP W L OT Pts GF GA Edmonton 9 3 4 2 8 28 33 Philadelphia 0 3 .000 2 Golden State 2 1 .667 1 Shaun Meeks 205, Jim Bryan 213,
MYSTICS—Named Trudi Philadelphia 12 7 4 1 15 37 29 Pacific Division Southeast Division Phoenix
L.A. Clippers 0
1 2 .333 2
4 .000 3 1/2
Bruce Moorman 223, Brian Schaadt
N.Y. Rangers 11 6 4 1 13 34 32 GP W L OT Pts GF GA 203-219-233, Bruce VanMetre 229, Alex
Lacey general manager and Pittsburgh 12 6 5 1 13 35 28 Los Angeles 11 8 3 0 16 34 25 W L Pct GB ——— VanMetre 203-235-230, Frank Miller
coach. N.Y. Islanders11 4 5 2 10 31 37 Dallas 10 6 4 0 12 32 27 Atlanta
0 1.000
1 .750 1/2
— Monday’s Results
Chicago 110, Portland 98
246-277-217, Tim Koester 232-245, Carl
New Jersey 13 3 9 1 7 20 42 San Jose 9 5 3 1 11 29 25 Beck 215, Ted Wells 247-223, Chip
Northeast Division Phoenix 10 3 4 3 9 23 29 Orlando 1 1 .500 1 1/2 Sacramento 111, Toronto 108 Kayser 278-226, Rick Dienstberger 244-
FOOTBALL GP W L OT Pts GF GA Anaheim 12 4 7 1 9 29 42 Washington
2 .000 2 1/2
3 .000 3
San Antonio 97, L.A. Clippers 88
Today’s Games
212-266, Randy Ryan 206, John Jones
Montreal 11 7 3 1 15 29 25 247-237-201, Jerry Mericle 216, Rick
National Football League Boston 8 6 2 0 12 24 11 Atlanta at Cleveland, 7 p.m. Suever 224, Justin Rahrig 231, Lenny
C A R O L I N A Toronto 10 5 4 1 11 23 23 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for Central Division
W L Pct GB
Philadelphia at Washington, 7 p.m.
Boston at Detroit, 7:30 p.m.
Hubert 244-258-241, Sean Hulihan 265-
Ottawa 11 4 6 1 9 26 35 overtime loss. 225, Brian Gossard 221, Rob Ruda
PANTHERS—Signed G C.J. Buffalo 12 3 7 2 8 30 38 Monday’s Results Chicago 2 1 .667 — Minnesota at Miami, 7:30 p.m. 220-218-257, Don Rice 217-257-267,
Davis to the practice squad. Southeast Division N.Y. Rangers 3, Chicago 2 Indiana

Orlando at New York, 7:30 p.m.
Portland at Milwaukee, 8 p.m.
Lenny Klaus 245, Dave Moenter 236-
GP W L OT Pts GF GA Philadelphia 3, Carolina 2 246-214, Mark Biedenharn 204, David
Released C Adrian Martinez Tampa Bay 10 7 2 1 15 35 30 Vancouver 3, New Jersey 0 Milwaukee 1 2 .333 1 Memphis at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m. Mahlie 236, Zach Sargent 246-255, Don
from the practice squad. Washington 11 7 4 0 14 34 25 Today’s Games Detroit 0 3 .000 2 Wednesday’s Games
Detroit at Atlanta, 7 p.m.
Honigford 216.
Atlanta 11 5 4 2 12 36 40 Ottawa at Toronto, 7 p.m. Men over 550
M I N N E S O T A Carolina 11 5 6 0 10 27 33 Montreal at Columbus, 7 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE Charlotte at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Tom Schulte 564, Chuck Verhoff 649,
VIKINGS—Waived WR Florida 9 4 5 0 8 24 21 San Jose at Minnesota, 8 p.m.
Southwest Division
Minnesota at Orlando, 7 p.m.
Indiana at Philadelphia, 7 p.m.
Dave Miller 653, Nate Lawrence 561,
WESTERN CONFERENCE Vancouver at Edmonton, 9 p.m. Shaun Meeks 589, Brian Schaadt 655,
Randy Moss. Central Division Wednesday’s Games W L Pct GB Milwaukee at Boston, 8 p.m. Bruce VanMetre 607, Alex VanMetre
GP W L OT Pts GF GA Boston at Buffalo, 7 p.m. New Orleans 3 0 1.000 — New Orleans at Houston, 8:30 p.m. 668, Frank Miller 740, Tim Koester 669,
Chicago 14 7 6 1 15 41 40 Toronto at Washington, 7 p.m. Dallas 2 1 .667 1 Dallas at Denver, 9 p.m. Carl Beck 558, Ted Wells 665, Chip
GOLF St. Louis 9 6 1 2 14 26 17 N.Y. Islanders at Carolina, 7 p.m. Memphis 2 1 .667 1 Toronto at Utah, 9 p.m. Kayser 673, Rick Dienstberger 722,
LPGA—Named Brian Detroit 9 6 2 1 13 30 24 Atlanta at Florida, 7:30 p.m. San Antonio 2
Houston 0
1 .667
3 .000
San Antonio at Phoenix, 10 p.m.
Memphis at Golden State, 10:30 p.m.
Ryan Ryan 572, John Jones 685, Rick
Nashville 10 5 2 3 13 23 25 New Jersey at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Suever 567, Lenny Hubert 743, Sean
Carroll vice president, televi- Columbus 10 6 4 0 12 24 29 Pittsburgh at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. Oklahoma City at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 Hulihan 673, Rob Ruda 695, Don Rice
sion and emerging media. Northwest Division Detroit at Calgary, 9:30 p.m. Northwest Division
W L Pct GB
L.A. Lakers at Sacramento, 10:30 p.m.
741, Lenny Klaus 575, Dave Moenter
GP W L OT Pts GF GA Nashville at Phoenix, 10 p.m. 696, David Mahlie 569, Zach Sargent
Colorado 11 6 4 1 13 39 39 Tampa Bay at Anaheim, 10 p.m. Portland 3 1 .750 — 683, Don Honigford 561.
8 – The Herald Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Daily Herald Today’s Crossword Puzzle
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attracting and retaining 4 Oath DOWN
employees who are driven 7 Destroy completely 1 Spent unwisely
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11 Sandwich cookie 3 Pith helmet
vated by the spirit of team-
13 Ritzy 4 Russian export
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ices in Lima is looking for 15 Dashboard item 6 Get threadbare
qualified Drivers to provide 16 Kauai feast 7 Natural ladle
waste removal services. 17 Cats have them 8 Common practice
Valid Class A or B CDL 19 Units of work 9 In conclusion
with airbrakes endorse- 20 John, in Glasgow 12 Novelist Tillie —
010 Announcements 080 Help Wanted 080
ment andHelp the
ability to
continuously lift/carry up to 120 Financial 300 Household Goods 21
Dodge, as taxes
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Family mem.
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papers with over one and ergetic person that works Better Business Bureau, $75.00. (260)220-1596. 34 Cement foundations 27 Doctrines
36 Playing marble 29 Egyptian goddess
major medical coverage,
31 Ostrich kin
a half million total circula-
38 Extinct bird
well with others. Position supplemental insurance (419) 223-7010 or
tion across Ohio for $295. will eventually assume programs, retirement 1-800-462-0468, before
550 Pets & Supplies 39 Actress Dianne — 32 In favor of
It's place one most office duties in a rap- benefits, and paid vaca- entering into any agree- 41 Domed tent 33 Was on a jury
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classified ad buy is sim-
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Fenced back yard
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11260 Elidathrough Nov. 3. Over
Rd., Delphos
Area Agency on Aging 3
is Advertising for the
Auto Parts



pass DOT 85physical
MustM 7:30-8,
Body Shop Open:
years Specialist
T-F 7:30-6:00,
serving you
Sat. 9-2pre-employment following 2 positions: Windshields Installed, New 58 59 60
419-692-0055drug test and reference Fiscal Controller/Accountant: Responsibilities include Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors,
check. Managing the Agencies fiscal unit and assigned staff, Hoods, Radiators

Behcet’s information is plentiful

EOE M/F/D/V accounting process, general ledger, request for funds,
Agency budget and spending along with financial state- 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima
ments/reports. Position also oversees the processing of
payroll activities, monitors compliance of spending within
grant requirements, participates in monitoring/audits, and DEAR DR. GOTT: My 46-year-
stays current with regulations and accounting practices,
840 Mobile Homes old daughter has been diagnosed with DR. PETER J. GOTT
Behcet’s disease after several years and
along with many other fiscal/accounting duties as as-
after seeing several doctors. She usually
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in business required
with a concentration in accounting or related field with 3-5
RENT OR Rent to Own. 2
bedroom, 1 bath mobile
has outbreaks in her mouth twice a
year, sometimes more often if she has a
stressful situation occur.
home. 419-692-3951.
807 METBLISS AVE., DELPHOS years of accounting experience. CPA is not required but
There don’t appear to be any doctors
would be a plus. Good oral/written communication skills
Free & Low Price
920 Merchandise in the Memphis, Tenn., area who are
Yes it is possible - a ranch style home in a good neigh- and computer experience a must along with the ability to
borhood with payments as low as $345 per month. And
the home is ready to move into! This home features 3
relate well to others, be a sound decision maker and criti- familiar with this disease. Is there a
teaching hospital in the United States
cal thinker. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license
bedrooms, one bath, attached garage and detached
that specializes in, or is doing research
and automobile insurance. AB LOUNGER -Excellent
garage! Where else can you find a one story home with thyroid disorders, hypertension, stroke,
on, the topic?
condition! $20
two garages and PRICED IN THE 60’S?
Great Benefits: 4 weeks vacation, paid holidays/sick diabetes, heart failure, colon, prostate and
days. Life/Medical Insurance, Retirement Benefits. Area
DEAR READER: I wrote a rather breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic
Call owner/agent Bob Gamble Agency on Aging 3, Inc. Is an Equal Opportunity Em- FREE AMERICAN Pitbull extensive column regarding Behcet’s pain, infection and other disorders.
at 419-605-8300 to see this home or obtain ployer and Grantor Agency. Minorities are encouraged to Terrier. Black 1 yr. old fe- disease that can be reviewed by logging The average vitamin D intake of
additional financing information. apply. Criminal background check and drug screen will be male. Good with kids. Call onto my website at www.AskDrGottMD. American adults is about 230 IU daily.
122 N. Washington St.,
required of final applicant. (419)647-4979 and leave com. Go to the search bar, and type in Some researchers are recommending
Van Wert, Ohio
Those interested should submit a resume to Area Agency
a message. Behcet’s disease to review the column. that the dose be increased to between
Beyond that, you can go online to the
on Aging #3, by 4:30 p.m. Monday, November 15th, 2010
1,500 and 2,000 IU daily, while others

Office: (419) 238-5555
American Behcet’s Disease Association
to Attention: Jason Woods HR/EEO Coordinator, 200 E. High St., 2nd Floor, Lima, Ohio 45801.
FREE BOXER about 5 yrs
believe 5,000 is appropriate. According
old. Excellent guard dog at; the National to the Office of Dietary Supplements,
and loyal. Reason: mov- Institute of Neurological Disorders a division of the National Institutes of

ing. (419)695-3561 and Stroke at; Health, people between infancy and 50
FREE KITTENS. Need or numerous other sites for in-depth should take 200 IU; between 51 and 70,
warm home for winter information. Beyond that, the National 400 IU; 71 and over, 600 IU. Research
6mo. old (419)692-2752 Institutes of Health is sponsoring a new remains ongoing, and new studies were
study on Behcet’s and is looking for to have been completed in May 2010
OLDER UPRIGHT piano. people with the disease for their work. and reported later this fall that may
Works well. Free!! Education and patient awareness modify these recommendations.
419-642-3345 are vital so patients can know what to Vitamin D comes from three sources

expect when diagnosed with a specific -- supplements, exposure to the sun’s
condition. ultraviolet rays that penetrate the skin
DEAR DR. GOTT: How much and foods such as fatty fish, fortified
vitamin D should I take? I hear milk products, egg yolks and butter. It
950 Construction 950 Electricians 950 Lawn Care ESTATE everything from 400 IU to 10,000 IU.
I’m currently taking 5,000 IU. Should I
is said that 20 minutes in the sun at solar
noon provides 200 times more vitamin
take it every other day? I’m a 59-year-
old female. Please advise.
D than one glass of milk.
To provide related information, I am
COMPOST POHLMAN RETIRED LICENSED DEAR READER: Vitamin D is sending you a copy of my Health Report
Van Wert County a fat-soluble vitamin essential for the “Vitamins & Minerals.” Other readers
BUILDERS ELECTRICIAN NEEDS Creative Home growth and development of teeth and
419-339-6800 who would like a copy should send a
Buying Solutions to
ROOM ADDITIONS TO STAY BUSY bones and for the absorption of calcium self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope
and phosphorous from the intestines.
On S.R. 309 in Elida
BACKHOE & DUMP TRUCK RESIDENTAL & NOW OFFERING David Lewis, inlot and a $2 check or money order payable
SERVICE C OMMERCIAL 3219, Van Wert, Without sufficient vitamin D, bones to Newsletter. Mail it to Newsletter, P.O.
WIRING LEAF can become thin, brittle and misshapen. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167.
portion of outlot 105,
WELDING CLEAN-UPS It prevents softening of bones in Be sure to mention the title or print an
Delivery Available Mark Pohlman Van Wert. children, a condition known as rickets. order form off my website at www.
419-339-9084 (419) 235-3708 Estate of Harry When combined with calcium, it helps
950 Miscellaneous cell 419-233-9460 419-692-5193 Nothstine (Harry protect older adults from osteoporosis.
Alfred Nothstine) to As research unfolds and theories are Copyright 2010, United Feature
GOLD 950 Home Improvement 950 Transmission Rosita A. Nothstine,
validated, it is thought to be linked to Syndicate, Inc.

portion of sections
9, 15, 17, Union Frugal foods that will freeze well
CANDLES POURED Township. DEAR SARA: I have a friend who
Gina M. Fox
CONCRETE WALLS Transmission, Inc. Larry D. Davis, is due in a month and she asked me if SARA NOEL
Residential 3 & 4 Season • automatic transmission Janet R. Davis to I knew of any foods that freeze well. --
Daphne, Virginia
419-236-4134 & Commercial
Sun Rooms • standard transmission Larry D. Davis, Janet DEAR DAPHNE: Foods such as
R. Davis, inlots 74, 72,
Frugal • Agricultural Needs • differentials
• All Concrete Work spaghetti sauce, soups, casseroles, pizza,
73, Wren.
Booking PINK Parties for October

• transfer case
Breast Cancer Candles $20 Mark Pohlman REBATE on lasagna, meatloaf/meatballs, chili, sloppy
Jason J. Osting,
• brakes & tune up
Joe’s, breakfast foods such as waffles,
Cash N Carry • 20% Donated to Research
419-339-9084 WINDOWS
cell 419-233-9460
2 miles north of Ottoville
Sheriff Stan D. pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, and
muffins all freeze well. It would be helpful
Life Tastes Replacement 419-453-3620 Owens to Quadrant if she prepped and froze ingredients such
Residential Capital,
Good Again Windows
950 Tree Service inlot 608, Delphos.
as chopped vegetables (celery, onions,
bell peppers, etc.), cooked ground beef, heaping full. Place remaining ingredients
Eating Gluten Free HERRON Retractable Zoma Belle Bolton to and shredded beef, pork and chicken in a slow cooker with apples. The amount
to make putting meals together easier, will reduce as it cooks. Cover and cook
New Product Line
CONSTRUCTION & Aluminum TEMAN’S Gregory A. Waterman, too. Avoid freezing foods that contain on high for 1 hour, then lower heat and
419-692-2329 Awnings Ellen L. Waterman, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese slow cook for 9 hours. Remove lid, and
Elida Health Foods • Kitchen and Bath- 205 S. PIERCE STREET
OUR TREE inlot 294, portion of or any foods that are greasy or fried. continue to slow cook an additional 30
101 W. Main Street
room Remodeling DELPHOS, OH SERVICE inlot 296, Ohio City. DEAR SARA: First let me tell you minutes to an hour or until thick and
Elida, Ohio 45807
what a huge following you have here in brown with no liquid left. Place in hot
Dale F. Miller to
• Roofing • Trimming • Topping • Thinning
419-339-2771 419-692-4526 our viewing area of southeast Kentucky. sterilized jars. Set in hot-water bath with
Arnold J. Mohler, Jill
• Deadwooding
• Siding
(Myself included.) I have twice received lids on for 10 minutes. Boil until seal is
M-F 10:30-5:30 PM, Sat. 10:00-1 PM TOLL FREE Stump, Shrub & Tree Removal
R. Mohler, portion secure, and set aside to cool. -- Donna,
950 Car Care a request for your Crockpot Apple Butter
• Replacement 888-94-PATIO Since 1973
Windows 419-692-7261 of inlots 122, 123, recipe (which I used myself). I promised Iowa
• Garages Bill Teman 419-302-2981 Delphos. my readers I would contact you and ask DEAR SARA: Can potato salad be
you to print the recipe once again as apple frozen? I have a large container left over
Van Wert County to
OIL - LUBE FILTER • Plumbing and
Electrical Service Hohlbein’s Ernie Teman 419-230-4890
Jeremy Allen Bankey, season is nearing. Thank you for your from a family reunion and don’t want to
throw it out. -- Shirley, Texas
*up to 5 quarts oil
for both new and
existing homes Home
BUY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. portion of inlots 37,
39, Ohio City.
time. -- Bobbie Poynter, Community
Times-Tribune newspaper, DEAR SHIRLEY: I don’t recommend
freezing it. It will lose its texture. You
could mash some of it and incorporate it
• Drywall
Give Us A Call Year Round For
Improvement Answer to Puzzle
DEAR BOBBIE: Thank you
for your kind words. into a chowder, make a sandwich (crusty
All Of Your Home Improvement Windows, Doors, bread comes to mind) with it (similar to
816 E. FIFTH ST. DELPHOS Needs Both Large And Small
Siding, Roofing, Slow-Cooker Apple Butter egg salad sandwich). Or roll some into
Ph. 419-692-5801 FREE ESTIMATE B L T V OW G U T small balls, roll into flour, dip into beaten
Sunrooms, egg and roll into panko breadcrumbs.
Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-2
Chris Herron L A O O REO P O S H 5 to 6 pounds apples
Kitchens & Bathroom
E S P D I A L L U A U 4 cups sugar Fry in a little oil until browned. Or
Remodeling, 4 teaspoons cinnamon combine 1 cup panko breadcrumbs, 1/2
WH I S K ERS E R G S cup shredded cheddar cheese, 1 egg and
Pole Buildings, 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
In today’s world, fifty cents doesn’t
buy a heck of a lot — except of
1/4 teaspoon salt 2 cups of potato salad and form it into

Garages VOUS T I N E S patties, and fry in oil until browned, too.
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
course, when it comes to your
30% For less than the cost of a bus
ride, you can get word from across
S L A B S M I B MO A Cook’s note: Great on Sara Noel is the owner of Frugal

Call today Village (, a Web

town or across the nation. For less
TAX REBATE than the price of a cup of coffee, W I E S T YUR T toast, biscuits and muffins but
ON WINDOWS you can get your fill of food, excellent on turkey or ham site that offers practical, money-saving
UMA S S A T E strategies for everyday living. To send
N sandwiches, pork chops, cottage
fashion, politics, or whatever else

419-695-0015 OME N T A L I SMA tips, comments or questions, write to Sara

is your cup of tea. With something
Ph. 419-339-4938 new to greet you each day, from cheese, French toast, pancakes,
cover to cover, your newspaper L I RA EM I T GN U waffles and oatmeal, too. Noel, c/o United Media, 200 Madison
or 419-230-8128 is still the most “streetwise” buy
in town! E ARS E AC H MT N Peel, core and chop apples, Ave., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016, or
S K Y T S E T I C and fill slow cooker until it’s e-mail Tuesday, November 2, 2010 The Herald – 9

‘Square’ man Tomorrow’s HI AND LOIS

has sorted past
By Bernice Bede Osol
Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
Your skills for managing or
supervising things for others will
be vastly improved and extensively
Dear Annie: I am an older me to explain that we are utilized in the coming days.
divorced woman and belong permanently separated but Additionally, this development will
greatly advance your own personal
to a square-dancing club. not planning to divorce. -- interests as well.
Shortly after I started, a sin- Confused in California SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -
gle man joined and quickly Dear Confused: This is Being the intense person you are, you
can sometimes get overly concerned
became my dance partner. He not an uncommon arrange- about achieving what is important to
was very smooth and a good ment these days, and some you. Don’t let any negative thoughts BLONDIE
dancer, and we also began people call it “un-divorced.” dominate your life.
dating. Technically, you are sepa- Dec. 21) - Until you’re sure that
Then he said there was rated from your wife, and for a misunderstanding you had with
something I needed to know all but the rudest people, that a friend is totally gone from his/
her mind, it may not be too smart to
about him, but he was reluc- should be sufficient explana- confide in your pal about anything
tant to tell me. Instead, he tion. If any of our readers sensitive.
gave me his ex-wife’s tele- have a better word to describe CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
phone number and told me the situation, let us know. - Don’t be too demanding of yourself,
because it is likely that some kind of
to call her. It turns out he Dear Annie: I am writing self-created obstacle is still preventing
had molested his two sons about “Worried in Arizona,” you from completely doing what you
the entire time they the 13-year-old girl want.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -
were growing up. who thinks she may If you find yourself facing a similar
But his ex said that have breast cancer. situation you faced once before, stop
was 20 years ago In March of last and think about how it turned out.
and he had been year, my daughter
Make adjustments as to what went
wrong, and you won’t repeat any BEETLE BAILEY
through counsel- called and told me mistakes.
ing and wasn’t the that my 10-year- PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)
- Financial matters should not be
same person any- old granddaughter, treated indifferently at this juncture.
more. I decided Hannah, had been Make sure you move cautiously and
the moral thing to acting odd all eve- prudently in order to make certain
all of your efforts are founded upon
do was to give him ning. She said her logical assumptions.
the benefit of the breast had been ARIES (March 21-April 19) -
doubt. We contin- itching all day and Even if it isn’t easy to do, if a friend
ued to date. Annie’s Mailbox it was bothering who has always been there for you
asks for help, make the time. It may
However, a few her. My daughter be your one opportunity to even the
other things began to crop did a little exam and felt score.
up, like chronic lying and a large lump. When asked TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -
Be careful what you ask for because
manipulating people. He is how long it had been there, you might get it, but at a very hefty
also frequently unemployed. Hannah said about a month. price tag. It generally can be a mistake
So I broke it off and also She thought it was a bone. to fulfill one ambition at the expense SNUFFY SMITH
of another.
quit dancing with him. I was So the tests began, and GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Put
tempted to tell others about the surgeries. The cancer had on your best smile if you find yourself
his history and problems, but spread to her lymph nodes. faced with meeting a rather influential
group of people, some of whom could
didn’t want to be unfair to After a mastectomy and provide valuable new social contacts.
him. Now he is spreading chemo, she is doing well. One among them might be special.
rumors to make me look bad She is the youngest breast CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
Get as many family members together
for dumping him. cancer survivor in the U.S. on as you can, and try to resolve a long-
A friend who lives in record. And please know that standing problem that periodically
his neighborhood has cut her cancer was environmen- pops up. Conditions are favorable for
down her contact with me, tal, not hereditary. finding that sought after answer.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Think
and I think that’s the rea- Breast cancer is not just before opening your mouth, because if
son. I don’t know how to for adults anymore. Children you’re not careful you could blatantly
address my concerns. I am have to learn to tell their express yourself in an offensive
manner and not be able to convince
a bit socially awkward, and parents when something is others that it wasn’t intended. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
if I ask my friend whether wrong, and parents need to VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - If
this man is spreading unkind listen. If our family can help you are in the market for purchasing
something big, use your common
rumors about me, I fear it one person, it will be worth sense regarding what you truly can
will make me look paranoid. it. -- Beth afford. Base your ability to acquire
How should I handle this? Dear Beth: Please know it on what you have, not on what you
hope to get.
-- Confused your letter may have saved a LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -
Dear Confused: Ask your life today. Bless you. Don’t get discouraged if something
friend why she seems to be Annie’s Mailbox is written you’ve been hoping to accomplish
is much more difficult than you had
avoiding you. If she mentions by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy anticipated. Regroup your forces and
anything about this man, feel Sugar, longtime editors of the repeat the procedures until you’re
free to give her the whole Ann Landers column. victorious.
story. Rest assured, his histo- Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

ry will eventually come out.

While we don’t recommend
trashing his reputation in BORN LOSER
advance, you are entitled to
set the record straight should
anyone ask.
Dear Annie: After 20
years of marriage, my wife
and I separated 10 months
ago. It was her idea. Although
she doesn’t seem to want a
reconciliation, we also aren’t
headed for divorce due to
medical insurance coverage
and other reasons.
I don’t know how to refer
to myself when it comes FRANK & ERNEST
up in conversation. I’m not
divorced. I’m not single. My
wife sometimes calls me her
“ex-husband,” although that
is also inaccurate. The word
“estranged” seems, well,
What exactly do I call a
wife who isn’t living with me
anymore? I’d like something
simple that doesn’t require

Tuesday Evening November 2, 2010

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10 – The Herald Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lady Otts host Halloween Party

Winners in the Most Adorable ages 4-6 are, from left,

Morgan Hoersten, second place; Jessa Burgei first place;
and Makenna Schnipke, third place.

Most original ages 0-3 are from left, Emma Brinkman,

second place; and Renae Boecker, first place.

The Ottoville Lady Otts hosted its annual Halloween

Party recently. Children in costume were judged in several
categories. Winners in the pumpkin-carving contest were,
first place, Kaitlyn Kelch; second place, Zane Martin; and
third place, Jordan Kelch. Above: The winners in the
Most Adorable for ages 0-3 are, front, first place, Kamryn
Miller; and back, Dominic Davis, third place; and Riley
Kemper, second place.

First-place winners in the Group Category are, from

left, Katelyn Kelch and Madison Knodell.

Winners in the Scariest ages 4-6 are, from left, Trenton

Ricker, first place; Alex Heidenescher, third place; and
Cayden Burgei, second place.

Winners in the Most Adorable ages 7-12 are, from left,

Sierra Marlow, second place; Taylor Beining, first place;
and Halle Landin third place. Second place Group Category winners are, from left,
Gavin and Grant Boecker.

Winners in the Most Original ages 7-12 are, from left,

TJ Landwehr, second place; Dylan Gerding, third place;
and Lacey Roby, first place.

Winners in the Scariest ages 7-12 are, from left, Thomas

Waldick, first place; Kali Lindeman, second place; and Winners in the Most Original ages 4-6 are, from left,
Kylee Klenz, third place. Brandon Bullinger, third place; Carson Hunter, first place;
and Jacob Ricker, second place.
Third place in the Group Category are, from left,
Jayden, Landen and Alyson Saxton.

The Taste of
Italy is back
in Landeck every Wednesday....5-10pm at
Answers to Tuesday’s questions:
William Bligh, as governor of New South Wales, was overthrown by mutinous soldiers
aboard the HMS Bounty in an 1808 coup that Australians refer to as the Rum Rebellion.
The coup came after the tyrannical Bligh banned the use of rum and other spirits as legal
tender in the tiny convict colony.
Female bull terrier Honey Tree Evil Eye gained fame as a spokesdog as Spuds
MacKenzie, “the original party animal,” in Bud Light beer commercials that aired in the
Authentic Homemade late 1980s.
Today’s questions:
Italian Cuisine na Yonk
Keith &
What was the first use made of green jackets at the Masters Tournament, held annually
at the Augusta National Golf Club?
•Fettucini Alfredo •Lasagna owners er,
What was the name of the only son of William Shakespeare and his wife, Anne
•Jumbo Cheese Ravioli and much more Hathaway?
Answers in Thursday’s Herald.
•Famous Tavern Fried Chicken always available Today’s words:
Brunneous: dark brown

Daily Lunch Specials...Only $5.50

Keraunophobia: fear of thunder and lightning
Today’s joke:
includes Coffee or Soft Drinks A kindergarten pupil told his teacher he’d found a cat, but it was dead.
“How do you know that the cat was dead?” she asked her pupil.
Something Different & Delicious Every Day! “Because I pissed in its ear and it didn’t move,” answered the child innocently.
“You did WHAT?!” the teacher exclaimed in surprise.
“You know,” explained the boy, “I leaned over and went ‘Pssst!’ and it didn’t
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