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We are at a fork in the road. The Banking Cartel wants us to choose a road leading to
World War III. We are going to take the other road to peace. The way to peace is by
getting rid of the corruption in the world's paper money. At the end of WWII José Rizal
and Ferdinand Marcos established the World Bank and the IMF for the deposit of the
wealth of the world. All of the world's monetary gold, gemstones, artworks, bonds worth
2 quadrillion dollars owed by the central bankers were deposited at the World Bank and
IMF in a trust called the Global Debt Facility.
The CIA tried to invalidate the Global Debt Facility. Well the CIA failed. We nixed the
CIA's attempt to invalidate the Global Debt Facility containing the world's wealth and
the world's monetary gold reserves. The world's wealth remains where José Rizal and
Ferdinand Marcos put it: with the Board of Governors in the Global Debt Facility.
The reason why this Segment is called, "Stay Calm, People" is because the Bankers are
trying to rile everyone up with "divide and conquer" tactics. Once you know the truth,
and what is real, there is every reason to stay calm. The world's military powers are
listening to our broadcasts. They are very interested in being paid with real gold and
they are not interested in surrendering unilaterally with fake paper money.
Today an airforce vet retweeted what I told Secretary Hagel on October 19, 2014 a
month before Secretary Hagel was forced to resign. I told Secretary Hagel to Court
Martial Jon Rymer for aiding the enemy.

Dear People,
This morning when I walked the dog, five military planes flew by fast low in the sky one
right after the other. Many people read my tweet about exposing the agent of the
Banking Cartel. The Banking Cartel's sock puppet accused me of being a worrier in the
first comment in YouTube's Comment Section, and then somebody corrected this to say
I was really a warrior.
What we have now in the Global Currency Reset: Each and every person who has
worked themselves to be mostly free from mind control weapons is resisting the Black
Nobility and the Bankers. One World Order? Nope. There is clearly no
One World Order, and there will never be a One World


You Tube lowers my volume level by 50%. YouTube is owned by Google and Google was
created by the CIA Use headphones.,


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