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Dear Sir,

With ref to our W.O. HO/NOIDA/TECH/ELEC/APC_UPS dated 15.03.2018 from KRIBHCO, we had
provided AMC of APC UPS for 2 nos of 40KVA UPS and 5 nos of 10KVA UPS. Recently we are planning to
replace batteries of 2 nos of 40KVA UPS and for that we need technical support from APC for switchover
and supervision only , which is also mentioned in our work order that M/s Schneider electric will provide
comprehensive technological support and related maintenance services, In work order it is also
mentioned that M/s Schneider electric will interact and liaise with kribhco for any related issue (Sr no
2.3) (WO is also attached for your perusal) but your sales manager Mr Manish Upadhaya is telling us
that they can provide technical support only on chargeable basis as batteries are supplied by third party.
I don’t understand then why are we paying AMC amount for, we just need APC person to turn on and
the UPS and for UPS supervision. We had also contacted Mr Sanjay Raina but got no response till now. If
M/s Schneider electric (APC) can’t comply the AMC terms and conditions then we had to cancel the
whole AMC with immediate effect as we are getting fed up by indifferent attitude from APC. We had
other UPS installed in our premises also and they had always supported us for these kinds of small issue
but APC had given wretched response which is intolerable for any customer.