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INDIA NON JUDICIAL Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi e-Stamp cents No INO) e747eHT4G80886N Cernate issued Dat 20-2015 9319 PM Account Retoonee PASC (vy 754300 DELAW OL-OLM ‘Ungque Oe aeranco ‘SUB LOLDL76%4097301568499637N Purcaeae HAROEEP SINGH KHURANA Desrgten of Docume Ale 25() Lease eit deed upto 4 year Fata HARD EEP SINGHKHURANA Seoord Paty 7 GOGOL AND RAUB SAKIA hee Hae a S659 RU NTAGREEMENT This qgeement i mae in Dei on 30111 Duy November HS het, SH HARDEE? SINGH. RHURAN (Sr Late Sh, NIRMAL SINGH KHURANA fo THIRD FLOOR, A1261, Janak Pari, Now Della = HMSS.hoteinatist called the lanl His par wp a SILN AY ANIVOTT GOGOL Se SH. PHLNSINDR GOGOL NIZARAPARA, CAP ARTION 7H lic Staion SNDIV 4, ASSAM SHI GIS ARIA Siu SH. DEBS SARI Riv TARAJAS GAYON GADN, Police Stati JORIIGE, ASSAM ~ 78S, Hereinatcrcombiey called the tenant Second Pars the expression of the tem first purty and second party wherever they ecu in the body’ of dis ereement shall mean ad ine he thei respective fis, esecuters administrators am assigns AND WHILREAS the fist purty 6 the owner of Residential 2BHK. Ha situtad at: SECOND FLOOR AG =U 7H VIKAS PURE SEW DELIE-IIODIS WHEREAS. os de ist pry fae afoot ou the possession the bose moma gy Jem the Fallow terms aad conditions pe fesmnent of purtics is sad HS, 9 ARupwes Nin Fynusaat cml por mash or the pert est Doce 2018 to Ost November 2010 1) Monts eicluing eet “Sater ehartes et, The teat willbe padi alge Om oF sore the $" day st gach beth € wlendiar mont November 201 tora pei af Months. tw have Takyt! over The scant pysical Vit gt the se sion oF the promises by of hs agicomten, 1h the tne prenises have ben ven hy the Hist part forthe initia period wf LL MONTHS i, frm Ofsi December 2015 to Olst November 216 hat futher snes this agiosment ean he male by «scaling the eure re 10% and evecting aotearoa with sine tems and condo, Hat security omoumt fe, 10.0 FTES FHIGL SAND ONLY) ia eee by the fst fray. whih shall he rfushise stout meres a he tine of vacating the said premises 4. That the second pars shall use dhe sal promises only Bie Residential parposes and the se shoul be in sucha way that there 0 disturbance tothe fist pany and ether neighbors the pers af tenancy. healt to this the second pry shall ut use the sai sn aciity ahi legal inthe open Eas al shall abide the bye fs je dri the tea pevio Shy of DY MCD issue fro time out ttn alons oF alleatons inthe sk spy. Tat he est pay iy fl eid 0 vt | Tha he soul puns stl in se Ne the eMail wo gr pi Issesior of fhe Sid jomises van ether pers x Nes sll Ke he sa! pris cana ina and ale min +h wl he one which may injudanage orale any pant of the sate X- That dy to das ienains leakases ov replacements of etre Huss wines, eestre ings lect mover rpaie winding. eepacemien Falls & tube lights ete will he uneren oy the secon! par st isan es % ut the ond pany sll prs nandoer the POST DATED CHEQUES for wintePan Pein tiy Eleven months che Fine py starting fom st diy oF ecupancy 4 thatthe som pur, shall handover the praises tthe fst partyin dhe same condition is sa gm Uo i Her intl) athe time al he api of the Rent Agente, 41 Mut th the saries hase apnved tw give Ofte Monti notice in advan ans t vacateur get vacated the pistes etme expiy this Rent 2 Ha the eso pars shall po te cletrict Fills per his actual xnsipion fro the dine 48, hai eave the payment sess et thor delay the payment mad hy cheque i is bounced foray mons dis the wvsing agreement attmatcal sands cael, so inagrate is ai the ight othe Fist Par to reise all ama oh rot al vutsianting pm: tnd, eletrcky, maincnance ete and the whele scvts amwint will sand F's ott the ground of siolation ut teins and eontiions reione in ths Agree "4. lathe tr pay sll hase the nah wet the second party un the second partys reach lean of th ave term ain onions witha prjuive to his igh wo eae uf ameag ot Pot duc, IE vast payments tsar. clevtiiy changes ck all ero | pur ae fom hon the te of ih svt ed fom IN WITNESS WHERE OF fos the pure: have signed this Agreement on the diy month an year Firstahive sre HINESSES “fees paw he AG ‘FisePans a LANDLORD ry bait (Second Pansy HINANE Cet lie