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First page refer to manual page 138

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A. Position Title
 Education
 Experience
B. Education
 Experience
 Eligibility
 Trainings
C. Duties and Responsibility refer page 136 manual

MT- MOV per objectives should be completed if used in promotion

Objective 1.
Objective 2.
 Research proposal in enriching knowledge of content and pedagogy
 Proof of collaboration/participation in research (output)
 Certification of research done(finished)
 Proof of memo dissemination of research findings with colleagues
 Proof of utilization and finding
Objective 3.
 Minutes of LAC in sharing effective classroom management techniques
 Instructional materials in demo teaching as MT
Objective 5.
 COT/inter-observer agreement with the following strategies that the teacher used (refer
module 1-8):
o Motivation
o Giving feedback to learners
o Setting guidelines
o Ensuring learners participation
o How learners express their ideas
Objective 6. (refer module 6)
 LAC on developmental learners differences
 DLL with developmental learners differences
 Instructional materials showing differences and developmentally appropriate opportunities
of learners.
 Testimonials/ write-ups(teachers insights in meetings/ agreement in observation) insight of
teacher gain from MT (objective 8 of T1-T3 MOV)
Objective 7.
 Result of learners assessment during actual teaching
 Instructional Materials
 Performance Test (Group Activity sheets)
Objective 8.
 LAC/FGD Plan Implemented
 Minutes of LAC/FGD Sessions
Objective 9.
 Teaching and learning resources developed by teachers and critiqued aligned to learning
 Lessons plan by teachers critiqued
Objective 10.
 Proof of collaborative review of test in designed by teachers
 Proof of collaborative review of test in lesson plan of teachers with TOS
Objective 11.
 Collaborative interpretation of results of performance assessment (Group activity with
Objective 12.
 Sample agreement for learners at risk signed by parents and wit evidence for improvement
 Record of parent-teachers conference with evidence of improvement
 Anecdotal records with signed by learners and/or parent with evidence of improvement
 Sample of learner’ test result signed by parents with evidence of improvement
 Sample of accomplished rubrics gain for performance task (group activities) with evidence of
 Attendance of minutes of parent-teacher conference (homeroom PTA)
 Signed report cards of student at risk with evidence of improvement
 Correspondence notebook/letters proof of communication using other modalities
(email,SMS, MSGR others) with evidence of improvement
 Learners performance record (class record)
Objective 13. Plus Factor
 Serve as reliever of class in absence of teacher (maestro absentia file)
 Served as OIC in absence of principal (School Memo)
 Represent the principal in meetings and conference (MEMO)
 Observed classes T1-T3
 Assist in School Selection committee in hiring promoting teachers
 Certificate of recognition/participation
 Certificate of Trainings
 Certificate of Speakership
 Committee involvement
 Advisorship of co-curricular activities
 Book/Journal Authorship/Co-auhorship
 Coaching and mentoring learners in competitions
 Mentoring pre-service/in-service teachers ((OJT) On Job Trainings collage education student)
with evidence

 Refer to modules and manuals
 Use pictures with annotations for evidences