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Time: 3 Hour PRILIMS EXAM- 2019 Roll no. ________

Date: ________ STD: 12th SUB: CHEMISTRY MARKS: 70




Q.1.A solar cell is constructed by connecting the semiconductor of

(a) n-type and p-type (b)n-type and n-type (c) p-type and p-type (d) n-type and a-p-type

Q.2.The molality of pure water is

(a) 1 (b) 18 (c) 55.55 (d) 0.0555

Q.3. A pink colored salt turns blue on heating due to presence of which cation

(a) Co2+ (b) Cu2+ (c) Zn2+ (d) Fe2+

Q.4. The polymer used in human hair wings is

(a) Kelvar (b) Dynel (c) Saran (d) Lexan

Q.5. Half life of 1st order reaction is 693 s. Its rate constant will be

(a) 0.01 s-1 (b) 0.1s-1 (c) 0.001s-1 (d) 1.0 s-1

Q.6. Nitrogen is much less reactive then phosphorus .Why?

Q.7.Why are the halogens strong oxidising agent?

Q.8.Name the most electronegative element .


Q.9.Define integrated rate law. Also give the unit of rate of reaction.

Q.10. Explain ion exchange isomerism. Give the structure of [CoCl2 (en)2]

Q.11: (a). State Van’t Hoff factor (b). Charle’s law

Q.12. State the relation between conductivity and degree of dissociation of a weak electrolyte.
Q.13. Draw the diagram of blast furnace showing all temperature zone there in.

Q.14. Explain Friedel Craft’s reaction.

Q.15. Explain Ring substitution reaction.


Q.16.What are the preservatives? Explain the method of food preservation.

Q.17. Name the oxides of nitrogen and write the use of inert gas.

Q.18. Report the important general characteristics of transition element.

Q.19.Write the monomers use in preparing Buna-S polymer.

Q.20.Explain with example Clemmensen reduction reaction.

Q.21. Give the limitation of valence bond theory.

Q.22. Distinguish between primary and secondary amines from tertiary amines by acylation.

Q.23. What are the major product when CH3CH2OH heated in the presence of PCl5?

Q.24. Derive the expression for rate constant for 1st order rate of reaction.

Q.25. Identify the product: Hydroxybenzene + 2HNO3 → ?

Q.26. Why PH3 has low boiling point then NH3?


Q.27.What is activation energy for reaction whose rate constant doubles when temperature changes
from 30℃ to 40℃.

Q.28.(1). Write reaction for formation of NH3

(2).Write the structure of; 5-Bromo-2-ethylaniline (2)

Q.29.Why is Chlorine is manufactured by Deacon’s process?